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How to: Get Google Wallet Tap & Pay Working on the Moto X With Kit Kat

google wallet moto x

We just got done installing Android 4.4 Kit Kat on our Verizon Moto X and realized after setting up Google Wallet that it wasn’t showing up in our Tap & pay section. We also weren’t seeing the option to be able to “tap and pay” in Google Wallet like we were sort of expecting once running 4.4. We mentioned in our quick overview that Google may need to push out an update to Google Wallet to get it to work with Kit Kat devices outside of the Nexus 5, since the N5 is running a newer version of Wallet than is currently available on Google Play. 

As you all know, Android 4.4 introduced Host Card Emulation (HCE) that allows Android and developers to build in NFC tap-to-pay services without needing a provisioned secure element. If you have followed along in the blocking of Google Wallet by carriers, you’ll be very familiar with secure elements. I don’t want to call this move a big “F U” to carriers, but it certainly feels like it is in a way. Basically, once your phone is updated to Kit Kat, you’ll be able to use Google Wallet like you should have been able to from the beginning. You can find more info on HCE and Kit Kat here.

So how can you get tap and pay up and working on your Verizon Moto X since it was just updated to Kit Kat this morning? By installing the Google Wallet .apk from the Nexus 5, of course. We’ve got links for you below.

All you need to do is install it right over the top of your current Google Wallet app. If you don’t have Google Wallet installed already, simply install this .apk. Once installed, follow the instructions to setup Tap & pay. You should also see Google Wallet listed in your Tap & pay menu through Settings (pictured above).


Download Link [mirror]

Cheers to all who sent this in!

  • alan

    Google wallet had an update, now my moto x on Verizon has tap to pay. Life is good.

  • SuperSam64

    Finally, tap and pay *officially* supported (well, at least not blocked) on Verizon. It’s over. Google Wallet won.

    To those with a Galaxy S4 on Verizon looking for a good KitKat ROM, check out Gummy. I’ve been using it for around a week and it is very solid. Can’t get Beep ‘n’ Go to work and there are a few other minor issues but nothing too important. And I can verify the side-loaded Wallet app works as it should.

  • Jeff Uberstine

    They just pushed an update and it works natively

  • John M

    I have the exact same version of Google Wallet on my Galaxy Nexus (courtesy of the APK) and on my Moto X and they are both verizon. So why am I able to tap and pay on my Galaxy Nexus but not my Moto X? My Nexus is unlocked and rooted, but I couldn’t find any information on the Googles that said that had anything to do with anything. Would tap and pay work on the Moto X developer version if it was unlocked? Or is all that’s needed, is root? Or does it have nothing to do with either of those things?

  • viggysee

    has anybody tried paying with this? I tried twice and while google wallet launched, the payment did not go through…

  • Christopher Ford

    I want to BUY THINGS now. Things I like.

  • Suman Gandham

    Does this work on all other devices? Or only 4.4 devices? Or only the Moto X on 4.4?

    • 6stringslinger

      I got it set up on my VZW GNex running Shiny rom 4.4 build KRT16M. Just set it up so haven’t tried to pay for anything with it, but it says tap and pay is ready to go!

      • But tap and pay worked before…right. Mine did

        • 6stringslinger

          It worked before running stock, but it did NOT work running shiny until DL pointed me to the apk for Wallet from the Nexus 5. Yay DL!

    • Suman Gandham

      I just installed the Nexus 5 version (2.0-R137-v13) over the top of the latest version that was on my Fido RAZR HD (2.0-R133-v14).

      No joy 🙁 still says “Tap and Pay Not Available” in the About screen…

      Guessing this is for Nexus devices only?

  • Matt L

    This is cool and all… ‘cept what stores take Google Wallet Tap to Pay? I think I saw it once in a Circle K?

    • 6stringslinger

      McDonalds, McDonalds,…….. oh, and did I mention….McDonalds?

