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Verizon HTC One Launch Bumped to August 15

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It’s July 31, and Verizon’s version of the HTC One is still not available. A previous roadmap pegged HTC’s flagship for an August 1 launch, but since August 1 is tomorrow and Big Red has yet to announce an actual launch date, we’re going to assume that it’s not coming this week. Sources of ours have also given us documentation showing that the launch date has actually moved to August 15.Β 

It’s tough to understand why this phone has been pushed out this far, but we all know Verizon tests future devices longer than anyone, often times releasing phones months after other carriers have had similar phones available. We know it’s still coming, Verizon has said as much. Hell, it’s even stopped off at the FCC.

I’ll just say this – with a Moto X unveiling set for tomorrow, your focus shouldn’t be on the HTC One at this point. See what happens tomorrow. If you don’t like what Motorola has to offer, then look to August 15.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 5.28.14 AM

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  • Idon’t Know

    This has nothing to do with testing which is really obvious.

  • osgoodschlotter

    I already closed my Verizon account. Too late, suckas!!

  • jcal1

    It sounds like everyone here is getting the message. Leave Verizon as your contracts run out (or even buy them off) – and move to AT&T. We pay hard earned money for the phones and services (don’t let them fool you with their “deals” – they make LOTS of money). I am so frustrated with Verizon’s phone rollouts that I have just had it – no more. The only reason the release iPhones on time is that Apple likely forces them to.

    I hear all this talk about Verizon’s need for extensive product testing,etc. Well, if it’s good enough for all the other carriers, then its good enough for Verizon. Verizon is getting bloated, over-confident, and lazy. Time to change carriers!

  • Joe

    FU VZW! You’ve screwed me over long enough! Switching to ATT today on the way home from work and getting the HTC One you won’t give me!
    -Sincerely, VZW customer of 12 years!

    • jcal1

      Don’t get an HTC one right now. I’d switch to AT&T but wait until the Fall when the next “new” phones will be released. Verizon has delayed you 6 months into the product cycle already. Lose Verizon, but don’t settle now when newer stuff is right around the corner.

      • Joe

        Well that’s actually a great point…just not real sure what the upcoming roadmap looks like from the different manufacturers…the specs on the HTC One still look great though. Thxs again

  • Josh Holtrust

    This pisses me off. I’m currently using an HTC One along with an iPhone 5. My i5 is on Verizon and One is on AT&T but I f#$&@!g hate AT&T so I want to get a Verizon HTC One. Ugh. Also, I’m mad at HTC. Why HTC even came out with the SINGLE CARRIER DROID DNA so close to the HTC One is just beyond me. Does anyone have a good, realistic reason as to why HTC would do that?

  • DonGoncalves

    Verizon has killed me off the HTC One. The launch is a half-year late and they’re bumping it back even farther? Plus, where’s 4.2.2 — for anyone in the US? I really wanted the One, but I’m not feeling the love here anywhere. Sadly, I am calling Uncle.

  • verizon wireless

    I work for Verizon and am going to launch and training event for Verizon which is being held next wednesday.

    • Steven Dinkins

      Sorry if I’m not quite phone savvy. Do employees normally have training for big name phones?

      • verizon wireless

        Employees have to be certified to sell big name devices. They don’t get full on training for every single device that comes out, that would take ages. But flagship devices like the Apple iPhone, Samsung GS4 and HTC One require a certification training for a sales rep to even be able to sell to a customer.

        • Steven Dinkins

          That’s what I meant by big name phones, but I understand.
          So you think the Sept 5 date will be accurate?

          • verizon wireless

            Mostly yes, unless the company decides to go against everything it has done in the past and release the phone straight out with no pre-order duration which is unlikely. Even though I work for vzw, I won’t know the exact launch date until the 7th when this event is held.

          • Tim

            Well, if you really were at this event, when did they say the release date is???

          • verizon wireless

            It will be coming out in September, pre-orders to start soon.

