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HTC One Successor to be Called “The All New One” According to Evleaks

According to leak maestro @evleaks, the successor to the HTC One is to be referred to as The All New One. Going by its codename M8 for the past few months, we can’t help but be a little disappointed in this new “name.” 

There were probably a ton of ideas being thrown around at HTC corporate, like One+ or One Up (shoutout to our own Ron Offringa), but The All New One apparently stuck.

Evan also tweets that the device will come three colors – Silver, Grey, and Gold.

Let’s hear your initial reaction to The All New One down below.

Note: The picture above is an unofficial photo of the M8, although most signs point to it being fake.

Via: @evleaks
  • Justin Brennan

    The small bezels would really look nice and go well with the big screen and on screen buttons. Just look at the LG G2 or the LG G Pro 2. Both of those feel really nice to use thanks to the tiny bezels.

  • BOB Dudek


  • Noel

    Sorry Htc but.the render on this post will make a better M8 than the other one circulating around recently and alerged to be the real deal. Avert the catastrophy now before it is too late. Those HUGE BEZELS on the other render are a sales killer and will drag this nice device down as well as Htc. At this late stage the quickest solution is to get rid of that black band with the logo and put in a 5.2″ panel. Option two is to shrink the device by getting rid of the black logo band…that’s more difficult now cuz it requires a total new frame and internal redesign. Option three is to have two M8’s like Sammy is planning to do…use a smaller design of the Desire 8 with a 5.2″ 1080p HD screen or a QHD screen.

  • Luis

    They should’ve named it the One^2

  • Snowbo13

    I like this concept drawing way more then the actual leaked photos. Make this phone here htc!

  • Raven65

    Really stupid, shortsighted name.

  • chudilo

    What exactly is wrong with HTC Two?

  • Scott

    They need a shorter name for the Next One…

  • Tony Byatt

    I like that they are keeping it simple…

    HTC One (2014)…

  • NomNom

    As it should be…

  • Steve Schneider

    It’s probably already been said but no navigation buttons? Reads minds?

  • Godzilla

    HTC Bankrupt One

  • Jared Shorter

    You would think their PR department would know how bad that name is. Its Terrible!

  • Alan Marchman

    So next year we’ll get “The More Newer One”?

  • WHY CANT IT COME IN BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  • K-Rod

    The HTC One²

  • flosserelli

    HTC One²

  • yummy

    Thats it for the Other One

  • NexusMan

    Don’t like One+ or One Up. One+ sounds like the same phone, with a longer battery life, or some other minimal add on. One Up is just….no. As for the All New One, don’t really have a problem with it. If they do in fact go with that, I would assume it would be referred to as “The All New HTC One,” just as Apple referred to the iPad as “The New iPad.” They are calling it “The All New HTC ONE,” because they are sticking with the HTC One name. HTC One is their brand, and they don’t intend to change it with every release. It will always be The HTC One. So with each release, they will just add something before it to let you know it’s the latest version.

    • Tim242

      Apple did not call the 3rd gen iPad the new iPad. That is what it was referred to by customers and reviewers instead of iPad 3rd Generation. See screenshot below. HTC will have an even bigger naming problem on their hands if they call it The All New HTC One. They already goofed by having a One X, One X+, One S, One V, and One VS before the One. Are they just going to call it the all new one every year? Really?

      • NexusMan

        I watched the LIVE EVENT. Like I said, when it was released, Apple called the 3rd iPad, “The New iPad.”

      • NexusMan

        “Apple did not call the 3rd gen iPad the new iPad. That is what it was referred to by customers and reviewers instead of iPad 3rd Generation. See screenshot below.”

        Um, no. Here’s a few more. None taken from references “by customers and reviewers,” but from Apple’s own announcement, and website.

        “See screenshots below.”

