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This Week in the Life of DROID – 9/13/2013


It’s Friday the 13th. Spooky. This week can be summed up with one word – revolutionary. Apple announced and unveiled two new iPhones this week, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5c. We had some fun and liveblogged the event, with lots of you joining in on the action.

In spite of Apple pretty much taking up the whole week with their news, there was still plenty of Android stuff to chat about. The biggest piece is that the Moto X and new DROID devices received root, so if that’s your game, then you better jump on that. In addition, Twitter was updated to version 5.0 in the beta, we got some new looks at the upcoming Nexus device from LG and Google, and we spent some time with the LG G2 on AT&T and Verizon (reviews to follow next week).

If you missed any of the action, check out the highlights below.

Have a great weekend, folks!

  • Guest

    I just went to a Verizon retailer looking to buy the LG G2 at retail price, and when I asked the guy behind the counter if I could buy at retail, he asked me if it was because I wanted to keep my unlimited data. I told it was, and he said that there was another option for me: add a ghost account for $7/month and then I could simply upgrade and keep my plan. Having this single ghost account attached apparently allows all the phones on the contract to upgrade when your line is eligible for an upgrade without losing unlimited data…does anyone else have experience with this?

    • terrorist96

      My experience with it is the fact that I’m in a family plan and I can just use a family member’s upgrade on my phone and I get to keep unlimited. That’s how I upgraded from the Incredible to the DNA and still have unlimited. 🙂

    • umbrellacorp

      How can one add a ghost account? Can it be done on individual plans or only family ones?

  • Is this right?They also recently purchased AWS spectrum from AT&T just a couple days ago that would give Verizon , LTE band 4 access in the West Coast

  • cheese

    I’m starting to realize that some Verizon owners will be able to buy the Nexus 5 and use it on their network.

    The Nexus 5 (LG-D820) supports LTE band 4 (1700MHz), which is what Verizon will be deploying throughout the summer. They also recently purchased AWS spectrum from AT&T just a couple days ago that would give Verizon , LTE band 4 access in the West Coast.

    So essentially, the Nexus 5 will work on Verizon as long as your area supports LTE band 4.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Only problem besides access to LTE band 4 is that Verizon has yet to deploy VoLTE, so unless the Nexus 5 ends up supporting Verizon CDMA voice calls will not work.

      • cheese

        damn you’re right. well there goes that theory lol

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          I don’t know what to believe anymore! Haha all want is a Nexus 5 on Verizon so the more positive evidence the better.

          • cheese

            Actually, I did some more research on it. the CDMA bands looks like its for Sprint only :/ (BC0/BC1/BC10)

            Now I’m starting to think that it won’t be available for Verizon…

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            “Happy to say it looks like I was wrong about the LG D820/D821…”

            [email protected]

          • ReturnOfTheMack
          • cheese

            What about that comment?

            The LG-D820 is for North American networks
            The LG-D821 is for the Canadian networks (Rogers/Bell)