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Refurbished Motorola “OG” DROID on Sale for Just $40 Through eBay


Ah, what a trip down memory lane looking at this phone induces. For me, the OG DROID from Motorola is what started it all and I am positive that I am not the only one. Many of us got our start in loving the green robot with the DROID, so here is a chance to pick up the most beloved Android device for just $40. 

The specs don’t quite match up to any of 2013’s flagships, as the 3.7″ “high resolution” display, 5MP camera, Android 2.0+ (later upgraded to 2.2+) and 256MB of RAM seem a bit outdated. What a ways we have come since then!

They are being sold seller refurbished, but for $40, you can’t beat that deal.

Via: eBay

Cheers Scott!

  • Buddy8705

    Love my OG even tho it runs like a OG lol…I have my OG running Jellybean 4.1.1 Cyogenmod but I wanna change it to something else and don’t know what I want to put it on. Thinking on putting it back on MIUI or BB… Any suggestions..?

  • Michael Collins

    I bought the OG Droid the day it came out! came from BB and never looked back. I still have my OGD sitting in a box just to have. I now have a Gnex and being pure google, i love it (camera and all). But now that there is nexus s4 and one, i would really love to have one of those phones. I cant upgrade or i lose my Unlimited plan (verizon)!! I can fork out $600 either. I hate VZW for this reason, i really wished i was on ATT when they grandfathered the unlimited plan. Oh well i guess. Donation are accepted 😉

  • Richard

    I hated keyboards but this phone was so cool, I didn’t, t mind.

  • Awesomeness

    It’s went up to 50 dollars ugh

  • chris420o

    mine sits next to my verizon fios box(which lacks a friggin display so no time shown) as my room clock…ah looks so nice to have my fav phone ever on display…if only i wasnt so cheap and would buy the dock form amazon id be chillin

  • chris420o

    how did we survive on 256mg of ram lol…oh those were the days

  • Ej McCarty

    I hope I’m not the only one picking one of these up, haha. Not only for the nostalgia of the device, but I also see this as a good opportunity to get a cheap, reliable music player for the gym. I hate carrying my huge GS4 around with the otter box at the gym. Plus this can triple as a backup phone. “Win, win, win” – Michael Scott

  • yankeesusa

    This is good for those who need an emergency phone or a backup and need verizon. Whats crazy is that if you are adding a new line or are a new customer you can get the htc one with sprint for 49.99 right now.

  • Dre Fay

    just bought it! my old one lasted almost three years, before it retired into my junk drawer (tear in my eye) i also showed my son how to root and flash on that one.

  • George Fayad

    My OG droid is an MP3 player running ICS and doing it rather smoothly. Much love and nostalgia. Its crazy to see how far android has come in such a short time.

  • DanSan

    i loved my OG droid. verizon replaced that thing for me under warranty so many times because the keyboard kept bubbling up and falling off. besides that, i loved it!

    i sold it for $175 on ebay (somebody got the raw end of that deal lol) when the thunderbolt came out and i made that horrible move.

    • Steve Benson

      You sold it for $175 then bought a Thunderturd?

      You both got the raw end…

      • DanSan

        yea, it was a week filled with bad decisions and regret

        • Steve Benson

          Sorry man. How long did you hold onto the Blunderbolt?

          To your credit, the Bolt looked amazing at the time.

          • DanSan

            it did! thats the worst part. it started out awesome then just fell on its face. actually, it always sucked lol.

            used it til the gnex came out and got that on launch day

  • James J. Brown II

    Still waiting on a TRUE Droid 2 :-/

    • Steve Benson

      Still waiting on a Droid Anything…

      There’s only been three true Droids that were worth of the name. The OG, X and Incredible. Everything else has been an embarrassment to the name.

  • Nicholassss

    worth it as a back up device. I just got a droid X as my back up.

  • Tom Z

    I still use mine every night and morning as an alarm clock. Also, it acts as a music player in the daytime. This is one tough phone.

