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Weird Rumor: 32GB Nexus 4 With CDMA and LTE to be Announced at Google I/O?

LG Nexus 4

Rather than a Nexus 5 is there a chance that Google releases a new version of the Nexus 4 this summer? According to a new rumor that is making the rounds and appearing in our inbox far too often, this is the word on the dark, back alley, make-sure-you-have-a-tight-grip-on-your-purse, streets. The rumor is this – Google is going to release a new variant of the Nexus 4 with both CDMA and LTE radios inside, along with 32GB of storage. It’ll be unveiled at Google I/O in May. So, what do we think? 

Well, first, Google seems to have made it clear at times that they aren’t fans of tying their Nexus devices to carriers. We all know from back in the days of Ice Cream Sandwich that their Android engineers spoke of having their minds blown over the carrier approval process for delaying what should be simple updates. But then again, Andy Rubin said after the launch of the Nexus 4 that they would “certainly have a desire to offer devices on every carrier on the planet.” His comments came during an explanation over the lack of LTE in the device and the idea that they didn’t want to use hybrid LTE networks along with older tech and dual-radios, since they diminish the user experience and battery life. So which is it? Do they hate carrier-tied devices or not? Or was Rubin speaking generally about having a device that works on all carriers, yet isn’t necessarily branded by them? Tough to tell.

This rumor does pose a couple of interesting points, though. The first being that Sprint received both of their Nexus devices (Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus) around April and May, long after the initial release of the same device. Should Google have figured out a way to toss in a CDMA/LTE radio inside one, launching on Sprint at Google I/O in May certainly matches up to previous time frames. Then again, Google has had to publicly state some of their frustrations with CDMA in general, as it is difficult to support in AOSP. Do they really want to go down that route again after all that we’ve been through? We’re talking withheld factory images, binaries, and updates for both Sprint and Verizon variants of Nexus devices, all of which run on CDMA networks.

The other part of this rumor mentions that we could see this version with 32GB of storage inside. As you all know, the current Nexus 4 only comes with 8GB or 16GB of storage, which in today’s smartphone era, isn’t necessarily enough thanks to massive pictures, HD video recordings, HD games, and movie downloads. One could fill up 8GB (since the system usually takes a couple of that to begin with) in no time without even trying. So, a 32GB version of the phone does make some sense.

We’re also acknowledging the idea that Google would likely release a new version of the Nexus 4 over a brand new Nexus 5 since the Nexus 4 is still only a couple of months old, makes a lot of sense. Google tends to launch new smartphones at their winter events, while saving the mid-year I/O conference for tablets and random media players that lack any functionality. Why not toss out a new version of the Nexus 4 to push sales until they can launch new hardware during the holidays?

We should point out that the folks at Android Central mentioned the existence of a similar version of this device back in November of last year, stating that it could arrive by late Q1. Obviously, that didn’t happen. They later weighed in with the idea that we may not see this phone after all, even though they had heard that AT&T and Sprint versions were in testing, because news on either device had gone silent for months. At least that’s another supposed confirmation of the device’s existence, but at this point, not necessarily in a good way.

Keep in mind that we also saw a brief glimpse of a white Nexus 4, along with a matching white Bumper, yet have never seen either officially launch anywhere. Google does some head-scratching things more often than we can keep track of. I’ll just say this – a CDMA variant of the Nexus 4 makes little sense to me after seeing what has happened over the years with both Sprint and Verizon versions of Nexus phones. But then again, this is Google we are talking about.

So, folks, we really just don’t know. One can always dream.

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Cheers Sean, Roderick, and everyone else!

  • Alu Zeros

    #not impressed

  • Joshua deVille

    It would be best if they just sold a CDMA version in the Play Store so you could use it with any CDMA Carrier that way the price Point wont change very much and it will insure you still get the Latest Updates.

  • Simon Belmont

    I’m on Sprint and way back in October, I wanted a Nexus 4. Now, after the buzz and accepting one probably won’t arrive on Sprint, I’m not really as interested and would rather wait for the next fully new Nexus phone. I’m still plenty happy with my EVO 3D running CM10.1. It’s smooth as glass and battery efficient as all get out.

    If they drop a Nexus 4 on Sprint in May, I’m not sure what I’d do. My upgrade is actually due in May and my wife is looking forward to a new phone as her OG EVO 4G is showing its age. I know the Snapdragon S4 Pro is no slouch, but at this point I’m looking forward to the Snapdragon 600-800 phones with higher resolution screens. Oh well, I guess “wait and see” will continue to be my mantra, for now.

  • edwoordd

    If it comes a new Nexus 4 comes with LTE & comes to Verizon i’ll be buying it, i have to get rid of my Gnex if it does come out, though rockin it with paranoid android. All I can do is wait for now…

  • mario

    Nexus 4 on Sprint ?! Please make this happen Google !

  • James Hill

    Nexus 4S?

  • If it’s gonna have LTE, they better throw in a bigger battery as well.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Google tends to launch new smartphones at their winter events, while saving the mid-year I/O conference for tablets and random media players that lack any functionality.