      • Ian


    • Tim242


      • NexusMan

        After only 221 days of official availability, the third generation iPad was discontinued on October 23, 2012, following the announcement of the fourth generation iPad. At that point, Apple ceased referring to The New iPad as “The New iPad” for obvious reasons….it was no longer the new iPad. Not sure why you felt the need to post post that screen shot, but I posted one below for you, too.

  • tiredofuglyphones

    How about “The Last One”

  • Well at least they haven’t got htc first to confuse people even more……

  • Chuggowitz

    Honestly, should have gone with something like One.2 or something to that affect. It’s the second the in line, not some re imagining with a wild new look.

  • shawn

    The One Two?

  • Preet Singh

    How about HTC Two????


    I like the One Up, Kudo’s on that one 🙂

  • Jordan

    I would be all for the new HTC One, but the button to press for the main menu is near the middle of the phone. There is no need for the black HTC bar.

    • Chris

      The home button?

      • Jordan

        No, There’s the boomsound speakers at the bottom, then the htc black bar, then the on screen button, then you have your dock for main menu (apps). The HTC logo should be on the speakers, followed by the on screen navigation buttons above that.

        • Chris

          ah. Got ya.

          Yeah i agree, but who knows? Maybe next year HTC will learn…. or they will have a HTC logo with no black bar…. and 2016 we’ll see it on the speakers…

  • joejoe5709

    Terrible name. Like the Nexus 7 it’ll be the HTC One 2014.

  • Chris


    Still might buy it even with that horrible HTC bar.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Brilliant! They should just call it the 2.

  • kdub

    The Last One !

    • Tim242


  • Cael

    Flop name for a flop phone

    • Chris

      Can’t be a flop if it isn’t out yet…

      • Tim242

        Sure it can.

        • Chris

          if hate it just to hate it because “the cool kids are doing it”

          • Tim242

            I used to only use HTC phones. Diamond, Hero, OG EVO, Incredible, Thunderbolt. They ruined themselves.

          • Chris

            HTC did it to themselves. I’ve been a HTC user since the OG EVO. I then got the EVO 3D, Rezound and now the EVO LTE. Granted I still like them, despite their problems. Still gonna give them one more chance.

            HTC seems to be tying but what they really need to do is get rid of their CEO for someone who cares about their customers

          • Cael

            or HTC can learn to keep up with the competition…

          • NexusMan

            I will agree in the sense that I had the Incredible and was in love with that phone. After that I was ALL about HTC….and then…you know the rest.

          • Chris

            I tried the nexus but it never gave me the erection it does for other nexus users.

  • bogy25

    In the Verizon store rep then recommends the iphone 🙁 so sad

  • NemaCystX

    So it looks like they’re going to just introduce upgraded specs to the same model design kinda how Apple and Samsung have been doing with their flagships

    Maybe this is what the populace want. I don’t know, but I loved the design of the HTC One

    in my understanding they could very much just go with 2nd Gen HTC One or HTC One (2014 version) (Google did it with their Nexus 7)

    If they keep the foot print the same and its compatible with the same cases as the HTC One (2013 version) they could make alot of people happy by allowing backwards compatible accessories without early upgraders having to worry about getting new ones for their One

    I’m very much happy they chose to do virtual keys this time but I wish they would make Sense optional, ever since Sense 5 I don’t like Sense anymore and a GPE is too expensive for my blood

    • Chris

      The way I look at it, it seems android OEMs are coping apple. New design/phone every two years with a minor update each year.

    • Tim242

      They kept the bar where the buttons were. That is not a good thing.

  • Tyler Casilio

    Whats funny is when I read the March 25th post earlier I said that I bet that they’re going to announce it as “the all new HTC One”. And I’m pretty sure that they won’t call it the “HTC The All New One” to all you jokesters, but if they did I would buy it immediately for their bravery. It’s like the Nexus 7 2013 compared to the Nexus 7 2012

    • Chris

      Google Play Music All Access

      if it were the 90s/early 2000s (or a really drunk/high guy at google)

      Google Play All Access Music Subscription Services.