  • BYEE

    No matter what, I know I’m going to always end up waiting for the HTC One and I’m not going to switch to another carrier or go with a different phone like the GS4…so guess I’m just stuck in this agonizing state…

  • Kmac


  • They got the S4 out relatively soon after the other carriers, so “extensive testing” isn’t an excuse to have a phone delayed this much.

  • dcdttu

    They might as well give up. Or call it the HTC Last Year.

  • Mike Hilal

    So long as that MoDaCo app works, this might be my next phone

  • vzw-santa-clara

    The announcement is the 15th, not the official launch! I work for Verizon Wireless and I always enjoy reading rumors when people can’t figure out that when a phone is about to launch, Verizon starts taking pre-orders a month in advance. It’s kind of funny that people don’t realize that actually. The HTC One pre-orders will start August 15th, which means…ding ding ding, that’s right…it comes out in September!

    Just look at Verizon’s history in terms of phone launches (that are not Apple):

    Samsung Galaxy S3: Pre-orders started a Month and a half before launch
    HTC DROID DNA: Pre-orders started a Month before launch
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Pre-orders started a month before launch
    Samsung Galaxy S4″ Pre-orders started a month and a week before launch
    Motorola DROID MAXX, ULTRA, MINI: Pre-orders starting a month and 2 weeks before launch.

    These are only 5 recent examples. The best practice for finding out when I phone is coming out on Verizon is to check the website and see if pre-orders have started.

  • J

    You see this, hundreds of complaints from so many Verizon customers, but does Verizon care? Of course not. I hate that they don’t find several thousand of us important enough to even clue us in!

  • I can’t wait for the Note 3. Its gonna be a bad@$$ phone!

  • Jkdem85

    I think the reason for the delay is because they werent planning on releasing the phone on verizon until the whole JLo fiasco and the unproar that followed. This lead to a rushed “It’s comming” announcement a few days after.


    Perfect! just in time for a new iteration of that product to be introduced! its only been like 6 months right?

  • BusinessOwner

    I’m done with Verizon. Going to switch to TMobile tomorrow and will probably move my business’s 5 lines. This screw up should be a case study in business school…. “how to loose loyal customers” by Verizon.

  • gadget_hero

    It seems that handset vendors all seem to have a favorite carrier the only one that gets equal love is probably Samsung, mostly because they sell so many smartphones. It really seems that HTC gets most of its love from Sprint.

  • TSK

    Just received a whole box full of One accessories to our store. Otterbox cases and such, on top of the screen portectors we already had.

    • Chatterbox

      What will the price be, BRO?

      • TSK

        I was just looking through our system, we don’t have the One listed yet, so I don’t know, but we normally don’t have accessories laying around very long.

        • trixnkix637

          Unicorn I tell ya. In other news know of any VZW employee’s planning to get but sell their employee edition DROID Ultra?

  • Hexi

    I guess all is about the fact Verizon knows how much their Droid line sucks and they afraid to bring on a cool device in competition. HTC 1 is well above the branded droids, but further delay will be pointless as the moto X, newer Iphone and Note will come to the market.

    • samari711

      So what exactly is the competitive advantage for the Droid phones of having the HTC One go on sale a week before they’re are available?

      • Hexi

        You saw Droids came earlier and have all the advertisement power dedicated and they do suck and they are ugly … they are made for dictatorship regimes such as North Korea! LOL

  • connor

    I trust no leeksters, they could care less about Verizon they probably spend there whole paycheck on the best phone plan out, do not trust these articles for release dates unless it’s from Verizon’s mouth

  • MJ04

    Im most likely still going to get the HTC One on Verizon August 15th

  • angryverizoncustomer



    Verizon = ……………………… how do the FRIG do they continue to even have customers or even stay in business . FA-Q Verizon . No one wants a 7 month old phone with out dated OS now ………………… why even bother . how about update all the hardware that ALREADY OUT

    • Weber

      You seem angry with Verizon.

