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Here is Google’s New Google Maps Commercial, Please Rock Out


The new Google Maps v7.0 was released last night. It’s awesome. This is the new commercial. Detroit Rock City.

  • Mobile User

    I am DEVASTATED by the new Google Maps. I loved that app. I could CRY. I especially don’t like the Apple inspired circular icons they are now using.

  • inzandity

    I half expected a top 40 track, or hipster garbage that I wouldn’t normally “rock out” too, but I was pleased with Detroit Rock City! m/(>_<)m/

    Awesome commercial too. Now to search Kiss on Spotify…

  • mujahid

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  • napes22

    Anyone figure out how to get this to work on the Note 2?

  • subcafe

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  • Android User

    So far I am very DISAPPOINTED with the new Google Maps. Any influence Apple has had on Google Maps has decreased the quality of the app. This was a a nearly perfect App. It is one the most used, most useful, and most well written applications I’ve ever used. Apple’s influence has lessened the quality and accuracy of the maps. I hope to elaborate more when I’ve had more experience with the maps and app itself. What does the Google community think? I’d like to hear everyone’s opinion, both positive and negative.

    P.S. The App is still great, but why would you take any influence from Apple and Apple Maps when they were admittedly “VERY POOR” and “INACCURATE” . Why would you try and mimic an admittedly (i.e. Tim Cooks admission) poor and inaccurate product.

  • Looks great!
    two things though, Do taxi drivers really welcome alternate directions from the passenger? Love the look that it was recorded with Google Glass.

    • Ultimately the customer is right. It doesn’t really matter if they welcome it or not seeing as they’ll get paid regardless. Honestly I think they would like it since they could quickly drop this guy off, get paid, and continue with another passenger and nickel and dime them instead. More pay in less time!

    • Doubtful, but it’s probably the only way they could point out the alternative directions function without showing the guy on the phone while driving, which would get them in trouble. Having his date drive would have felt weird.

  • consequence313

    GREAT!!!!! Sammy reppin’ the 313!!!!!!

  • Scott Jordan

    Was this filmed with glass? just kidding but it looks like it could have been

  • Brian Cornea

    Great to see Detroit represented. I lived in the suburbs of Detroit for 28 years and I can honestly say that Downtown Detroit is really coming along. Going to Baseball and Hockey games is a blast! But no thanks for the East Side and West sides of Detroit..all the idiots live there. They can keep killing themselves. Raise up Detroit! m/

  • tech247

    Did not really like the commercial. Looks like 75% of it was other crap except the damn maps being shown in action on the phone.

  • Bao

    does this mean if i use the navigation app (instead of google maps), it still inspect
    traffic route, and warn me to reroute in case of traffic insue?

  • Mindchatter13

    Very kick ass commercial it almost made me want to leave the house!

  • Jason Bittner



    The new Google Maps v7.0 was released night.

  • cmbeid

    No matter where that guy goes, he always has Wi-Fi signal. Also, his battery barely drops.


    Hell yeah, reppin the D!

    And seriously, Detroit has a couple bad side and one beautiful side to it. Most of the things in this video and others like Hart Plaza, the Riverfront, Campus Martius, etc. are all on the good side.

    I’m from Ann Arbor though, so go blue!

  • fritzo2162

    Isn’t it funny how older hard rock music is just universally liked? You just don’t get that anymore. LOVE this commercial.

    • blackjaguar25

      Older hard rock music is just like Justin Bieber.

      Oh wait no it’s not.

  • Scott

    Still waiting for mine.

    • Silver Veloz

      Ugh! Me too! Well, it will be worth the wait from what I’m seeing. I’m kinda excited.

  • TeeJay1100

    Too bad Apple Maps aren’t this good!! Go Google…

    • BilgeBill

      Too bad google maps on iOS have been this good for 6 months though…

    • If Apple hadn’t dropped Google Maps from its operating system, we’d have the same crappy UI with little to no features that has been there forever. Apple Maps was everything better than the original Google Maps app on iOS. Is it better now? In some ways it is, it just takes time for them to get on par withi the NEW Google Maps. Things don’t get better in the blink of an eye.

  • NAM37

    For some reason is update isn’t showing as available for my Droid RAZR… Any idea why?

    • Blade

      same here 🙁

    • huskerhog

      Earlier today, Kellex posted a mirror link to download the app. It worked for me on my RAZR MAXX. Here it is: https://www.copy.com/s/V3vFmgpRjNWs

      • Blade

        my RAZR MAXX doesnt recognize the file as apk 🙁

      • jboogie1289

        So do you have to create an account for this site it redirects you to? And my Note 2 doesn’t have the new Google Maps either (this after several restarts, a battery pull and lastly an unistall).

        • Note2 user

          Somebody (listed as “guest) posted this link: https://copy.com/V3vFmgpRjNWs for devices under 4.2. I’m running gnote 2 verizon and it works. Try it out. Props to whoever posted this earlier.

        • huskerhog

          No. I just clicked on the link while using my phone and downloaded the app.

    • It is being rolled out to everyone slowly using Google Play Store’s new Beta Testing & Staged Rollout feature.

