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UltraPixels are Back in the “All New HTC One” According to Latest Teaser

This afternoon, HTC continued their translation of technical details for features from last year’s HTC One while also teasing the “All New HTC One” for a third time. The spot is as painful to watch as the previous two, but this time focuses on the UltraPixel camera from the original One. After diving through its ability to take shots in low-light situations, the on-screen duo goes into how the “All New HTC One” “has added” a…Well, we don’t know because everything is blurred out after that part. 

What we do know is that something has been added to the “All New HTC One” to make it seemingly better than last year’s model. In other words, the UltraPixel is back, but with a new addition. We’re pretty sure that’s the secondary camera sensor that has been on display numerous times through leaks. Again, the spot blocks out all of those juicy details because it wants us to be surprised come March 25 when the phone is unveiled.

I’ll just say this – if HTC puts their glorified 4MP camera in another phone, this second sensor better help it take the best mobile photos the world has ever seen. I’m not saying I need a 16MP camera in a smartphone, but at 4MP, we’re talking photos that still can’t be cropped or zoomed on without looking sh*tty. That’s just too small of a resolution for 2014. Hell, it was too small for 2013, 2012, and 2011.

  • LionStone

    “All New HTC One”… taking it just a little too literal there buddy.

  • 4g63mark

    I’m not looking forward to this phone at all. It’s a recycled design that appears to keep the same crappy camera and add gimmicks to it…… I actually think this phone will be worse than last year’s. I say that because it no longer has beats audio, and the battery is said to be of similar size. Everyone that saw the comparison video between the One and One Max noticed the major decline in audio performance…….. So if the Boom has been taken away from the Boom sound, the camera still sucks, and it’s last years design, WHY the hell would I buy it?

    • 4g63mark

      Plus it’s still handicapped by the worst UI on the market. LG’s UI brings double tap to wake, Samsung’s UI brings multi screen multi tasking, Motorola’s UI brings stock Android with touchless control, and HTC’s UI brings, ……… Uuuummmm……. Nothing. Nothing of value AT ALL. The only way this phone will be profitable is to equip it with stock Android and sell it at a mid range $$ from the Play store.

      • Chippah

        HTC 1 build and feel + LG G2 = The sex.

      • athom07

        I’m sorry but LG’s UI is hands down the ugliest I have ever seen. I prefer stock, but I could use either Sense or Touchwiz. I would not use a G2 because it literally repulses me how ugly that sucker is.

      • Chris

        aI take you havn’t used sense in a while.

    • Chris

      so we must get a new design each year?

  • NexusMan

    Boy, that is dumb.

  • DanielMena9

    I really like this bit of marketing material. It is better than most out there from tech companies.

    • Tim242

      You forgot the /s. Somebody might think you really believe that.

  • 2nd is IR, blended with 1st = exceptional in low light sitations

    • Diablo81588

      That would be cool. Night vision photos!

  • Trent Russell

    It’s important to note that they’ll need an 8mp sensor for 4k video. I care not for 4k video, but surely they’ll try to keep up with the competition.

  • Aardvark99

    Beautiful, purple, low-light photos.

  • Pratik Holla

    That last line sums it up well. If you are going to cut it down so much that we only have 4MP to work with, I better be getting low light shots that make the Lumia 920 pics look like garbage.

  • yummy

    Is it really The All New One, if it has the same tired old UltraPixel, or is it the All New UltraPixel too? I’ll show myself to the coffee kiosk now. Carp, whered that durn hour I lost get to?

  • FAL_Fan

    That was freaking retarded…at least it wasn’t creepy like the LG flex commercial, that was just plain disturbing…but none the less this was terrible.

  • James Stone

    well I have heard from someone that has seen it that their main camera is 16mp with the second camera on back being a 5mp..this allows for after shot focusing like the lytro camera

  • Drew

    Still not better than the display of my Moto X.

    • PoisonApple31


  • Alan Paone

    Stop hating on the wrong things, kellex. Unless you are looking at your pictures zoomed in on a 27″ imac, 4 megapixels is a lot. The problem is that htc is using the same processing parameters they used on the Sensation and are blurring out all the details. If they don’t fix it this time, that android update with raw will let third-party apps fix it for them. Don’t perpetuate a meaningless spec race.

    • The Narrator

      I mean. That’s what camera’s are for right?

      Guess i should keep my other DSLR, PAS in my pocket at all times because there’s no way i want my phone to take good pictures.

      • Alan Paone

        Lol you read “the problem is the software not the hardware” but responded to “nobody wants to take pictures with a phone.” You can read very well.

  • ricardo batres

    Waist of time…am not watching these videos anymore

    • NemaCystX

      didn’t know time had a waist, does it need a belt too?

  • M3D1T8R

    I’m trying to remain positive hoping the secondary camera sensor thing makes this a good enough camera. Will be questionable if the main camera is still only 4mp, but I’m open to something new making this work out.

    Shouldn’t be the case that my four year old (April 2010) HTC Incredible, with its 8mp sensor is still the best HTC camera to date. That thing was nice.. My wife still uses it.

    • malcmilli

      the camera on the One X/Evo 4g LTE (2012) was bad ass when it came out… much better than my original Evo 4g from June 2010.

    • Ubi2447

      Im betting you that it will be single digits again. Probably closer to 6-8?
      Either way, I think it’s important to not judge something until we have images to compare. I would be really disappointed if this device didn’t mark up the MP count from the older device but I still think that I would take this new device in a GPE over other devices.