  • riley

    Ugh. I guess i’ll put my order in for the Droid Maxx (at retail price, of course). Verizon really doesn’t care for what the customer these days like they used to.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Everywhere I look I see that it only packs a 4mp rear camera?

    • CollegeBoyWhoLovesAndroid

      Yes but it has an unprecented sensor in it. It takes decent daylight photos but it’s the best lowlight camera on the market.

      HTC has marketed it as having “ultrapixels.” Google it.

      PS: Do you live in a box?

  • Zach Armstrong

    Its reasons like this that I’m glad I ditched Verizon and went to the Nexus 4 and so far I’m not regretting my decision

  • David Narada Brown

    Gotta sell those droids first! verizon does this on so many levels. they block out competition in apps, devices, hell they want to control your search results when using the web. Bad verizon.

  • Eric

    This is so late I don’t even want it anymore…I’m over it.

  • NickA

    As someone said, it doesn’t make sense to introduce the One days before their new Droid line will be available.

    Does anyone think Verizon will become like Apple in the sense they have big egos and will get left behind? Other carriers in the US are expanding LTE in new markets more frequently now. It a couple years coverage won’t be an issue anymore. If Verizon keeps this up, they will soon find themselves the #2 (or 3, or 4) carrier in the US.

    • T_Dizzle

      No they are already looking toward VOLTE & LTE Advanced which opens up a lot of possibilities for new services/technology.

    • verizon wireless

      Verizon is actually already working on the next generation of internet connection that goes beyond what LTE is capable of, and other carriers are still far behind. AT&T is the closest competitor with less then half the amount of LTE markets Verizon has and Sprint’s LTE network is pretty much still non-existent and T-Mobile, well their LTE is about the speed of Verizon’s 3G network. So quality will still be higher with Verizon and the reason Verizon has slowed in its launching of even more LTE networks is the fact that they are working on something much faster and better that gives room for a lot of possibilities for current users as well as new technology. Soon, LTE will be a thing of the past like 3G is becoming now.

  • Lunkman


  • Jimmy

    I’ll wait for the Iphone 5s

  • Ken

    Earlier this month I saw one article that mentioned that Verizon may be waiting until they have moved their stock of other HTC Android devices. I’ve been keeping an eye on Verizon’s website and have witnessed their lineup move from 4 HTC models down to, as of this morning, 2 models (Win 8X and Droid Incredible). I suspect that the Aug 1 date will not come to light. If the new date mentioned above doesn’t hold, I’ll be moving over to AT&T to take advantage of their new pricing. To be honest, if Verizon doesn’t come out of the gate at $79.00 I might just go to AT&T anyway!

    • Hothfox

      That will be the key bit to their success with this now. They’ll have to price it to match what other carriers are selling it for now. They really won’t be able to price it at launch prices, so they’ll lose on it.

  • Bob F

    Blah, blah, blah.. VZW has no excuse for not giving us an official release date by this point.. they are treating the One launch as if it’s just a ‘feature phone’.

    • Mark Mann

      by the time it comes out, it WILL be just a feature phone

  • SadderdaySteve


  • Chippah

    This is device is now old news.. Verizon sat on it for like 6 months..

    Hopefully the Note 3 will launch on vzw along with the other carriers…

    • Anon

      It will launch on Verizon +3 months after every other carrier.

      • Chris Schmucker

        It takes a while to adjust the logo on the home button to make it fit just right.

  • Billy Buttons

    “Do you have a business improvement idea?”

    Release devices at the same time as other carriers. When you delay it so long in such a fast paced field you lose a lot of needed hype.

  • chris125

    As long as they get the x for same price as everyone else and same time I don’t care about the one. Too little too late htc

    • Simon Belmont

      Eh. It’s not HTC that’s delayed it.

      It’s Verizon. Just saying.

