Five Great Productivity Android Apps to Help You Follow Through on Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Today is the last day of 2013, with 2014 and its newest technologies just on the horizon, and many people today will resolve to improving themselves in their commitments for the new year. Of course, actually following through with these oft-challenging chores is the difficult part, and that is where these five productivity apps can help you stay true to your word and make yourself a better person. Or at least live up to your resolutions for more than 24 hours. 

1. AirDroid

Do you find yourself grabbing your phone numerous times a day on impulse alone? If that describes you well, AirDroid may be worth a look. AirDroid is centered around controlling your Android device from a web browser, allowing users to do things such as transfer files, send and receive SMS, and lock/wipe stolen devices. Proven handy in a multitude of situations, AirDroid is a steal for no money at all, although there is a premium purchase to enable more features.

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2. Pushbullet

Catering to a similar audience as AirDroid, Pushbullet is a great app allowing users to “push” links, notes, small files, and more between Android devices or through Chrome and Firefox extensions. Pushbullet is particularly handy for people who own multiple Android devices and like to do things like send APK files between them. As icing on top, Pushbullet also allows users to have their Android notifications show up on the browser extension, further reducing the need to look down at your device when you get a notification. At the low asking price of free, this app is an absolute no-brainer.

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Probably the most fitting app on the list for getting things done is, a beautiful cross platform to-do list to keep you on top of things. Featuring a minimalistic interface, the app allows users to add and manage tasks by sorting them into categories and time. With its unique “ Moment” feature compelling users to put time and thought into planning their day, cross platform compatibility, and its $0 price tag, will help you stay on task.

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4. Simplenote

If I had to use one word to describe Simplenote, it would be simple. There are many other apps attempting to tackle notetaking, some with a wealth of features Simplenote is lacking, but I choose this app instead. It’s kind of like “stock Android vs. TouchWiz.” Despite TouchWiz’s endless list of extras, many prefer stock anyway. For anyone looking for an easy way to jot and keep track of your notes, and isn’t into Google’s Keep or Evernote, this is your cross-platform solution.

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5. Timely Alarm Clock

You can’t stay on top of your goals when you sleep through them, right? Timely will ease you into waking up in the morning and tackling a full day in an extremely elegant way. So elegant, in fact, that even Google thinks it’s gorgeous. A lot of us here at DL have been using Timely as our go-to alarm clock and have fallen in love with the app’s features, including cloud syncing of alarms between devices. With that said however, Timely is not for everyone, so go check out the free version and try it out for a while before you pony up the cash for the pro version.

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How would your top five play out? Any resolutions for 2014 you care to share?



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