First Real Look at Google Glass With Prescription Spectacles, Looks Much More Natural

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Last night over on Google+, a Googler posted up the first real look of Google Glass working alongside prescription lenses and frames. It has since been removed from the Googler’s page, but luckily we were able to snag these screenshots beforehand. As we can see, the overall design is much cleaner, and thankfully the large metal band going across your forehead has been removed, which should make a few people less self conscious of how they look while wearing the hardware. 

From the picture below, it appears that the Glass hardware wraps around the frame, and basically integrates itself. From the couple of pictures we have seen, we are liking the design so far.

What do you think? Do these look more “socially acceptable” to you? And if you have been accepted into the Explorers program recently and don’t know about dropping $1500 for a pair of developer units, be sure to read this post.

Google Glass

Via: +Brian Matiash



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