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HTC One “Google Edition” Said to be Imminent, After the Company Denied Its Existence

htc one google edition

Within an hour of Google’s announcement at I/O that they would soon sell a special “Nexus experience” edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4, rumors popped up suggesting that HTC would do something similar with the One. And as soon as those rumors surfaced, HTC quickly shot them down, claiming that a “Nexus edition” was not in their plans. Well, here we are a week later, and rumors have once again surfaced surrounding a “Google Edition” of HTC’s popular One device. According to sources who spoke to both Geek.com and Modaco, an announcement is imminent, potentially happening next week. 

According to at least one source, HTC CEO Peter Chou is behind the decision, even with many parts of the company against such a move. You can understand how tied (and proud of) their employees probably are to HTC’s Sense, which offers quite a different experience over stock Android, which  this “Google Edition” would certainly run.

The device will likely come with 64GB of internal storage, and I would assume at the same price of $650 that the current “Developer Edition” of the One is sold for.

Personally, this move makes zero sense to me. Forget the fact that a report two days ago suggested that HTC as a company is in disarray because of snap decisions that Peter Chou continues to make – like this one – but offering up a stock Android device provides no benefit to HTC. The HTC One is a great device because HTC actually added features and functionality with Sense overlay. Should you wipe that out for a stock experience, you lose everything that made this phone great (like the entire suite of camera software). So without any of that, you have a big, heavy metal phone, with a shitty navigation button arrangement, and stock Android’s terrible camera software. Yikes, and no thanks.

But beyond the experience, does HTC think it will sell enough of these to make it worth their time? According to these reports, it may not even be available in the Google Play store, so that would mean they would be selling it directly through their own online shop which has no presence whatsoever.

Would anyone be interested in this? I’m just wondering why you wouldn’t have already purchased the Developer Edition and then flashed stock Android on it.

Via:  Geek | Modaco

  • duke69111
  • Rodney Baitwa

    This is a win for HTC you guys just keep looking in the wrong places. First, they wont market this device, they wont handle sale of this device, they wont support this device…they wont do anything. They will manufacture a few units and update when the play store needs more. They wont confuse customers because someone looking for a nexus experience on another phone (cm10) is a well informed person. And frankly HTC google edition vs GS4 google edition, HTC GE would rock harder, Its juts too sexy

  • feztheforeigner

    Apparently I may be in the minority, but I hate sense. I would much prefer stock Android. Bring it to Verizon and I’m game!

  • Mike Hilal

    Unfortunately it wont hit verizon….

  • MKader17

    *RAZR is released* Kevlar is so lame!

    *Nexus 4 is released* Glass backs are fragile!

    *GS4 is released* Plastic phones suck!

    *HTC One is released* HTC One is just a big heavy metal phone!

  • Patrick Hermey

    holy crap. a site that calls a spade a spade. who woulda thunk? if only the other sites would write like this.

  • It’s a little freaky to say, but I don’t want to give up some of these HTC Sense features and software. I run Nova Launcher to give me the illusion of stock.

  • joejoe5709

    HTC, Sammy and even Moto… I’ll settle for a real Nexus, please. Thank you very much.

  • joejoe5709

    Soooo when are OEM’s just going to give up on their skins and finally give us a (mostly) vanilla Android experience across the board? Obviously Jelly Bean good enough to make a special edition for and we all love the quicker updates. The case for skins is diminishing rapidly.

    • Patrick Hermey

      stock android is not good enough to compete with the oem versions. it might be good enough in the eyes of those that are ‘hyped up’ for it. but in reality it lacks a boat load of luster.

      • joejoe5709

        Luster? Do you mean gimmicks? Stock Android is plenty ready for the average consumer.

        • Patrick Hermey

          says the guy that is willing to ‘settle’ for a bottom of the barrel parts list in a ‘real nexus’.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Just like the note 2, people actually prefer these devices skinned. 1 of 100 owners would actually care for the Google experience and I would guess half of those just want a rooted and semi-stock device but with all the sense goodies. I get so sick of the stock comments people make. Then, when they get a Nex or a device rooted, unlocked, and are ready to ROM, what do they do? They flash Cyanogen, AOKP, and many others and use Nova and other launchers and then brag how they are “almost” stock. Guess what, you aren’t even close pal. Next to no one out there is stock, most Nexus and developer users are custom, not stock. Everyone else is custom too. Custom as in Toichwhiz, Sense, Blur, etc. Stock is Mk it much of an experience at all. Who wants stock Google putting the Beats integration to waste? Who wants the stock experience to make your new camera blow nuggets? Who enjoys the way stock kills all the pen apps for the Note.

  • i would gladly get this. the build of the phone is great, and front speakers are an amazing. glad it only took about 7 years for someone to finally get that right

  • Knlegend1

    Yay….its not in my budget but I’m always hopeful.

  • droidrazredge

    PLEASE LET THIS VERSION BE COMPATIBLE WITH CDMA PLEASE LET THIS VERSION BE COMPATIBLE WITH CDMA IF THIS IS TRUE! I NEED A GRADUATION PRESENT. Kellex I would have gotten the developer edition if it was compilable with Verizon, but HTC thinks the Droid DNA is sufficient for Verizon.

    • trixnkix637

      This has already been confirmed not to work with CDMA if it comes out. I’d wait for the DNA 2 they’ll inevitably release.

      • droidrazredge

        That sucks! Verizon only one new phone this year and that’s the Galaxy S4.

        I just read in someone that commented below that said. I don’t know whether to take it with a grain of salt or not but this is what Inquizitor said ”

        “I spoke yesterday to a Verizon
        rep at a store, and he told me they fully expect to receive the One, as
        well as a developer edition, in the next couple of months. He doesn’t
        know the date, but he says it’s definitely coming. As soon as that dev
        edition is announced, I’m buying.”

  • PhillipCun

    Agreed, HTC will get no benefit if this Nexus edition isn’t sold in the Google Play store, or at the carriers. In addition, if users had the choice of both the Nexus edition and Sense edition it will create confusion for the average consumer (D-L readers are not avg consumers).

    However, purists like us would LOVE this device. The benefit that it offers to HTC will give them insight to see how consumers feel about Sense vs. Vanilla (do we still call it vanilla?). the consumers benefit from updates straight from Google, which means HTC will not have to use resources to support a Nexus edition. All-in-all it is a great experiment for both HTC and Google. We been asking manufacturers to give us stock android for the past few years, now it’s here guys. Embrace it! Hopefully this will give manufacturers a different perspective to stock android.