  • PopeFrancis

    GO BULLS!!!!

  • Tim Buchanan

    I still wouldn’t do it. 32Gb isn’t enough onboard storage, and “cloud” services don’t work for people who travel. Give me a beefy 64GB device please, and throw in a MAXX size battery while you’re at it.

    • Out of curiosity, what is it that you have on your device that’s filling up 32gb?

      • Tim Buchanan

        I like to store all of my music locally. I use my phone as my primary media device and when I travel, or when I’m driving through a spot that doesn’t get coverage, it’s nice to have my tunes still play.

        • All the music. I see.

        • In addition, the Nexus 4 doesn’t actually come with 32gb is space when in actual use. Some of it is partitioned for the OS, so it leaves you roughly 28gb of storage? And I also like to store my music locally as well, and games these days are becoming more heavily on graphics, thus large game files. I need a larger storage or a expandable sd card.

  • I can’t wait for the N42016 with the 16gb of ram.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Considering LTE i not around me yet, I will most likely not be upgrading my current Nexus 4 to this one.

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      And the award for most unnecessary comment goes to…..

  • Just because it’s difficult and they don’t like it doesn’t mean that Google is not going to do it. That’s how business works. All of their competitors are doing it, so it would be silly for Google to just say no.

  • Tim242

    I hope they improve the display. The Nexus 4 has the worst sensitivity and scrolling of any phone I’ve ever touched. The colors were a bit washed out as well.

    • MrWicket

      +1 about the colors.. can’t comment about the sensitivity since I don’t own one.. yet.

      • Tim242

        I tried two different Nexus 4’s. When you pinch out to zoom, it doesn’t move until your fingers are about 2 inches apart. The scrolling wasn’t great either.

        • MrWicket


    • WarGasm

      There are kernels that fix those issues

  • Isn’t Verizon planning to make an announcement shortly after Google IO? What if they announce the Nexus 4 as their first VOLTE phone? I’ll continue dreaming…

    • Justin Swanson

      Wow… that’s a wonderful dream. Did you take something to achieve a dream of that level? If so, mind passing some my way? 😉

  • Shane Redman

    ….I don’t appreciate the snide remark about the NexusQ at all, Sir Kellex…I still want one

    • MrWicket

      I still want one too! 🙂

      • 4n1m4L

        Got two. Shame they didn’t go to production. They are a good show of what Google build quality. Q, Pixel, Glass.

  • DanWazz

    I’d probably by one if it works on Verizon and is $350ish off contract.

    • Dan

      Yup, quite likely for me too, although will probably wait for fall and Nexus 5.

  • coolsilver

    I tweeted you guys last week about this. lol

  • MrWicket

    I suppose they could do a LTE version that operates on all LTE freq so it can stay global. Slim chance it could be Verizon’s first VoLTE device, though that would indicate a exclusivity and I think Google would want to avoid that and I can’t see Verizon wanting it to be a temp exclusivity since VoLTE is the next big thing. I bet it’s rumor though and nothing more. I would only be mildly surprised though if we saw an updated N4 this soon because Google tends to update fast and often.

    • arthuruscg

      Google could market it as the first mainstream VoLTE phone, not VZ’s first VoLTE phone. Since I have a grandfathered Unlimited plan, I would love to buy a phone that does not have VZ “Approval”.

      • MrWicket

        true, they could just bypass the carriers all together, but would Verizon allow it to operate on it’s network if they were not in control and/or working on their own and want the glory? All rumors and speculation at this point I suppose, I am looking forward to hearing what’s new at I|O so that we can get ready for next years rumors. 😛

    • arthuruscg

      I wounder if we have not seen any major GVoice updates lately because Google is working on the back end for VoIP/VoLTE

      • MrWicket

        I hope they’re working on something for Google Voice, related to this or not. 🙂

  • I love how there is zero mention of Verizon in this article. I can only dream of getting another nexus device on their network. I guess I’ll be sticking to my gnex for several years.

    • dgarra

      I thought we all knew this is for MetroPCS. 😉

  • matt_helm

    I wish they’d just add a SD card interface!

    • Tim242

      SD cards are terrible.

      • rodney11ride

        yeah im with you on this. why does anyone want to deal with an sd card? and dont tell me its to save stuff or take it out and use it in a computer. everything is cloud based now… why not have somebody else hold your crap… lol. I have had galaxy nexus since beginning and ive used 10gb of the 32… with another 5gb in dropbox and 20gb in Box for backups and document an music storage..