  • TopXKiller
  • Blue Sun

    “roll eyes”

  • Adrynalyne

    HTC really needs to figure out a better naming scheme.

    HTC One
    One X
    One X+
    One XL
    One More Time
    One More
    One With Everything
    The All New One

    It just doesn’t work.

    • NemaCystX

      Nexus One worked quite well lol, it started the Nexus line

      albeit S replaced “2” when Samsung made it, then the Galaxy Nexus because the Nexus of that time was using a design similar to the Galaxy S2

      then the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10…… you get the idea

      HTC in my opinion is trying to keep the same name because of the marketing they invested and unfortunately for them, the One name was ruined when they used it back in 2012 for the One X, One S, One V. To me, its just confusing but they use research based on what people would buy, just like Apple or any other big company does that influences design and naming choices.

      but if they play their cards right, they could do what auto makers do with their cars. You don’t see them changing the name every 5 years because of a new design they introduce, no, we know them clearly by their year

      • Tim242

        Nexus 4 and 5 were the 4th and 5th Nexus. Only tablets are named by display size. You are mixing two categories

        • The Narrator

          Nexus 5.2 is next.

        • Neo aka the old ONE

          No, he’s right. The fact that they are the 4th and 5th nexus is only a coincidence.

          • Tim242

            Don’t be silly. Phones are never named by screen size. That is only done on tablets, examples Google, Samsung, LG, Dell. Phones, never. The stupid argument for a 4.7″ screen phone being named by size and rounded down to 4, is just stupid. The same people that argue that nonsense swore that Google would name the Nexus 5, Nexus 4 2013, like they did the Nexus 7. News flash, phones and tablets have different naming conventions. And, you try to come at me with coincidence…sit down with that.

          • TylerChappell

            You tell ’em Felicia! <3

          • Tim242

            Haha @ Felicia. I’ll always be your Felicia <3

          • Kevin

            So you’re saying the New Nexus phone this year is going to be called the Nexus 6? I highly doubt that. But I’ll remember this comment.

          • Tim242

            It could be Nexus 6, or it could be Nexus X. They’ll probably be dropping the Nexus brand next year anyway. Go ahead and remember this comment. I remembered and took screenshots of lots of comments from people who just knew that the Nexus 5 would be called Nexus 4 2013.

          • Kevin

            I was actually expecting the Nexus 5 to be called that because of screen size and generation. I’m not really sure about next year though. I was speaking of the new Nexus this year.

          • Tim242

            4.7 rounds to 5, not 4. That would make zero sense. Again, phones are not named by display size. The one this year could be Nexus 6, Nexus X, Nexus U, or anything else they choose. You know the display is going to stay in the 5-5.2″ range. Do you really think they will after 5 Nexus phones, name the 6th the same as the 5th? I don’t get your logic.

          • Kevin

            Nexus 4 was closer to the size of other phones of its generation which was 4″. And Nexus 5 is closer to the phones of its generation which is 5″.

          • Tim242

            Your logic is still flawed. The original Nexus had a screen size of of 3.7, and that was in 2010. The Galaxy Nexus was 4.7″ in 2012. When the Nexus 4 came out, 4.7-5″ was the generation size. Very few phones ever had a 4″ display. The Nexus S had a 4″ display, which was two generations behind the Nexus 4. Phones never have, and never will be named by display size. That is a tablet thing.

          • Kevin

            I was only speaking about Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 not previous generations.

          • Tim242

            My point is that the Nexus One had a screen size closer to 4″ than the Nexus 4. That in itself disproves your theory.

          • Kevin

            Again you’re rounding off. I was saying that the Nexus phone line was closer to their generation rather than the exact 4″ and 5″. And again I’m not talking about previous generations of the Nexus. Back then OEMs weren’t really sticking with a main size that everyone follows today. They had a lot of different sizes from 3.7, 3.9,4,4.3 to 4.5 etc.

