Maps Measure for Android Lets You Measure Distances and Areas in Google Maps

If you’ve ever wanted to quickly check distances, Google Maps hasn’t had the most streamlined of approaches. And don’t even think about areas, as Google has yet to implement this feature in both the desktop and mobile versions of Maps. Maps Measure is a handy new app letting users quickly check up on areas or distances simply, even all the way across the world. (more…)

Google Update Bonanza: Maps, Translate, YouTube, Chromecast, Search, and Chrome Beta

Google is still going strong with their trademark “Update Wednesdays,” and this week is absolutely no exception. We already saw the Wallet update and the possibly erroneous YouTube update, but now have a plethora of other fresh meat, most being relatively minor. Regardless, it’s definitely a good thing to see Google paying attention and squashing those bugs, adding nifty new features along the way.

All the updated apps are listed down below. We’ll be updating this post as we learn more. (more…)

Google Maps Rolling Out New Features, Includes Multiple Destination Directions

Google Maps

The Google Maps team announced a new feature and a couple of tools to help make your excursion planning a whole lot simpler. Starting today, Maps users can place multiple destinations inside of a trip, allowing you to only input information a single time when planning. When selecting directions for either car, walking or biking, just hit the new “+” icon and add another destination to your trip. From there, Google will do the rest.  (more…)

Google Maps for Mobile Gets Reworked, Coming to Android and iOS “This Summer”


Google tipped us off early this morning, aside from the leaks we saw previously, that Google Maps might be getting some love at this year’s I/O.  A preview build of the new Maps was shown on iOS and Android. It featured a new slimmed down look with a search bar that took you into a revamped reviews section that has a 5 star scale instead of the previous 4. Google Offers was also worked into this same space to make finding food and deals easy.  (more…)

Google Maps Adds Live Transit Info For Certain U.S. Cities


Starting today, Google Map’s users in certain cities can check real-time public transit information. So far, only riders in New York City, Salt Lake City, and Washington D.C. get to see live service updates for their respective subways/transit systems, but more will come.

With this addition, there are no more excuses why you missed that bus or train. Go check it out.

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