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Official Bang With Friends App Hits Google Play, Could Lead to Some Interesting Rendezvous


For the sake of science and journalism or whatever you want to call this, I downloaded the official Bang With Friends application that just launched on Google Play for Android.

If you are not familiar, BWF is a website where you can anonymously list who of your Facebook friends you would like to hook up with. If that person happens to use BWF too, then mark that they would also like to hang out, then you will both be notified. Unless each of you list that you either want to “hang” or “bang,” neither party will be notified that one another is creeping. Pretty interesting, right?Β 

So the official app is now on Google Play, although it is experiencing some server issues currently. When it does work though, the app is silky smooth, following Android design guidelines quite well, with a menu bar on the side and full swipe navigation throughout. It’s actually pretty hot.

If you are into this kind of thing, go grab it and have some fun.

Play Link

  • Stinky Fingers

    Pull your dress back down, beyotch…my phone has Smell-O-Vision.

  • Y8

    great trick. apps is grow

  • The2500

    I see an inherent problem with this.
    “Hey, looks like we both want to bang each other!”
    “No, I only added you to confirm my suspicions that you wanted to bang me. We’re done talking now.”

  • yeah, i did it

    Is it weird that I clicked “bang” next to my half-sister?

    • Brandon Golway

      Not if you live in Alabama!

  • 32BitWhore

    That awkward moment when you accidentally swipe down on your grandmother and it totally ruins your app experience.

    Then she “DTB’s” back.

  • qwopzxnm

    Let me save the girls some time. If you have a male facebook friend that you know is not gay, they want to bang you.

  • jeradc

    Not a cool pic to have scroll across my screen at work. Please remove it, and be considerate of those of us at work. thanks.

    • Alan thicke

      Maybe you should try working instead of surfing the net.
      -Your boss, Alan

      • Christopher Riner

        He’s worried Jenny in accounting is gonna notice and not reply to his “down to hang”

  • I love how great their screenshots are on Google Play :’)

  • Maddingo

    I so wish I had friends.

  • Jon

    Lots of ugly people are gonna find out that yes…no one wants to sleep with them. On the inverse, hot girls will find out that everyone on their friends list wants to sleep with them. This is like creating an app that proves the laws of gravity…it’s just so obvious.

    • it also has “hang out” now
      …not that anyone cares

      • willy

        I hang out with my wang out. That’s how I roll…

  • Daniel

    Check the number of comments- sign of things to come?



  • Sean Bello

    I’m pretty sure it got pulled lol

  • trumpet444

    What the hell, Droid Life

  • endlessglory

    FB wanted better looking profile pictures so they came up with this. Great idea. I will change my profile pic like now.

  • Guest

    I better change my profile picture like now!!!!

  • Sam

    Funny how on Google Play they put screenshots of the iPhone version.

  • This will be fun…muhahhahaha! πŸ˜‰

  • JoserJDM

    Keep it old school and just ask if she’s down for some pizza and sex, and when she looks at you weird you just say, “What? You don’t like pizza?

    • Christopher Stine


  • John Jenness

    Finally, FB is useful.

  • tyguy829

    @Timotato:disqus I’m assuming you already got Andy Rubin to sign up

  • Google just released info stating “bang with friends” will come on a version of it’s new moto lineup! It will overlay, that’s right overlay, face book home. Apparently they are calling it the “seX phone”

    • PhoenixPath

      You forgot the:

      per sarge

      (though I suppose in this case it would be “per surge”)

    • xenothaulus


  • cgmartin33

    This app has herpes written all over it…

    • you are infected!

      nope, those are your lips

  • mcdonsco

    And what happens when your significant other finds this app on your phone…

    • Jordan Debow

      Nova launcher, you can hide apps lol

    • chewystewie

      I only clicked “hang out” on the box next to her….

  • So the only question I have now is which is a worse app, this or Facebook Home.

  • Iggy

    Still waiting on FourPlay, the Foursquare spinoff that shows you nearby friends with benefits.

  • Dayne Close

    Needs G+ integration. I don’t have anyone on Facebook I’d like to “bang.”

    • Trevor

      You mean GSpot+ integration?

      • Brandon Golway

        That should be the name of the Google+ variant.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    As if FB needed an app like this, FB is already the cause of sooo many Bad relationship issues.

    • cancerous_it

      facebook is just a medium to facilitate the symptom. the cause is unhappy marriages. happy spouses don’t have nekkid facebook friends accidentally fall on top of them.

      • Big EZ

        No, blame Facebook, it’s easier than taking personal responsibility for your actions.

  • ToddAwesome

    annnnnnnnd….then it got awkward.

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    • Jeralmac

      Huh? The saying what you are of referring to?

      • scientific

        yes, precisely.

        Right compared to the generation two of the device parameters, it is near the original specs of the content in which he was referring to.

  • Illinipoke

    Best image ever on Droid-Life?

    • Raven

      Until your boss unexpectedly walks into your cube just as you are opening DL on your lunch break.

      • thebigmann

        Droid-Life [NSFW]

      • jerk

        my boss asked why i was only looking at soft-core porn…

  • DanSan

    do i really have to be the first one to ask this…

    more pics of girl on bed please. lol

    does the app tell u which one of your friends is actually using the app? if they arent does it send them an invite or anything?

