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Google Music Update With All Access and New UI is Live!

Screenshot_2013-05-15-11-08-51 Screenshot_2013-05-15-11-08-59

The update for Google Music which includes a new UI, their new All Access streaming service, and Listen Now feature is live! Once you update, don’t forget to check out All Access with the 30-day free trial. 

Here is the full changelog:

  • Brand new user interface for phone, tablet, and TV
  • Support for All Access subscription service in the US
  • Key All Access features: Explore section to discover new music, Radio with unlimited skips, Add albums to My Library, Share and subscribe to playlists
  • New Listen Now page that makes it easy to find something to play
  • Swipe to remove from playlist or queue
  • Swipe to switch songs on the now playing screen or now playing bar
  • Go to album or artist from any song

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  • Karl Morteo

    #GooglePlayMusic is a BIG #fail for me until they enable caching to the external SD card on their Android App. #GooglePlayMusicNeedsCache2externalSDcard

    So frustrating…… Ahhhhh

  • Joseph

    How do you delte music?

  • Dhaval Yoganandi

    Not available in your country. 🙁

  • Brain

    I love Google products…but this is a deal breaker for me. And before everyone jumps all over me, yes I can save to my external SD card with an older version of Spotify.

    All Access music cannot be stored on an external SD card. If you want to save local memory space on your device, consider streaming your music using a data connection instead of storing it for offline play.

    Why not save to the extSD card? I just do not understand this.

    • brain

      “All Access music cannot be stored on an external SD card. If you want to save local memory space on your device, consider streaming your music using a data connection instead of storing it for offline play.”

  • Jones

    I clicked on the try for free button then they said payment was sucessful.

    I didn’t want to buy yet.
    What happened?

  • Jeralmac

    I’m currently Pandora’s paid service and the nice thing about it is my wife and I can share the account. Both phones/browsers/tablet all can run Pandora from the same account at the same time. LOVE the new Google Music but they still have the one device at a time restriction. If this gets lifted, I’m signing up! I can share my CD’s with my wife, why not the digital versions? Effing Nazi record labels…….

  • qnelson

    Why should I leave Spotify for this, i’m not really seeing any advantage other than the $2 price. Am I missing some aspect that should be swaying me or something?

    • Hothfox


  • Giovanni Stoto

    How do you delete songs from your device from the new play music?
    There was a delete option in the old play music, for the song being played, when opening the menu with the little triangle on the right of the song, but now when opening the menu with the 3 dots there’s no option to delete the song

  • N8shon

    This is exactly what I was waiting for. Well done Google. Until now I had not found a streaming service that I felt worked well for my needs. This one does everything I want it to. Thank you!

  • socalrailroader

    I like Nokia Music, and it’s only $3.99 a month, I wish they’d get it on Android! Right now I have it in my Lumia 920, Desktop and Surface Pro, but no love for my HTC One or Nexus 7 yet 🙁

  • RIP Pandora and Spotify. Both killed in just one day.

    iTunes should quake with fear. I always knew Google would do music right. I was not let down. {{-_-}}

  • jim

    So far I’m liking the new Google Music. Still, Spotify now downloads direct to my Galaxy Note 2 SD Card. That’s a pretty huge feature for me. With internal memory shrinking for many devices offline mode will have limited value.

  • Am I the only person who thinks they’re trying to make this look like Windows 8? I don’t really care as I’m an old fart who wants to listen to his own Google Music library, but still. Is it a swipe at Apple? Is it a swipe from MS? If Google intends to make their UI look like Windows 8 going forward, I’m buying an iPhone for the sheer outrage of the idea of Google copying Microsofts $hitty mobile OS.

  • Stingray

    How is the song collection/library compared to Spotify?