          • Tim242

            There was never a 3.9″ device. There was only like 1 device at 4.5, which was the GS2. Phones sizes were made up mostly of 3.7, 4, and 4.3. Not really different from now, which are 4.7, 5, and 5.2. The main takeaway is that phones have never been named by screen size. It just isn’t feasable.

          • Kevin

            There was the Droid Eris, Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Charge and the Droid Pro. And that was just on Verizon. I don’t want name the other carriers.

          • Tim242

            Droid Eris 3.7 – ,Droid 2 3.7′ – Droid X 4.3 – Droid Charge 4.3 – Droid Pro 3.1

          • Kevin

            The Droid Eris was 3.2. And then there’s also the Casio G Zone which was 3.6 Don’t get me started on the GSM and Cricket/Metro PCs phones.

          • Tim242

            Yes I know the Eris was 3.2, that’s what I listed it as. I’m not sure what you are arguing. Casio G Zone? Really? We’re talking flagships, not every one of the gazillion phones out there. You know as well as I do that 3.2 and 3.6 were never standard sizes. Regardless of any of this, you are still avoiding the fact that phones have never been named by screen size.

          • Kevin

            That’s my point. There were no standard sizes. Bingo!

          • Tim242

            There were standard sizes. 3.7, 4.3, 4.7, and 5 are the standard sizes. Every flagship/mainstream Android phone has had one of those. The rest were non standard. You know as well as I do that when a new standard size is set, it is followed by the other flagships. The OG Droid started the 3.7 craze (standard) The OG EVO started the 4.3 craze (standard) You get the idea. Regardless of the sizes, no names resulted from them.

          • Kevin

            Umm, I think the Evo and the Droid X were the only phones of that size in that time. Which makes two. Also on the G Zone, was that not Casios’s flagship?

          • Tim242

            Your claims get more ridiculous as the night goes on. Phones with 4.3″ displays that I can think of off the top of my head: OG Evo, Evo 3D, Evo Design, Droid X, Droid X 2, Droid Charge, Thunderbolt, Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR HD, Droid RAZR Maxx, LG Revolution….

          • Kevin

            What? I did not realize that the Droid X and the Droid X2 launched together or that the HTC Evo and Evo 3D did to. Why not even throw in some phones from 2012 while you’re at it.

          • Tim242

            Aha! So you see that once the EVO set the standard at 4.3, it stayed there for quite some time. STANDARD! BINGO! I swear, you have no clue what you are even arguing for or against lol

          • Kevin

            I didn’t realize having one phone is a standard especially with only two OEMs with the same size phone. smh.

          • Tim242

            What are you talking about? Are you drunk? Every OEM had one or more 4.3 flagship. Every OEM has a 4.7 flagship. Every OEM has a 5″ flagship. I named you like 15 phones off the top of my head with a 4.3″ screen over almost 2 year time period, and you still claim no standard. You are silly.

          • Kevin

            I did not say OEMs did not have a phone 4.3 size. I said they didn’t have one in the same time frame. Those “standards” weren’t recognized until about 2011. Which there was no Nexus 4 was there?

          • Tim242

            Again, screen size and phone name are not related. Again, 4.7,is .7,to 4, .3 to 5. So if there were a relation, it wouldn’t match up.

          • Kevin

            Good Night or Morning 🙂

          • Tim242

            Both : )

          • Tim242

            You must not understand what standard means. It doesn’t mean in a short window of time. That would be the opposite of standard. I couldn’t care less which phone you credit with setting the standard. The point is 4.3 was a standard for flagship phones for almost 2 years. All OEM’s put out 4.3″ phones in that time period…it was the standard after all.

          • Kevin

            Well a took a while for Sony, LG, and Samsung to catch up. Of course by that time all OEMs started releasing their phones the same screen size. With the Galaxy Nexus being modeled after the Galaxy S II. Which brings my point that Nexus 4 was named 4 because 4 was closer to it’s generation.

