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Custom ROMs Built From HTC One Google Play Edition System Dump Popping Up


Owners of a rooted GSM HTC One that have been dying to get a complete taste of vanilla Android are in luck, as custom ROMs built off of the Google Play Edition HTC One are now popping up on the web. In short, this is a rooted and deodexed version of exactly what comes on the GPE HTC One devices found on Google Play. Thanks to system dumps, now everyone can get in on the fun. 

Stock Android 4.2.2 for HTC One M7
-Made from system dump of Google Play Edition HTC One
-Rooted with Koush’s superuser app and binary
-Latest busybox installed

-GSM HTC One (m7ul/m7tmo/m7att)
-Custom Recovery (TWRP, CWR)

-Stock Android 4.2.2 w/ Google Apps
-New Camera UI with improved thumb controls
-Wifi and BT are working
-Tbalden 4.2.2 kernel

To flash this ROM, you will need an unlocked HTC One, running a custom recovery (either ClockworkMod or TeamWin). In recovery, you will simply flash a zip file of the ROM and that is it.

If you have those things and are ready to run some stock Android, follow the via below.

Via: XDA

  • Brandon Lang

    Is it just me or do the widgets seem disproportionate on these ROMs? I installed it on my HTC One and the home screens are really bugging me right now

  • michael wilson

    thinking bout gettin a tmobile one and flashing this..how does stock android affect the camera?

    • PhoenixPath

      Camera works fine. The processing is done by the driver, which was written by HTC. Don’t believe all the BS people are spreading about Sense post processing.

      HTC One GPe is a deSensed HTC One ROM with some AOSP goodies.

      It is *not* an AOSP ROM with Sense goodies.

  • Nick Norman

    Please dump the GPE on the VZW S4! That would be flipping fantastic!

    • Bionic

      I was told yesterday that its not possible because the GPE versions are GSM based. That makes it impossible to put on a Verizon S4. Sucks

      • Nick Norman

        That does really suck! Is it going to be possible to pull bits and pieces from the GPE build and recreate it in a way? Even then, it would be close enough.

        • Bionic

          I would assume that because the S4 is going to have such a strong Dev following that someone will figure out a way to make a vanilla ROM for the verizon S4, or like you said, at least piece one together.

          We’ll see. Ive never flashed a ROM before ever, but if this happened I would be tempted.

          • Nick Norman

            Once you flash, you don’t go back! There are plenty of AOSP ROMs for the VZW S4 now. So, it will only be a matter of time. Can’t wait for it either! Love AOSP!

  • Drome

    flashed this a few hours ago. Today is a great day for Android!! Best phone in the world running pure (official) vanilla

    • Chris

      calm down…

      • Drome

        you on VZW or something?

        • El_Big_CHRIS


        • Cgtx32


    • C.Sweat

      Actually, touchwiz has deep roots in the “pure android” dump meaning without some touchwiz, the GP edition wouldn’t function.

      from xda

      “I get the feeling that this ‘Google Experience’ is really quite tainted, if you look deep enough under the hood of this build. … In the spirit of this being a less than pure Google experience….why in the hell does the TW kernel work with this rom, but NOT the AOSP one?”

  • Does it support T-Mobile LTE?

    • Josh Nichols

      Yes it does, I have it up and running on LTE in Chicago.

      • why.did.i.buy.that

        Yup, downtown, loop area as well running on LTE.

      • Very nice. Sounds like enough to push me from my N4. Do you know if it supports wifi calling? I would assume not, but you never know.

      • PhoenixPath

        Couldn’t get LTE on mine…it kept switching between H and 3G in the LTE area nearest me (Lakeville, MN).

        Seems to work fine in H in the non-LTE area I live. It’s strange because ARHD and CM10.1 both worked fine in both areas.

        Not terribly bummed as I don’t spend too much time in LTE-Land, but it would have been nice to see it working flawlessly.

      • tdiggitydog

        Does it support the T-Mobile 1700 hspa+? I know the google edition doesn’t support that band.

  • jbdan

    Looking like the gs4 dump is running very smoothly!

  • Ted Ockels

    Why should I flash this over a Sense based ROM? Lose too much… to gain a boot image, and widget clock?

    • Butters619

      Let’s see: Get rid of Sense launcher. Get rid of Sense aggressive memory management. Get rid of blinkfeed. Get rid of all bloatware. Run perfectly stock Android on a beautiful device.

      • Ted Ockels

        If you are flashing custom ROMs then you already have your bloat removed. Download custom launcher from play store…. all while retaining the stock camera.

        • Josh Nichols

          A custom launcher does not remove the bloat that is the Sense Framework.

