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Video: AT&T LG G2 vs. Verizon LG G2

LG G2 Verizon ATT

Last week, we had a chance to unbox and give our newest impressions on the LG G2, even spending most of last weekend with it. That unit happened to be an international variant, though, so in case you were wondering, we have been waiting to publish a review on the device until we had actual U.S. units in house. That time has come! We have both AT&T and Verizon review units on hand, and are ready to finish off our thoughts and put together a review, since we know many of you are itching to learn as much as you can before making any purchasing decisions. 

The Verizon LG G2 launches tomorrow (September 12) for $199 on-contract with the AT&T version joining it Friday for the same price.

In the video below, we’re doing the simplest of comparisons in terms of hardware, along with a brief preview at software differences. We’ve already unboxed and shared initial thoughts, so this is really about the subtle changes that carriers seem to continue to make on what should be identical phones. You’ll notice a changed volume rocker and power button setup on the Verizon version over the AT&T and international variants. The Big Red version also has wireless charging built-in and a honeycomb-like design on the backside.

The rest is the same, including the brilliant 5.2″ HD display, 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800, 13MP camera with OIS, 2GB RAM, and internal 32GB of storage. [Specs]

We’ll have much more finalized looks at software, camera performance, battery stats, etc. over the next couple of days in our official review.




LG G2 Verizon ATTLG G2 Verizon ATTLG G2 Verizon ATTLG G2 Verizon ATT

LG G2 Verizon ATTLG G2 Verizon ATTLG G2 Verizon ATTLG G2 Verizon ATT

  • Brian Shieh

    Why does Verizon have to put the logo on the front again (think Note II) in really awkward places?

  • kentrburton

    that volume rocker looks like crap on att version

  • recoveringlefty

    Verizon made the buttons really small. I think I can get on with the back buttons from ATT etc. It has a nice feel, but when that screen pops on – wow! Bye-bye bezels. The G2 has rung the death knell of the smartphone bezel. New phones need to follow suit, or get left behind (hear that Sony?) design and display-wise.

  • duke69111

    That power adapter is huge.

  • NoBullFitness

    I actually think the vzw buttons look better. Not enough to cancel my note 3 preorder.

  • instrument

    what does vzw gain from pjtting its name all over a phone? is it incase its used on a tv show? 24 Sprint style?

  • mustang8918

    According to the video, if your getting an AT&T version you should make sure that your case has a hole above the camera for the noise cancelling mic.

  • hereje

    please talk more about battery real usage

  • Carl

    Any word on the back LED for the Verizon version? Is it there?

  • footoed

    Anyone know if the quickwindow case will fit the verizon version? Or if they are making one that does fit?

  • GentlemanScholar

    @evleaks tweeted that he was likely wrong and the D820 not being the Nexus 5.

  • Gr8Ray

    Flashback to my Samsung Galaxy S “Vibrant”… Each carrier made their own version of the Galaxy S, and therefore, accessories were a complete nightmare.

  • gmx

    couple things VZW version not persistant notification you can dismiss it like normal notice I used phone today for 2 hours and never came back up after being dismissed. also nav buttons have a diff theme on VZW version there is no black reg there is a pink one.

  • slide83

    Anyone notice verizon removed the stock android browser? Looks like chrome only. Hopefully this beast can smooth overcome the scrolling smoothness problems chrome has.

  • Iskandar

    Verizon model looks no CooL

  • Does the Verizon Moto X have that ongoing wifi notification too? is there really no way to turn that off?

    • subieracer7

      I posted a you tube video above from pocket now video’s. The wifi can be shut off!!!! It is just set to on by default. geez.

  • itsacardigan

    I know it sounds trivial or picky but…..they just solidified my decision to get the Note 3 with that front VZW logo. I can deal with them tweaking the buttons (although the AT&T buttons look better) but no one else is putting front carrier branding on their phones. What is possessing them to do this. It’s like your phone is wearing a NASCAR jacket.

  • The guts of this phone were worth overlooking the ugliness. But Verizon made it even uglier. I don’t think I’m going to go get one this week after all.

  • starnovsky

    Why, Verizon, just why?

