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HTC One “Google Edition” Said to be Imminent, After the Company Denied Its Existence

htc one google edition

Within an hour of Google’s announcement at I/O that they would soon sell a special “Nexus experience” edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4, rumors popped up suggesting that HTC would do something similar with the One. And as soon as those rumors surfaced, HTC quickly shot them down, claiming that a “Nexus edition” was not in their plans. Well, here we are a week later, and rumors have once again surfaced surrounding a “Google Edition” of HTC’s popular One device. According to sources who spoke to both Geek.com and Modaco, an announcement is imminent, potentially happening next week. 

According to at least one source, HTC CEO Peter Chou is behind the decision, even with many parts of the company against such a move. You can understand how tied (and proud of) their employees probably are to HTC’s Sense, which offers quite a different experience over stock Android, which  this “Google Edition” would certainly run.

The device will likely come with 64GB of internal storage, and I would assume at the same price of $650 that the current “Developer Edition” of the One is sold for.

Personally, this move makes zero sense to me. Forget the fact that a report two days ago suggested that HTC as a company is in disarray because of snap decisions that Peter Chou continues to make – like this one – but offering up a stock Android device provides no benefit to HTC. The HTC One is a great device because HTC actually added features and functionality with Sense overlay. Should you wipe that out for a stock experience, you lose everything that made this phone great (like the entire suite of camera software). So without any of that, you have a big, heavy metal phone, with a shitty navigation button arrangement, and stock Android’s terrible camera software. Yikes, and no thanks.

But beyond the experience, does HTC think it will sell enough of these to make it worth their time? According to these reports, it may not even be available in the Google Play store, so that would mean they would be selling it directly through their own online shop which has no presence whatsoever.

Would anyone be interested in this? I’m just wondering why you wouldn’t have already purchased the Developer Edition and then flashed stock Android on it.

Via:  Geek | Modaco

  • duke69111
  • Rodney Baitwa

    This is a win for HTC you guys just keep looking in the wrong places. First, they wont market this device, they wont handle sale of this device, they wont support this device…they wont do anything. They will manufacture a few units and update when the play store needs more. They wont confuse customers because someone looking for a nexus experience on another phone (cm10) is a well informed person. And frankly HTC google edition vs GS4 google edition, HTC GE would rock harder, Its juts too sexy

  • feztheforeigner

    Apparently I may be in the minority, but I hate sense. I would much prefer stock Android. Bring it to Verizon and I’m game!

  • Mike Hilal

    Unfortunately it wont hit verizon….

  • MKader17

    *RAZR is released* Kevlar is so lame!

    *Nexus 4 is released* Glass backs are fragile!

    *GS4 is released* Plastic phones suck!

    *HTC One is released* HTC One is just a big heavy metal phone!

  • Patrick Hermey

    holy crap. a site that calls a spade a spade. who woulda thunk? if only the other sites would write like this.

  • It’s a little freaky to say, but I don’t want to give up some of these HTC Sense features and software. I run Nova Launcher to give me the illusion of stock.

  • joejoe5709

    HTC, Sammy and even Moto… I’ll settle for a real Nexus, please. Thank you very much.

  • joejoe5709

    Soooo when are OEM’s just going to give up on their skins and finally give us a (mostly) vanilla Android experience across the board? Obviously Jelly Bean good enough to make a special edition for and we all love the quicker updates. The case for skins is diminishing rapidly.

    • Patrick Hermey

      stock android is not good enough to compete with the oem versions. it might be good enough in the eyes of those that are ‘hyped up’ for it. but in reality it lacks a boat load of luster.

      • joejoe5709

        Luster? Do you mean gimmicks? Stock Android is plenty ready for the average consumer.

        • Patrick Hermey

          says the guy that is willing to ‘settle’ for a bottom of the barrel parts list in a ‘real nexus’.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Just like the note 2, people actually prefer these devices skinned. 1 of 100 owners would actually care for the Google experience and I would guess half of those just want a rooted and semi-stock device but with all the sense goodies. I get so sick of the stock comments people make. Then, when they get a Nex or a device rooted, unlocked, and are ready to ROM, what do they do? They flash Cyanogen, AOKP, and many others and use Nova and other launchers and then brag how they are “almost” stock. Guess what, you aren’t even close pal. Next to no one out there is stock, most Nexus and developer users are custom, not stock. Everyone else is custom too. Custom as in Toichwhiz, Sense, Blur, etc. Stock is Mk it much of an experience at all. Who wants stock Google putting the Beats integration to waste? Who wants the stock experience to make your new camera blow nuggets? Who enjoys the way stock kills all the pen apps for the Note.

