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Google Announces QuickCover and Bumper Case for Nexus 5, No Word on Availability

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 2.45.01 PM

If you were lucky enough to get your Nexus 5 ordered today, your next question will probably be, “How do I keep this new Nexus safe?” There are now two different cases for the Nexus 5 in Google Play for you to choose from. The first is your standard Bumper Case that covers the back in 4 different colors, black, white, red and yellow, for $34.99.

Google is offering a QuickCover case like what we have seen Samsung do with their phones. This case will likely replace or cover the backcover with an attachment that covers the front of the device. This case will cost you $49.99 for the extra protection. Do not get your credit cards out just yet though, Google has yet to announce a date.

These are only “Coming soon” for now. We will keep you updated as we hear more.

Play Links: Bumper Case ($34.99) | QuickCover Case ($49.99)

  • Mark Ray

    If the device is a budget device, how can the cover be $50 ? I would buy Spigen or IBlason instead http://www.newtechplanet.com/android/the-best-nexus-5-case/

  • valapsp

    they should have engraved the nexus logo on the quick cover instead of LG!

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Already on Ebay! http://goo.gl/oLRUfY

    Hands up for China!

  • skinja99

    How will the Quick Cover attach?

    Anyone have details on how the quick cover will attach to the phone?

    If the back comes off the phone, doesn’t that open up all sorts of possibilities?
    like bigger/extended batteries


    • chris_johns

      look at the pic dont be foolish theres no removable back its a reg case with a flip cover

  • joejoe5709

    I really really like the Quick Cover. Hopefully Poetic or Moko comes up with something similar for less than half the cost.

  • AFelm

    Go here, this is the companies eBay store. Items are a lot cheaper here and have better looking cases then what Google announced. Happy Nexus Holiday to you all too!


    • AFelm

      Just ordered 2 cases and one comes with a free screen protector. Got them both for $30. Cheaper then just 1 case from Google.

  • ostensibly

    I kind of like the quickcover, wonder what it’s made of.

    • AFelm

      Problem with the quick cover is there is no cut out for the rear camera, lol wtf?? I’ll have to pass on something that I have to remove just to snap a photo.

      • joejoe5709

        You… might want to look at the pictures again. It does not have a cut out for the front camera but that’s not a big deal.

        • AFelm

          Thanks joe, I stand corrected. I didn’t actually look at them I just reread an article from androidpolice and guess I misread something. It has to be the excitement over ordering the phone itself that has me a little off, haha.

        • nmaxfield

          that’s a cutout for the earpiece at the front from what i understand. the front camera is on the side, and you really wouldn’t need access to a front camera with the screen covered i’d imagine 🙂

  • Cowboydroid

    The Spigen case on Amazon right now is pretty sweet for $15 less.


    Bumper looks pretty cool.

  • Eric

    $50? That is insane.

    • Ian Smith

      they’ve got to make money somewhere

    • DainLaguna

      You’re getting the phone unlocked for 349. Calm down.

      • Eric

        I’ll calm down once I can get a case that doesn’t cost a fortune.

  • ralphwiggum1

    I ordered with the gray bumper.

    • XvierX

      Gray bumper looks so clean.

  • Godzilla

    Spigen slimarmor or i blason transformer FTW

  • how about wireless charginG?!

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    At least they have accessories right out the gate for this device! Others wait MONTHS for accessories…

    • Eric

      When you say others, you mean other nexus’s? I’ve never had a problem with a non nexus device.

      • PuttsMoBilesiCit

        Look at the Nexus 7 2013, it just got its first official accessory last week. (The cases / sleeves)

        Also the Nexus 4 accessories didn’t come out until a few months after launch…

        • Eric

          Exactly nexus products…

          • PuttsMoBilesiCit

            Not this time around. Hopefully they will come out this week also.

            But also, I had a problem with the droid line phones in the past. Cardocks to be more specific. They didn’t come out for at least 2 weeks after the phone launch.

    • XvierX

      Still waiting for a landscape dock for 2nd gen N7. I bought the dock for the first gen model and loved it.