          • Tim242

            The S2 had a 4.5″ screen, the Galaxy Nexus 4.7. Not sure what you are trying yo say with that. I have no clue what you mean by 4 being closer to its generation. The Nexus 4 came out with the at the time, standard 4.7″ display. 4″ hadn’t been used in displays in about 2 years before. I don’t know why you keep trying to equate screen size to names. No phone HAS EVER DONE THAT.

          • Kevin

            Which brings us back to the point were previous generations of the Nexus line didn’t have a standard size to be named after. And I’ve never said that the Nexus and 5 weren’t named that because of their generation. I said they were named closer to their generation size and generation. I didn’t just say it because of their size. Also notice how I said earlier how I wasn’t talking about previous generations of the Nexus?

          • Tim242

            This brings us back to the main question at hand. Why are you trying to relate screen size and phone name? They aren’t related. It’s not like 4.7 is close to 4 anyway….it is .7 from 4, only .3 to 5. SMH

          • TylerChappell

            omfg, this guy. da fuq is wrong with him?

          • Tim242

            Oh, add the HTC Inspire to that

          • Ian

            What a useful allocation of your time that was.

          • JRomeo

            Of course it’ll be called the Nexus6….. the New Nexus coming out this year will have a 6.x inch screen.

          • MistaButters

            Why do you have to start this argument every single time somebody mentions it?

            Regardless, nobody argued they name the Nexus 5 the Nexus 4, once we learned it had a 5″ screen. However, I’d be willing to be if we get another Nexus with a 5-5.2″ screen this year, it will indeed be called the Nexus 5.

          • Tim242

            Screen size and phone name are not related at all. They never have been. It is idiotic to think that the Nexus 4 got its name from the 4 in 4.7. That is .7 from.4, .3 to 5. Only tablets are named by display size. It is beyond me why you few people try to claim otherwise. It is the dumbest claim I have ever seen in any comment section.

          • MistaButters

            I can’t freaking wait until October so we can end this foolish argument one way or the other.

          • Tim242

            I have basis for my argument. You people have none. You pretend that Google announced that they were going to all of a sudden start naming phones by screen size. You also pretend it’s logical to round down from 4.7, instead of up. I guess when something is 19.99, you think it’s 19, because of the 19? It’s such a lame claim to think oh, it has a 4 in it…

          • MistaButters

            We do have a basis for our argument. You just fail to listen. Like I said, we’ll see in October.

          • Tim242

            You have no basis. You think because it has a 4 in it, that they called it Nexus 4. That is not a logical basis.

          • MistaButters

            You sure about that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outline_of_logic . Let me know.

            Again, October.

          • Tim242


          • JRomeo

            When the Nexus6 comes out in Oct/Nov of this year, it will have that name because of its 6.x inch screen, whether that be 6.0 or 6.2 or whatever, that’ll be why it’s called the Nexus6.

          • Tim242

            The Nexus will never go past 5, or 5.2…it isn’t a phablet. I guess you think it will just be the new Nexus 5 from here on out.

    • Chris

      It sucks having a “One” a year after another “one”

    • capecodcarl

      How about the Rezound 2? DNA 2?

    • Jonathan Williams

      The Deuce?

      • michael arazan

        The Deuce is what apple drops out of their butt every year

    • JoshGroff

      I’d buy the One with Everything.

  • The HTC And One

  • This maybe the one

  • M3D1T8R

    Yeah I figured for a while now it would just go by “One (2014”), the same way the Nexus 7 did it. Makes sense.

  • I’m sure it will be REFERRED TO as the “The All New One,” but I doubt that will be its literal name. I’m pretty sure it will, in fact, maintain the name “One,” in the same way Apple’s done fine in the past with not renaming products each generation. Adding on modifiers to the word One just makes it clumsy and cancels out the point of having a name like that. They started out that way, with the One X and One S, and then later versions, and it was a mess. They fixed it to just One, and have since added Max and Mini, which make sense as modifiers. Adding more modifiers for generations would mess things up again. It’s the all new One, or the 2014 One, or the second-gen One. But its official name on the box will likely be One.