    • tomn1ce

      Maybe they meant that they won’t put it on either wall but just send those 2 a notification about the other wanting to hang or bang each other…

    • Christopher Riner

      Honestly those legs threw me off. I had to turn my phone a couple times and pay real close attention before I decided the gender of said model.

  • JDub

    Do you think it’s too obvious if you ask the girl you want to bang to download this app?

    • Hah – “Hey, you ever heard of BWF? It’s so cool, you should totally download it.”

      • Here you just hit this and this and….boom we’re so gonna bang now

        • You guys win the internet for today. I love this, haha.

        • +1,000,000 internets for all of you

        • typicalAsianGuy

          But you didn’t need this app to bang Marla

    • spooky

      Why dont you just ask her to come over and watch a movie and then just have her. never fails

      • Warwick

        Til they ask what kind of movie

        • Spooky

          the answer is always Mean Girls.

          • George L

            Your comment is so fetch.

          • Bob G

            You are definitely so fetch for that comment.

          • lacy chabert is sooooo hot!

            stop trying to make fetch happen!

          • The girls have gone wild!

          • Jon

            I actually love Mean Girls…I would sleep with someone to watch it.

          • Christopher Riner

            Haha, sleep with someone to watch it, or watch it to sleep with someone? I’m trying to figure out which one is the golden motivator here, the boom boom or the the movie.

          • michael arazan

            The NoteBook seems to work

            Also is the girl in the picture banging a Ghost?

    • Geoff Johnson

      Go for it, but get ready to be disappointed when she gets it and you don’t get notified, haha

  • Jon

    This sound like fun…until you realize the other person didn’t really want to bang and just wanted to clown your ass and out you as a sex crazed pervert looser.

    • Just because you’re a loser doesn’t mean you are sex crazed lol

      • nunya

        Except you couldn’t you then make the same argument about them?

      • Thomas

        I have to admit this is the first DL article to give a chubby.

        • Literally lol’d.

          • Thomas

            Not a full one though…more like a 3/4 πŸ˜‰

          • Christopher Riner

            Too many of these comments are going from awkward to totally sketch in 1 second flat.

        • Transamturbo350

          I’m not gunna lie when I finally got to see the galaxy nexus after months and months and months of rumors Nd waiting that is my dl bonner moment.

          • Christopher Riner

            Aaaaand this kind of thing is exactly what I was talking about.

      • ArrowCool

        As a guy, I can confidently say that all guys are sex crazed regardless of the loser part!

    • Just tell them you hit bang on everyone because you were curious, too!

      • DanPatrickFlores

        given the choice, you always party with Dr. Strangelove

    • noc007

      My first thought was this would be a way for a chick to find out which one of her friends were the creepers. Honestly, I’d say any straight or bi guy that has female friends would want to bang said friend; I call BS on the ones that wouldn’t.

  • Go grap it and have some “fun”

  • Tim242

    I don’t use FB for anything, not even a FB. That’s what Grindr is for : )

    • ßen Murphy

      A friend of Dorothy? =)

      • Tim242

        Haha haven’t heard that one in a while.

  • justincase_2008

    Adds Tato to list

    • Tim242

      Tato is so mine. We will hang and bang one day. Get ready tato!

      • Silver Veloz

        I’m with you on that one Tim242.

    • @justincase_2008:disqus I KNEW IT!

      • justincase_2008

        Adds Tabe to list.

      • KraYzeE

        i knew it too !! *let me know when im added*


          (did you download the app yet?)

        • justincase_2008


    • Thomas

      Don’t worry boys there is plenty of room for more πŸ˜‰

      *Kicks Kellen off the bed*

  • Chaser457

    Pure science and journalism…

  • Kerry Fath

    Bang with Friends sponsored by Trojan!

  • John Sebeny

    Soley for the sake of science, I’ll download this and try it out πŸ™‚

    • PhoenixPath

      …and that will be the excuse used by anyone confronted with, “I just picked you to see who was using it. How dare you!” πŸ™‚

  • This is pathetic. Go out and meet girls.

    • This is 2013, bro. You ain’t gotta leave the house!

      • Bigwavedave25

        Especially if you have that shack fully automated. πŸ˜‰

      • The only people down voting are ones who can’t get laid.

        • Tim242

          Haha no doubt

        • Warwick


        • mustbepbs

          Easy there, backstreet boy. No need to get your gelled hair all tangled.

          • MykeSorrel

            Haha, this is why i love this site.

      • Thomas

        This is Manti Te’o and I approve this message.

      • noc007

        I think you mean “your mom’s basement”.

    • Tim242


    • Trueblue711

      I’m pretty sure the world for the most part is past the whole “interacting with people online is for losers” phase.

      • There’s nothing wrong with that. But for a sexual encounter. …pretty lame

    • I-Troll-U

      I’ll stick with women tyvm!!

  • Wow… they used iOS screenshots for the playstore…

    • OMFG It’s @twitter-15801467:disqus ?!!

    • John

      hate that shi t. lazy devs

  • Bigwavedave25

    Damn Tim, not not what I need to see right now…

  • Artune

    Craiglist killer of 2009 to Bang Friend killer of 2013 (Bad Idea)