      • chris125

        I know but it hurts Htc more than Verizon.

  • KG

    As cool as this phone is, I really hope it fails miserably on Verizon. This is the only way the execs at VZ will learn their lesson that releasing their phone 4 months later than the competition is not acceptable

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Verizon execs don’t care about devices, they care about service. The only thing that would teach them about devices is if they had a mass exodus linked to a specific device. Which, unless it is phone Jesus and they’re stupid enough not to carry it very close to other’s launches, won’t happen.

      • Weber

        I think the Droid line that they marketed would have to fail for them to really care. They have the iPhone, S4, and Droid line. I don’t think they care much about other devices outside of those I listed.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          They care about any device that could affect their subscriber number. The ones you mentioned are about the only ones that could (arguably, they mainly care about the DROIDs because they are Verizon’s “flagships”, and the basis of their ads). If the DROID line failed, they’d just push whatever the “popular” phones were, and the rest get press releases.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    This sucks for HTC – now we have the Moto X, the Droid family, and the announcement of the LG G2 before the One even hits their shelves…

    • Bionicman

      thats assuming the Moto X comes out for Verizon soon. I’m guessing a few months after the Droid Ultra if that. hope i’m wrong!

      • Weber

        Do you think it’s a possibility that Moto or (by chance) the Play Store could sell the CDMA version before Verizon? Or would VZW stil have to authorize the use of it on the network?

        • Bionicman

          my guess is VZW would have to authorize it and history shows us that they’ll put their droid phones front and center before anything else. it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Moto X come with LTE for all carriers similar to the Nexus 7 (2nd gen), all im saying is it WOULD be surprising for VZW to release it at the same exact time as their Droid Ultra.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Depending on the Price of the Moto X… I may still have my eyes on the HTC ONE…. if it doesn’t launch with 4.2.2 after all this time…. I’m done

    • Simon Belmont

      Don’t count on it having it. No one else in the US has Android 4.2.2 on the HTC One yet.

      I suppose the delayed launch could mean they’re testing Android 4.2.2 on it, but I doubt it. We’ll see.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I mean there have been new rumors of it Launching with 4.2.2 on Android blogs… but we’ll see

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Now that delay, I would grudgingly accept. I’d rather have it in my hand today, but if they’d prefer to launch with the new software, at least that is a reasonable decision.

          • Steven Webb

            Especially with the upgrades that the update brings. Not having quick toggles was KILLING me.

  • Detonation

    “It’s tough to understand why this phone has been pushed out this far, but we all know Verizon tests future devices longer than anyone”

    I don’t think this had to do with testing…this was business strategy. They wanted to maximize the sales of the DNA before releasing a new flagship HTC phone. The average customer doesn’t know new phones coming and just buys whatever is available.

    • Simon Belmont

      I think Verizon just doesn’t care about it much. At this point it’s not seen as a “brand new” device anymore to the general public, and Verizon would rather push their DROID brand.

      Don’t get me wrong, as the HTC One is a great phone. My wife has one, and loves it.

    • Bob

      Finally someone who understands.

      • michael arazan

        Too bad the average consumer doesn’t understand. Consumers actually have purchasing powers but fail to utilize them

    • sktech

      The DNA is no longer on VZW’s website.

    • D.B.Evans

      My personal guess is that Verizon originally had no intention of getting the One ever. They had the Droid DNA (a rebranded Butterfly), and likely would have eventually released the DNA 2 now that the Butterfly S has been released.

      My suspicion is that when Motorola approached Verizon about becoming the sole provider of Droid phones, Verizon realized they had to back out of any DNA 2 plans, and they then decided late to get the One (HTC may have even made it a condition for backing out of DNA 2 committments, if any – we will never know the behind the scenes details of Verizon’s negotiations with any manufacturer); but with Verizon’s notoriously long approval process and the late start on that approval – it resulted in the yet-t-happen absurdly late-to-the-party release of the HTC One on Verizon.

