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Official Asus-made Accessories for the New Nexus 7 to Include Travel Cover, Premium Cover, and Screen Protector

nexus 7 case

Typically, when Google releases a new Nexus product, we don’t see official accessories arrive for it at the time of launch. In the past, it has taken months before we have seen docks and cases, even though they are often times on hand when the products are unveiled. With the new Nexus 7 that was announced earlier this week, accessories weren’t a part of the party, however, Amazon is listing out at least three official Asus-made products with their listings for the device. None are available just yet, but if the listings are showing up, we could be close.

According to the Nexus 7 product page, we’re looking at a travel cover (pictured above) in at least six different colors. It looks similar in design to last year’s official Asus Nexus 7 TPU case, but obviously has been changed to match the ports and design of the new 7-incher. The listing also shows a premium case with a cover that flips into a stand, along with a set of screen protectors for protecting that beautiful FHD display.

We’ve got the product descriptions below. 

Travel Case

  • Made from light yet durable polymer
  • Provides improved damage resistance everywhere you go
  • Special inserts for connectors allows you to charge without removing the cover, keeping your Nexus 7 FHD protected at all times.
  • Available in 5 vibrant colors: Orange, Blue, Pink, Green, and Dark Grey

Premium Case

nexus 7 case premium

  • Soft microfiber and durable polyurethane construction.
  • Features a folding-cover that can prop up the tablet like a stand.
  • Two positions – One to watch movies, one to type on the tablet.
  • Cut-outs and inserts tailored for all of Nexus 7 FHD’s camera, ports, and buttons.
  • Slim and sturdy design fully protects the Nexus 7 FHD front and back from everyday bumps and scratches.
  • Available in black and white.

Screen Protector

nexus 7 screen protector

  • Two screen protectors in one packages: 1x Matte Screen Protector, 1x Glossy Screen Protector.
  • Includes 1x Squeegees and 1x Cleaning Cloth to help you apply the screen protector smoothly without bubbles
  • Proprietary technology to resist bubbles, glare, fingerprints and guards against scratches

Amazon Links:  Travel Case | Premium Case (no link yet) | Screen Protector

Update:  More info on each case is available at Asus’ site – Premium Cover | Travel Cover

Cheers Bradley!

  • Amanda

    I just got my tablet and I’m looking for a good keyboard case, what do you think about the first one here? http://rozalex.hubpages.com/hub/New-Nexus-7-2013-Cases-and-Sleeves

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  • Katy

    Check out Portenzo. They’re taking preorders today. http://shop.portenzo.com/new-nexus-7/

  • Katy

    These are ok but check out Portenzo. They’re taking preorders today. http://shop.portenzo.com/new-nexus-7/

  • Rene Barba

    Asus has step by step pictured instructions on how to fold the Premium Cover. Seriously Asus?

  • Asset Mobile LLC

    Of course they are going to do this. This how they make most of there money anyway.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Check out the Playstore. They have a sleeve for $29.99 not yet available.

  • jcorf

    I’ll probably go with the premium case but is there a good keyboard to go with it..?

  • Matt

    does the new nexus 7 still have the magnetic auto-wake feature (if you have a magnetic cover for it) like the old one does?

    • JamesU513

      I don’t know, but both Asus cases do NOT have the feature listed

    • MReprogle

      I believe it does.. All of the new Dodo cases for the 2013 Nexus 7 has this as on of their features. Not sure why they would advertise it as such, on every one of their new covers.


  • apogee82
    • apogee82

      ^ That was me.

  • Chippah

    Anyone getting SICK and TIRED or getting screwed on Little to no Nexus Accessories?
    FOUR TIMES NOW I have felt like I have gotten the shaft.
    I never thought I would say it but I think im done with Nexus devices
    until they figure this all out..

    Going with a Note 3 after my gnex upgrade is up. …

    • blackjaguar25

      What accessories do you need there little buddy? Your phone or tablet and choice of cases not enough for ya? Who did this to you? Who hurt you? Tell me!

      Seems like you have a…..

      chippah on your shoulder.

      • Chippah

        TSSSS TSSSS, I guess Google cant “COVER US” in Accessories or sumptin?
        Ever own a N10? you know how annoying it is to plug it in to charge since they cant standardise the stupid USB direction?

        How about a dock? google releases daydreams, no dock to show it off.

        • blackjaguar25

          Oh yeah I know the more accessories the better. Maybe someday we’ll get what we need. I was just bustin your balls.

  • Chippah

    Why must everyone follow apple with the same LAME colors?
    You can get BLACK, RED or “WOMAN COLORS”

    • JimmyHACK

      Dammit! No Purple!

      • Chippah

        No but you can get, Stupid Mario Batali Crocs shoes Orange!