    My battery is still good, I went one week without charging on a camping trip using it as an alarm clock (display off).

  • Geoff Johnson

    I had one but sold it years back, so I bought it again 🙂

  • Savan Ghetiya

    this was the chuck norris of Droids .. dropped it so many times, not a scratch !! .. if only current phones had the same durability

  • Jay Gillespie

    Still using one! Coming up on 4 years and still going, kinda except when I run bleacher report and really want to read a article, or when I really need navigation to work, or when I am already frustrated about something and I try to make a call. At those times it restarts itself

  • QwertyGuy

    Still use mine for a few things, the camera works well in good light. I really miss the camera button…
    Also, my 6 year cannot seem to break it – never had a case on it – one tough device.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Zombie Droid FTW. This phone just won’t die. loved every minute I spent with my OG Droid, it was my first Android phone oh the memories.

  • mechapathy

    I still have mine. But now all my “Droid Does” is collect dust. I was in love with that damn phone. Got it at launch, and used it til the launch of the Gnex. Ahh, the memories.

  • Rene Barba

    I have one, but i just use it as an android iPod.

    • Savan Ghetiya

      there’s something seriously wrong with using ‘android’ and ‘ipod’ in the same sentence..

      • Rene Barba

        I couldn’t figure how to put the two words together. Any suggestions?

        • Savan Ghetiya

          hmm.. how about just an android player?

  • chris

    sorry motodroid, i chose the eris over you.

  • paul_cus

    I saw this the other day and wanted to get one for my girlfriend who just lost her phone. Asked her if she wanted it or wanted the Palm Pre 2 that was laying around my place. She went with the Pre. Boy, is she going to be sorry.

  • Alan Paone

    I’m so tempted, but shipping to canada is $30. UGH

  • beng8686

    The phone that started it all…

  • Dustin Casper

    If I could cram the S4’s power into the OG Droid I would rock an OG Droid all day long. Seriously its perfect, just underpowered.

    • Eric R.

      If I could put a Snapdragon S4, 1gb ram+, and a 2300mah battery, Android 4.x I’d buy it. I just want a Droid 5 that resembles the OG Droid. I loved the Gold accents and Dpad. I didn’t get why people disliked it. I guess they liked reaching up and using the touchscreen better.

      • KidFlash1904

        YES OMG! I really love the form factor, the slide out keyboard, the keys, the speaker quality (the “boomsound” of back then). I love the OG Droid. If it only had 512 MB to begin with instead of 256, it would’ve lasted much longer. But I would definitely be all for a Droid 5 that resembled the OG Droid. Just wish it wouldn’t be a Verizon exclusive since I plan on leaving soon

      • dreadnatty08

        Huh, the D1’s keyboard is the most worthless POS I’ve ever seen. Having said that, I loved the phone otherwise.

  • NyReynolds

    I’m sorry but that price has to come down drastically. I still have one and use it play music to put my kid to sleep, but it ain’t worth 40 bucks these days, lol.

  • Jackson Emch

    Such a wonderful brick of a phone. No skin, no bloatware, could take a beating and even though the keyboard was flat as all hell I could go up to my iFriends and say, Can your phone do this?!, and slide out the keyboard. Still have mine.

  • skylog

    $40 huh? if i can get that, i guess i should just sell mine then. lol. did not think i would get anything…

    that said, my first android #neverlookback

    • Savan Ghetiya

      craigslist it..ebay will take a chunk of your $40 lol

  • alpine2g

    Still have mine! Rocking Chevy’s Simply Stunning.

    • mechapathy

      Holy crap. That ROM.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      You are a warrior.

    • Urugami

      I’ve got one running Bugless Beast, another running MIUI
      The bugless one is my media player, the other is my son’s media/game device.

