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The Droid Life Show Episode 28 Can Keep You Company This Weekend


If you planned on sitting around this weekend and want to hear some great commentary on Apple’s new iOS 7, the newest happenings in the Android world and check out Tim’s tribute to the greatest mobile OS designer of them all (his silly shirt), check out this week’s Droid Life Show, now on Episode 28. We even find some time to discuss the gaming industry with our thoughts on, “Xbox or PS4?”

Make sure to catch us live as well when you can, every Wednesday night at 6PM PST.

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  • Freddy Oxford III

    Picturing the droid life show at a afterparty from a iOS7 convention.
    Normally all would run during bar brawls, but this time a very drunk hip hop influenced Kellex would probably start it.
    Kellex would be furious from listening to Kanyes Yeezus leaked album. I imagine Ron would run out and probably call the cops, Eric would hide behind the bar with the bartenders (probably take pix up the bartenders skirts).
    And since Tim is wearing that essay shirt he would probably bash someone over there head with a bottle of a corona.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I was just at Verizon and the guy there told me he has a friend working at Moto, and said they are definitely coming out with a Quad-core phone in a few months. I hope its true and I can’t wait. I’m not impressed with the quads out now. Friends I know are already having problems with them. Moto has the best hardware over Sammy and HTC, and even LG.

  • Thomas

    WARNING : Tim’s shirt may cause permanent eye damage 😉

    • Pfft! So rude. Just showing some love to a great designer! 😛

      • Thomas