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New Google Maps 7.0.0 Goes Live in Google Play, Here is the New UI We Saw at Google I/O

new google maps

Remember the new Google Maps app for Android that we saw previewed back at Google I/O? It went live this evening for both phones and tablets! Well sort of. As is typical since I/O, Google is using their staged rollout method of releasing app updates, so there is a pretty damn good chance that you can’t download it yet. Sucks, right? But anyways, the new Maps is here! 

We have only spent a couple of minutes with it, but the differences are noticeable almost immediately. You now have a much more open main map screen that gives you the opportunity to view more at all times. To access some of your favorite options (like bicycling, satellite, or traffic), you can swipe from the left on the tiny menu button tucked in the bottom left hand corner. But if you want to make a quick search or pull up nearby locations, feel free to tap in the search bar located at the top. If you want to get even more detailed, or want directions, tap the little directional icon that is situated in the search box.

Those are just some of the changes we are noticing up front, but there will likely be more tricks tucked inside this massive update. Feel free to share your findings in the comments!

Here is the changelog:

  • New design for Android phones and tablets
  • Enhanced navigation including live traffic updates, incident reports and dynamic rerouting
  • Explore: A new way to browse and discover popular local places to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep

Play Link

Note:  If you can’t find it live in Google Play, feel free to stop by this link (mirror). Unfortunately, those links may only work for 4.2+.

According to Google Play, you have to be running Android 4.0.3+ in order to install this from Google Play.

Update:  As many have pointed out in the comments, Offline maps are now gone after the update, and that is incredibly unfortunate. Latitude is also gone, but that’s likely because it is a part of Google+ now.

Update 2:  Google has finally posted an announcement of the new Maps v7.0 with news of offline maps (they are still there!) and Latitude.

Cheers Dave!

  • Ben S

    I used to love google maps! Over the last 3 days I have came to hate it. This is the worst upgrade I have EVER experienced. What is GOOGLE thinking? How I wish I could go back to the old maps. Now I know what iPhone users experienced when they lost Google maps. I feel like I’ve lost it as well. Maybe I can get the Apple map app?

    Really Google….. who is in charge of your testing program? Send them out the door.

  • James Henley


  • JohnMiller2013

    Maps 7.0 has been a terrible experience for me.

    When I am using Navigation and get certain kinds of notifications, then come back to Navigation, I am faced with the “start location/destination” prompt (can’t get back to the active navigation screen), and if I try to re-type in those points, the application crashes, and continues to crash until I restart my phone. (It is a Galaxy S4)

    Also, I strongly dislike having to type in my “starting point” (Just start where I am!)

    Also, I often get a bogus “No Network Connection” error when typing in the locations, that never used to pop up (and my signal is very strong).

  • Michael Metrick

    Are you guys kidding? This is the WORST update I’ve ever seen for any app. Fonts are thinner, letters seem faded, making it DANGEROUS to use while driving. (A navigation tool that cannot be used while driving. Not good.)

    In the old version, when the red dot turned red, you click in the dot to see the traffic layer. Now, you need to completely EXIT navigation, then pull up MAPS,then navigate (somehow!) to the traffice layer, then restart Navigation and re-enter the desination info to get restarted again. All while driving at 65 mph? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    Obviously, the kid who redesigned this hasn’t gotten his drivers license yet. Otherwise he’d know that this can;t be used while driving.

    Did I menton that this upgrade SUCKS?

  • Ike

    Why was my places removed from this update. It was a great tool for work and they ruined it. I can’t believe there destroying this app. Google has stopped people from being able to rate this app. I guess the saw how far south this update was heading. I hope they kill this update soon.

  • Julian Coronado

    I still haven’t gotten the update! I have a Verizon Galaxy S3 running Jellybean 4.1.2, is the staged rollout fiinished? Or are there others out there like me?

  • markgbe

    LAME. still no update. come on mannnnnn

  • Jon Kruse

    I got the update last night and noticed I do not have the Explore option at all. Any ideas on why that wouldn’t be showing up?

  • Mark Mann

    what are the chances that uninstalling and then reinstalling will just install the new version?

    • Jon Kruse

      That worked for me. Try it out.

      • Mark Mann

        i got the sideload to work…but its great that there’s other workarounds

  • Brien Gerber

    Click on the search bar and scroll to the bottom and you will see “make this map area available offline”

  • otpuv

    Don’t support my places. Be careful !!!

  • TeeJay1100

    Google Maps for the WIN…

  • Tom Z

    Does anyone one have a link to the latest Version 6 in case this new version is crippled too much? (loss of stared places would be a killer for me)

  • jboogie1289

    Can’t get it to load. Something about a “parsing error”. Saw below that another Samsung S3 had issues. Hmmm…….. Will restart and try again.

  • TylerCameron

    Why is Google still doing the awful staged rollouts thing still?

  • Ryan Chapman

    I am hoping that one day they will add in live incident reporting like Waze… Living in Los Angeles, having real time updates makes a huge difference.

  • FAL_Fan

    I don’t like it, didn’t have all “my places” any longer so I had to uninstall it and reinstall version 6 something from the market.

    • Steve Benson

      That’s because the capacitive menu button is supposed to die already. Menu buttons are so Gingerbread.

  • Joseph Strickfaden

    It’s not coming up for me, Note 2 / 4.1.2 / verizon / EST

    • jboogie1289

      Same here. Saw another member that did get it to work on their Note 2. I didn’t restart but nothing yet! Grrr….

      • Joseph Strickfaden

        I been turning on and off my phone, battery removed, and “checking for updates” its not that big of a deal, but I like it when my apps are up-to-date..

        • jboogie1289

          Yeah, same here. I’ll do a restart and after that a battery pull. If I don’t get it after that then I’ll wait it out too. No biggie.

  • Phil Whittemore

    Best part for me is that I noticed there are no more background running services. There used to be 2 and sometimes a third on that kept saying “restarting”. I always thought this was redundant as google already gets my location. NICE!

  • EMcTx

    Disappointed that they got rid of the bigger text option that was included in the labs section. The writing is so tiny on my s4.

  • Robert Macri

    Google Plus works better, imo, then latitude for location tracking. I’m happy to see latitude go.

    • Jon Kruse

      They had definitely given up on updating Latitude in Google Maps. It was struggling.

  • coolsilver

    Navigation lost good functional UI. It’s a mess. I can’t use the zoomed out map anymore because detail of route is tiny and blended too much with other map details. Starred places list gone. Home button sometimes half way down screen. App crashes when switching away. It’s hard to back out to directions search to get alternate routes manually when you know Maps too you through a town adding 15 minutes of traffic lights it doesn’t account for. … I like that at least I could see the one accident on the map this morning looks cleaner but lost a lot.

  • Adam Truelove

    If offline maps support is still there, I can’t find how to get to it.

  • Dominick White

    I am liking the new look so far.

  • komaboy

    The offline maps feature is not included in today’s release of the new Google Maps app (version 7.0) for Android.

    “We know a lot of you love offline maps, and we’ve included a special feature hidden in the app that allows you to pre-load an area of the map you need offline simply by going to that area in the app and typing “OK Maps” in the search box (or speaking “OK Maps” into your Android device). That area will then be pre-loaded to your device cache and accessible when you don’t have a connection. Just return to that area of the map, and it will be available to you.”