  • i would gladly get this. the build of the phone is great, and front speakers are an amazing. glad it only took about 7 years for someone to finally get that right

  • Knlegend1

    Yay….its not in my budget but I’m always hopeful.

  • droidrazredge

    PLEASE LET THIS VERSION BE COMPATIBLE WITH CDMA PLEASE LET THIS VERSION BE COMPATIBLE WITH CDMA IF THIS IS TRUE! I NEED A GRADUATION PRESENT. Kellex I would have gotten the developer edition if it was compilable with Verizon, but HTC thinks the Droid DNA is sufficient for Verizon.

    • trixnkix637

      This has already been confirmed not to work with CDMA if it comes out. I’d wait for the DNA 2 they’ll inevitably release.

      • droidrazredge

        That sucks! Verizon only one new phone this year and that’s the Galaxy S4.

        I just read in someone that commented below that said. I don’t know whether to take it with a grain of salt or not but this is what Inquizitor said ”

        “I spoke yesterday to a Verizon
        rep at a store, and he told me they fully expect to receive the One, as
        well as a developer edition, in the next couple of months. He doesn’t
        know the date, but he says it’s definitely coming. As soon as that dev
        edition is announced, I’m buying.”

  • PhillipCun

    Agreed, HTC will get no benefit if this Nexus edition isn’t sold in the Google Play store, or at the carriers. In addition, if users had the choice of both the Nexus edition and Sense edition it will create confusion for the average consumer (D-L readers are not avg consumers).

    However, purists like us would LOVE this device. The benefit that it offers to HTC will give them insight to see how consumers feel about Sense vs. Vanilla (do we still call it vanilla?). the consumers benefit from updates straight from Google, which means HTC will not have to use resources to support a Nexus edition. All-in-all it is a great experiment for both HTC and Google. We been asking manufacturers to give us stock android for the past few years, now it’s here guys. Embrace it! Hopefully this will give manufacturers a different perspective to stock android.

  • MikeSaver

    I thought you didn’t like Sense?

  • Dave

    This is the equivalent of a .086 hitter slugging a solo home run in a losing game after they’ve been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in July.

  • Matthew Runo

    I assume that they won’t be using AOSP camera – as pointed out a big selling point of the One is the camera, and I don’t think they’d gimp the phone. What (some) people really want is no sense, but with the proper drivers and so forth to fully use the hardware.

    • a big selling point of samsung is all those gimmicky features. Nexus edition won’t have it. This version will have AOSP camera.

  • Tim242

    If this is true, HTC should be boycotted. You can’t trust a company that lies constantly.

    • Everyone

      EOL on the Rezound is my reason for boycotting them, but hey – welcome to the party!

      • hkklife

        I got burned on the Flyer/Evo View personally but I have friends, family & coworkers who bought the TBolt (3x),the DINC2, and the Rezound. The Rezound guys are still under contract but the DINC2 guy went back to iOS as did 2 of the scorned TB users. The other guy bought a GS3.

        • Everyone

          That’s funny as I also know a person who used to have a TBolt, but were so traumatized by the experience that they ended up swapping out for an iPhone this year without even trying to give Android another shot! I am not sure why there seems to be so much support for HTC around these parts, but I have yet to meet anybody in person who’d had a good experience with any of the HTC devices.

    • Avery Dejuan Herron

      I have not seen one comment of yours that I aggree with since I first started to see you name pop up on here.

      • Tim242

        I’ve been here since the beginning. http://WWW.Disqus.com/tim242. It speaks for itself. So, I guess you think it’s OK for them to say that they will not release this, then people buy another version, then they release this one after the return period? You are today’s official idiot.

        • Avery Dejuan Herron

          No not everyone wants a google version and if you say they are not realising one then its safe to believe that until other proof is provided, You are 2013’s top idiot.

          • Tim242

            Not everyone wants a One, period. Should they not have released it at all? You seem to be quite simple-minded. I said, “If.”. Nobody knows for sure if they will release it or not. But, us previous HTC owners know they have a history of lying.

          • Avery Dejuan Herron

            Then why don’t you just not get the phone if you don’t trust them anymore kinda how I don’t by motorolas anymore after the bonic, razor, razor max thing?