  • cmdr430

    something must be coming. Just looked at verizon website and DNA is not on it…..

    • btod

      Likely due to end of inventory. They’ve been running clearance style sales for the dna since May. Doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something immediately on the horizon. They’re not obligate to always have an htc phone for sale .

  • Ryan N

    FN embarrassing. Verizon has the most clout out of any carrier and yet they release devices weeks, if not months in this case, after the other carriers. Sad. Do they realize that their customers are jumping ship in favor of carriers that satisfy their hardware related needs?…

    • Chris Schmucker

      Hate to break it to you but people arent jumping ship from Verizon. We (the select few <1%) are jumping but, the average everyday consumer is flocking towards Verizon. Just look at their last quarters results. Its insane.

      • aQuickBit

        A select few of the select few are “jumping”. There are thousands of Droid Life users daily who make up 1% of the wireless consumerbase, but you can’t say that all of us tech enthusiasts are jumping simply because we all visit the same website. That is silly. The ones who are “jumping” are the few users who care enough to register for Disqus and voice their displeasure of Verizon.

        Yeah, I have had a few too many customer service complaints on the telephone with them (none of which in-store), but I am staying with them because of the service. Yeah we “hate” them (as a community), but when you live in bumblef*ck nowhereville and still want LTE then you choose Verizon (or AT&T if you are lucky). You are an idiot if you attempt T-Mobile or Sprint just for the sake of “sticking it to the man” where I am (which is actually a very big portion of the USA in general).

        There are also a lot of users here who have the privilege to switch because they live close to major cities (NY, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, etc) where LTE will be supported so I don’t doubt a lot of those people will in fact make the switch, but it isn’t every single Droid Life user.

        Finally there are most likely teens and college kids on here who are doing the whole “rebel” thing. Teens, who just regurgitate the popular opinion to “be cool” even though they aren’t even paying for their wireless service…their parents are (since anyone online can be any age, it is safe to assume there are these annoying teens who do this here).

        Then you have the college kids who may or may not pay for their wireless service and may make up the majority of the sites’ users (I would think it is in the range of 18-26 year olds). If they are still with mom and pop, then either they aren’t going to complain or they will just to do so which doesn’t make any sense and is immature. If they are paying for their service then most likely they will be going for T-Mobile anyway because most college kids don’t have a steady income to allow them to pay for a 2 year, semi-overly-priced contract.

        So wrapping it up, the few who are jumping to Verizon are the 1% of 1% tech enthusiasts who are the “we” you speak of. They are the ones with city-like options who actually have spent/paid 2 years with Verizon on their own, which means they are most likely over the age of 24 at the minimum. I just can’t stand that when I come to the comments section EVERY SINGLE DAY, the top however many comments are the same…”lol does any1 else h8 Verizon?!!1!??”. Now obviously this article has to do with Verizon explicitly, but I can find comments like this on articles that are totally unrelated! There are probably ones on the Chromecast article as I type. I am sorry for the rant, but I hope whoever cares enough to read this understands. Have a good day everyone.

        • Chris Schmucker

          TL:DR: He disagrees and is complaining about everyone constantly complaining about Verizon.

          • aQuickBit

            Thanks for the insightful retort.

        • Mark Mann

          i’m quite happy on verizon, for the time being, the only thing i dislike is paying 200 dollars a month, but that’s our own doing, with 4 lines…that may just be because i’ve liked moto phones since the original droid. but, if vzw somehow figures out a way to get rid of my unlimited data i’ll be gone

  • Rob

    I really would have bought this if it had been released at the same time as all of the other carriers. Hell, if it was released within a month or two even! Now I play the waiting game… again.

    • btod

      There are a lot of people that have come to the same conclusion as you. I know i have! Whats worse is when this results in lower sales of the One, Verizon’s gonna assume its because its because its not a popular phone.