  • BRIM

    That is one hideous phone.

  • Ed Waters

    I’m going to wait for the Verizon fire sale to buy my next phone. Seven new phones in the span of two months means something has to go on sale in the next month.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    @Kellex B Can you confirm, does the VZW version have an FM Radio? (lets try it this way)

  • jh123416

    @kellex:disqus Does the VZW version have an LED light on the back like the intl. one?

  • Nathaniel Newman

    @Kellex Can you confirm, does the VZW version have an FM Radio?

  • ImmaDroid

    @kellex Can you check the memory to see how much you get out of the box after the skin and bloatware? Is it a S4 situation where you only get over half

    • ImmaDroid

      on the VZW Version preferably

    • About 23.75GB.

      • ImmaDroid

        Damn, so a loss of almost 10gb. Good thing its not a 16GB! Thanks for the quick response

  • Oh Verizon, you always know how to ruin things.

  • Since the buttons on the AT&T version are recessed, Verizon most likely had to go a different route to make the coil for wireless charging fit without making the device larger.

    • Andy Stetson

      Thank you for being reasonable, i’m guessing the same.

  • duke69111

    I’m glad I didn’t write over my 4.2.2 backups in TB when I upgraded to a 4.3 rom.

  • Mike Arnett

    What was the storage on the Verizon version? I can’ seem to find that anywheres!

    • duke69111

      32gb only…I think is what I saw.

      • BOB Dudek

        I think its the law now..

  • Incognegro

    This “branding” issue has got to be a new hive-minded thing. I understand people are entitled to a preference, but I just don’t get it. Is it really that bad or is this just the new thing that’s cool to hate? Rocker panel placement, I get it. Headphone jack location, I’m on board with that debate. Random verizon popups while using the phone would obviously be bad business, but some back panel logos is kinda nitpicky. I do realize that the comment section on DL is a very vocal minority of comsumers though.

    • Will Frame

      I think it’s just that Verizon goes so overboard with it. They cram it on the phone in at least two places every time. It’s like your phone is a stock car. Other than free advertisement for them, what possible reason would there be to do that?

      It’s definitely a preference thing. I have a Harley and there are Harley Davidson logos everywhere: The engine, the tank, the foot pegs, the tires, etc. Yet I don’t mind because I like Harley. I don’t think some people like Verizon so much that they want a constant reminder of them everywhere they look.

      • Incognegro

        I figured it was more of a resentment type thing because they are not usually that big and bold or really that numerous. I don’t know…to each their own.

      • I scratched off the Verizon logo on the bottom of my Bionic lol

      • ObviousNinja2

        It’s more like imagine if you only got gas from Chevron or Shell and You had a Harley Davidson. You get one nice Harley Davidson logo and then like 10 Shell/Chevron Gas logos!!

        That’s the problem. Yes Verizon, we are getting ripped out and we understand its you. Thanks for reminding us that.

  • joejoe5709

    This phone is REALLY high on my wishlist. Like 80% of the readers here, I’m holding out to see what the Nexus update(s) bring and make a decision from there. But honestly, I might sit this season out if my Gnex and I can last another 6-9 months. I have a feeling great things are coming soon with Advanced LTE and such.

    • Jackson

      G2 has lte advanced? And i’m sure the dev support will be good. you could just get it and flash software

      • joejoe5709

        Does it? I think the S4 does so it’s not implausible. Either way, we’re on the verge of some pretty cool stuff. I can feel it. That said, if a Nexus5 pops up with at least 90% of the G2’s specs on Verizon. I’m all over it. I know the chances are slim so the G2 is really high on my backup plan unless I make the difficult decision to wait it out until Spring/Summer.

        Dev support is always a tough one to predict especially on Verizon.

        • Jackson

          There is an lte advanced version of the s4 but the state side ones don’t have them. And yea I was going to hold on for the nexus 5 but I decided I flash roms anyway and the way pre orders are going this is going to be a popular enough device, and it has an ir blaster that I don’t think google will include.

