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Koush’s Carbon Back Up App Renamed to Helium Due to Trademark Issues


Koush’s Carbon backup application received an update today, the most notable change probably being its name. Carbon is now called Helium, as there was a trademark issue with “Carbon.” Either way, it’s still the same application, just a new name. 

On top of the new name, there have been some improvements made to the app, such as bug fixes, cloud backups are managed separately for each device you use, and WiFi settings can be backed up (root required for that one).

What’s New:

  • Carbon has been renamed to “Helium” (trademark issue)
  • App icons are now stored in a .nomedia directory as a hidden dot file. Redo your backups to hopefully clear out the gallery spam.
  • Fixed a bugs with PC Restore.
  • Helium’s Windows Installer now includes the Universal ADB Driver as part of the installation. If you had device detection problems before, this may fix it!
  • Cloud backups are now managed separately per device
  • Wifi settings can now be backed up (root required)

Like the new name?

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  • GreenMeansGo

    Aren’t we running out of helium?

  • The premium unlocker is still called “Carbon (Premium)”. How’s that possible?

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Does any one know of an app that backup text messages as well as the pictures in them? is it even possible? I know of smsbackup and the ROM toolbox, but they dont do it. Any help is appreciated.

  • joejoe5709

    I wondered if DL would say something. I thought it was odd to have a “Helium” updating this morning. Loving this app. I used to use either CWM recovery and/or WugFresh to backup my apps and such, but this is a better option in a lot of ways. HUGE thanks to Koush and all he does for this community! I always thought Carbon was kinda of a weird choice anyway – and if I were Carbonite, I’d probably have similar concerns.

  • RaptorOO7

    It’s not about the name, but who has the money to sue you over the name. Sadly Carbonite can make a good claim given the purpose of this app is to back-up data which is what Carbonite does so they would likely win. Still Carbonite is a bunch of tools!

  • TheWenger

    Carbon twitter app…you’re next.

    • Simon Belmont

      Eh, probably not. Carbon and Carbonite both deal with backing stuff up, so it sort of made sense for them to send a C&D.

      Helium is a pretty cool name anyway. Makes me think of things floating into the cloud.

  • CasperTFG

    Great app. Great support. App data restore from rooted toro to locked N10 works like a charm – even before all those updates.

  • andrew galvin

    didnt use this app previously but am very impresed with it!

  • Errr somethings you just fight out of principle. Isnt the whole world Anti-Bully right now too?

  • Never understood the name Carbon and Helium makes even less sense. Helium is a backup software because…… Helium makes stuff float?? I guess

    • EC8CH

      Helium sends stuff to the clouds.

      If this app stores your backups in the cloud I guess it kinda makes sense.

      • brkshr

        That’s kinda what I was thinking. Not a great name if you ask me, but I guess it works.

    • brkshr

      Ever heard of carbon copy paper? Google it.

      • Oh yeah! All the cool kids are using carbon paper. That makes so much more sense now… thanks

        • Simon Belmont

          They still call copying emails to others “CC.” Guess what CC stands for?

          Carbon copy. The original Carbon name made sense.

    • lgreg64

      I think it has to do with cloud storage

  • motta2003

    Just got notice that Helium is infringing on the balloon makers associations use of helium in their balloons…so we may see another change.

    • Android Fan boy

      hahahha that comment just made my day!! On a more serious none flammable note, I’d recommend G Cloud Backup. I’ve tried Helium before and it kept crashing on my Note 2, so I’m not risking my data again! Cheers!

  • Derek Gelinas

    Someone say Carbon? http://goo.im/devs/carbon

  • Cowboydroid

    It’s just dumb. They are not even the same word. I don’t know how Carbonite thinks they even have a case.

    • michael arazan

      Could of just added a word like “Frozen in Carbonite”

  • j

    probably got threatened by Carbonite.
    Not saying that’s a bad thing.. just a thing.

  • WAldenIV

    Carbon was always a strange choice for Koush because of the “Carbonite” online backup service.

  • Treknologist

    This is not a bad thing. It avoids confusion for users and the app continues to work just as it was. In fact, even better with some of the improvements they’ve made. 🙂

  • oh, that makes sense. i got an update for “helium” this morning, and didn’t remember installing anything like that

    • xodimifejuj

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