      • Yes, almost all fast food places (even in the drive thru at some). 7Eleven. A lot of stores. If they let you swype the card yourself theres a good chance of a NFC reader. Look for the tap-to-pay icon.

        • 6stringslinger


  • Nikos Koufos

    I wish I was old enough to use this, it be so useful

  • gettingspeedy

    Force closes when you try to add a new card by taking a picture

    • Travis Walls

      Ditto. My guess is it goes to launch the Nexus 5 camera app and, failing that, gives up.

  • Cody

    For some reason it won’t work for me. “Tap and pay will not work” is the only message I get. I’ve tried clearing ap data, uninstalling and reinstalling.

  • enigmaco

    Been trying to install having problems with the stupid install button again I don’t get it never had issues with install before. Now since 4.2.2 I’ll try to install something I downloaded I hit install and it does not work, yet the cancel button works with no problems.

  • roth

    my VZW MotoX does not have the “Tap & Pay” option. Is this normal?

    • Stephen Rajek

      You have to download the Wallet app first, and it will appear under Settings.

    • Stevedub40

      You also need to enable NFC under “Wireless & Networks > Advanced”

  • theswillmerchant

    BTW the google experience launcher sideloads fine on the moto x with kit kat.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Not sure why nobody is talking about this..
      Not sure why Kellen didn’t mention it when he proclaimed it wasn’t featured in this update.

  • Travis Walls

    I’m sure most people will find this stupid to ask, but I’m gonna do it anyways. Has anyone had experience with running both Google Wallet and Isis? I’m curious to see if they conflict (like you hold up Isis to pay, and Google Wallet launches, etc.) Kinda want to have my cake and eat it too, I guess.

  • Jason Geiger

    Tomorrow’s headline: Verizon freezes 4.4 update for “bugfixes” 😛

  • Tim242

    Google is partly to blame for the Wallet fiasco. The secure element was a horrible idea. So many people bricked them, just by not resetting wallet. They should have implemented this from the beginning.

    • loopyduck

      Well… maybe, maybe not. The SE is now emulated in “The Cloud”. As a result, the new method needs a constant data connection. No connection, no transaction. Why have a secure element at all? There’s no way banks and payment processors would agree to work with Google if it couldn’t guarantee the security of transactions.

  • Brian Menius

    I’m not even a VZ customer anymore, but it warms the cockles of my heart to see this giant middle finger being erected on their front lawn, courtesy of the Android community.

    • LiterofCola

      I doubt that Verizon doesn’t want their phones to get quick updates.

      • Brian Menius

        … what?

        My comment has nothing to do with the X getting updated on Verizon first and everything to do with the community quickly putting Wallet Tap-to-Pay on the phone.

        If I were commenting about the X update, I’d have posted in the X thread.

        Gotta say, though… I feel honored that Lowell McAdam stopped by to down vote my post.

    • endy

      Love it. Wish I could stand like a statue on their lawn too and raise a double middle finger to big Red. (wonder if you can now buy phones at the VZ store and pay with google wallet?)

  • T S

    Has anybody used Tap and Pay with a case on your phone . .and if so. .what kind of case was it? (never used it before)

    • Brian Menius

      I have. It works with the Spigen Neo-Hybrid and Ultra-Hybrid cases, as well as probably any other rubber or TPU-type case. It should also work through leather.

      Presumably the only issue would be with metal cases and interference with the NFC antenna.

    • I used it on a Galaxy nexus with a rubber Ncipio case, it should work as long as the case is not metallic (it may work with a metallic case too, but metal is more likely to interfere with the NFC chip)

    • worked great on GNexus with a Cruzerlite TPU case

    • KanishkSingh

      Use Spigen neo hybrid case on Nexus 5. I have used nexus 4 with pretty thick cases never had a problem.

  • Booyah

    Is the “business search” in the dialer working for anyone? At the moment, it just searches my contacts…

    • grandautotheft5

      looks like that feature didnt make it to moto X

      • Steve B

        Can you guys enable it in the dialer settings?