          • joejoe5709

            I also doubt any Nexus will have an IR blaster and that is definitely cool. Well I hear rumors that the supposed Nexus5 FCC filings show it *might* have support for AWS LTE but I didn’t find anything for the LG G2. Oh well…

          • Jackson

            Here check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1654HNOKGQ

            At about 1:00

          • LionStone

            LTE-A is integrated in the Snapdragon 800 as well as these others goodies:


  • Butchy Lew

    VERIZON! YOU HAD ONE JOB!! ONE! If I wasn’t unlimited…Geez!

  • therevxxx

    really dislike the back of the phone on verizon compared to At&t. but the more I think about it, how much does that really matter? I rarely see the back of my phone. Do you guys see the back of yours often?

    • Jackson

      Duh I face the back to me when I use it, makes things interesting lol

      But not not really other than when Im checking for scratches when re selling lol

  • stormy_al

    Any word on the white version of the phone for VZW? Is the logo godawful for that one, too?

    • stormy_al

      Seriously, is the white one going to be released on VZW tomorrow, too? Or online only like TMo? Just thought I’d throw in the logo slam for good measure. It doesn’t bother me that much, particularly because I’ll likely be using the QuickWindow case.

  • jh123416

    A change Verizon made that I liked: the removal of the brightness and sound levels when you bring down the notification bar.

    • Joe Bertolino

      but then they pull the WiFi toggle away and to an on-going notification. This change alone is making me leave Verizon when my contract is up.

      • Jordan

        That’s probably why they got rid of those two bars. You probably couldn’t see any notifications with the addition of their wifi on-going notification lmao.

      • subieracer7

        Not true, look at the pocketnow video below from 5:20 to about 5;40 in. They removed that feature, just the wifi is on standard. Granted the rear button change is still a dumb move by verizon but just wanted you to know that they got rid of it on this phone.


        • Joe Bertolino

          OK, so I’m only half wrong. The notification is what I have the biggest problem. I always hit it accidentally. Not all of their users are morons, some of us actually know when to use WiFi and how to turn it on. I just don’t get it.

  • orangeblast

    Can that fugly Verizon logo at the top be removed with the Penny method (Droid Bionic)?

  • T4rd

    What’s the problem with taking pics of the front of the phone? You all did the same thing with your custom Moto X; only took pics of the back. I can’t watch your video at work. =p

    • chris420o


  • Justin Duncan

    Still maybe considering this.. Wait for root an put nova on it!

    • Andy Stetson

      Don’t need root to put nova on it, but root is def wanted!

  • waleed300

    That Verizon logo though!… It’s so obnoxious!!

  • Ed G

    I actually liked the back buttons until VZW had to redesign them. I am going to guess no light on the back switch. And is that nonsense on the very bottom a sticker or is that permanent?

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      I believe there could be a notification light. Look closely and, Kellen please confirm, there are two teeny grooves that look to be reveals for the light underneath.

      • Ed G

        I just don’t get it. The buttons were subtle on the original design. Now they are smaller and gray. I just don’t get why that had to be changed. And yes, I know this is nit-picking, but it boggles the mind.

        • OneForTheGoodDays

          I agree… aesthetically, the buttons on the int’l and AT&T versions are more pleasing to me. But truthfully? I am into the phone also because of the specs. I am going to the store tomorrow to see how it feels in hand, and if it passes that test I’d probably buy it.

          • Ed G

            I am in the same boat. I have a $50 off gift cert that I won at a local baseball game, so I am definitely going in on Friday to check this out and see how it feels. I am also holding out hope that root will be coming down the pike sooner rather than later. This thing going stock Android would be very cool.

          • OneForTheGoodDays

            you can also use the Verizon30 discount and buy it online once you decide.

          • bbrutcher

            what is the Verizon30 discount???

          • M3D1T8R

            Coupon code 30% off the on contract price. $140 instead of 200.

      • It is a notification light, though LG seems to have limited what it shows lights for. Same way on the ATT model though.

        • socarwolverine

          It still has the front LED for most notifications, I saw it on the AT&T version, but can I assume VZW has it too?

  • Incognegro

    This is it, this is my next phone. I don’t really feel like waiting for the Nexus 5 to NOT appear on Big Red before I decide to pick this one up late.