          • Tim242

            I owned 7 HTC phones, well 8 if you count the Palm Treo. After the Thunderbolt, I went to the GNex. After a year with that, a Note 2, and now an S4. I have moved on. My statement was that everybody should boycott them for continuing to lie, IF they release this after saying that they would not. There is nothing unreasonable about that.

          • Avery Dejuan Herron

            I didn’t say it was….. but when will people learn these companys need us to buy there products so we need to force them to stop releasing crap because we won’t buy it.

        • droidrazredge

          That’s really shady business in my opinion. Companies have a code of ethics just like every other major corporation. I know companies operate sort of like Universities so some of these code of conducts should be applicable as well:

          • Be honest
          • Demonstrate respect for others
          • Demonstrate respect for the law and companies standards, policies, and procedures, their administration, and the process for changing them

          lets look at HTC Ethical Business Code of Conduct

          “At HTC®, we are committed to making innovative products in a
          responsible manner – respecting people, the communities in which we operate and the environment. Our global corporate responsibility standards and sustainability goals are designed to:

          Create a sustainable, rewarding work environment where employees thrive.

          Minimize our environmental impact as we bring products to market.

          Sustain a responsible supply chain that has minimal environmental impact and a manufacturing supplier base that supports and adheres to our expected corporate and social standards.

          Our business success and ability to innovate is directly tied to the well-being of our most valuable asset, our employees. The character of our company and ability to create a sustainable, rewarding work environment is defined by personal integrity and honesty of our employees, as we endeavor to adhere to responsible, honest and ethical business practices.”


          Houston, we have a problem….

  • tkolev

    HTC need to sell as many phones as they can. And with the First being discontinued, a phone selling through Google Play can give them a break. Selling stock phones makes as much sense to HTC as it does for Samsung, LG, and all the other OEMs, that want to build the next Nexus device.

  • This article is a stupid opinion piece. Yeah, the button layout is lame but the phone itself can easily differentiate without having some crappy software skinned on it. Its metal, built well and has some stellar speakers.

    Bitching about the camera? Install another one? Id love to see companies like HTC offer the skins as a proprietary option but not the de-facto. Push the update to be available and then work on the custom launchers and such. Then you could still have your exclusives and have a phone that would be more up to date and would also sell to people like me who appreciate the hardware but refuse to touch the skin (and dont want to rely on ROMs to be reliable).

    • if anything stock android would make this phone even better. no skin to lag it down, even though i’ve heard there is virtually no lag ever on the One. I think it would be awesome, and for me, lets be honest, the One’s camera would still be better than the GNex camera i have, even with AOSP.

  • disastrousrainbow

    Yeah, it was also “said” Verizon would introduce an HTC One variant at CTIA and we all know what happened there. Sites like SlashGear even went as far to instill a load of confidence in their “source” and instead we got a Latino pandering cell phone provider backed by JLo and a premium retailer…

  • Swauger

    Who cares, just bring a One to Verizon!

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    I would be all over this if released on Verizon. Was able to test an HTC One at a Sprint store and was amazed. HTC has the best screens. I am more of a Nexus soft button guy but I would gladly make the compromise for this amazing hardware. Only issue is the HTC Sense long updates. I prefer the quick update timeline for Nexus devices. So yea a Nexus-like HTC One would be perfect for me.

  • hkklife

    K, I must respectfully disagree with you on this one.
    Potential reasons to get excited over this device over its Sense equivalent:
    -More available internal storage due to no Sense bloat
    -Better battery life due to fewer CPU cycles hogged by Sense bloat
    -More intuitive/familiar UI due to no Sense
    -More & frequent updates due to no Sense as well as the lies/incompetence/uncertain future of HTC.

    If this device is real (I doubt it is) and comes in at $649, there’s really no reason not to choose it over the equivalent Sense developer version.
    IMHO, the only major losses are the camera app/image post-processing and the wacky button arrangement (which HTC should have either abolished 12 months ago OR followed Samsung’s lead and kept a fairly conventional layout)
    As far as comparing this one to the NexExp S4, well they are rather obvious by now (more internal storage for apps/games, better screen, better build & speakers)
    Now, I’ll go on record and state that IF Samsung & Google offered the NexExp S4 in 32 or 64Gb storage versions I’d take it over any One version. In fact, a stock Android 64Gb GS4 is pretty much my dream device if I had to leave VZW & grandfathered unlimited.
    But the limited internal storage is a major deal-breaker for me so between the 16Gb stock S4 and a 64Gb stock One, I’d probably take the One.