    • Tim242

      Apple only did that once

  • cwillen

    I suppose it’s better than “The Other One”

    • ChanceIll


  • Jason Geiger

    The All New One. Best thing to happen to the One since the One. Ugh…

  • Orion

    It’s like HTC is doing this on purpose.

  • Droid Ronin

    Lame name. It’s like when Apple called the 3rd gen iPad “The New iPad”.

    • I know, and sales just PLUMMETED over that mistake.

    • Chris

      and six months later they came out with yet another “new” ipad and renamed the “new” ipad to just ipad and the new “new” ipad ipad with retina display” Very small spec bump and a new charging port… yet same design. Fact you couldnt tell the diference unless you looked at the port.

      • Tim242

        And then they dropped it.

        • Chris

          like others do. nothing diferent here.

  • Alec

    All for One, and none for the New One!

  • fd2blk78

    Come on people. “The All New” One.

    Makes a little more sense now don’t ya think?

  • Pedro

    The Same Old One But Better
    didn’t pass muster?

    • calculatorwatch

      They should have called it the One + 1

  • The Narrator

    Bad name, the Xbox One is already not selling, so distance yourself HTC!

    • Silky Johnson

      The xbox one is actually doing pretty well…..

      • The Narrator

        Lol not when its behind 1.5+ million. But, to each their own.

        • It doesn’t have to be in first place to be selling well. Why does everyone think the only sales position that matters is first?

          • The Narrator

            In this case. It is clear Microsoft is struggling. They have been since last E3 2013.

          • Chris Sickels

            I wouldn’t say Microsoft is struggling unless you are saying that profits of $24 billion/qtr is struggling. I would say though that HTC is struggling. They are probably the next phone manufacturer to go, whether they are bought by Samsung (or someone else) or just quietly go away.

          • The Narrator

            Less than .00000001% of that is from Xbox sales. They make jack from their gaming division.

          • NemaCystX

            lol making more than Sony is lol

    • malcmilli

      Xbox One is selling fine…

      • The Narrator

        Like i said, to each their own.

  • Trevor

    At the very least, they should have kept it as the One and put 2014 after it, like car models. This way they don’t have to keep coming up with new names (or stupid variations of names) for their successor phones. “All New One” is really just dumb.

    • Chris

      When ford killed the taurus brand in 2005, it didnt end well for them, so a year later they brought back the taurus. 2014 SHO is one of the best looking full sized sedans in the class

  • Micah Madru

    I don’t care too much what they call it. I care about the bezel and the specs!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Family walks into At&t Store: We’d like to get “The All New One”

    Rep: How many “The All New Ones” would you like?

    Head: Explodes.

    • cwillen

      Rep: “Oh, I’m sorry. It looks like we’re all out of ‘The All New One’s’, would you like the other ‘One’?

      Customer: “Which is “The Other One”?

      Rep: “The old ‘One'”

      Customer: “Is it used?”

      Rep: “No, it’s a new old ‘One'”

      • The_One_Two_Three

        we also have:

        The All New One S
        The All New One+
        The All New One X
        The All New One Maxx
        The All New One mini

        The One You’ve been waiting for.


        • Eric R.

          Should we say HTC The All New One
          The All New HTC One? I’m pretty sure everyone will just call it the HTC One.

          • Tyler Casilio

            Probably HTC One 2014

      • get it?

        but who’s on first?

  • skinja

    The fake photo above looks nice since the bezels are much smaller than the One.

    • The Narrator

      They keep a crushing my dreams, man

      • JoshGroff

        Bigger bezel = bigger speakers, I’m not against that. That’s the last place they want to skimp with it being their main standout feature.