    • joejoe5709

      Unless you’re truly that desperate, I highly recommend waiting. Not only for the Nexus5, but I have a feeling this season hasn’t revealed all its cards just yet. There are still a lot of mysteries and rumors still flying around. If you wait, you’ll be able to make a better decision.

      • Incognegro

        You might have reeled me back in….when I check my brakes and think about it I’m not REALLY that desperate to get a new phone. I just don’t want to have to always be “chasing the next big thing”. I did that back in the Droid Bionic/Galaxy S3/Gnex days….

      • Charlie R.

        As far as Verizon goes, I think we have seen everything they are going to carry. The only exception is a rumored new BB10 device, but as far as Android, I haven’t heard of anything else rumored or coming. Period.

        • Ryan

          the new Z and Q devices from BB wil be here late first quarter next year. I have seen the roadmap there is nothing high end till 2nd quarter next year other than the Note 3.

      • Andy Stetson

        And then wait again… when the N5 gets released, and not on verizon, then the G2 will be the best option, but then rumors will be abuzz with the new hotness, and the waiting game starts over. it’s a vicious, never-ending cycle! And for some reason, we all live for it 😉

  • jim

    Yeah but on the original (att) when you looked from the side the volume rocker had a huge gap that you could tell would get crud in it and a case wouldn’t close it off. The verizon one looks like they got rid of that.

  • Tom Craig

    Hey, do you guys know if the Verizon model is SIM-unlocked like many recent offerings have been? Also what bands it can pick up? Thanks!

  • Raj Bhatt

    I’m trying to decide between staying with VZW and getting the G2 or giving Tmo a shot with the N5. All the bloat and carrier specific stuff I just saw is making me lean in the latter direction…

    • M3D1T8R

      Easy, if you are not on unlimited data and do get decent T-Mobile service definitely go T-Mo N5.

  • Johnny Valenzuela

    Kellex do you recommend this phone if you had a choice the Lg att or Verizon Lg 2 design???

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Is it just me or did Verizon screen look dimmer?

  • Manbearpig

    The last few high end LG screens have been beautiful. Between this and the note 3. DROID maxx maybe but haven’t heard anything about battery life

    • Charlie R.

      As far as the Maxx, battery life is incredible. I could not hype that up enough. Also the screen, while not 1080p, is fantastic as well.

      • Jason B

        Well it is a Samsung AMOLED display. Same RGB stripe pattern as the Note 2, but shrunk to fit in a 5″ display.

  • David Molina

    Verizon did a great job making this phone ugly, it’s a no for sure for me now.

  • Donleno

    can you Disable ALL the verizon bloat like on the Droid Maxx and Moto X? Also I have a Droid Maxx right now….how does it compare to this?

  • Shag

    If the Verizon back buttons protrude more, are they more susceptible to accidental press when sitting on a table? Also, are they easy to find with a finger, despite smaller size? And are the buttons metal or fake-metal?

  • Will Frame

    I don’t understand the obsession with headphone jacks on the bottom, but then, I only use bluetooth headsets.

    • Tim242

      On the top, they hang down in the way of browsing. Also, the natural way you hold the phone, it would go in your pocket top first.

      • Will Frame

        Ah, okay. That makes sense. I can’t stand cords at all. I haven’t used a wired headset in years. But I always see people complaining about headphone jack placement on the bottom and wondered why.

      • Jason B

        I never put my phone in my pocket top first. Knowing it’s upside down puts my OCD in overdrive.

        • M3D1T8R

          But it’s not “upside down” because it is in your pocket such that it will fit in your hand “right side up”, relative to your hand, which is what matters. Otherwise you take it out of your pocket and to your head to take a call, and then it is actually upside down. So you flip it around every time you take it out of your pocket?
          Also if you mount it in your car with the sound connected the cord sticks out the top awkwardly. Even worse when you have the power cord plugged in at the same time.
          Headphone jack on bottom is definitely superior. Wish my DNA was like that, and Moto X, etc. It’s probably the one thing I miss about the G.Nex.

          • Jason B

            It is upside down relative to my body, and yes, I flip it over since the back faces me when I pull it out if my pocket; its orientation is still the same – the top is still the top. All of my dollar bills have to face a certain way too.