  • mgamerz

    “everything that made this phone great”
    Ha, no. Stock Android is better.

  • Nah, it doesn’t interest me. I’m a Nexus person with on-screen software buttons, not physical hardware ones. Any phone that has actual hardware buttons doesn’t interest me these days, same goes for the S4.

  • Dr0me

    “I’m just wondering why you wouldn’t have already purchased the Developer Edition and then flashed stock Android on it.”

    Because currently stock roms are buggy pieces of crap that can barely make and receive calls. I have been a nexus purist since i first got a smartphone and keep going back to sense roms as the current Cyanogen based ROMs are in alpha / nightly. Getting a stock android HTC One would be like a dream come true to me. Even if I don’t buy one myself, the ROMs based on the AOSP builds for this phone would increase in quality.

    • PhoenixPath

      “Because currently stock roms are buggy pieces of crap that can barely make and receive calls. ”

      Check out the latest builds. AOKP seems to be the only one still having issues with calls. The latest CM nightlies (and anyone building off of them) seem to be working just fine in that regard.

      The only real show-stoppers on CM right now are wonky call-audio over BT and a non-functional IR blaster.

      • Dr0me

        wrong my friend. I flashed the latest build and the proximity sensor is broken making the screen black on outgoing calls.

        group mms also doesnt work and the launcher UI is generally laggy.

        • PhoenixPath

          Using CM 10.1 nightly 23 right now; proximity sensor works, Nova is blazing, and I just sent a text to my Google voice and other line.. and it worked.

          T-Mobile HTC One.

          Not sure what to tell you… Wipe and re-flash?

          • Dr0me

            strange.. I full wiped and flashed it yesterday and it had all the problems i was describing. others in the thread experiencing similar issues with proximity sensor.

            group mms were showing up blank for received messages. outgoing is fine.

          • PhoenixPath

            Haven’t received any incoming group messages, but the proximity sensor is definitely working fine…*shrug*

          • Dr0me

            regardless. The current CM builds are no where near perfect but are getting better daily. Getting a stable AOSP build on the one would blow CM out of the water.

          • PhoenixPath

            Getting AOSP from HTC on the One would greatly improve CM. *grin*

  • Lockie

    Kellex, you have this backwards. This is exactly what we all want. If every manufacturer released their flagship with both their own overlays, and with stock Android, imagine how much better Roms will be, and how much more choice we will have. This makes total sense to further android development. As for HTC, they know they have to appeal to the developer community, and they know a ton of people want the HTC one with stock android. You may like sense, but a lot of people don’t and simply want a phone running stock Android with HTC hardware, or Motorola hardware. I’d be all over this thing if i hadn’t just purchased a Nexus 4.

    • I fully understand that a small minority want a stock Android device. Look, I’m one of them. But for HTC, this move makes no sense. They are selling this phone based off of its feature-set, which is Sense and their camera enhancements. Should they wipe all that out, it’s just another Android handset in a pretty case, with a 4MP camera and a navigation button layout that doesn’t even match up to what stock Android asks for.

  • ruin_u

    I dont care how it gets there, i just want an HTC One on Verizon, but i doubt this ‘one’ will make it to Verizon either. In my opinion Android users need a way to let Verizon know that the way they have released phones this year so far isn’t going to work, and they will start to lose customers. So far this year they have release one good phone the, GS4. And more than likely their next ‘big’ release will unfortunately be the next iPhone. Verizon has done nothing this year but convince a large Android community that they need to switch to GSM.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Reliable unlimited 4G data is a very addictive drug that I will not easily be able to walk away from. Otherwise things would be different.

      Here’s hoping for your first statement.

      • ruin_u

        I agree, Verizon does have a strangle hold on 4G LTE right now, but HOPEFULLY AT&T and T-Mobile will make great strides in catching up this year. All Verizon has to do is step up on what phones they make available, and allowing the phone to actually be updated ON TIME, and you wont really be able to complain about them too much.

        • As long as they release another Nexus. they can update it a year late for all i care. i rely more on the Dev community than verizon

  • Yes, I will have that, as long as it can run on Sprint or T-Mobile, where there is still unlimited data.

