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Swype Update Introduces New Keyboard Layouts and Adjustments, New Theme, and More

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Swype, one of the pioneers in the gesture typing arena for Android, introduced their latest update this morning along with a handful of new features. Users of Swype can now decide how big, small, wide or tall they would like their keyboard to be (split layouts included for landscape or tablets), change to the new Blackbird theme, type in two languages thanks to bilingual support, or use continuous dictation to see words and phrases appear on their screen as they speak.

It’s a major update for one the oldies-but-goodies in the keyboard game. If you are still using Swype, be sure to give it a shot. 

What’s new:

-New Swype features:

  • Bilingual
  • Split and Mini keyboards for phablets
  • Punctuation prediction
  • New theme (“Blackbird”)
  • Combined secondary and tertiary menus
  • Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu
  • Accessibility support
  • Search gesture
  • Bug fixes reported by users

-You can adjust:

  • Long-press delay
  • Vibration duration
  • Keyboard height
  • Keyboard layouts
  • Word list font size

-New Dragon Dictation features

  • Phrase-based, real-time results
  • Dictation language independent of keyboard language

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  • TeeJay1100

    With KitKat 4.4 on my Nexus 4 and Google incorporated emoji’s in stock keyboard, I see no longer a need for swiftkey for me.

  • Michael Quinlan

    Yet another theme, but still no decent contrast for secondary characters on the keyboard. That and the forced use of Dragon instead of Google’s speech-to-text are my only real complaints.

  • Still lags a few seconds to pop up..

  • DJyoSNOW

    Upon re installing I now remember why Swype is annoying. The Dragon voice button is seemingly in the way. Right by the period a common used symbol.

  • 655321

    It’d be cool if the Swype word prediction pane didn’t cover up the friend tagging popup in Facebook for Android.

  • d-rock

    I need a row for numbers in portrait (hell landscape too), and I need swype to give option of switching to Android voice recognition. Give me the row with numbers like the Sammy and LG keyboard have, and I’m happy with Swiftkey!

  • kilbasar

    Oddly enough, SwiftKey also released a major update today that also introduces split (and other) layouts.


  • Kyle

    Well downloaded through the Amazon app store and the app doesn’t work. Locks up as soon as I try to type anything. Anyone else seeing similar results? Reboot and reinstall doesn’t help at all.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Still a terribly ugly and clunky keyboard.

  • tu

    I hate the dragon voice to text. i wish you could use the google one.

    • brkshr

      This is pretty much my only gripe with Swype. It will never change either. Nuance, the maker of Dragon Speak, owns Swype now.

  • Droid Ronin

    Used Swype for two years consistently, but once the gesture-based Google Keyboard was released, I switched and never looked back.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Did Swift Key getting “swipe” style feature essentially kill swype?

    • brkshr

      No. SwiftKey is still not as accurate as Swype when it comes to swiping. From what I’ve seen, people that love to swipe, use Swype. People that occasionally peck as well, use SwiftKey.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I can see that. I’m that person. I do both and swype isn’t exactly great at just typing on.

        • brkshr


    • jose

      Not even close. Swype is still king.

  • komaboy

    Can you move text cursor by volume keys with this version?

    • brkshr


    • Bigwavedave25

      If you are running 4.3 or below, Xposed Framework has a few modules that will enable volume rocker cursor movement. I was using Gravity Box module for this feature until I updated my GNex to 4.4

      • komaboy

        Thanks for the tip, but it is not compatible with Touchwiz, as I read.

        • Bigwavedave25

          Aw boo, that’s top bad. Hopefully someone will crack the TW code for that feature.

          • komaboy

            Note for posterity: XblastTools xposed module supports TW for moving text cursors by vol keys, yay! cheers

  • splat10

    how will the prepackaged phones (maxxHD for me) update? Can i force it or do i have to wait for ota from moto/VZW?

    • brkshr

      You can download it from the Play Store and turn off the pre-packaged version.

  • pball_inuyasha

    I’m really liking this update. I changed the portrait height to 80% though I wish I could change the suggested word size smaller since it was at the smallest size already. I also am liking the option to have the keyboard on one side in landscape mode. I find it cumbersome to swype in portrait unless I hold the phone with one hand and use the other.