  • bose301s

    Woohoo, go Detroit! The city is being reborn and will become one of the great American cities again.

  • SDotNYC

    poor guy had a good night but didn’t get laid!

  • Leraeniesh

    Awesome to see Google do an ad in my hometown


    Filmed with Glass?

    • Marcondy

      that is exactly what crossed my mind !!

    • sean.yesmunt

      I thought that too, but the sound/video quality made me think it wasn’t.

      • michael arazan

        No way that was recorded in 720

    • cbstryker

      I guarantee you that the way it was filmed was quite intentional. A bit of an subtext for another product in the ad.

    • DonSerrot

      My guess is they probably used a special version of Glass with a professional quality camera and a separate professional quality mic.

  • Looks awesome. Is Navigation still in “Beta” on this new relsease? I haven’t heard much about this since its introduction on the OG Droid in ’09. Not that I don’t love Google Nav and all its useful features, but I’m just wondering how much awesome-r its gonna be when out of beta.

    • Mike

      I had to use Nav this morning, and was using it on Maps 7.0 and the first time I opened it I got a warning that it is still a “Beta” product and there may be issues associated with it. Just to answer your question.

    • blackjaguar25

      Yes, it’s still in Beta. Just opened the new Navigation and it read still in beta. I also can’t find a quick way to start navigation like in the last version, where you could customize which button (Navigation, info, etc) you wanted,

      • Shane Redman

        when you search where you want to go, a card appears on the bottom. Lift it up.

        • blackjaguar25

          Clicking the car icon brings me to a page about what route I want to take. I choose the route and then the Navigation button shows up and I can start navigating. It’s only two more presses, but is much slower. I guess the upside is choosing which route I want to take. Thanks Shane!

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Anyone Else not getting the Explore option when they tap on the search bar?

    • Shane Redman

      Me (VZW Gnex)

      • Arie Hoogendoorn

        Started working on my N7 this morning but still nothing on the GNex

  • Smeckle

    That looked a lot safer than the Detroit I’ve imagined all these years.

    • I just went to Detroit for the first time a couple months ago…while I did see/experience a few sketchy things, for the most part it didn’t seem any worse than any other city.

      • michael arazan

        You want sketchy, go to KC MO, nothing sketchier than that city. Seriously every building looks dilapidated, like a giant East St.Louis in IL

        • Oh I know about that first hand. My wife has a bunch of family there in an “up and coming” neighborhood. What that means is there are a few nice, fixed-up houses on one block, but the next block over is super sketchy ghetto. Last time we were there, we stayed in one of their friends apartments on the sketchy side of the neighborhood, but luckily they had a giant mastiff/great dane to fend off any potential bad guys.

    • normmcgarry

      I thought the same thing about this commercial and I live here! Although Detroit is improving, it is definitely not as nice as this commercial makes it seem.

      • consequence313

        Detroit is what you make of it… i’ve been living here my whole life. and all the people commenting that Detroit is not that nice those are the ones living in the suburbs

    • fgsdgs

      detroit isint bad depending on some parts.I go to wayne state thats downtown and its nice.

    • fritzo2162

      LOL- yeah, other than a small section in the middle, most of Detroit is as close to a real-life Gotham City as you can get 😀

  • Verizon

    This is exactly how Google should have been advertising Android and its features from the beginning.

    • Brian Cornea

      Agreed. But Apple would have probably sued them for that too if they did it from the beginning.

  • tyguy829

    If I hit the home button while using nav, then try to go back into it by clicking the notification in the notification bar, it takes me just to the regular maps screen and there is no way to get back to my nav route without closing and restarting the app. Anyone else experiencing this with the new maps?

    • Shorton

      I am seeing this also. Navigation keeps running, but there is no way to get back to it.

      • tyguy829

        Glad I’m not the only one. Very frustrating. Also happens if I lock the phone

    • blackjaguar25

      When I do that, it takes me back into my navigation. Stock Verizon S3 using the apk linked to from phandroid.

  • CKellogg

    they didn’t show the battery draining and your phone data cap used up

    • blackjaguar25

      Maps uses very little data during navigation. I use maps about 70 hours a month and average less than 100 mb a month being used by maps. The battery draining, however, is rather severe on a Verizon S3.

  • NickA

    Love it! Kiss is one of the all time greatest rock bands!

    • brkshr

      I was hoping for Metallica…

      • Verizon

        +1 Wherever I May Roam would be perfect for this.

        Followup commercial showing an iPhone incapable of performing a task while playing Sad but True.

        Another followup with an iPhone playing Master of Puppets.

        Still another with a Windows phone or a Blackberry playing Sanitarium.

      • NickA

        Yeah, good call. How about Enter Sandman??

  • Shane Redman

    Where is this “Explore”?

    • Pet E. Bone

      “Explore” comes up when you tap the Search bar.

      • Shane Redman

        It doesn’t for me. At least not yet. I used “Local” a lot and assume that’s it’s replacement.

  • That’s an awesome commercial

  • Rich Steele

    I like the little “hello world” line at the end.