        • rawr

          There are no speakers in the black logo bar. so no, bigger bezels != bigger speakers.

          • JoshGroff

            That’s assuming they keep that design choice, and I was directly talking about the bezels from the speakers, in which case bigger bezels would = bigger speakers.

      • JRomeo

        On behalf of everybody. Thank you for choosing to no longer impersonate John Legere.

    • Simpsons Did It

      TheVerge has a press pic of the M8. Black logo bar, gold just like the iphone and s4, and awful sense. So unfortunately for HTC this is not the phone they are releasing.

      Their swan song won’t even sell 1 million units I bet.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “Note: The picture above is an unofficial photo of the M8, although most signs point to it being fake.”

    Then don’t use it guys.

  • Knlegend1

    Strike 2

  • Patmw123

    Color choices are silver, gray, and gold? I can’t imagine there would be much difference between the silver and gray. Seems dumb.

    • Knlegend1

      Really though

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Dark Grey. Check the leak of the One in a case today. That’s what they mean

      • Patmw123

        Maybe so, but it still seems like there are better color options they could’ve chosen than having two of the three options be so similar.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Well they had black and silver last year, this really isn’t much different, I don’t think. I could sure used a Red at launch though

          • Patmw123

            Black and silver seems a little different to me than silver and “dark gray”.

          • Miguel Meza

            well their dark gray is basically black

          • Patmw123

            I would have rather them just have made it a black option then.

        • xpyroxcorex

          silver, space grey, and gold……. apple

    • I would assume it’s something akin to a charcoal gray, or close to it, in which case there’s a massive difference between silver and gray.

      • Patmw123

        We could all speculate on what we “assume”. That still doesn’t change my opinion that a “dark gray” and a silver option are pretty similar.

        • Silver and dark gray are dramatically different colors. I can tell from those descriptions alone I’d almost definitely get the latter. They’re huge shades of the spectrum apart, and silver implies a shine that gray doesn’t.

          • Patmw123

            I guess it just depends on how dark the “dark gray” really is. Which none of us know. Until we see it for ourselves, you have absolutely no idea how dark the shade of gray it will be. My point is that if only 3 color options are going to be available, it seems dumb for 2 of the options to be silver and gray.

          • Well then, I’ll trust a major corporation not to be as dumb as you assume they will be, and make the obvious, easy, smart choice to make gray obviously different from silver. Seems like the far safer assumption.

          • Patmw123

            I would like to trust all “major corporations” to make smart business decisions, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they will. Major corporations make awful business decisions all the time.

          • I’m well aware. But when it comes to making two of the three colors nearly identical? I think it’s FAR safer to assume they’re not doing so than to assume they’re gigantic morons. I’m erring on the side of likelihood, you’re erring on the side of getting to laugh at the dumb corporation. Their own history of product design ALONE tells you they’re not as dumb as you seem to want to fear they’ll be.

          • Patmw123

            I’ve seen “major corporations” make more idiotic mistakes than simply having two similar color choices of a particular device. I’m still not even sure why you continue to want to have this discussion. I simply made a very general observation. And I don’t think I mentioned “nearly identical” at any point, so that is something you deciphered on your own. Anybody who “gets a laugh” out of a failing corporation seems like someone who needs to find more joy in their life. I couldn’t care less what HTC does regarding their devices. I don’t get enjoyment out of them continuing to lose money. And I certainly don’t “fear” HTC’s success (they had success in the early Android days). That’s just idiotic and bad for the entire Android ecosystem. My entire point is that you “erring on the side of likelihood” is useless until we see the device colors for ourselves.

          • “I can’t imagine there would be much difference between the silver and gray”

            Sounds like a synonym for “nearly identical” to me. You’re erring on the side of assuming it’s a stupid decision because the difference would be too small to notice. I’m erring on the side of knowledge of the visible color spectrum, knowledge of HTC’s history of design and color usage, and knowledge that companies like HTC don’t make a habit of making decisions as dumb as what you’re suggesting they’re doing. Therefore I can extrapolate from all of that that their gray and silver options are clearly going to be different enough to make sense existing. That’s all I’m saying. Your initial post was pointlessly cynical.