  • Rick Lopez

    During the keynote the man who showed off the GS4. Named not only the GS4 but the HTC One as new phones to the industry. Why would he have mentioned another competitive phone if there was not talks of extending the Nexus experience to HTC. Just saying….

  • MaxDroid

    Sooo… it’s great to have options, right? That’s what Android is all about, right? I for one may not get this phone but I am loving this new philosophy… going forward, how cool would it be if we had a choice of every flagship phone coming stock or with skin.

  • John Motschenbacher

    the only thing that makes it a good phone is still intact with stock android….front facing speakers.

    • Tim242

      You realize boom sound is built into sense, right?

      • so no sense means the speakers will be on the back>?

        • Tim242

          The boom in “boom sound” comes from beats audio.

          • i understand, but still, the speakers being on the front will still be better than on the back.

          • Tim242

            Maybe. However, the speaker on the back of my Note 2 and S4 is very loud and not tinny. Most people rarely use their phones for speakers. Headphones or BT speaker for great sound. Even with the One’s FF speakers, it still isn’t good enough.

  • HTC needs to do the opposite of what their management decides to do on every decision, basically.

  • NAM37

    I’m sure there won’t be one.. but I’d buy a Verizon version on day 1.

  • Daniel

    Well, but it would be better because it’ll run STOCK, and HTC could easily release the camera app and other stand-alone applications that maybe even ONLY work on the One for users to have certain features without needing an entire Sense ROM that won’t get frequent OS updates from Google.

  • Stephen Freeman

    SO is it me or is Google moving away from hardware?

    • JoshGroff

      It seems like it. I’m fine with that if it means more top tier devices with Google experience editions. (Instead of mid-upper tier nexus devices.)

  • Yes, this is what Google should be doing with the Nexus brand. Make your own dev phone (a Nexus phone), but give us a choice of “Nexus Experience” devices so we can pick our own hardware. I like.

  • Still doubt this will be going to Verizon

  • MrJigolo

    This makes zero sense to anyone, Kellex. Just like the GS4 rumor. But we sure know how that went down don’t we.

    DO IT HTC, I’ll BUY.

  • jamie stevens

    Personally, this move makes zero sense to me….I would think it would help with cost. they could downsize their staff due to lack of sense while selling more devices.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Finally we have a bone stock HTC phone and you guys are wining about it? If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. But at least praise the fact that those of us who don’t want manufacturer skins shoved down our throats will now have choices/options

  • LiterofCola

    Send it to Verizon and I’ll seriously consider it

  • Litso

    Why would anyone want this? Are you kidding me? The best piece of Android hardware ever produced. That’s why. Because of how proprietary Sense is, it’s very difficult to port AOSP to it. Pretty much all of the drivers for camera, audio, radio, etc have to be manually re-written.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Unlocked One is $650 for 64GB

    • Noel

      They should ambush Sammy and make theirs $600 for the 64GB GE HTC One.

  • It will only make the camera worse.

  • JoshGroff

    “The HTC One is a great device because HTC actually added features and functionality with Sense overlay. Should you wipe that out for a stock experience, you lose everything that made this phone great.”

    Explain to me how this is any different than the Google experience edition of the S4? Samsung added a great list of features as well, all of which were removed, yet we were all over the Google experience S4…

    • KleenDroid

      You have a good point. I think the solution to all this is allow the customer to choose stock software or the skinned version at initial boot. Then everyone could have what they want. If every phone came with 64 gig memory there would never be an issue.

    • TSY87

      i was thinking the same thing… in fact, the s4 is really all about those software gimmicks that you would lose with pure android vs the one, where you will still have the awesome front facing speakers and sexy body.

      When you compare the s3 to the s4, hardware wise there arent THAT many notable, significant, improvements, if at all.

      • George264

        The HTC One has BoomSound and an amazing screen. Let’s not forget it has the same power as the US S4, which, the Google Edition is. This is a LARGE advantage over the Google Edition S4, because of the design and what I mentioned before. It still benefits HTC because it will spread the HTC brand further and they still are earning profit, and isn’t that what selling things are about?

    • Derek Jones

      I initially thought the same thing about this comment; it didn’t make sense (no pun intended). However, I think it makes sense because HTC is in terrible shape, while Samsung is sitting pretty. Samsung can afford to have a Nexus version of the S4 on the market. The number of S4 devices in use with touch wiz installed will greatly outnumber those that have the vanilla android software. HTC is at a stage where they need to stop the bleeding and recover. They must outshine other manufacturers. Since they cannot rely on the build quality alone to accomplish this, they have to rely on the software, HTC Sense. By removing a major factor that separates HTC from the competition, they are risking shooting themselves in the foot, again. I’m in the market for a new Nexus device. If the HTC One were to be released with a vanilla android, I get it over the S4 for the increased storage capacity and overall build quality.