    So great changes in my opinion, so glad I picked this up for a buck when it was on sale after it went out of beta. My best purchase yet, since on the jellybeans rom for my S4 foxfi doesn’t work and the default hotspot app works instead (otherwise swype would tie with foxfi).

  • litobirdy

    If you want to swype, use Swype. FARRR more accurate and faster than swiftkey for swyping… I love Swype

  • a3uge

    I will never forgive Swype for not fixing gaping bugs in their software when it was included with the Galaxy S1. Seeing the “hidden word” modal dialog box while in the middle of swiping was infuriating, especially when Swype refused to fix the bug because the whole predictive system would be revamped in a “future release.” They also forced words in the custom user dictionary when typing without a way to disable auto-saving, which made the problem worse. Also, their complete inability to release on the Play Store was also annoying, and the only way to get the keyboard was to sign up for their Beta release. Voice to text support? Not from Google. Have to use their own inaccurate software. Thankfully SwiftKey picked up gesture typing as well as the Google stock keyboard so we aren’t stuck supporting this poorly run operation. Great idea, but lots of poor execution.

    • wtsamatta

      Don’t let the past sway your judgement. I’ve been using swiftkey since I got my moto Droid X, was somewhat annoyed in the beginning, but it’s much improved now.

      • a3uge

        SwiftKey or Swype? Because my rant was entirely against Swype.

        • wtsamatta

          Oops, lolol, got that backwards 😉 fixed TY

    • Higher_Ground

      There’s probably no reason to change (if you’re happy with swiftkey) but most of those issues have been addressed.

      • a3uge

        Admittedly yes, but now I’m not going to pay money and trust a company that has been extremely slow with updates/bug fixes in the past. Maybe they’re better at bug fixing now. Still hate the Snapdragon voice to text… that one I can’t get past.

  • speraider430

    Swiftkey is a product that has all of the same features and gives me no reason to try Swype again. I became a Swiftkey user after all those Swype beta releases and passwords.

    Swiftkey put a keyboard on google play and sold it. They didn’t try licensing BS with manufacturers.

  • Rechie

    Swiftkey also had a recent update but I see no news post about it…

    • T4rd

      Pretty sure I saw a post about the Beta supporting resizable keyboard in the last couple weeks. Unless you’re talking about the non-beta supporting it now?

    • brkshr
      • Bigwavedave25

        Not the Beta. There was an update just released today that adds some additional layout features including split, minimized for single finger use, “floating” keyboard and resizing for all.
        Quite nice if you have a new larger device or tablet.

        • brkshr

          I’m sure DL will do a piece on it then. They had write about one of them first.

          • Bigwavedave25

            Ha, “Keyboard Wednesday!” has a nice ring to it 🙂

        • S2556

          They are just applying what was in the beta to the official version

    • Los

      Yeah, I got that update today.

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    • Mort

      Swifkey obviously didn’t pay for premium ad placement unlike Swype.

    • S2556

      Because they already did a write up about those features for the beta version.

  • jhlinka

    Am I the only person who would like to see emoji’s? I don’t NEED them, but it would be nice. Yes I know google keyboard has them now but it’s not as good as swiftkey, and yes I know sms is built into hangouts – but I’ve got a droid maxx and Moto Assist (which reads texts while a drive) doesn’t interface with hangouts. Sorry for the long explanation but I figured people would be hating.

    • indianafanatic

      Yes, you are the only one who would like to see them.

      • jhlinka

        Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

  • Xious

    I keep wanting to go back to the Android keyboard since they included swiping, but I keep going back to Swype. It’s more fluid and more accurate. I like using the Android voice typing better, but the Android keyboard and Swiftkey just don’t flow as well as Swype. I may try the Android keyboard again once KitKat comes to my MotoX, but until then, Swype it is.