  • MichaelFranz

    Premium case please 🙂

  • NYAvsFan

    Links don’t appear to be working.

    • JimmyHACK

      Article states, links are not live yet

  • normmcgarry

    Travel Case link is broken for me. But I see what’s going on here… these are Affiliate links. You guys get some money if I buy using these links. Hope you just made some money on my Nexus 7 purchase then. 😉

    • JimmyHACK

      Note under link says they are not live yet

  • sc4fpse

    Question: Are they already in stores waiting for the Nexus 7 launch date?
    Answer: Nope. We’ll see them in seven months, *if* we’re lucky.

  • JimmyHACK

    Hmm decisions, decisions

  • BrianLipp

    aaannnddd they still cant put magnets in their covers for auto sleep/wake or to keep the cover from flying open if you dont hold it correctly. Looks like Poetic or one of the other many covers on Amazon are gonna be the go to choices again.

    • EC8CH

      “Official” cases for the N7 have always paled in comparison to the 3rd party ones.

  • mattj78

    Gotta throw my old dock out I guess? Would it be so hard to make accessories that last more than one generation and also work across the entire Nexus range? It’s astonishing that you can’t even use a universal dock for your Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 as the usb ports are a different way up on each device. I hate the way Apple do a lot of things but they get the accessories right

    • Xious

      Couldn’t agree more. I love my Android devices, but I am jealous of the accessories that the IOS devices have. I just don’t understand why Apple understands but Google/Motorola/Samsung/HTC/….. doesn’t.

      • Guest

        Riiiiight, like how Apple went and changed their universal charging port?

        I think they’re both guilty…it’s just comes with the territory right now, so I think we’re just going to have to accept it and not invest too heavily into accessories if it bothers you.

        • SladeNoctis

          Lets be honest here, it took Apple a long time to change there charging port. Now for some android products specifically the pogo pins its a joke to compare with apple’s 30 pin connector. First we had the Galaxy Nexus with the pogo pins, received a late dock for a expensive price and the pogo pins were scrapped on the Nexus 4 which also applies for the Nexus 7. Then the Nexus 10 didn’t even get a official dock from Google instead third party manufacturers took the time to actually make a cable for the Nexus 10’s pogo pins. Which is sad since Nexus 10 could have been sweet with a magnetic keyboard dock with a battery inside. There’s also the HTC One X which pogo pins were only used in its dock. So there both guilty but i feel like manufacturers on the Android side have been guilty too many times.

          • ChrisPollard77

            I agree. A keyboard dock with additional battery, maybe some USB ports, and replacing my wife’s transformer would be a no brainer. As far as charging goes, I think they’re hoping the Qi charging mats will take off. I just ordered one last night that I plan to build into a dock of my own making that will hopefully work with both my nexus 4 and new nexus 7. If it goes well, I’m going to order a second charger so I can have one at home AND at work.

        • Xious

          They changed their port for the first time after having 5 iterations of their phone and at least 4 iterations of their tablet. Now, all their new devices use the same connector. Trust me, I would choose Android over IOS every day, but Apple has been guilty once while every Android manufacture is guilty for every device. Look at Motorola, they can’t even come out with two phones that share the same design. Android manufacturers can’t even decide which way the micro-usb should fit in to the device. That’s just ridiculous!

          • George264

            The worse part is some companies think having an upside down micro usb is good, the most mainstream one, HTC. I love HTC phones to death but why? Why upside down?
            Apple took less than a year to make all of their current lineup using lightning. Even all their ipods use lightning.

          • LionStone

            What do you mean? Mounted on the bottom of the device? The flat side facing up? The DNA and og N7, both have the same exact placement for micro USB connection, bottom center, flat side up.

          • George264

            The flat side facing up, yes. HTC phones started doing that since the Sensation I’m pretty sure. The usual microUSB placement is the angled side facing up and the flat on the bottom. Samsung, Motorola, and HTC phones before the Sensation all did that.

          • Lwabbit22

            Let’s not assume that you can use the same accessories with an Apple product for the past 5 years. Each tablet iteration has been changed in some way. A case for an original iPad may not fit an iPad 2, etc. If you are talking phone, it’s the same thing. Each iteration has some slight change. Only the 4 -> 4S did not change, except if you have a Verizon phone where the switch was a little different. Not only that, in between the releases of the 30-pin port, some accessories stopped when Apple changed (something, I forget what it was)… you would get messages on your phone that the accessory may not be compatible with your device. The only thing that remained the same for Apple these 5 years is the charger itself. An original charger can still charge their latest non-lightening port devices. This is the same for all Nexus devices, same charger (microUSB).