      • EC8CH

        Are you saying people didn’t flock to tiered data plans because they wanted to?

      • Rob

        I don’t get it, I mean this is a lose-lose scenario for everyone. HTC doesn’t sell as many phones, Verizon doesn’t sell as many phones (I would be paying full MSRP to retain unlimited data), the end user doesn’t get what he/she wants within a reasonable time frame. As soon as Verizon conjures up a way to get rid of unlimited data completely I am jumping ship and grabbing a Nexus device and going prepaid (or at least bring my own device to T-Mobile or AT&T and go back to that GSM goodness I left years ago).

        • Sean

          You’re forgetting that a good majority of the consumers out there have little idea of what the HTC One is. Most people walk into Verizon and ask the sales rep what is good. All they know is the iPhone exists, is incredibly popular, and therefore must be good, and that the Samsung Galaxy S4 exists. It’s the sales reps who will make the One popular… regardless of how long Verizon took to get it out the gate.

          We (sadly) are the only ones who agonize over these delays.

          • Rob

            Thanks for reminding me, I always forget not everyone is like us. And by us I mean tech whores that just have to have the latest and greatest at whatever costs!

            I’m a simple man with simple needs. I’m actually thinking about getting an nvidia shield – why? Because I want to use it as a media player basically with some GTA action. It might let me hang onto my Galaxy S3 a bit longer too. But it’s a gamble… lol

        • D.B. Evans

          Well, not for everyone … it was a win for Samsung having no other new high-end devices on Verizon for several months.

          • Rob

            Touche. Didn’t even think about it like that!

    • Weber

      They could’ve re-signed so many contracts.

      • Rob

        This is true. I feel like it’s a total lose-lose for everyone, except maybe the DROID Ultra line of products (if this is why Verizon has the timing it does in order to not cannibalize sales on the DROID Ultra line).

  • EC8CH

    “I’ll just say this – with a Moto X unveiling set for tomorrow”

    Wink Wink nudge nudge

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat

  • Weber

    I’m really not even interested in this phone anymore because of Verizon dragging their feet made of my money.

  • InvaderDJ

    That September 4th or 5th date is starting to make more and more sense. We literally haven’t heard anything from Verizon besides the initial Twitter announcement on the One.

    Here’s hoping the 15th date holds and that Verizon hasn’t done something to irrevocably screw up this phone…

  • Hothfox

    I don’t think they’re just testing it anymore, I think they’re probably deliberately delaying it so it doesn’t compete with their new Droid line. The Moto X isn’t a Verizon exclusive, so I don’t see that being the reason.

    • InvaderDJ

      If the 15th is the actual date the One releases that doesn’t make any sense. Don’t the new DROIDs come out around the end of August? Verizon delaying the One until the 15th just makes the One more competition.

      • Anon

        Exactly. Would make more sense to release the One when it was launched on other carriers then shove it to the side and promote your new DROID line.

        • Hothfox

          It will still probably get shoved to the side when the Droids come out.

      • Hothfox

        Eh, good point. You can preorder the Droids already though, which is more than you can say for their HTC One. The people who really want the One are the same people who would preorder a phone.

      • Weber

        I could see them ANNOUNCING it on the 15th, but it not being available til way after the new Droids come out. Hype up their own device on launch date and thereafter, then just add the One to the website without saying much about it.

    • EC8CH

      Verizon delaying a phone release to improve sales of their Droid brand…


  • jnt

    I don’t get why VZW seems to be treating this phone like “just another phone”… waiting until a day before to officially announce it (or bump it back now), delaying it so long (regardless of their “testing”). HTC should’ve really pushed Verizon harder once this phone gained its early success. Having it on the biggest U.S. carrier will help them out at least a little bit.

