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Contest: Win 1 of 4 Nexus 7 (2013) Official Google Play Sleeves

nexus 7 2013 sleeve

Yesterday, we took a belated look at the official Sleeve for the 2013 Nexus 7, since it has temporarily dropped from its steep $30 price tag. In case you missed that review, we actually love the damn thing. It’s beautifully designed, uses premium materials, and fits the Nexus 7 like a glove. It also comes in four beautiful colors, all of which we have on-hand to giveaway today. That’s right, since we told you not to buy this sleeve back in August when it first became available, it only seems fitting that we hand them out to a few of you for free.

This Sleeve, along with a handful of other Nexus accessories, are on sale for a limited time through Google Play at 25% off. You can find the Nexus 7’s Folio (which we wouldn’t recommend) and Case, along with the Bumper (another we wouldn’t recommend) and QuickCover for the Nexus 5.

Who wants a Sleeve? 

nexus 7 2013 sleeve


Prizes: Four (4) Nexus 7 (2013) Sleeves for four winners.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tomorrow morning, 10AM Pacific, we will randomly choose 4 winners.

  • Potato

    It’s great for streaming HD videos on crunchyroll xD

  • Yousef Roushdy

    Screen size and resolution

  • Hoffman

    I certainly could use one of those to protect my N7 (2013). I hope I win one.

  • Dustin Miller

    My nexus 7 has pretty much taken over for my laptop and phone (for casual browsing)

  • jisaac16

    Yes please

  • alladam

    I love the size… Perfect to hold!

  • Dustin Kear

    Yes please

  • Brandon Giesel

    Gotta love the pure android experience!

  • Brandon Hinson

    light, easy to use, does everything you want

  • Travis Vesely

    Power and portability

  • john

    love my nexus 7, need one of these!

  • Danny

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! 🙂

  • Ron Carter

    Yowza! A case for the best tablet out there!

  • muddy46

    Pure Android, Sound, resolution,

  • Patty

    I love the sound quality! Good for listening to music or videos.

  • iScream4

    I love the blazing fast speed and extremely high ppi screen.

  • cmorty72

    Pure Nexus. Anything else is… well, an overpriced paperweight.

  • David

    screen size!

  • Scott in MA

    I love my Nexus 7 for reading, for listening, for Google Now and YouTube, and Droid-Life of course.

  • Gordislav

    Best device for the price

  • I actually really enjoy the bezels on the Nexus 7 as they’re the perfect size for putting a thumb on either side and not worrying about touching the screen when playing games or reading in landscape.

  • FunkyMonkey88

    I love the beautiful display on my nexus 7 to read books and play games!

  • pearschris

    Ball me blazer!

  • David Arroyo

    My Nexus 7 is the best tablet experience I have ever had. It is great for consuming media, and is great for people looking to get into Android like I was.

  • monkeytacos

    woo hoo!

  • jamesp352

    My wife’s Nexus 7 (2012) will love this sleeve.

  • james

    Didn’t think that I would enjoy a tablet nearly as much as I do my Nexus 7!

  • Michael Lin

    the best screen on a tablet!

  • reverov

    It’s ribbed for my pleasure.

  • Kiril Vatev

    Well, the screen on my Nexus 7 2012 recently died (not dead, but extreme ghosting), so maybe a free case with be the final extra nudge I need to get the new one.

  • Jason Stanton

    Yay! Wireless. Charging!

  • Jay Ochs

    sleeve me!

  • I love the size it has for it’s power.

  • Ryan Callihan

    My favorite feature in my Nexus 7 is the 7 inch screen size. When it comes to tablets, 7 inches is the sweet spot for me.

  • bipple305

    Compact but not too compact. It’s like goldielocks and the 3 bears. It’s just right.

  • emoney

    i love the ability to watch videos, live sports, play games, read books, and still charge it once every 3 days.

  • Michael veli

    It barely drains any battery when asleep

  • Krishna Ersson

    N7 2013: The screen. Great size and resolution for watching YouTube in HD.

  • Joshfeldsher

    I would Love one of these!

  • Irfan Kurniawan D.

    My nexus 7 is awesome

  • Sam

    nexus 7 is the right size tablet

  • SookRam

    I use my Nexus 7 for work as it fits in both my back pocket and inside jacket pockets. Perfect for when I have a meeting right after doing something that isn’t optimal for carrying a laptop.

  • Andrew Egger

    Looks Good

  • James Murphy

    perfect dedicated bed device.

  • Dorian Brooks

    I guess I wants. Free is free.

  • Tammy Rodriguez

    Just got my Nexus 7 finally! It could really use that sleeve!!!

  • Richard North

    Loving my Nexus 7. The size is much better than my ASUS Transformer.

  • Emiliano Gomez

    i <3 Nexus

  • Torin

    My Nexus 7 is great, but I need some protection for it; it is super light and though it feels solid it has that fragile feeling of any light, small device.

  • Neil Anderson

    I really like the size. It fits perfectly in my hand and not too heavy.