            If I know it’s upside down, it bothers me.

          • M3D1T8R

            Do you mean you have it screen facing out in your pocket too? So you’re upside down and backwards? Craziness! lol..

          • Higher_Ground

            well that’s also where a phone like the gnex or motox that have onscreen buttons come in handy – doesn’t matter which way you turn it if you aren’t actually making a call and have screen rotation turned on 🙂

        • Tim242

          Haha I’ma bit OCD as well. I used to not want to put it in upside down, but the switcheroo made me more prone to drop it.

    • leathernuts

      For me, makes a huge difference while working out. I naturally want to put the phone in the down position with my Bose headphones and cord pointing to the top. Maybe I got use to it with my iphone 5. But when I picked up an S4 and now on an HTC one, I immediately noticed it. Picking up the LG G2 tomorrow and looking forward to that. Other than at the gym, I use bluetooth as well.

  • Tom Luley

    I think the best part of the video was Kellen just throwing the Verizon G2 down sideways on the wireless charger and it actually started charging. That is a BIG plus for me, but I will still with my GS4.

  • Jaywill

    FYI Kellex, the G2 has one single mono speaker. The other grill on the AT&T variant is the mic, and explains the Verizon version design.

    • Guest


  • Detonation

    …And here come all the people complaining about the branding logos like it actually matters.

    • Tim242

      The logos are fine. Those buttons…not so much. LG…NO!

  • Jackson

    Wow verizon really screwed with it

  • thedonxr

    Well now LG has 2 different sets of software to build for the same phone. I wonder if it will ever see Kit-Kat…

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Nevermind see the App drawer NO FM on Verizon or AT&T Thanks guys!

  • socarwolverine

    Don’t jump down my throat because I honestly don’t know. But couldn’t they both have a mono speaker and the second set of speaker grille on the AT&T/International version just be fake?

  • Andy Stetson

    Also beginning to wonder if the vzw version in fact has stereo speakers, or just one.

    • duke69111

      Same here, the sound of my g nexus sucks and was hoping for a much improved speaker than what I have.

      • Adrynalyne

        A lot of places are not claiming the G2 has stereo speakers at all.


        • duke69111

          I’m not sure how much emphasis I would put in that comparison. I didn’t see anything about Mono speakers and the comparison still showed the phone was going to have an sd slot (however thats probably the Korean version).

          • Adrynalyne

            Ok, then check LG’s site where they don’t mention it either. Surely that would be a key point in their marketing?

            It is not under highlighted features or specs.

          • duke69111

            Yea, you would think!

          • duke69111

            Verizon support is claiming that it does have stereo support.


        • subieracer7

          If you look at this youtube video with one of the LG exec’s at 3:15 he explains that it is one speaker and the other houses the mic. I think they were trying to make it look like stereo but also keep some symmetry to the phone. Why did VZW F- with the phone so much?


    • rukkus78

      the speaker grills on the bottom aren’t really stereo speakers. The one on the left is a microphone and the sound comes out of the one on the right.

      i have a t-mobile unit on hand.

      • socarwolverine

        This is what I was thinking they did. Gives it the appearance of stereo sound with out having to actually provide it.

      • Andy Stetson

        Good to know, thanks! Btw, do you have a GNex lying around to test the sound quality between the two?

        • Marsg

          Anything sounds better then a GNex

          • Andy Stetson

            valid point! fine, compare it to the S4 then 😉 I assume the One would destroy it, but would love an opinion there as well.

  • Andy Stetson

    but hey, vzw peeps get scrolling settings! and less [standard] crap in the notifications. old launcher button will be fixed immediately by using your launcher of choice. So long as root is acheived (and of course, if vzw doesn’t get the Nexus 5), i’ll be all over this.

  • runner30

    Looking forward to the review. Im interested in seeing if Kellen still prefers the Moto X as a daily driver.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Just tell me if the Verizon has the FM Radio?

    • duke69111


  • rukkus78

    i think the verizon one looks nicer, actually. i’m not sure this is the phone for me regardless.

  • Jackson

    is the video broken for anyone else?

