ASUS Game Box Controller Leaked, Pairs With Possible Android-powered Game Console

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Because there aren’t already enough failing Android-powered game consoles, it appears as if ASUS is ready to throw their hat into the ring with the Game Box. Recently going through Bluetooth certification, a wireless controller for the alleged set-top box is pictured, showing a decent design with the looks of a hybrid Xbox/Playstation style. 

On the controller, we can clearly see two thumbsticks, command buttons (X,Y, B, A), directional buttons, two bumpers, a start button, and a select button. It looks like a very straightforward controller, so here’s hoping Asus can surprise us with a decent-looking box design.

Specs for the system have been rumored, featuring numbers that won’t shock you. Powering the unit is reportedly an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip with 2GB of RAM, which also features 8GB of storage, and comes running Android 4.3. It definitely won’t be powering anything you see on the Xbox One, but these are just Android games after all.

Forgive my harsh tone, but in a world where OUYA can release an “updated” console that still features the same ol’ tired Tegra 3 processor, I see little hope for this category of device.

Who knows, maybe ASUS will wow us. For once, that’d be a nice change.

ASUS Game Box

Via: Liliputing | Bluetooth



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