  • Dagr

    I just want a fixed row of numbers… : (

    • Higher_Ground

      it’s annoying at times, but the shortcut to the number pad is pretty useful (swipe from the “Swype” symbol to “F”)

  • Collin Chapin

    Am I the only one that sees no advantage to Swype when compared to SwiftKey? I paid for both and I always try to give Swype a chance but it just doesn’t live up to SwiftKey…

    • PhillipCun

      Its all personal preference man. I personally like both. Swype for phones because their swipe technology is a lot more accurate from my experience. SwiftKey I would use on a tablet, without the swipe feature. I just don’t think SwiftKey’s swipe is intuitive or as accurate. Again, it’s just what works for you; both are great options.

    • brkshr

      I’m the opposite of you. I try swiftkey all the time & always go back to Swype

      • Nao Nozawa

        This. I keep giving SwiftKey a try every time they release an update, but I keep going back to Swype. It’s really just a matter of personal preference.

      • Malcolm Love

        I’m the same, I’ve always been on Swype. Every once in a while, I’ll try Swift again, but always end up on Swype.

      • Collin Chapin

        Interesting. I find that the “Swype” part of Swype works slightly better than the “Swype” part of SwiftKey, but the tap typing on Swype drives me nuts.

        I have a pretty even split between whether i’m “swyping” or tapping so I like to have a mix of both.

        I’ll give Swype another shot after everything you guys have said though…

        Thanks for the input

        • a3uge

          Have you tried the stock keyboard recently? It’s gotten very accurate over time and I think it’s pretty good for mixing tapping and typing. I know when it first came out it was unusable, but since a clean wipe of my phone I have been happy enough with it to not even install SwiftKey

          • brkshr

            The stock keyboard does do great with swiping. My only gripes with it now, is that there is no secondary symbols displayed for every key and the suggested words are not as easy to access as Swype’s are. Other than that, I do like Google’s Keyboard better than SwiftKey.

          • a3uge

            The lack of punctuation marks available on longpress of a single letter is really annoying. Also one of my biggest complaints. SwiftKey’s add custom words is much more intuitive than the other two, but it seems to be behind in incorrect word handling and space management. I’ve always like Swypes incorrect word handling, but I think Google is the best at just handling apostrophes and spaces correctly. I know there’s probably a setting somewhere for this on the other two, but I like that Google doesn’t just add words by default that I’ve typed in.

          • Droidzilla

            I’m with you. For me, it goes Swype/Google as my first pick, SwiftKey second, then everything else. I’ve been using the Google keyboard mainly because I love Google Voice typing and I can’t stand Dragon dictation. If I could pick the voice typing option with Swype, I wouldn’t use the Google keyboard at all. Google’s swiping accuracy, for me, has been a notch above SwiftKey; but nothing beats Swype for fast typing.

            Great; now I’ve convinced myself to set Swype as my main keyboard. Just when I was getting used to Google’s gestures.

          • brkshr

            If Swype would let us use Google Voice typing it would be perfect. As I said in another post, I don’t think Swype will ever get away from Dragon Voice because Nuance owns Swype and Dragon Speak. Sad really.

      • Absolutely. I tried both the Google Keybaord and Swift Key and nobody does prediction better than Swype. Also using custom words like swear words, swype does better.

      • Silver Veloz

        Swype for me also. Funny, when my friends see my swyping, they say what are you doing. I just say get with the game, why peck away at the keys when you can swype or speak your text. It’s great.

      • Raven

        Personally, I much prefer Swiftkey’s predictions when swiping, it is almost eerily accurate. But, I really do wish that they would offer 5 or more predictions, or make the number a user setable amount.

    • DJyoSNOW

      I agree but do like Kii/themes

    • Same here. I’ve tried Swype, Kii, Google and Samsung keyboards, but always end up with SwiftKey.

    • wtsamatta

      Just the opposite for me. keep trying swiftkey once in a while, but it just doesn’t live up to swype. Personal choices I guess

    • j

      I prefer swiftkey.. swype never got prediction and prediction text placement correct, and makes it visually annoying when predicted text words pop up in the middle of your screen and block other stuff. Honestly though I’m on stock keyboard now.. it swypes fine.

    • jose

      Sometimes I think I hate Swype, but then I try another keyboard and it instantly reminds me how it’s the best keyboard out there.

  • I thought they forgot about the app, long time no update.

    • Guest

      This update was on Beta-Testing for some time.