    • jh123416


      • Jackson

        Damn I wanna see it lol

      • Jackson

        Used chrome beta works now lol

    • guest


  • Stephen D

    I wish they would stop this. It makes finding cases and accessories more difficult.

    Other OEMs(Samsung, Moto, HTC, and especially Apple) have been putting their foot down, I don’t know why LG can’t do the same.

    • jh123416

      Agreed. I was heavily considering this phone (Verizon) even with the branding. But the button layout throws everything off.

      • Detonation

        “even with the branding”

        LOL at anyone who wouldn’t buy a phone because of some branding text. If that’s one of your top concerns you might want to reevaluate your priorities.

        • jh123416

          My priorities are just fine. Pretty sure you’re overlooking my statement.

        • Adrynalyne

          I guess you are not seeing where he said button layout was an issue too.
          Reading is hard 🙁

          • Jillxz

            For Him the button layout might be an issue . But not to everyone . There again it is preference . And I will add that some people have an aversion to something they are not accustomed to.

        • Futbolrunner

          LOL at consumers caring about how they spend their hard earned money

          • Adrynalyne

            You will take these ads on the face of your phone and you will LIKE them. Do you hear me?!

          • Tio Salamanca


          • Detonation

            Because a logo on a device affects the way it works how?

          • Adrynalyne

            So would you buy a car that had permanent bird crap on the hood? It doesn’t affect the way it works.

          • Detonation

            A company logo is not the same eyesore as bird crap on a car is. I’m sure there are plenty of people here who will argue against that, but the other 99% of the world that aren’t stuck up smart phone purists couldn’t care less.

          • Adrynalyne

            Everything you said is in the eye of the beholder, aka the person holding the wallet.
            So I propose you leave it to them to decide, and if you want ads on your phone, you too are free to decide.
            Kudos on making up statistics on the spot though.

            If that were even remotely true, companies wouldn’t have been profitting on selling button covers for the Note II.

          • Detonation

            Profiting on something doesn’t mean it’s not a niche item still. Samsung has sold 38 million Note 2’s…lets say Verizon is responsible for 10 million of those…you really think more than 100,000 of those button covers have been sold, let alone even 10,000?

            My point is that the average consumer doesn’t care about logos. Just like they don’t know or care what version of android they have or how many GHz the processor is. Obviously the tech/android fans at this blog aren’t average smartphone consumers, but they seem to think all phones still need to be designed specifically to their preference.

          • Adrynalyne

            “Obviously the tech/android fans at this blog aren’t average smartphone consumers, but they seem to think all phones still need to be designed specifically to their preference.”

            I assure you, whether the average consumer cares or not, NONE of these devices are designed with Verizon logos for their preference. It doesn’t matter what audience you are. None of it was done for them.
            Now I get it that you are desensitized to mass advertisement, but not all of us are, and therefore we don’t like to see it in unnecessary places, like the front of a phone. It doesn’t even make sense to put it there, because it will be blocked during a call. Put it on the back where it gets more exposure, is more effective, and garners less complaints.

          • A lot of people, especially on this website, could easily make a solid comparison between Verizon logos and bird crap. Just saying

          • michael arazan

            Actually it is kind of insulting to bird crap to compare it to Verizon

            Verizon is more like a dingleberry hanging off Satan’s taint

          • TheOiulkj

            “A company logo is not the same eyesore as bird crap on a car is”


          • michael arazan

            Well Verizon isn’t paying me to advertise their network, so why should I carry their logo for all to see?

            I’m buying the phone out right, not leasing it or in some way do they have ownership of it for me to use. If they gave me the phone to use on their network and expected me to turn it back in, like my cable box, then yeah, no problem

          • Jillxz

            You buy that automobile outright with it’s branding whatever it might be. That doesn’t keep you from buying it does it ?

          • bizi

            Who are you to speak for the other 99% of the world?

          • Detonation

            The only people that whine about logos are the smartphone fanatics you find on sites like these, which easily make up less than 1% of the smartphone user base. The rest of the world has better things to worry about than some text on an electronic device they use. If everyone else actually cared as much as the people here do, Verizon wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

          • Nagini

            Not the same eyesore?? Lol…. Yes it is!!

