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Google Play All Access Subscribers Begin Receiving Google Glass Invites

google glass

It wasn’t that long ago Google added support for Play Music within Glass, and, what with the release of the studio earbud accessory, it seemed only appropriate that Google celebrate in a manner befitting of music aficionados everywhere.

Today, Google Play Music All Access subscribers began receiving e-mail invitations to join the Google Glass Explorers program. The asking price of $1,500 hasn’t changed, unfortunately, but at least those who can afford Google’s heads-up computer finally have an opportunity to purchase it.

The expansion of the Explorers program can only mean one thing: Google’s ramping up production of Glass. They may not be a sign of imminent release, but especially big, recent Glass developments – including a massive software update and support for prescription glasses – signal exciting things to come.

Via: Engadget
  • Friendship

    [wanted]glass invite code…plz mail me….icemm4@gmail.com

  • Friendship

    [wanted]glass invite code…icemm4@gmail.com

  • Shane Newbanks

    Would love an invite!!!!! Shane.Newbanks@gmail.com

  • Javikid

    Pls any invites? Javikid@yahoo.com

  • Glasswannabe

    Could someone please share a spare invite if you are not using it? email me : kkmr32atgmail.com Thanks & Happy New Year

  • James Philippon

    I have a spare invite if someone wants it.

  • Jared Denman

    I am an all access subscriber and I have not gotten an invite yet. I’m even willing to shell out the cash for it. :(

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      It came in the Free DJ Thing, I can forward it to you if you’d like… Subject: Free New Year’s DJ Mix + Exclusive Google Glass Offer

      • Jared Denman

        I never even got that email. Send it to me if you would. jdenman03@gmail.com and thanks!

        • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

          Sent :)

      • William Hartnett

        Hey there,
        Would you mind forwarding that email to williamedwardhartnett@gmail.com? I haven’t received one yet and I’d love to buy these! Thanks

    • Lonetree

      I didn’t get an email at all either. Strange, are they still going out?

      • Lonetree

        Ah, I have promotional emails disabled in the Play Store settings. That’s the seems to be the consensus for not receiving an invite.

    • Ray

      My was on my promotions folder of my gmail. Not sure if you checked on there.

  • Stephen Fronda

    I won’t be owning one until they make a left-eye model… So probably never. Some of us (more than people realize) don’t have stereoscopic vision or issues with our right eyes….

    • Patrick Jewell

      I am a Glass Explorer and I have received this complaint with one of my left eye dominant friends. I think it takes a while to getting use to also. Couple with the fact that it is harder to see out of your right, makes a difficult time adjusting.

    • Omar Amer

      Im sure they will have a let eye version once their hardware design is finalized. right now they just need one for testing and development purposes.

  • anna willoughby

    Yaaaaay. Make more and get them all on my face.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I received invites about 3 times before and I still don’t know if its worth shelling out $1500 for. And now i suddenly get another?

    For any glass users here? Is it really that good? I might consider buying it this time for New Year’s but I want to know your experiences with it first?

    • maratu

      No, it’s not.

      It will be. At a much smaller pricepoint, better hardware, and much (MUCH) more software support. But right now, it’s not worth it. Sent mine back yesterday.

      • Riz Virani

        It is mainly targetting those who want to test it (and havethe money), and developers.. at a “beta” price.

    • Inquizitor

      I really love it, a lot, but I wouldn’t recommend unless you have the money to spare or you’re a developer (I’m the latter).

  • coolsilver

    I’d love to but as others I don’t have a spare $1500. Do they take Dogecoin?

  • palomosan

    I got an invite before but at $1500.00 is out of my range, come back to me when it’s around $300 to $400.

    • had.mar

      Care to pass along the invite? Could I use it if you can’t?

    • michael arazan

      The reason I belong to all access is because it’s 7.99 a month and cheaper than the rest of the subscription services, thought google would of realized that. If I had another spare $1500 I’d be going back to hawaii again for two weeks. It helps not paying for a hotel when you have friends who live there. Wish I had friends at Google to get these things for cost.