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Verizon’s Full Retail Phone Prices Seem to be Dropping: One Max and G2 for $499, ULTRA at $449

It could be that today is Black Friday, but full retail pricing on some of Verizon’s top devices seems to be dropping to pretty reasonable numbers. We’re talking the brand new HTC One Max at $499, a phone that launched 8 days ago for $299 on-contract and $599 off. 

But if the massive new flagship from HTC is of interest (we wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t), the DROID ULTRA can be had at $449, DROID Mini at $399, LG G2 at $499, Galaxy S4 Mini at $399, and Galaxy S4 at $499. These aren’t as rock-bottom as the Cyber Monday deal coming up for the Moto X, but they are some of the lowest you’ll find anywhere. You certainly won’t find off-contract prices like this at retailers like Best Buy or Amazon.

As a reminder, the best way to order phones at full retail through Verizon is by using their Iconic Portal. Instead of dealing with the hassles of their normal online sales process that continues to try to push you into terrible contract-heavy deals with unnecessary accessory bundles, the Iconic Portal is a no-fuss outlet for buying phones. We told you about this months ago, but figured you could use a reminder.

Verizon Iconic Portal

Cheers Eric!
  • buckley101

    I went to Verizon yesterday and was going to buy the white g2. He said the white is online only and on Monday it’ll be free on contract

  • Alexander Garcia

    The Droid Maxx has been that price for the past 3 weeks now. Just an FYI. 😉

  • steveliv

    I was at Verizon earlier. Moto X full retail price was $499.

  • sickwit

    when the hell is the white lg g2 coming to verizon? anyone knows?

    • Chippah

      Verizon White LG G2 – DROPS MONDAY! – Free on Contract.
      Im crossin’ fingers for $399 retail.

      7 diff csrs on chat and live human csrs in the store confirmed this.
      I also said “you DO have them in stock dont you” and I got a smile and “come back on monday”

      • Sickwit

        Thanks chippah.. U the man!!

  • Roy Gudiño

    Aww 🙁 I just bought one on wednesday for $600!

    • DJ SPY

      Call and them. They’ll give you a $100 credit. If it’s within the 14 days they’ll do it.

      • Roy Gudiño

        really? So I just call and do that? I thought I would have to return it or something else that’s time consuming.

        • DJ SPY

          Yeah, just call them. Tell them you bought the phone on Wednesday and today the Price dropped. There’s the chance that you’ll get an uncooperative rep. Hang up with him/her and call back.

      • Roy Gudiño

        thanks for the info 🙂

        • DJ SPY

          No problem 🙂

  • Victor Epée

    I got the G2 few weeks ago at $450 and now it costs $499. How is this a good deal???

  • WCM3

    Here’s hoping the white LG G2 drops on Verizon monday for either $499 or $449. Getting that for sure..

    • Doug

      so…if the g2 goes to $449….do you go Moto X dev @ $399 or G2 at $449?

      • WCM3

        G2 all the way. Used a G2 on T-Mobile for the past 3 weeks and loved it. Currently have been using a moto x on Verizon the last couple days. Realized the great pictures and amazing battery life makes the G2 the one to own. Don’t get me wrong, I love the nearly OEM android on the moto x. Just wish the camera quality and battery life was better.

        • Doug

          i was leaning toward the G2 IF it gets to that price. At $499 I don’t know if would want to go the extra $100..

          • WCM3

            Yeah I hear you. I’m sure you would be happy with either. Both are great phones..

      • Definitely the G2. I have the G2 currently and thought about getting a Moto X instead, until I played with one in the store. The Moto X looks like a phone from over a year ago, with it’s yellow-ish small screen, huge bezels, poor camera, etc. The G2 is a futuristic device with the best specs you can get, large 5.2″ LCD (which has white whites), all in a package the same size as the S4 due to it’s almost non-existant bezels.

  • ahhh yes

    i hope this because repetitive. Its seems like the only phone deals are on contract. i hope we see full prices go on sale more often.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Now I want the Dev edition Moto X

  • Ray Gray

    Might want to Mention that the note 3 is on sale also at $599

  • DJ SPY

    The G2 was $450 a week ago

  • ddevito

    Kellex….Moto X vs Nexus 5 post please!!!

    • trixnkix637

      check out the MKBHD video on youtube. He covers this in great detail.

      • ddevito

        I did…still want a DL comparison

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I’d rather see a Moto X vs LG G2. I just played with both in the VZ store and although I’ll likely buy one Monday, Both left with me with wants.

    • michael arazan

      Basically the nexus has a better camera, the Moto X has the touchless controls and better battery, that’s pretty much it. Most sites are calling the Moto X the best Phone to Buy right now.

    • Nexus 5 all the way, much better specs

      • ddevito

        in terms of specs that both phones have…absolutely, Nexus 5 wins. But this is where this is a different comparison.

        The Moto X has “specs” the Nexus 5 can’t compare to. Active Notifications, Touchless Controls, Moto Assist, Trusted Devices, etc – are “specs” that beat the Nexus 5’s, because the Nexus 5 doesn’t have them. An unfair fight for the Nexus 5, but a fight the Moto X wins by KO in the first round, the N5 can’t throw a punch in this arena. This is what makes this decision so difficult for so many people.