          • Jillxz

            Taking off a telecommunications logo is like taking off the logo on an auto. Can you see a Ford , Chevy , Audi , etc. without their respective logos ?

        • anezarati

          i pretty much agree with your statement because almost everything we own has some sort of branding on it. it is interesting to see what people complain about considering people pay more for a nike branded shirt, samsung branded tv, ford branded car, etc.

          • Adrynalyne

            Too bad his statement wasn’t relevant to the person he replied to.

            Also, this is doubly branded, unlike your examples. It would be like driving a Ford car, with a Exxon cling across the front of your windshield.

          • anezarati

            it might not have been relevant, but he was commenting on a quote.

            i disagree on the doubly branded thing. say exxon added some features to the ford f-150, like some how it was able to get better gas milage, but made it some way that you could only get gas at exxon. then i could see how you could have ford and exxon branding.

            considering this phone was built to only work on verizon and verizon did at some sort of feature (given most of the “features” no one would ever use), i can understand why they would want their logo on it.

            and dont get me wrong i am no verizon apologist. i dumped verizon for the nexus 4

          • zwade

            Branding and carrier logos aren’t exactly the same. I don’t want “Verizon” across my phone, nor do I want “Comcast Xfinity” across my tv.

          • anezarati

            i agree with what you are saying, but your tv was not made to work only on comcast

          • Adrynalyne

            That doesn’t really work.
            The G2 is global.

          • anezarati

            not the verizon version

          • Adrynalyne

            Wanna make a wager on that?


            “The Global Ready LG G2 will be available online and in stores starting Sept. 12 for $199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.”

          • anezarati

            touche, but can the AT&T one work on verizon? if you dont want branding then buy the international version and change carriers.

          • Iskandar

            I hope they are… with Verizon its all s/w tweaks

        • sk3litor

          I disagree. Well sort of. Personally I’m with you on your statement but the fact is carriers don’t make phones and have NOOOOO business putting thier name on it.again I would never put branding before performance but to some people that really matters. (And understandably so). Inagine if verizon sold cars. Would you buy a brand new bada** car if it had Verizon painted all over the hood, doors, mirrors, etched in the windshield, steering wheel, middle console, seats…… you get the idea. Hey someone should make a parody video and put it on the you tube.

          • googlyeyedfrog

            if you’ve ever seen a mercedes or most other cars for that matter, you’d know they have branding all over them. Look at an AMG car by mercedes and note how many times the AMG logo and Mercedes tri-star shows up. i agree that it’s annoying, but it’s not unique

          • sk3litor

            Cmon man comparing a couple car decails to what vzw does is like comparing a mom tattooing her childs initials on her wrist to tattooing your signature on your girlfriends forehead. I don’t mind a little branding but I think im in the 99 percentile who thinks vzw way over does it. When a carrier puts more branding than the actual maker of the phone something aint right. Again this is all in principal, if it really bothered me that much id just buy a new back cover and a little home button cover. (Note 2)

          • Adrynalyne

            First of all, performance decals add 15HP.
            Second of all, I’d be proud to display AMG, as it is an indicator of a higher performance model. Verizon’s logo does indicate that I paid more for the same crap, but there is no package that increases performance over a base model phone of the same type. Its like driving a Honda Civic with NOS stickers and no NOS.

            Embarrassing as hell.

          • M3D1T8R

            That comparison will be appropriate when Verizon starts manufacturing their own phones.

          • googlyeyedfrog

            well, since Verizon is effectively subsidizing the phone by 66%, I think they get the right to put a little branding, albeit unwanted, on a phone. If you buy the phone at full retail I would agree with you that it’s complete bullsh*t

        • MrOrange645

          Well, Kettle, it looks like you need to reevaluate your priorities as well, since you have so much free time to tell everyone else what their preferences should and should not be. The placement of a logo may not be important to you, but a lot of people make the decision of what phone they buy based upon aesthetics. Matter of fact, I would venture to guess that the “99%” of people you mention who are smartphone enthusiasts, probably base a large portion of their decision on aesthetics, of which logo placement is a part. If you don’t care what your phone looks like, then that’s great, but stop putting down others who do care.