    • EdLessard

      You’ve nailed it. To them it just IS another phone. They really don’t have to try anymore. They’ve secured themselves with the best network, and now they sit back and wait. They’ve invested ridiculous money in LTE rollout and they are still reaping record profits. The backbone of their business are people that have no idea about the stuff we agonize about on a daily basis. It’s sad, and lonely for us, but true.

      • jnt

        Exactly – which I guess is fine for the normal consumer…

  • NexusPhan69

    Just made the jump to T-Mobile. Still have my GNex on Verizon for a few more months tho. Side-by-side, Nexus 4 on T-Mobile HSPA+ was just as fast as Verizon 4GLTE at my home and office with service available the entire back roads drive between them. T-Mobile map also shows I have LTE available in both towns. Gotta wait for the Moto X to find out. Goodbye Verizon. I will never look back.

    • PhoenixPath

      Did the same thing, though I may look back to laugh at my own stupidity for not doing it sooner occasionally. πŸ˜‰

    • JetRanger

      Same here. Been using a TMobile GS4 for the past month here on Long Island and the surrounding NY Metro area. The experience has been great. In fact, I see more 4G LTE than I do with VZW; even in areas where VZW is spotty 3G only. Tormorrow is 8/1 and I will be porting my number over to T-Mobile. For the 1% of the time I’m out of this area I’ll deal with T-Mobile’s “crappy” coverage and enjoy the $900+ over two years will be saving by making the switch.

      • NexusPhan69

        I hear the T-Mobile NY metro area LTE is blazing fast. I’m on the CT shoreline so I can’t wait to find out with the Moto X. What plan do you have? I’m on the $30 unlimited data/text, 100 minutes. I’m saving $60 a month here after taxes and couldn’t be happier so far.

    • Simon Belmont

      Me too. My wife and I jumped over from Sprint about a month ago and have been extremely pleased with that decision.

      I grabbed a second hand (but great condition) Galaxy Nexus, for a steal, to use on T-Mobile (waiting for next Nexus phone in the fall) and my wife is rocking an HTC One. The data speed, cost, billing transparency, and the fact that I’m not tied to what phone’s my carrier tells me I can have anymore, is awesome.

    • Tim242

      Tmobile’s coverage map does not show LTE coverage. It shows 3G/4G coverage for HSPA, HSPA+,and LTE

      • NexusPhan69

        False. If it has LTE, it says LTE. If not, it’s only 4G.

        • Tim242

          That map does not specify between 3G/4G/LTE coverage. Look at the key. It says 3G/4G/LTE signal strength.

          • NexusPhan69

            Look at the “4G LTE” (above) versus “4G” (below). It may not tell you only LTE strength, but it can certainly tell you if the market has LTE.

          • Tim242

            Look at what mine says. I’m in n LTE market, as listed in their list of LTE cities. You will notice mine doesn’t say LTE, or even 4G. Their maps are crap

          • NexusPhan69

            You need to zoom in more and click on the map. I just entered the zip code you have above and show “4G” where your pin is located and “4G LTE” as you get closer to the center of town, confirming you are in an LTE market. πŸ™‚

          • Steven Webb

            I can confirm that their maps suck. I wanted to switch to TMo so bad! Judging by the map that the sales rep showed me, it looked like I’d be fine. Thank god I didn’t close my VZW account because my coverage sucked…

          • Tim242

            OK, I found what you are talking about. But, their maps should show that. Every other carrier does.

          • NexusPhan69

            I know. It’s really terrible. It was one of the reasons I took so long to switch.

          • NexusPhan69

            T-Mobile’s words, not mine.

      • robie

        Negative do your research. ..T Mobile switched their LTE towers on about a month ago, covering over 157million people with LTE now and over 120 major cities. This is the reason I left Verizon for T Mo because their coverage, LTE and downloads speeds are just as good and I dont have to wait a damn year to get a phone that every other carrier has been had. If you think about it they waited so long to get this device that the HTC TWO might be out in 6 months

    • col3rsc

      I jumped ship a few weeks ago and I’m very happy. For me, T-Mobile is actually faster than Verizon in Douglasville, GA. I’m loving the HTC ONE and I should have made the change sooner.

