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Bitspin, the Team Behind Timely, Just Joined Google

Timely, an unassuming alarm app that managed to impress the world with its design, is now a part of Google. Well, the team behind it has. Bitspin, a group of programmers out of Zurich, announced via their website this morning that they are “joining” Google. They didn’t exactly say that Google acquired the company, nor has Google announced anything themselves, but we at least know that Timely will continue to work in the future. Does that mean a continuation of updates and features? Maybe. Maybe not. 

The move by Google shouldn’t exactly shock any of us. In the past two months, their Android design team featured Timely twice as apps they are very fond of because of its design and UI. And not that our coverage had anything to do with this, but we also featured it in our list of great productivity apps recently.

Here is the message from the Bitspin website:

We’re thrilled to announce that Bitspin is joining Google, where we’ll continue to do what we love: building great products that are delightful to use.

For new and existing users, Timely will continue to work as it always has. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded our app and provided feedback along the way; we truly appreciate all your support.

– The Bitspin Team

Some users are also reporting that the premium content through the app is now free. If you have yet to adopt Timely as your alarm app, now would be the time.

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Via:  Bitspin
Cheers Scott!
  • HarvesterX

    I was happy when it updated with all the premium stuff. Saved me from uninstalling it.

  • HarvesterX

    So these guys create an alarm app and are now working with Google? Timely isn’t exactly groundbreaking. The guys at BitSpin just know how to read through the programming guides Google has online for Android. This app doesn’t even require a “team” behind it…, one guy can write this in one or two days (assuming he’s not reinventing the wheel with every piece of code). Lol. If this is all one needs to do to land a job at Google…

  • Edward Smith

    They haven’t really added any features to Timely in several months other than compatibility bug fixes. One digital clock face, two over elaborate analog clock faces, no way to add any more and no options to adjust or modify the 3 meager options installed.
    I absolutely love every other feature of Timely but the clock face options have seemed more like a place holder for something, anything, better.

  • Steve B

    Mother F’er. I used the free version for months, then got some Play gift cards for Christmas and decided to finally buy the premium. Not 2 days later they pull this crap. Where’s my refund?

  • Razma

    I just bought the damn app a week ago. Son of a *****

  • PJ

    I really enjoy Timely and I hope the stock alarm app takes some cues from it 🙂 Bought the full version and I don’t care if it goes free, because I’m happy to have supported the developers behind it. Truly is beautiful.

  • NBM

    I bought Timely a couple weeks ago using survey credit… synced alarms/snoozes/dismisses are pretty amazing and handy on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

  • Requin

    Funny, I just bought it like two days ago:)

  • Jeffrey Novelly

    Really love this app. Great to hear these guys get recognized for a top notch product.

  • Dan

    This concerns me as Bitspin is also Team Tasks who made Tasks that i use constantly. Although making that into a google product as well may not be a bad thing.

    • jdhas

      I actually hope Google purchased these guys for their Tasks app, not for the Timely app. Google Tasks needs some serious lovin’ from Google, especially on mobile.

      • HarvesterX


    • Kevin

      I had no idea these guy were the same teams. I guess that explains the similarity in their apps, like having the ability to check mark the sync in Google account. These are the only two apps in the Play Store that can do that I know of. Other apps never take advantage of these unless it’s a whole different account like Facebook or Series guide.

  • Alan Paone

    This is sad. independent, innovative developers are what makes the ecosystem special. These guys were doing great stuff on their own and now they’re just going to be making first party apps.

    • HarvesterX

      Not really innovative if you’ve read through all of Google’s design recommendations etc in their Android documentation.

  • Well… There goes another app that’s going to be abandoned by Google that I paid money for. Unless they make it like Snapseed.

  • Michael

    I was just thinking the other day that “Google should buy them….”

  • huskerhog

    I have a problem with swiping up to dismiss the alarm. Sometimes it takes several attempts to turn it off.

    • Sqube

      You’re probably just not swiping it high enough. I thought the same thing myself at first, but that swipe is damn near to the top of the screen.