      • This is exactly it – Samsung can afford to randomly toss out a device with stock on it. HTC isn’t in a position to confuse customers.

    • itznfb

      Because you reach a larger market with minimal effort.

    • LiterofCola


  • MichaelFranz

    VZW or no dice. Would love to see them keep some of the camera features though.

  • Mark Schleupner

    Question….if this is 64GB and is the same price as the AT&T developer phone, wouldn’t it make sense to buy the 64gb one and flash the AT&T rom on it so you get double the storage for the same price?
    Another question…. the Sprint phone is CDMA…. has anyone been able to flash it to work on Verizon?

    • MichaelFranz

      Sprint CDMA and Verizon CDMA are different frequencies. Plus even if you got it to work, i doubt LTE would without proper sim card provisioning

  • It’s only going to seem like a disappoint until Google unveils a new version of Android, with much better camera software and many other features, and this HTC One gets it almost immediately while the carrier versions will get it 10 months later.

    Why is anyone complaining about more choices anyway?

  • Chris

    I feel like, although they are removing Sense and that’s what makes it HTC’s phone, they could sell more copies this way. It’s another way to appeal to other groups of people, so they could in turn make more profit.

  • EC8CH

    I imagine everyone at HTC headquarters running around throwing paper in the air and screaming FACKWORS! at each other at the top of their lungs.

    This makes no sense… they’re doomed.

  • ddevito

    I don’t like the capacitive buttons, but my co-worker has this phone, and man-o-man, the screen is brilliant and the camera is outstanding.

    I must say I’m interested in this one…

  • Why can’t HTC have a One Camera app in the Play Store? Why would that be dependent on the version of Android?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s dependent on Sense UI. It’s not just an app. Just like every HTC feature

      • Everyone

        Including their goddamned OS 🙁

      • michael arazan

        “It’s dependent on Sense UI” — that phrase makes me cringe

    • Butters619

      The Sense camera is built deep into sense not just a top layer app. The one bad thing about flashing AOSP ROMs to HTC phones is your camera goes from amazing to ass-tastic.

      • Exactly. We saw a 5mp on stock, I don’t even want to imagine a 4mp on stock.

        • Butters619

          HTC just does a lot of post processing in software that stock Android doesn’t do. Plus the HTC camera app itself just has more features. It’s one thing stock Android has always lacked. I thought I read somewhere it’s something Google is addressing though.

          • stevethecat

            the HTC camera and software are gimmicky and slow. All pictures that get auto uploaded to G+ are processed as well and look better than anything HTC could do.

          • Butters619

            Yeah but I don’t want all my photos uploaded to G+

          • LionStone

            How about Flickr? They just upped their game and gives you a free terabyte of space. Upload once and send to any device, screen, follower…saved in full resolution!

    • TheDrunkenClam

      they very well could, but that would give people choice and make too much sense

      • TheDrizzle

        “…make too much *sense*”

        I see what you did there.

  • stevethecat

    Stock android is nice but the HTC one has only 2 capacitive buttons not 2 plus the clicker like the galaxy s4. Why can’t the OEMs get on board and ditch the stupid buttons they use?

    • 4n1m4L

      Actually its a capacitive area where the touchscreen extends beyond the LCD. It can be mapped that way, or be mapped with 4 “buttons” though there would be any visual indication of such.

      • stevethecat

        but it is still capacitive. Not on screen.

        • 4n1m4L


  • Andrew

    If the One had on screen nav buttons I’d be all over this (or the developer edition).

    • EC8CH

      HTC One with on screen buttons and stock android…. GAME OVER.

      • PhoenixPath

        I approve this comment.

        • geedee82

          I approve of your approval.

      • KleenDroid

        I really like my S4 but onscreen buttons would have been a huge improvement.

      • joejoe5709

        Agreed, but same goes for the S4. Game over either way. The only thing I really like about the One over the S4 is the forward speakers. And I wouldn’t expect that on a Nexus. They tend to lean toward a minimalist face.

