Case4Glass Looks Like a Great Google Glass Case, Assuming Its Kickstarter Goal can be Met

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Should you already own Google Glass, like the rest of us, I’d be that you have probably complained out loud a time or two about its storability and portability when not on head. The headset itself doesn’t break down, collapse, or do any other typical glass movement to make it easy to store, so owners of the $1,500 contraption are left either using the oversized and inconvenient soft-hard case that comes with Glass, or risking setting them down on a table. To remedy the situation or at least provide another option, a Glass owner/engineer has taken to Kickstarter (of course they have) to create the Case4Glass

Case4Glass is a molded clamshell-style case that fits precisely around the most important pieces of Glass; that would be the prism side which houses the battery, camera, and all other internals. Should you damage that side of Glass, you’d simply be out $1,500. It flips open and close to give you access to Glass, acts as a gripped handle when transporting Glass that isn’t on your head, and should provide plenty of protection, something the current Glass case hardly is capable of.

Obviously, this will appeal to very few people at this point, unless the new Google Music invite system works out. In other words, the Kickstarter goal of $22,050 might be hard to hit unless just about every Glass Explorer on the planet signs up. Thankfully, we are only looking at a starting price of $33 to back this project. If you own Glass and can afford the $1,500 price tag, I’d imagine you’d be willing to spend $33 to protect it, right?



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