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Motorola Soak Test Invites Rolling Out for DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini


If you are signed up for the Motorola Forums and own one of the new DROIDs, then you should be seeing an invite to take part in the soak tests the company is going to roll out for the DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini. According to the email, the updates should roll out sometime this week/month, so if you are a current owner of one of those devices, be on the lookout. 

As for what is in the update, we can pretty much expect it to be the same update that the Moto X received just a little while ago. Inside was an update for the camera, which should increase the quality of your pictures quite a bit, as well as a few other feature updates and performance optimizations.

If you take part, and you receive the update, let us know if that’s all we should expect to see.

Cheers A, R, B, and N!

  • Theme Park Pro

    Who wants to bet that this is for android 4.4 and the camera update.

  • 4g63mark

    I’m not sure what Band 4 does, so I need to research that. I thought I read recently that band 13 is for the new high speed LTE Verizon is rolling out…… As far as this update goes, I’ll gladly take it for my Mini as long as it doesn’t break root

  • Tom Z

    I hope they don’t forget about the RAZR HD (MAXX). I would love to see at least 4.3 released for my HD MAXX.

  • Will Carter

    I got an e-mail too about the Droid XYBoard 8.2 and 10.1. Finally get Jelly Bean on the old girl.

  • cmdr430

    How do I get in on the soak test? I am registered w/my maxx on Moro’s website. Have been for over a month or two.

    • Paul Hansen

      You have to opt in to the motorola feedback network on their site in your profile. You have to do it per device that you have registered (if you own more than 1)

  • Malcolm Love

    I just got really excited. I’m ready for a better camera. The camera is the only major downside for me with my Droid Maxx. It’s just…bad…so very bad.

  • Greyhame


  • Name

    please please let the Maxx HD get this update!

    • DanPatrickFlores

      After this goes live, hopefully we’ll our update soon after.

  • fdsfsd334

    Nexus 5 ?

    • Paul Hansen

      Take your crappy reception and go away 😛

  • can anyone else confirm if RAZR HD will no longer receive updates?

    • Johngi

      I can’t confirm it, but I dont see why not. Then of course, I could also see it not happening. Good thing for an unlocked bootloader and great devs!:D

      • there was a comment on the motorola feedback network a few weeks ago stating that. I also received the last update and that locked the bootloader.

        • DanPatrickFlores

          I assume we would get an update after the current line gets their update. Companies always have to promote their new stuff before we can get support.

          • MicroNix

            Good luck with that

  • Paul Hansen

    Band 4 support pls

    • Stnkycheezman

      After seeing the S4 post this morning, it makes me wonder if the droid’s band 4 is enabled by default or not. How can you tell?…if not, I’m with you, Band 4 support pls!

      • Paul Hansen

        Band 4 is not currently enabled. I don’t have an X to test to see if it is in their latest update but I’ll certainly test when this comes out. There’s no easy way to see with the stock firmware what band you’re connected to as far as I’m aware but I have an active Tmobile SIM that I keep around (prepaid with a few bucks on it) just for testing purposes. If band 4 goes active, the Tmobile SIM should be able to pick up LTE now (tmobile doesn’t use band 13 which is what is currently active on the moto 2013 devices).

      • michael arazan

        Go into your phone settings, about phone, then status. In the middle it will say “Mobile Network Type” mine says LTE 14, the band your device is using. If your phone changes to a different band it will say there.

  • JRomeo

    Could someone explain to me, why is it called a “soak test”? when I think of a soak test, i think about someone dunking this phone in a cup of water to test whether or not soaking it actually damages the phone or not.

    • Paul Hansen

      It’s a term used in the industry to identify a group of testers to see how (in this case) an update will affect the test group before it is released to the public.


  • bboyairwreck

    Anything else other than camera updates for this? Also can anyone send a text message with Touchless control without actually TOUCHING the screen. Every time i click send message from Google Now it says “Error msg cannot be sent” or similar

    • Mahercs

      I am prompted to unlock the phone (I use a PIN) and also hit the Send button, but other than that, the dictation part works pretty well. It’s not as “touchless” as one would believe.

    • RoadsterHD1

      Reboot and try again. It worked for me

  • JPfingsten

    You are able to preserve root if you follow the steps on XDA Developers, fwiw.

    • bboyairwreck

      can you link us?

      • JPfingsten


        This is obviously for the Moto X, but download the correct SBF file for your phone to flash the recovery.img, boot.img etc and you should be fine!

        EDIT: Here are those files located!

        • MichaelFranz

          Did anyone confirm if this worked on the Maxx or not?

          • JPfingsten

            There’s not reason it shouldn’t work. You’re doing the exact same things that would be done with the Moto X just with the correct files for the MAXX.

          • jc

            I’m using JCase’s Motoroot method so I should be okay with the update. I do have a choice of unrooting via motoroot before receiving the OTA update. Any advice on whether it its better to leave it rooted or unroot before updating? If I use Motoroot to unroot any specualtion on whether Motoroot will be able to re-attain root after the phone is updated?

          • JPfingsten

            Pretty sure one of the exploits that JCase used to actually atain root in the first place was patched, but if you follow this you are able to retain root before hand.

          • jc

            Thanks, JP, but I’m not clear on what you mean when you say “follow this” – Do you mean that if you are rooted via Motoroot before update, that root should be retained after update. And that if you are not rooted before update, Motoroot won’t work after the update because the update has been patched?

            Again, thanks very much
            Jim Capraro

          • JPfingsten

            Correct. You MUST have root before you attempt to update to the latest build.

          • jc

            wonderful – thanks so much for you help. So nice to know that I don’t have to use ADB-fastboot/RSD lite/FXZ file/ to flash back to stock like I had to do on my bionic for the ICS & JB updates!

            Your help is greatly appreciated

          • Malcolm Love

            I did this yesterday on my Maxx, flashed it back to stock perfectly fine with RSD. Just make sure you download the right file.

  • sean carey

    why not my OG Razr MAXX??????????????????????????????????????? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????

    • If they could just give us OG Maxx owners Trim i’d be very happy. I have to run LagFix at least twice a week now.

      • sean carey

        What is trim? Im familiar with one definition, but that isnt this im sure. And what is LagFix? my phone is so slow/so dumb/incapable of running new stuff

        • Trim allows deleted parts of a solid state drive to be reindexed and rewritten. Google didn’t include it in ICS which is why the original Nexus 7’s were getting so slow…but finally added it in 4.3.

          If you root your phone, you can use an app called lagfix that will clean up your storage and you will see a huge increase in phone responsiveness. Until i found this solution, it took me MINUTES to do anything.

          • sean carey

            awesome! before my phone, the brick of a razr maxx that it is, wasnt worth rooting. this may change things. easy to root OG razr maxx?

  • Lucky Armpit

    The question is, of course, will this update break JCase’s root method? I thought I remember reading it did not for the Moto X, so I hope this is the same case here?

    • I’d imagine it will.

      • Lucky Armpit

        I’m using his super-simple “MotoRoot” method. Guess I better go ahead and restore everything from backup before I get this update. Thanks for the replies.

    • MichaelFranz

      I was told it would. I am tempted to take it anyway and see. I got my invite this morning

    • Paul Hansen

      Depends which root method you used but it’ll follow the same path as the Moto X most likely. See them for the issues they encountered and expect the same.