Quick Look: Official Nexus 7 Case

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When stock of the official Nexus 7 case returned late last week, we made sure to order a few in case the demand was still high enough that Google could sell through them. Well, they arrived today, and we decided to take a quick look at one before we dive into a contest. Yes, we just said “contest.” 

As expected, the case is TPU, so it feels just like rubber or any of the many cases you have likely placed on a phone over the years. It has a soft texture on the back that mimics that of the device, along with cutouts for all of your ports. There is a front flap for protection and nothing to actually latch it into place. If you give it a press, it will stick for a while, but once you turn the device over with case attached, it will open up.

It feels well-made, but for those that are curious, it does not include a magnet for auto-sleep and wake functionality. Is it worth $19.99? Eh, maybe. Again, it feels like a quality product, but we have already highlighted options that will run you under $10 that include the auto-sleep fun.

So enough of that talk, let’s jump into a video. After the video is done, check back to the home page for a contest. Like I said in the beginning, we have a handful to give away.




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