      • jo

        There’s a mod for AOSP roms that disables the hardware keys and enables softkeys. hardware keys are only active for turning on and off the device.

    • Butters619

      I know they can’t, but if they got rid of the button bar and made the front symmetrical and went with on screen buttons and stock Android, I would dish out $650.

  • Gilbert Estrada

    Following their recent pattern of absolutely fantastic marketing ideas, this phone will be a T-Mobile exclusive.

  • Ian Smith

    not a fan of the nav buttons either. definitely going to pass on this. i almost feel bad for HTC if this happens & it is a failure. CEO would really need to be canned at that point.

    • Noel

      It won’t be a failure…did you see the response ppl had for the GS4 GE? As popular as the HTC One is over the GS4 you can extrapolate same results for a vanilla HTC One. The only obstacle standing in the way for me is the upcoming new Nexus and to a lesser extent at this point the Xphone. The best scenario will be HTC as OEM of the next Nexus.

  • Ryan Lind

    I agree on the no thanks part. I’m off to dump Verizon today and head to AT&T/T-Mobile (haven’t decided) to pick up the HTC One. Without the HTC software I don’t see the camera working well.

    I don’t always take pictures with my smart phone,
    but when I do it inevitably is a crappy dimly lit situation.

    And that’s why I want the HTC One.

    • Ian Smith

      yeah the low-light abilities of the camera seem really useful – hope it continues to become more widespread in future phones.

    • PhoenixPath

      “Without the HTC software I don’t see the camera working well.”

      Works just fine running AOSP. No Zoe or burst-mode, but the camera does indeed work just fine.

  • Warwick

    Has to be on Viva Movil

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      It better be. Otherwise, as I Latino, I’d feel betrayed

    • EC8CH

      Pitbull Viva Movil commercial dropping in three… two…. one……


      • sc4fpse

        “Pitbull! Mr. Three-Oh-Five… Mr. Worldwide! Went from Big Blue to Big Red… ¡[Something en Español]!”

        Disclaimer: I actually really like Pitbull.

    • coolsilver

      Share it on facebook because people love that stuff.

  • pubasnacks77

    The No. 1 reason I would want this is because I want the lastest Android OS, and I don’t trust HTC or Verizon to push one out in a timely manner. But all that doesn’t matter anyway because the phone isn’t coming to Verizon, J-Lo said so…

  • rals

    The Nexus One still lives 🙂

  • Patrick Crumpler

    I just want the regular HTC One on Verizon.

    • itznfb

      I hate Sense so I’d be all over this if this was on Verizon. Too bad we’ll never see it. I miss having nice HTC or Moto radios.

      • Arlington Albertson

        amen, we’re getting screwed over by these guys not releasing anything on VZW….HTC was the BEST for soooo long (for hardware/etc…)!!!

        • possomcrast

          VZW is not seeking out companies. They think their customer base is a bunch of average idiots who will settle for any bloat-filled phone (admittedly a lot average consumers just buy the next shiniest thing regardless what it is but that’s generalizing).

          • Arlington Albertson

            fair enough point I suppose, however it may just be they are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel they need to get into other things (which, yes, is horrible). Not trying to defend them so much as just point out there may be other things going on with them. They have the iPhone now, they have the S4, what more do they really need to keep people buying?

        • George264

          HTC is the best for hardware and radios. Motorola can match on radios, but misses the point in design, screens and cameras. Rocking the DNA, it’s good, but I want the One. Although, I’m going to move to T-Mo as soon as my contract is done in Nov.

    • Inquizitor

      I spoke yesterday to a Verizon rep at a store, and he told me they fully expect to receive the One, as well as a developer edition, in the next couple of months. He doesn’t know the date, but he says it’s definitely coming. As soon as that dev edition is announced, I’m buying.

      • August 1st

        • George264


      • Cory Pitkavish

        the exact same thing happened to me when i was browsing through the store last week. the manager “assured” me they were getting it

    • Noel

      Best built Android phone to date…hope HTC can have another crack at a Nexus phone with all the modern specs around today.

  • chris125

    It’s not going to sell that well. It’s a small minority who want stock and since it won’t be subsidized, less will be inclined to want to purchase it

    • Derek Duncan

      Yes but what is the loss for HTC? They will make more $ on each phone because they don’t have to pay any licensing on software things. Heck, Google might be taking the initiative and all HTC needs to do is supply the phones.

      • EC8CH

        “they don’t have to pay any licensing on software things”