        • Butters619

          You would still have HTC’s aggressive memory management. And a lot of ROMs still include a bunch of the HTC bloat because the user may want those features since they are going with a Sense ROM. I’m sure you can find a list of stuff you don’t need and chop it out, but going with a clean slate is always nice.

          I do see your point though. I have a One X and I go with a Sense based ROM and then de-Sense as hard as I can. The One X doesn’t have strong dev support anymore and the AOSP based ROMs have way too many issues.

          • Ted Ockels

            I’m actually thinking about flashing this… but I wanted someone to give me a reason to. Care to elaborate on “aggressive memory management”?

            I’m running a week old ROM called ViperOne which was running on the One X.

          • Butters619

            HTC used to be known for having crazy lag in Sense. When they released ICS last year, the Sense lag was gone. It ran beautifully. But it did it at a cost. In order for HTC to run Sense so well, they made their memory management more aggressive. AKA they cleared things out of your memory a lot sooner than stock Android would so Sense always had space to gobble up RAM when it needed it.

            Now, at first it was unbearable. You would be browsing a website, hit home, go back into your browser, and the page would refresh and reload and you would lose all filled in content. This was because it had already been flashed from RAM. Sometimes games would be flushed from RAM while you were playing them. Or your music player, etc. HTC fixed this so it wasn’t anywhere near as bad, but you will still sometimes notice you’ll go back to an app or web page after not doing much and it will be cleared and refresh.

            When you use stock Android, you will notice things are accessible for much longer before they are flushed. That is because stock Android isn’t as aggressive with your memory because it doesn’t need as much as Sense does.

      • You lose the Sense post-processing on your images and video, and you will definitely notice it.

        • Butters619

          Oh yeah 100% completely agree. That is the trade off.

        • jose

          Made that mistake once. After that I swore I’d never buy a Nexus device again until Google comes up with some decent camera software. Getting rid of bloat is one thing. But running pure Android is a step backwards when it comes to things like the camera.

      • JMonkeYJ

        i actually like blinkfeed, but with things like currents (or flipboard) i don’t really NEED it. in addition to the things you mentioned i’d add: the general look/theme of sense is still less sophisticated than JB (IMO, of course), the built-in apps such as calendar and mail are not as good as default JB, the lingering bugs in Sense 5 for the most part annoy me more than the lingering bugs in JB 4.2.2

      • Chris

        Sense has improved a lot over the years.

        • Butters619

          if you would have scrolled down a bit you would have seen I said that.

          I actually used a Sense based ROM. I was just giving reasons why you wouldn’t.

    • Chris

      Don’t ask. The stock nerds will get mad as they want everyone and their mother to use the stripped down stock interface

  • Robert Boluyt

    As I understand it, the radios in the One Gpe are different than the TMO One, how do these ROMs effect that?

    • Josh Nichols

      You do not flash a radio, so it does not make a difference. Running just fine on my T-Mobile One.

  • Sucks for you guys not being on Verizon and having a great network. I feel sorry for you all.

    • Butters619

      This isn’t 2011. AT&T’s network works fine in most major cities.

      • Chris

        So you’ve been in “most major cities” on every square mile of that city? Under each tree. in each buliding, each room, each floor?

    • jbdan

      Sucks for you guys being on Verizon. *fixed ^~^

    • PhoenixPath

      lame troll is lame.

    • Chris

      I’d be on Verizon if it wasn’t for their outrageous prices./

  • DanSan

    now please give us the S4 dump!

    • C.Sweat
      • DanSan

        im on VZW 🙁

        • moew

          I thought you were in the repair shop with your VW, and VZW was a typo.

      • Jimneezy

        Thanks a ton! I was just about to Odin my S4 back to stock and saw this gem

    • michael arazan

      I hope they make them for Both VZW Dev Editions for the One and GS4, since they are unlocked

  • ceejw

    So is it safe to assume that porting this to the CDMA One variants will be fairly easy?

    • ahhh yes


      • ceejw

        At some point Verizon will actually get around to releasing the One and then we’ll have more than one variant

    • Sooner or Later

      someone is going to do so. it may take time. I have a DNA and I will see something also soon. I have sense 5 thanks to the HTC One

      • Kyle

        Gosh I hope so on the DNA

  • Derek Duncan

    Flashed on my AT&T HTC One. No real issues that I can see.

  • Shawn Lasky

    Misread the title as “System Dump Pooping Up” and that made me click in to see. …There is something wrong with me.

    • DJyoSNOW

      Yes we like dumps figuratively speaking


      I know what’s wrong with you, you’re using android. All that lag is getting to you.