        The X is the new NeXus phone from Google, it’s becoming so obvious now. The Nexus is a nice but very boring phone now – other phones (LG G2, Note 3) beat it in specs and performance, and others (Moto X, Moto G) beat it in the lower end of the market with new innovative features. The Nexus 5 is now caught in the middle and isn’t turning heads. Sure, when it launched for $350 everyone was excited, but now that it has company in that price range (Moto X) the Nexus 5 doesn’t stand alone

        • HarvesterX

          1: Trusted Devices = Phone Administrators (unless you meant something else, and any phone running Android should have this ability)

          2. The Snapdragon800 has those “specs” the X8 does on the Moto X…they just aren’t currently being utilized. I first read about this online but went in and did my research and found the actual interrupts in the hardware that can be manipulated, so there is hope to see these other functions on rooted snapdragon800 devices or on newer phones unrooted (since root is needed to install “listeners” at these interrupts. The Moto X is an over hyped device and all the trying in the world won’t change my mind. For example, the G2 which was mentioned alongside the N5 is your best choice if on Verizon and wanting a Nexus 5. The bootloader can be bypassed which to the end user (us) is the same as unlocking it (although its not technically but to us the process is the same as if it was unlocked).

          You can run the Automaton app off XDA or play store and control and fine tune all your sensors to do things like turn your phone on when its taken out of a pocket, for example.

          The X doesn’t hold up. You can say “this phone has the perfect form factor in my hand” or “wow this is a beautiful true HD device in a small form factor that’s also comfortable”.. But you won’t say the latter with the X.

          Motomaker is nice but doesn’t compensent for the fact that the X is over hyped and has been here on DL like crazy because of people spewing the same buzzwords over and over without knowing anything beyond development besides calling themselves one for being able to flash a ROM. I’m sorry hut its true., if you don’t like this (and I know many X owners are getting their pink Moto X’s in a bunch), then move on and don’t respond. If looking to buy a phone though, get a Nexus 5 or G2 for the time.Thanks…

          Your friendly Harvester

          • ddevito

            Yes….you can tinker with your Nexus all you want, and that’s great – it’s what having a Nexus is all about. You can spend hours setting all that up.

            Or you can just buy a Moto X and have it all working out of the box – without sacrificing battery life. I tinkered with my Nexus to try to duplicate all those features – and you know what? It didn’t work all that well.

            The N5 is a great device, and I’m happy it works well for you. But it just doesn’t stand out anymore, the Nexus brand is watered down and doesn’t stand on its own – Android gives us so many choices, that’s a win for everyone.

  • rob

    Yea I picked up my g2 over two weeks ago for 449.99

  • Camilo Martinez

    Speaking of the Cyber Monday Moto X deal: How does the Moto X stack up in terms of battery life, camera quality and overall performance compared with the Note 2? I’m enticed by the deal, but I’m not sure if it would be a worthwhile investment in terms of practical, day to day usage.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What you should be looking at is the completely different experiences on both devices.

      • Camilo Martinez

        I’m quite taken with the Moto X’ unique features and experience, not to mention all that Motorola had been doing as of late, but I’d also like the assurance that it will perform similar to if not better than the device I’d be leaving in those specific areas.

  • Maxim∑

    I wish this would reflect on amazon…

  • Jeremy Gross


    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      At least spell it right

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Can’t wait until CES we need some fresh phones in the line up lol. New rumors. Rumor well is dry

  • chris125

    Those are the full price they should have been from the start.

    • Guest

      The G2 is worth 649$ but Im not complaining 🙂

      • chris125

        No phone is really worth $649. Just look at what it costs to make and see how much mark up they have. I’m not saying should be nexus like pricing but $499 is plenty

        • StuckOnVerizonForever


        • zurginator

          The cost of parts is one of the cheapest parts of making a phone though….

    • JP

      Droid Maxx has been $499 for a while now.

      • ETPhoneHomeT

        Still no Droid Maxx on the Iconic Portal though…wonder why that is?

    • dorriegwo807

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  • wolfedude88

    The LG G2 was 449 on Verizon 2 weeks ago. Not that good of a deal now.

    • hkklife

      Agreed. I would love to see high-end phones comparable to the G2 “settle” at around $400. But as long as legacy CDMA radios and IP from Qualcomm are around I doubt we’ll see real price competition until we get away from carrier-locked handsets and into VoLTE.

      • laheelahee

        been waiting for VoLTE for ever… but im afraid they’ll ax my unlimited data -_-

      • laheelahee

        i’ve been waiting for ever for VoLTE.. but i’m afraid they’ll ax my unlimited data -_-

      • laheelahee

        i’ve been waiting for ever for VoLTE.. but i’m afraid they’ll ax my unlimited data -_-

        • chris125

          They’ve already axed unlimited data lol

          • laheelahee

            lol. i meant grandfathered… but touche

      • zurginator

        Well LG Mobile lost money last quarter despite moving millions of devices at the higher price – somehow I doubt seeking them for less is going to become a thing.