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Android 4.4.2 Update for T-Mobile HTC One Now Rolling Out

HTC told us earlier in the day that they had received “technical approval” on the Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” update for both the T-Mobile and AT&T variants of their 2013 flagship, One. Within the last hour, the T-Mobile variant began receiving that update.

If you own the HTC One on T-Mobile, head into Settings>System updates to try and pull it.

The build number appears to be 4.19.531.10 and is 563MB in size, according to the screenshot above.

CheersĀ ba11sy and @BigBlueBrock!
  • Drox2k

    Just checked and still got nothing…

  • billy routh

    After updating my speakers aren’t nearly as loud. Any one else experience this?

  • summit21

    Getting Kit Kat goodness now on my ATT HTC One…is it bigger than the other carriers at 619MB.

  • Johnny Valenzuela

    verizon has now updated the htc one to kit kat. 2.22.14

  • LionStone

    So what you’re saying is, the HTC ONE, on all 4 major US carriers is now updated to the latest software!? Nice job HTC!

    • Chris

      HTC is indeed steeping it up.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Still not as fast as Nexus and Motorola though. But still a good improvement nonetheless.

        • The Narrator

          Nexus will always get updated first, and Motorola being a/was a Google company, it was a lot easier for them.

  • Mikey

    What folder does the update get stored into?? Gonna try and pull it before i install

  • qudwls6933

    where are you samsung? where’s my verizon s4 update??

    • The Narrator

      Maybe wait til they write an article and ask there? This article has nothing to do with Samsung or Verizon.

    • Chris

      As soon as Verizon finds a way to isntall more bloatware and a way for a large ass logo to jump out of the screen and on to the device.

  • Michael Shorey

    Now where do I go to configure my lock screen widgets?

  • Trevor

    That is a ginormous-sized update.

    • The Narrator

      4.4.2 is a fatty, that’s fosho

  • Chris

    and people cry that HTC never updates their phones….

    • cizzlen

      Those people should call the WAHHHMBULANCE amirite

  • Frank Fitton

    Got mine downloading right now, awesome, been waiting. Makes my Friday night, that kinda sucks. I’m more stoked about this than the Robocop I just got out of, haha.

  • Nice :). Global 4.4.2 update roll out nearly complete.
    Any news on the UK version?