          • Xious

            I don’t think cases can be included in this discussion. Every phone since the time of the car phone has been different. Every Nokia phone was different, every flip phone was different, etc. So every case is going to different. That has been a given since day one and will always be the same.

            However, if I purchase a car dock, I would like it to fit more than just my one phone. Look at all the different IOS car docks, dekstop docks, speakers, chargers, etc. They are pretty much all compatible with the entire line of Apple products ranging from phones to tablets to mp3 players. Not one Android manufacturer can claim the same, including Google’s Nexus line. Look at how many car stereos can plug into an Apple product and play music, watch videos, show information, and charge all at the same time. I don’t think there’s one stereo that can do that with an Android. Yes you could go bluetooth, but that will not charge the device and will not do things such as video.

            I’m sorry. I love my Android and will never switch over to IOS, but something has to change!

          • Lwabbit22

            Can’t argue with that. I think that’s why I’m seeing so many homemade Lego docks… You can reassemble to make it fit your new device.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That’s a limitation of the connection protocol, not an issue with the OEM. Apple’s 30 pin and lightning connector has always had a set of connection protocols and APIs for 3rd-party connection and control via the “charging port”. Technically, there is nothing stopping any Android OEM from doing the same via MHL/SlimPort/USB, but they probably don’t see a point in it either when the only major difference is video, as BT is fine for everything from navigation to music. My 2013 VW in-dash system pulls everything via BT from my Razr with any issues at all, and no need to plug anything in unless it needs to charge (and yes, iPhone can do this as well). Bluetooth really is a great tech that really is ripe for pushing forward with truly OS-agnostic connection solutions.

          • josiah

            I have a car dock for a droid x2. Did not want to buy another for my s3 and miraculously it fits. Not a good fit but it hasn’t fallen out yet.

          • Innocent

            It really depends on what you consider guilty. Not standardizing a shape/docking format? Then yeah, probably Google. However, all Android devices have micro USB and BT (and I think magnets?). Is it really Google’s fault 3rd parties can’t design an elegant solution?

            To me it seems simple at least, just make things like all those wireless Lumia/WIndows phone accessories. They’re basically all the same elegant design; connect over BT and place phone in unassuming spot. Perhaps Google should mandate that all Android devices require NFC for easy “tap” BT pairing.

            But if you’re talking about ripping people off, then Apple is more guilty. People forget that 3rd party companies have to pay licensing fees to use their proprietary connector format. Apple has no reason to change their connector. They make tons of money by selling little accessories so that users can connect to universal formats (i.e. HDMI, VGA, etc). And whatever they don’t make from their own sales, they makes from the licensing fees to 3rd party companies.

    • Riiiiight, like how Apple went and changed their universal charging port and orphaned the majority of their accessories?

      I think they’re both guilty…it’s just comes with the territory right now, so I think we’re just going to have to accept it and not invest too heavily into accessories if it bothers you.

      • mattj78

        Apple did it once in 9 years. Google can’t even keep the ports the same on two models in the same generation. Why should we accept it? Why shouldn’t people expect their accessories to last more than one generation. I don’t get why Google don’t give it more thought, people like accessories. If they kept their ports sane and gave them a few years the accessory market could be so much better.

    • brkshr

      Then they get hammered with people saying they aren’t innovating anything new… With ever evolving tech, comes change. Accept it.

      If they did make it the same size as last year. You would have to take the cover off to use the back camera. Or should they have not included a back camera, so you could use the same cover?

      • mattj78

        They wouldn’t get hammered by anyone if they’d released the Nexus 7 and said “good news the dock we released 6 months ago for $40 will still work with this model”

        My issue is not with change but with Google’s complete slapdash approach to the accessory market. The pogo pins seem to come and go at random – sometimes they get used, sometimes they don’t. The USB ports are sometimes one way up and sometimes another. Sometimes the accessories don’t come out for 6 months, if at all, and then don’t work properly and disappear never to be seen again. Why should any accessory manufacturers even consider making stuff for Nexus devices when they can’t even get the basics right?

        • Trevor

          This frustrates me too. I wish they (they being whoever is in charge of the whole microUSB thing) would tweak the charging ports so the plug could be upside down or right side up when plugged in (Apple did this part right, too). That would at least solve one of the problems you mentioned.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            since the contacts are on a plate in the center of the port, it is inherently not reversible. to make it reversible, they would have put the contacts on the outside face of the port, or make the center plate bigger to give enough space to ensure that the signal and power contacts will never interfere with each other. Both solutions also add contact material and design complexity, both of which drive up costs.

            While the reversible connector is nice to have, a keyed connector is not really a gigantic hassle. The port “flips” on devices based on the mounting position on the mainboard, since the “bottom” of the port must always be facing the board.