    • Khaf

      Yeah I was talking s*** about tmobile for a long time but switched almost a month ago and took 2 of my 4 lines off of verizon. Out here in Columbus Ohio I get better call quality, data speeds, and customer service at local locations. I now plan to add my mother and oldest daughters lines to T-mobile. Goodbye Verizon. After many years I can truly say I am happy with my phone service. I know people might jump on here and bash me but was using Verizon for years as a team on my moms account and then my own line in 2009 after switching over from T-mobile when I was stationed in Hawaii. I really like the direction T-mobile has been going in lately. I also switched from the S4 to the HTC One and my goodness its way better than the S4. I had the Facinate, S3, S4, Thunderbolt, and Droid DNA. Ive had more phones but thos are the Samsung and HTC phones I had on Verizon. My fiance has the S4 and is a little tight after using my phone for a little bit. i never thought Id say it but even after owning the Droid 1, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 4, This is the best device ever. I dont even care abot roms anymore accept for theming. My advice to anyone is if you dont live somewhere far out like Idaho or Motana get T-mobile. Even when I have just one bar of service my calls and data are superb and now I have plenty of money left over in my pocket and my Government discount hasnt even kicked in yet. I almost forgot HTC is a little slow to update but when your phone is an update behind a phone like the S4 but is still a better experiance theres not much to complain about.

    • Josh Holtrust

      Have fun. I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile because I was tired of Verizon and their slow releases. Had T-Mobile for 2 months and was miserable. Paid the ETF and went running back to Verizon. PS: Don’t take a cross country road trip with T-Mobile. You’ll have no signal half the time and be roaming the other half unless you’re near a major city.

      • NexusPhan69

        You mean to tell you switched to T-Mobile on contract? That was really foolish. The entire point of T-Mobile is to be contract free so that you can switch at any moment I want with no ETF. And I can deal with no service on a road trip when I save $600 a year. To each his own. It definitely works for my needs.

        • Josh Holtrust

          I switched to T-Mobile before they changed their plans to be contract free.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    So reading between the lines, you expect the Moto X to be such a compelling device that it will take over from the HTC One to be the best Android device?

    That press embargo must be KILLING you guys. You’re dropping almost as many hints as Moto these days πŸ˜›

    • NexusPhan69

      The press embargo is killing me too.

    • EC8CH

      You’re KILLING Me Smalls

      • mustbepbs

        Ahhh, back when they used to cast ugly kids in movies. Now everyone is a Justin Bieber look-alike.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Those Justin beaber wannabes ARE ugly lol

      • Bi0nic

        Classic. Wonder if today’s youth even recognize this hero.

        • Chris Schmucker

          The great hambino!

  • moew

    So what is launching on 8/8?

    • NexusPhan69


  • Bigsike

    Bumped UP to August 15th lol.

    • Bi0nic

      They might as well not even launch it. ATT is getting a lot of devices and all Verizon has to show for is an exclusive on the Droid line…which isn’t all that great. The Lumia 928 is basically the Lumia 920 in a different package.

  • LiterofCola

    They really don’t care about this device I take it.

    • Kelvin Tso

      Yah, with the new Droid Lineup coming, and the MOTO X reveal, I think HTC is last on their list….maybe above LG.

    • Eric R.

      They also don’t care about the DROID DNA. Its still stuck on 4.1 with Sense 4

      • Mitchman

        It only took two years for the HTC Thunderbolt to go from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich! I wouldn’t buy HTC anything on Verizon.

      • Justin W

        If it makes you feel better, the unlocked US One hadn’t gotten 4.2.2 while several other unlocked Ones have had it for months.

    • Verizon

      No, not really.

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

        • Dylan Patel

          Thanks for telling us instead of just upvoting him.