      • terry12s

        Ya, agreed, I love this phone except for the button layout, really………

      • chris125

        the buttons have to most likely do with the wireless charging

        • Jillxz

          They do. That is why Verizon changed the buttons.

      • bxborn31

        i hate when my nikes have a swoosh on them. haha

    • socarwolverine

      LG doesn’t have the pull that the other OEMs have.

      • Adrynalyne

        All OEMs sans Apple bend over for them, even the larger ones who should have pull.

        • Stephen D

          The others are at least bending less. The Note 2, S3, S4, One, Moto X, etc, are the same across all carriers. There aren’t 30 different variations of one phone anymore(remember the Galaxy S? I know we both had a Fascinate).

          However, they still bend too much. Like Samsung letting VZ put a logo on the home button. Apple would never let something like that happen. I have a Verizon Note 2, for the record.

    • DainLaguna

      actually a brilliant move on their part. Now Verizons reps can try to sell you over priced cases because its going to be way more difficult to find a case online or by a legit case maker specifically for this version.

    • sk8rat

      leave out htc. they replaced the htc logoon the front glass on the one max with verizon

  • Geo

    I wish Verizon would change the logo and exclude putting 4G LTE, I mean we already see 4G on the freakin signal bar. If the Nexus 5 doesn’t come out for verizon though I will be rockin that AT&T logo though.

  • Mike Hilal

    The only reason I’d want this phone would be to rom it back to AOSP.

    • Will Frame

      And you’d be sacrificing a ton of camera features and some really nice optimizations provided by LG’s UI. LG’s UI is fast and fluid, unlike the new Touchwiz.

      • cmonnats23

        not sure if trolling… but either way, sources for this?

        • Will Frame

          Source for what? And what’s up with the downvote trolls? I speak from experience. I own the Optimus G Pro and the Galaxy S4.

          Galaxy S4 lags like crazy. Optimus G Pro is nearly as fluid as the HTC One (which I also own).

          The G2 has almost all of the GS4’s camera features, which you would lose if you went stock Android. And the stock Android camera, aside from being barren of features, is horribly basic and doesn’t process photos as well.

          I don’t understand the obsession with putting stock android on every single phone that gets released. If it has performance issues, then fine. Otherwise, you’re usually giving up features that only that UI provides. Don’t like the LG UI? Fine, install a different launcher. But performance on this phone certainly won’t be an issue, especially with the Snapdragon 800.

          • cmonnats23

            Thank you, thats what I wanted.

      • Mike Hilal

        Camera, maybe. Optimizations, not a chance it’s better than AOSP. In fact, I have not found a phone to date that’s TRULY better than AOSP besides the moto X in terms of SW. And that’s because there are just a few tweaks that ADD to AOSP vs outright replacing it.

  • T4rd

    Verizon’s influence on OEMs is ridiculous. LG should have never allowed this. Pretty much an indicator that you can forget receiving updates as fast as other G2 variants do, unlike how well the Verizon Samsung and Moto phones have been getting updated along with their other carrier variants. Not that LG has been doing well in that area with the Optimus G anyways, so I’m not sure you should expect decent software support on the G2 either.

    • Scarecrow

      Funny cause Verizon already got an update for the G2

      • T4rd

        Which isn’t a major OS update that doesn’t add anything and is probably an a patch to keep you from rooting or unlocking the boot loader. That’s the only kind of update Verizon is interested in pushing.

  • EC8CH

    Congrats VZW you made an already cheap looking phone look even cheaper.

  • samosa king

    The Verizon version looks ugly on the back. The AT&T version look better because it looks clean.

  • Rafy286

    Verizon version isn’t that bad looking. I just wish they wouldn’t have touched the size of the buttons as I’m sure LG has a reason why they are that size. After all it was their idea of putting them in the back. Kellex you forgot pictures of the front of the device….!

  • jh123416

    So I guess the Multiwindow cases won’t work……. ugh.

    Also, the backside of the Verizon won’t light up I would have to assume…

  • David Benson

    Why only 360p?

    • Was processing. Full 1080p now.

      • CasperTFG

        Did you try scratching off the Verizon logo with your finger nails?