        • brkshr

          As a former VZW GNex owner, I definitely get the POGO thing. For whatever reason (I suspect the price of making a POGO dock) I just don’t think that POGO is catching on. Sure users like us, visiting DL, want it really bad. But maybe most consumers don’t feel the need for POGO & the price that comes with it. This is where Qi Wireless Charging is taking the place of POGO. Qi is catching on & becoming widespread with many manufactures making chargers. So Google jumped on that bandwagon.

          I also agree that the accessory availability & the time frame of release for Nexus accessories is horrendous. They really need to do something about that!

          I just don’t get why we would want our new phones/tablets to be the exact same dimensionally & port/peripherally as last years models. Even the all mighty S3 & S4 came with completely different dimensions & accessories. Manufacturers are constantly making things thinner & upgrading sensors, like the camera, necessitating a need for a physical change to the device. It’s just inherent with this new, evolving tech.

          • Guest

            I don’t want it to the exact same size. I haven’t said that. I’d just like the Nexus devices to use the same charging/docking solution year after year. Why not pick a solution and stick with it? It could easily be a USB port stuck in the middle of the device at the bottom – how hard would that be? Then the accessory makers could know that if they produce a dock for the Nexus devices this year there’s a good chance it’ll work next year and 3 years down the line.

          • mattj78

            I don’t want it to the exact same size. I haven’t said that. I’d just like the Nexus devices to use the same charging/docking solution year after year. Why not pick a solution and stick with it? It could easily be a USB port stuck in the middle of the device at the bottom – how hard would that be? Then the big accessory makers could know that if they produce a dock for the Nexus devices this year there’s a good chance it’ll work next year and 3 years down the line.

          • brkshr

            The size thing was more directed at the OP.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            It is not quite as simple as you seem to think. The Apple docks and accessories that are “universal” are stable because the connector is extremely robust and at least minimally structural, so it can support the weight of the device without being deformed. So, if a thinner device comes out, you can use the same dock because it doesn’t need additional support. However, micro USB is quite simply not built with that in mind, nor should it be, as that would create a requirement for ports being able to to handle W x Y x Z structural loads, which would drive up costs. The primary reason that micro USB was adopted as the primary connector standard for portable device charging ports was because of its low cost to implement.

            So, with microUSB, you could make a dock, but if the support that you built into the dock does not relieve the stress on the connector, either it or the port on the device will be damaged, which is absolutely not acceptable.

          • mattj78

            I don’t think it’s simple, I didn’t say it was but right now accessory manufacturers can’t even start to think of a support solution because Google don’t even make sure the USB ports are the same way around.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            The USB port orientation and position is often dictated by design choices which are ultimately more important than ensuring backwards compatibility with accessories. Since the Apple ports are not keyed, they have more flexibility in that department, but it also has its own drawbacks, as I outlined above.

            The big accessory makers will make items based on projected demand and OEM incentive. They probably prefer that a device not be backwards compatible, as they can then sell yet more accessories for the new device.

    • mnog

      Picked up the new nexus 7 yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find that it DOES work with the official nexus 4 wireless charging dock. Though it only stays on it in landscape orientation. See here: http://imgur.com/aPfNCOA

      • mattj78

        Now that is good news. Hopefully the new nexus phone will also continue to use it – or one of a new design

  • Jeff Helget

    Here’s another question… does it still have the auto-wake feature?

  • Detonation

    Hopefully they got their act together for this product release and these accessories are available soon, not in 6 months. Though is the official cover is anything like the original one, I will pass. The premium case looks promising, hoping its $10 for travel case, $20 for the premium but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was double those

  • Rusty Shackleford

    All of which will be available next March.

  • EC8CH

    In the past the Asus Accessories have always kind of sucked… I’d wait for some better 3rd party cases personally.

  • Phil Oakley

    Come on, give us a dock. Although, would the old Nexus 7 dock work?

    I’m guessing the Wireless Charging Orb wouldn’t hold something as big as the Nexus 7.

    • silver_arrow

      Don’t think so as this one doesn’t have the pogo pins

    • Guessing it won’t work. Some decent changes to the body and design this time around.

      • BrianLipp

        does the new N7 even have pogo pin connectors?

        • EC8CH

          wireless charging now

          • mgamerz

            Yet no wireless charging dock. How convenient.

          • Ian

            Works with any Qi wireless charging station

          • mgamerz

            Yeah but some consumers don’t know what that means. That’s why official accessories exist.

          • Ian

            While I will agree with you that a majority of consumers are dumb, I will have to disagree that their lack of intelligence is the reason companies sell ‘official’ accessories.

          • mgamerz

            Well that’s one reason. The other is $$$$$$$$$$