      • Buddy8705

        How is it working with BB..? I have my OG running Jellybean 4.1.1 Cyogenmod but I ji wanna change it to something else and don’t know what I want to put it on. Thinking on putting it back on MIUI…

  • Pedro

    Hey! I have one to sell!

  • hoodieNation

    same here. It still works great too.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Can I still brag that i still own mine? With bugless beast on it. Props to pete for the memories.

  • Armyof2

    I still have mine

  • trumpet444

    I need to fashion, or buy, a nice display case for mine.

  • Guy Pierce

    Any other Moto device can only dream of being this cool!

    • Alan Paone

      Any other device. period. I think my nexus 7 is the only thing that comes close to being as wonderful as my old milestone

  • EdubE24

    Still have love for my OG!!

    • Mike Hilal

      You’re one of the 1.4% huh

      • EdubE24

        Nah it’s been in the dresser for a long time. But it is the only phone I have kept after getting a new one. That was probably 15 phones ago!!

        • Mike Hilal

          I’d love to know who is still using Donut and Eclair devices these days.

  • Travillion

    Wow, I’m surprised/disappointed that my first smartphone has the same camera specs as my latest smartphone (GNex). I know MP aren’t everything, but seriously…my frustration with the GNex camera just escalated.

    • EdubE24

      That camera is just terrible!

      • Mike Hilal

        Mine works pretty damn well…unless it’s dark, then you have to settle for flash assisted pics

        • EdubE24

          The Gnex was a great phone, but some things just me made want to throw it out my car window. The camera and battery were my main complaints!

          • Mike Hilal

            Again, Im not sure what the complaints are against the camera (other than the slow loading app and meh low light performance). The resolution is good for what cell phone cams are used for.

            The battery, well, There’s a reason I have the extended and carry two spare extended batteries in my pocket.

          • EdubE24

            Comparing the Gnex camera to the phones out at that time like the iPhone 4S and the Rezound it was truly lacking. They could have done a lot better!

          • Mike Hilal

            If you compare a nexus to any “flagship” (yes, the rezound was one, at one point in time) it will fall short. However, I only care about the image I see on my computer screen and it really did not leave a whole lot to be desired for a cell cam.

          • TylerCameron

            The Galaxy Nexus was just pitiful for any indoor photography.

          • chris

            I bought a nexus when my upgrade came, had it for about 5 months but just could not stand that camera. I traded for a rezound and loved it, but alas, stock android with the latest version of android drew me back. Now i’m looking at the end of August for my next phone and I think camera will have a major deciding factor, since i have 2 little ones and need something to get something other than a blurred image.

      • Travillion

        I know, seriously! I use my dslr for planned photographs, but I really want to be able to use my phone camera for spontaneous/family pictures. Every time I try I just gag at the G-Nex’s output.

        • EdubE24

          But that all black screen with a black wallpaper is still a thing of beauty to look at! After the OG it is still my second favorite Android phone I’ve owned.

          • Travillion

            It does handle blacks really well. If only my screen didn’t show color banding so much…. I’m sounding really negative. I do love this phone, just after a couple of years some things are really starting to wear on me.

  • nb

    Man I really loved the feel and durability of this phone. I’m pretty sure I stuck with android and xda because of this phone, right here.

    • EdubE24

      I use to change Roms daily on that beast!

  • Justin Fosco

    I thought it only had 256mb of RAM?

    • Mike Hilal

      The ebay ad says 256. I think the droid X had 512

    • It’s been a while. Fixed.

      • Justin Fosco

        its ok…its monday…lol

  • Ethan T

    These are great to use as IP cameras around the house. Buy any old Android device with working wifi and a working camera, add the IP Webcam app, and bam!

    • jose

      If only my OG Droid ever had a working camera!

    • Alan Paone

      Google hangouts work too if you don’t want to use annother app

    • Bigsike

      Haha I do that with 3 DX’s.

    • George Fayad

      First i’ve ever heard of this. Thanks for the post. I’ll be giving it a shot.