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HTC One Begins Arriving in Verizon Stores, No Sign of a Blue Model

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 5.01.00 PM

In two days (August 22), you’ll be able to buy the HTC One on Verizon, that much has been confirmed. What we were still trying to figure out is if Big Red would carry any other color outside of the silver version, which was the original colorway released months ago across the globe. Rumors of a blue variant have snuck around the tech rumormill, but according to our sources, we are likely to see only the silver model come Thursday. 

As you can see in the box above, shipments filled with nothing but shiny silver and white are arriving in stores. Even the black model for Verizon has yet to surface, so for the time being, this may be your only choice. That’s a bit unfortunate with other carriers like Sprint selling silver, black, and even exclusive red versions (that look extra tasty by the way).

Update:  Well, at least one source claims to have seen black models. There is a chance!

Update 2:  The phone is now available from Verizon and the black is no where to be seen. Probably looking at silver only for now.

With the ULTRA and MAXX hitting stores today, and the Moto X as early as August 29, are you still holding out for HTC’s 2013 flagship?

  • abid


  • CrunchyOne

    Just ordered mine online; not available in stores in the Detroit area so I have to wait until tomorrow to receive it.

  • Jill

    I have no quibble with the HTC product, but a big issue with Verizon’s treatment of the entire situation. No specs. No details on colors, memory, etc. And no information on what you can get when? That’s just disrespectful. HTC and Verizon Customers deserve far better.

  • Cory

    Who is in charge of Verizon’s marketing team. That is the ugliest branding on the box. Why could they not stick with the rounded edges. It’s all about the whole package. I know I know it’s just a box and the phone is inside of it, but jeez… look how cool this looks. http://www.technobuffalo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/HTC-One-Review-Box-630×420.jpg Why does verizon have no sense of style. HTC why would you let verizon ruin your product. For $199 you really are shafting the people who have been waiting for this device.

    • Cory

      I almost dont even want to resign with Verizon due to how they are handling this launch. It’s pathetic.

  • Aaron

    You can preorder the one on verizon through ViVa Movil (Jennifer lopez store) for $99. Here is the link https://shop.getviva.com/detail/htc-one-4g-lte-mobile-phone-silver-verizon-wireless-/4253?navCode=M722eMzElN I just want a black one!

  • AndrewScottRox

    Really thinking that I need to drop Verizon and get on board with AT&T’s prepaid plans. Sure, it’s a hit to unlimited data, but I won’t have to worry about these delays and also have access to Nexus devices.

  • Blue Sun

    Are you sure those boxes aren’t reclaimed HTC Thunderbolt boxes?

  • Kmac

    Is there a chance of the ONE being sold out from retail stores if I arrive to buy it during late afternoon? I have work in the AM…. dammit!!!

  • Chris Van Hoose

    Anyone else noticing the VZW and LTE logo are white, instead of bold and black like the press release picture? That’s pleasing to the eye. And as long as its not etched like At&t it will be easy to remove along with the beats logo. A little non acetone fingernail polish remover and boom. Bring sexy back.

    Honestly the mobile tech hasn’t changed in leaps and bounds the last 5 months and this is still one if if not the best phone on the market. Even stacked up against the newly released droids. This phone literally has the highest PPI that I know of out of any phone in the US, and while I’m a little bothered it’s only coming in silver/white its not that big of a deal. I mean T-Mobile still only has one color too.

  • jwill

    Personally I would stay away from ALL of motorolas droid products. We have 2 different motorolas on our account right now and they are the most frustrating under performing devices I have ever used. On top of past experiences, the specs on the new droid line up are laughable. I know specs are not everything according to some people and I agree, but they definitely play a role. I will likely be getting the One or possibly even the new Iphone (not likely), but wont even consider that Motorola crap verizon trys to shove down your throat year in and year out.

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  • Nick

    Busted my Gnex last night! I was gonna keep it for a while and go play with everything, but now I just need to get a phone. I can’t decide between the One, Maxx, and X tho.

    • Tyrus

      you can go on swappa and get used to like-new phones for half the price as you could for the One, Maxx, and X, and wait for an even better phone. (this is assuming you have unlimited and want to keep it)

      • Nick

        Yea thats actually not a bad idea. I do have unlimited and would like to keep it. Thanks for the info!

  • flosserelli

    5 months ago I would have been all over this, but now I will wait for the Note 3. Maybe VZW will get around to releasing the GN3 by the holidays. Even if that really happens, my Note 2 will be fine until then.

  • jh123416

    Honestly, I am thinking HTC One or LG G2 (coming from VZW GNexus).

  • Ed Waters

    I have been waiting for some 2013 phones (besides the S4) to hit VZW for my upgrade. I am considering upgrading to either the HTC One, the Droid MAXX or the LG G2 (Hopefully VZW carriers the 32GB model).

  • Geo

    Hey Kellex, Tim, Ron, or anyone at droid-life, can you make a poll or article on what you’d get next coming from a GNex?

    I have a VZW GNex and it seems a bunch of people on here have the GNex. My upgrade is ready but I don’t know what to get and am actually wanting to wait for the next nexus which hopefully releases in October. I think the major killer for these new phones out right now is that they don’t have on screen buttons. I like that I can change the colors on mine and stuff with my ROM’s.

    Anyway, an opinion article or recommendation of what we should upgrade to coming from a vzw gnex would be nice.

    • jh123416

      Agreed. Make that poll happen, DL!

  • neo1738

    Any other “sources” see black HTC One at Verizon? That would be sweet.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Tell me if I am right. I’ve read virtually every article on the Moto X, Droid series, and HTC One etc and have spoken to people who know their tech stuffs. There’s mainly four things I walk away with:

    1) A 4.7 inch screen (Moto X) does not NEED more than 720p and save loads on battery life, which, for a cellphone user who might not be near a port, is uber important.
    2) Pictures taken with any of these cameras are usable and are able to be enhanced with Snapseed… I currently do so with any photos I upload off my SGS3
    3) Size matters… currently, my SGS3 is not a comfortable fit, even as a 6″1 guy with fairly large hands.
    4) Updates are more likely for a google backed handset.

    After all that, I am being pulled towards the Moto X….

    • Steve B

      1) It doesn’t need it, but 1080p is a noticeable difference. The GS4 manages quite well with a 5 inch 1080p screen in terms of battery life.
      2) GS4 is the best camera on the market. Moto X is usable, but not great.
      3) Size definitely matters, but it’s your own personal choice. I think the GS4 is an ideal form factor because I’m ready to step up to the 5 inch range of devices. Some people aren’t, therefore the Moto X might be right for you.
      4) Updates will be quicker with Nexus devices first, then closely followed by Google Play devices. Any other handset (including the Moto X) is completely unknown.

  • Greg

    I’m going for the One… replacing the cursed Moto Droid 3… had the OG Droid before that… I f’in hate Moto and their phones now. The battery on the Maxx is enticing, and I keep telling myself that its two years after the D3 and they surely have made vast improvements… but I’m still bitter over them releasing the D4 a few months after the D3.
    On the other hand, I’ve never had an HTC and I’ve heard a lot of folks like them. I think their news layout thing looks like of interesting… and I love the idea of all that Zoe stuff within their camera. I take most of my pictures at bars and concerts, so low light is important to me. If I’m ever in bright light I’m usually on vacation and have a real camera.