  • Quint

    Dang it. I downloaded it last week and paid for the premium stuff. I’m happy that I used Google Play credit instead of my own money.

  • The More You Know

    This app is so well designed I just downloaded it because of that. I don’t even use an alarm.

  • William Kister

    This can help Android be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and in functionality.

    • Hothfox

      Perhaps – more and more Android apps are shifting towards a “card UI” now. Timely doesn’t really look like the “new” Android, it fits in more with the older Holo UI.

  • I love when I purchase an app and then google purchases the company and makes the app free. Then in a couple months all the features that I paid for that are now free will not work because google will close the app. Amazing….

    • Adrynalyne

      Par for the course. Siri isn’t downloadable anymore now that Apple owns it.

      Companies do this stuff all the time. Acquire and integrate. Google has little interest in an app by itself to be standalone.

      That said, they may just be building something for Google, not selling Timely to them.

  • Jeff Broders

    The best part of Timely is sitting at work and having every device at home with alarms going off! The kids hate it! 🙂

    • Justin W

      Until you shut that alarm off and then all the others turn off as well 🙂

      • Jeff Broders

        Nah. I let them figure it out. The math problem to dismiss is usually pretty good. They need harder problems though.

        • Justin W

          There’s another alarm on the play store that uses a similar method, but doesn’t give multiple choice answers (like Timely does). I’m not sure of the name, but it would definitely prevent me from going back to sleep lol.

          • diversification

            I need an updated app that works the way Math Alarm used to (because Math Alarm halted development years ago). You couldn’t turn down the volume, I don’t think you could minimize it, if you tried to stop it by pulling the battery the alarm would start immediately when the phone restarted, you could choose varying levels of difficulty for the math problems, you could select how many problems needed to be solved before being allowed to snooze/dismiss, and it allowed you to increase the number of problems after each snooze.

  • Maxim∑

    Hopefully it doesn’t get shutdown in a couple of months…

    • Justin W

      It shouldn’t – it doesn’t require any active infrastructure, really, so there’s little to no cost to maintain it.

  • dazz1996

    Great looking app love the
    look and feel, the only problem for me was I paid for the app in the playstore.
    Then I opened it and no sync to other devices, it said I had to go pro. I was
    thinking as I do with every other app in the playstore when you pay for a app
    you are getting the pro version, correct me if I’m wrong. After sharing all
    over social media sites and being called a spammer for just trying to get up
    the points so I could upgrade, the price dropped to $.99 for the pro upgrade.I
    was so glad it went on sale I clicked the buy button without any hesitation. Now
    the app is free WTF lol feels like someone just throw a egg in my face and ran
    off with my google play credit I got for getting me a new Moto X.

    • Justin W

      It’s worth it, IMO. The app is gorgeous, and it functions amazingly. The only issue I have with it currently is it seems to open really slow with ART, but I expect that will be fixed in the near future, especially if the developers are joining Google. Also, I paid full price for the IAP, and have no regrets.

    • nhizzat

      At first, I was irked that I had just paid for the IAP last month too. I quickly realized that our support of the developer and app led to this buy-out. This benefits all Android users.

  • Ben Murphy

    Google all the things!

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      ☤☤☤☤ ☤☤☤☤୔☤ ☤☤☤☤ ☤☤☤☤☤Nah. I let them figure it out. The math problem to dismiss is usually pretty good. They need harder problems though.

  • Droidarmy


  • ken147

    Hope some Timely features get added to the default clock.

    • Ben Murphy

      Hopefully it becomes the default clock. =)

      • Justin W

        That would be fantastic, but I don’t think it will happen. That would require it becoming Open Source, or Google would end up splitting off AOSP from Nexus/OEM versions of Android even further.

        • Kevin

          What’s wrong with it becoming Open Source though?

          • Justin W

            Nothing, I just don’t think it will happen.

    • Droid Ronin

      Timely is what the default Android clock app should have been.