Video: Android Design Team Talks Favorite Apps by Design, Including New Newstand and Timely

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We are suckers for a well designed Android app, so from time to time we watch the Android team’s “Android Design in Action” show to see what kinds of tips they can offer to developers, to stay up-to-date on new design guidelines, and also to see what apps they find to be well-designed. In the latest episode that aired yesterday, a number of members from the design team took a turn at walking through some of their favorite apps. You’ll see one of our favorites, Timely (16:15), along with the new Play Newstand (6:15) app, Foursquare, Etsy (20:20) and others.  It’s a semi-lengthy video, but we gave you some time slots to hit if any of those apps we just mentioned are of interest. If anything, watch the Newstand section to see Google’s take on the most current design trends and how they really focused on little details, but then finish it up with Timely to see how they feel about beautifully designed apps of the moment that use Android guidelines in their own way. This isn’t necessarily a rare opportunity to get into the mind of an Android engineer, but it does give you a bit of an idea as to how they think great apps should look and feel when using them. Oh, and if you know an app developer, feel free to pass this along to them. It’s never too late to start making gorgeous apps.




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