Google Calendar Bug Could Lead to Awkward Situations (Updated)

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A new bug is popping up in Google Calendar – one which you will likely never find yourself or it could potentially lead to a few embarrassing moments, depending on what type of calendar events you are creating. Recently, when a Calendar user created an event through the desktop app which was to remind themselves to ask their boss for a pay raise, they placed their boss’ email address in the subject line. Without prompting the user, the Calendar app went ahead and placed the event on their boss’ calendar as well, which more than likely led to an awkward moment for the employer and employee. 

Kellen and I have recreated the bug through our accounts, confirming that it does exist. Although, it doesn’t appear that the bug affects Google Apps users; only standard Gmail and Google account users. In addition, it appears that when creating an event through your mobile device, it doesn’t show up. Only though the desktop app.

While this isn’t a game stopping bug or anything like that, Google has been attempting to make their apps smarter with these auto-filling and auto-inviting options. For now, users should be made aware of this issue and should just go ahead and write in the person’s name and not their email address in the subject line.

You haven’t experienced this yet, have you?

Update: The events we created are now appearing in our Google Apps accounts, so it appears the “bug” is widespread and not just for regular Google accounts.

Via: The Verge | Terence Eden



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