          • Patmw123

            You saying “Sounds like a synonym for “nearly identical” to me.” still doesn’t change the fact that you deciphered my comment the way you wanted. You chose to interpret my post a certain way and as a result, changed my words completely into accusing me of saying “nearly identical”. I didn’t say that. Whether you think my post was cynical or not, I don’t care. Whether you think my post is pointless or not, I don’t care. My opinion should mean as much to you as your opinion does to me – NOTHING. Argue whatever points you want to yourself, but at the end of the day we’re obviously going to have different opinions. And no matter what sort of rationale you use to make your prediction any more valid is your own business. I don’t care about what factors come into your opinion. Whether its “visible color spectrum”, HTC design history, or whatever else, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it is still an assumption.

          • Great, so we’re both making assumptions. Glad that’s cleared up.

          • Patmw123

            Obviously we are both making assumptions. I didn’t think that needed to be clarified – it should be understood considering the phone hasn’t been released yet. No one on here knows exactly what it will look like. I never said that you were the only one making assumptions.

          • Patmw123

            Obviously we are both making assumptions. I didn’t think that needed to be clarified – it should be understood considering the phone hasn’t been released yet. I never said that you were the only one making assumptions.

          • In a shocking twist, the silver and gray look dramatically different: http://www.androidcentral.com/new-htc-one-m8-leaks-out-gray

          • Patmw123

            I disagree. They are about as similar as I thought they’d be.

          • Somehow I knew you’d say that. I wonder if you have a dramatically reduced sensitivity to color range…

            Oh well, if the phone holds up in reviews and gets a GPE version, there’s no doubt I’ll be getting the gray one, just like I anticipated.

          • Patmw123

            GPE is the way I would go too.

          • Especially now that they went virtual buttons. That and the lack of T-Mobile bands kept me from pulling the trigger on the last GPE One. If they don’t make the latter mistake this time it’ll be near the top of my list.

  • tom riddle

    lmao! screw you “old” ones.

  • Silver and gray? Umm

  • samosa legend

    What is HTC doing?!!!

  • pestpest

    Umm if the rumours specs of a Snap 800 and 2GB ram…. thanks anyways thats 2013 specs of lg g2 and nexus 5.

    • Rob Schoenfeld

      Doesn’t make it irrelevant.

      • Patrick Smithopolis

        It does to some people. Frankly, I see no reason why I should upgrade from my Nexus 5 to the “All New One” or the S5.

        • Rob Schoenfeld

          Thank don’t dill weed..

          • Patrick Smithopolis

            I thought I made it clear that I wasn’t. Are you a little slow?

          • Rob Schoenfeld

            Just tired of morons who know nothing about specs and software optimization.

        • Tim242

          The S5 will be killa

          • Ian

            killa lame, the last few increments of the S series have been mediocre.

          • Tim242

            The S4 has a great camera. The leaks about the S5 camera have my mouth watering.

        • malcmilli

          no better processor exists im not sure what you expect…. but 2 reasons it has the edge over nexus 5 would be battery and camera… but there is almost never a reason to upgrade 4 months after you buy a brand new device anyway.

    • Omar Amer

      that is what people said about the Moto X when it was revealed.

      • The Narrator

        Moto X =/ High end phones.

        No denying Moto X was powerful, but no comparison between them.

      • Supraman21

        And its a low-mid-end phone. It didn’t sell to well

      • Tim242

        And we see how that ended…horrible sales, company sold.

        • Kevin

          Yes because people buy phones because of the RAM and Processors. /s

    • malcmilli

      ok so HTC and Samsung should just not release a phone until Qualcomm makes a new processor? The s800 is the best available.