        • Booyah

          Not that I’m seeing.

          • Steve B

            Mother-f’er, that sucks. Too bad it can’t simply be sideloaded like Wallet 🙂

          • collin ferreira

            Yes this was actually the thing i was most pumped about, pissed that its not working. Not sure why it wouldnt be included.

  • Guest

    When will this come to Viva Movil??

  • ForrestTracey

    Mine should be here by Friday! I jumped on a 32gig on the last day of the Moto Maker sale. Was a hard choice to leave Verizon for the N5 or stay and get the Moto X. I think I’ll be happy this way. T-Mobile service isn’t all that great here in NM

  • Now they just need the wood backs on motomaker and this is the smartphone I always wanted!

    • MikeCiggy

      You’ve always wanted a wood back? Didn’t even cross my mind until Moto unveiled them. haha

      • They have had fake wood stickers for phones, tablets, and laptops for years, always wondered if someone would use the real thing on a smartphone

      • calculatorwatch

        I was pretty indifferent to the idea when Moto first showed them off. But I find myself waiting for a wood backed Moto X, partly because my Gnex is holding out better than expected thanks to a new extended battery from Sprint. But mainly I guess I’ve just really warmed up to the idea of having what will be the absolute most unique phone available.

        • Gr8Ray

          I wouldn’t be surprised if you could pick them up aftermarket eventually. You can already get the colored ones via ebay and other 3rd party sellers.

    • endy

      omg. I have been so wanting a wood phone since like 2005. I check each day but still they delay. what’s up with moto?

  • lensgrabber

    Did this with the GSM Tmob leak going around and a Nexus 10 wallet APK last weekend. Works great.

  • Seth Merritt

    I wonder if this is the reason it doesn’t work on my 2013 N7 as well?

    • Steve B

      It is. If you install the N5 version, tap and pay shows up where it’s supposed to. It did for me on a completely stock N7.

      • Seth Merritt

        Cool, thanks.

      • anyone tried it with N5 Wallet on the 2012 Nexus 7? i don’t see tap and pay option in the settings even though NFC is enabled….anyone?

        • drrrrrrooooooooiiiiiiiiiiid

          I have CM11 on my note 2 and am not seeing it either…

          • Scott Breitbach

            Same here. Not a supported device perhaps? :/

        • Michael Martin

          I just installed it on my nexus 7 2013 and its there now. The 2012 version doesnt have tap and pay but wallet still works

  • BobbyG

    Went with the G2 over the Moto X….kind of sad now

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Be Sad…Be Very Sad

      • BobbyG

        heh, loving the G2 and the $200 off contract was even better.

        I do miss Google Wallet though

    • EdubE24

      Loving my G2, no hurts feelings, just happy for the Moto X owners!

    • duke69111

      Don’t be.

    • Brian Wolfman

      Dont be sad. We’ll have 4.4 at some point, for now enjoy that kick as screen and massive battery and just an overall awesome phone!

    • Richard

      Just do what I did to G2. Root it and install CM 10.2

  • QtDL

    Someone mentioned in the other post that all you need to do is change the NFC setting to ‘enable NFC’ and it should work.

    • Mathayus_Beck

      I tried that no go……

    • John Sanatar

      That just gets the tap to pay menu to show up in settings, the actual software that you can select for tap and pay at that point is blank. This sidloaded APK works perfectly.

  • Hopefully this is just temporary. It should be fully supported from the Play Store version as well.

    • Pretty sure they just need to submit the update to Google Play and then it’ll be fine. This is just a way to get it early, for the impatient.

      • Justin W

        I think anyone is impatient. I am surprised they haven’t already began rolling out the update though – are they waiting for more devices to get KitKat before doing so? What benefit would that have?

  • Shane Redman

    c’moooooooooooooon Droid Maxx

    • Fawzi94

      Give it 2 weeks, tops. Probably more like 1.

  • KleenDroid