    • LionStone

      My Incredible, Thunderbolt, Inc 4G and DNA all take great photos. My girl sends me photos from the Inc4G and they look great on my DNA. I loved the zoom volume controls on the Incredible!

  • Hopefully they bring the base sensor up to 8mp

  • Javier

    “That’s just too small of a resolution for 2014.”

    How about you hire an editor so he can change that to “That resolution is just too small for 2014.”

    • Tim242

      Both are correct. Why didn’t you type, “You should hire an editor.”

    • tillman

      How about he types “In 2014, that resolution is just too small.” Or “In terms of resolution, for 2014, that’s just too damn small”

      • Weber

        Or how about we all move on with our lives and agree that he’s wrong?

    • stop it…u dont need attention that badly

  • Intellectua1


  • Silverbug

    Is it possible to shut down audio so I can use my headphone jack as audio out. CC turns it off

  • I’m confidently guessing that the second camera will be used for zooming since that was the biggest issue with the 4MP camera on the HTC One. They’ll probably keep a lower MP count and use the second in tandem as an optical zoom. Maybe it has a lytro-style refocusing feature, but I’m not sure that will be the primary function of having the two sensors.

    • LionStone

      I did read one article that rumored a 3x optical zoom. I’m hoping it is, that would be a great addition.

  • Michael Schnider

    ummmm…wow that was a waste…

  • Chris

    Still very cheesy.

    I’m still gonna pick one up though. My EVO LTE is showing its age even with 4.3 installed.

  • flosserelli

    The new UltraPixel better not be UltraLame again, or HTC will be UltraHistory.

    • The Narrator

      4mp won’t cut it. Hoping for 8.

      • michael arazan

        HTC : 4mp + 4mp = 8mp

        • Mchl496

          How about 12 MP?

  • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    Hopefully their marketing after the reveal is a lot better than this crap if they want to survive 2014.

    • Ranjan Srinivas

      Wanna talk about crap, look at lg’s add of the g flex. This ad may not be good, but this sure is a lot better thab htc’s previous efforts…..

      • Chris

        samsung’s s4 launch was crap

    • Mike

      Why the blur, we’ve all seen the phone. I also hope this phone has 3 GB of ram…my LG G2 is barley cutting it with 2 GB.

      • epps720

        I agree it should have 3GB of RAM but you’re really having issues w/the G2? I don’t have any issues what-so-ever.

      • MistaButters

        What on earth do you do that uses 2GB of RAM?

        And don’t say “when I check my RAM it’s full”, because it always will be. That is how Android (and Linux) work. Stuff stays in your RAM until you really need to push it out so your RAM will always appear to be nearly full even if you are only actively using a small portion of it.

        • Rob

          My G2 seems to have trouble keeping the homescreens in memory periodically. I never had this issue with my S3, but I get the homescreen lag occasionally with my G2. Running Nova Launcher on both phones.

          • MistaButters

            I wonder if that is more a memory management issue (aka the way LG coded something) versus a too little memory issue.

            I know the One X had crazy aggressive memory management at first and would push things out of RAM way too fast. E.G. you’d go to check some emails and your music player that was actively playing would be forced closed even with several hundred MBs of RAM free. Webpages would be immediately moved from memory once you left them. It was painful.

          • Rob

            I’m guessing LG coding. Same amount of 2GB RAM in an S3 and the G2. Plus I had the S3 since launch so I’ve been there for 4.2 and 4.3 (can’t remember if it launched with 4.1 or 4.2, I think it was 4.2.1). Never had the homescreen redraw issue near as many times (if at all) with the S3 compared to the G2.

          • Rob

            OK, so now I think the homescreen lag happens EVERY time I go from Chrome to the homescreen. Really odd.

  • MicroNix

    UltraCorny! I want DL to do a photo compare this time around. Same exact spot taken, same exact light. All new phones with default settings and then one more with a setting type (if available) for the specific lighting condition. I swear my S3 with low light enabled blows away many of the One pics I’ve seen taken in low light. I mean it is a huge difference with that setting on.

    • Chris

      That would be helpful if everyone did that.

    • Sqube

      You should check out Phone Arena reviews for that kind of thing. They’re pretty comprehensive when it comes to reviewing the cameras and they tend to place pictures from comparable devices for comparative purposes.

      • MicroNix

        Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking for a good comparison for some time. Most places don’t seem to shoot the same area/distance which makes it really hard to compare quality.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        That is one thing Phone Arena is good at. The rest of the stuff they post just seems to have too much “rumor as fact” going on.

        • supremekizzle

          Their phone size comparison tool is pretty sweet too.

  • Me

    Probably 4 UP and 2 MP cameras. Hopefully the top camera is 8+ and the 4 UP is used for low light effects while the top camera is for depth. Excited to see how the camera performs on the M8.

  • Tim242

    It’s hilarious that they keep blurring it out, knowing full well that the phone has been leaked and seen by everybody that would be seeing these teasers. They would be better off not including it in the teaser. They better not try this 4 MP crap again.

    • Chris

      I love the part where the guy asks to see it even though its right next to him.

      • Tim242

        Yeah, it got so close to his face, that he moves his head back haha

  • s3oodan

    5m ultrapixel

  • possomcrast1

    Maybe they’ll go with 8 “Ultrapixels”. I honestly can’t see them jumping all the way up to 10+ whilst still calling it an ultrapixel. Regardless it will take nice pictures, what’s really in question is the fuzziness of the pictures. My One takes great pictures in almost every way, but they’re very soft and undefined- especially when you look closely.

    • Mchl496

      Well then I can’t see them getting my business if they can’t pretend to keep up better.