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Verizon HTC One Launch Bumped to August 15

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It’s July 31, and Verizon’s version of the HTC One is still not available. A previous roadmap pegged HTC’s flagship for an August 1 launch, but since August 1 is tomorrow and Big Red has yet to announce an actual launch date, we’re going to assume that it’s not coming this week. Sources of ours have also given us documentation showing that the launch date has actually moved to August 15. 

It’s tough to understand why this phone has been pushed out this far, but we all know Verizon tests future devices longer than anyone, often times releasing phones months after other carriers have had similar phones available. We know it’s still coming, Verizon has said as much. Hell, it’s even stopped off at the FCC.

I’ll just say this – with a Moto X unveiling set for tomorrow, your focus shouldn’t be on the HTC One at this point. See what happens tomorrow. If you don’t like what Motorola has to offer, then look to August 15.

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Cheers B, ___, and ___!

  • Idon’t Know

    This has nothing to do with testing which is really obvious.

  • osgoodschlotter

    I already closed my Verizon account. Too late, suckas!!

  • jcal1

    It sounds like everyone here is getting the message. Leave Verizon as your contracts run out (or even buy them off) – and move to AT&T. We pay hard earned money for the phones and services (don’t let them fool you with their “deals” – they make LOTS of money). I am so frustrated with Verizon’s phone rollouts that I have just had it – no more. The only reason the release iPhones on time is that Apple likely forces them to.

    I hear all this talk about Verizon’s need for extensive product testing,etc. Well, if it’s good enough for all the other carriers, then its good enough for Verizon. Verizon is getting bloated, over-confident, and lazy. Time to change carriers!

  • Joe

    FU VZW! You’ve screwed me over long enough! Switching to ATT today on the way home from work and getting the HTC One you won’t give me!
    -Sincerely, VZW customer of 12 years!

    • jcal1

      Don’t get an HTC one right now. I’d switch to AT&T but wait until the Fall when the next “new” phones will be released. Verizon has delayed you 6 months into the product cycle already. Lose Verizon, but don’t settle now when newer stuff is right around the corner.

      • Joe

        Well that’s actually a great point…just not real sure what the upcoming roadmap looks like from the different manufacturers…the specs on the HTC One still look great though. Thxs again

  • Josh Holtrust

    This pisses me off. I’m currently using an HTC One along with an iPhone 5. My i5 is on Verizon and One is on AT&T but I f#$&@!g hate AT&T so I want to get a Verizon HTC One. Ugh. Also, I’m mad at HTC. Why HTC even came out with the SINGLE CARRIER DROID DNA so close to the HTC One is just beyond me. Does anyone have a good, realistic reason as to why HTC would do that?