        • because we all have data caps, very low data caps…i learned the hard way trying to use the cloud…i used 3.7gb of my 4gb limit in a month…now i just have to watch my usage. if it was unlimited i would move completely to cloud only

          • rodney11ride

            I understand you “all” have very low data caps except “me” lol. did i miss something here or what. why are people getting fooled into this data cap stuff? i mean priorities are different i guess. I would still be on the OG droid if i hadnt saved up enough money for a retail price phone. But my priorities are different. renewed contract with gnex…jan 2012… been dropping 20 into a jar a month for my next phone…. about what your paying for that 4gb. Wife doing the same for her year almost year old S3. how ever i pull 12-16gb a month in data so yeah… its my top priority. and yes i understand they could yank it any day but until then, upgrading to a “fancy” phone for 199 on new two year has got to be the biggest scam yet. unlimited data lost. lolol

  • dgarra

    If they popped out with “Surprise! HTC is making our Nexus 4 LTE with CDMA!” I would be all over that. As it is, I’ll probably still be all over it with LG on board (meh), the N4 is awesome.

  • WickedToby741

    It could be Pichai behind this (he seems to be buddy buddy with Verizon and the Chromebooks), but I’m still doubtful of this rumor. Unless they really want a Nexus on Sprint, I don’t see why they don’t just wait and launch a Nexus that can run on T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s GSM/LTE networks and solely on Verizon’s LTE. Then there’s no CDMA chip, no playing update games, and the purity of the Nexus is maintained. With Verizon’s LTE network blanketing everywhere they have 3G by the end of the year and VoLTE coming, I just don’t see the point in launching a CDMA Nexus unless they’re specifically targeting Sprint.

  • Tony Allen

    If it could possibly be sold through Google Play, without contract, just like the GSM Nexus and could be activated on Verizon just like you can do with a GSM phone, by dropping the SIM card in, then I’m in for one just for s**ts and giggles. I have a feeling though, this rumor is just that.. a rumor.

  • Being on Verizon I would hope this to be true. At the same time, my thoughts go to Motorola. Its X phone will probably be one step behind a nexus, but the build will be rock solid and up to date. So if Google does say anything at I/O in regards to the X phone then I will wait for it. If not the 4 would be a welcome addition as the radios in the GNEX are garbage. My iPhone regularly pulls down faster data speeds.

  • teevirus

    Imagine a $200 off contract LTE capable Nexus 4 direct from Google. Keeping my unlimited data and getting a great phone. Verizon is only getting worse when it comes to contract terms. It Might be worth it.

  • rodney11ride

    arent we forgetting that these nexus phones are branded due to (approx) screen size? why would they release the same phone and call it a Nexus 5 UNLESS it carried at close to 5″ screen which it almost is now.. I will assume they are going to keep the nexus 4 as there primary “handheld” name and add to it.. or not. just add to different carriers. but eventually they are going to update this phone which leads me to believe they offer a nexus 4 and 5 and then sub branding “hate to say it but nexus 4i or 4x. blah blah blah i know.

    • Tim242

      The Nexus phones are not named by screen size.

      Nexus One
      Nexus S
      Galaxy Nexus
      Nexus 4:(4th gen Nexus)

      • rodney11ride

        ohhhh, ok i thought maybe they changed it up… due to the fact that the 7inch tab and 10 inch tab are named as such… and the fact they are screwed when they get to the 7th gen nexus. lol

      • but the screen is in a 4 inch range, and the nexus 7 and 10 go by screen size as well. i guess we’ll actually find out when the next one is released, unless it’s in the 5 inch range..

        • Tim242

          It is not in the 4″ range. It is 4.7″. They are naming tablets differently than the phones.

  • Kree Terry

    As much as i want this I think its just too good to be true.

  • j973

    First the LG Nexus and its small storage is a waist. IMO Google went backwards with this device. and going with LG was the biggest mistake . I for one dont care if it has cdma / lte still crap battery life. Me personally i will wait for the X Phone. If Google wants to have good price points with the nexus line dump LG and use Motorola they own it problem solved.

    • dgarra

      While I agree I’d prefer Motorola over LG any day of the week, I haven’t had any issues with the N4 battery life.

      • j973

        Well i use a Moto Razr Maxx HD. I average 3 hours a day talk time with 4 hours on screen time and still have plenty of juice cant speak for the nexus that i tried for a few weeks which i gave to my family member then tried the gs3 once again battery life not good enough for me 10 hours for me out of a charge isnt sufficient for me . Everyone uses there phones differently i see no point in having a phone having to turn bluetooth on /off when not using and wifi and dimming the screen I charge my phone at night and might use half of my battery . but thats just the way i use my phone everyone is different. X Phone will be my next.

        • dgarra

          I hope the X has the Maxx battery.


    non LG Nexus 5 or bust

    • Tim242

      Yes! Bad display and poison in the charging cable

  • Sounds like a reasonable rumor to me. In its current form the N4 is far below par compared to the GS3, not to mention the GS4. The X Phone is vaporware (for now). Google’s only way to stay even remotely relevant is to offer a specs upgrade.

    Also, as I’ve said before https://jdrch.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/hey-google-the-lg-nexus-4-is-embarrassing/ the N4’s low storage and lack of LTE in markets where LTE is available (i.e. the US) makes it a joke. I suspect this is the result of Andy Rubin’s philosophical purism, which is probably why he’s no longer heading up Android.

  • Christopher Riner

    I hate to say it (BC I talked trash about Apple when they did this) but I wouldn’t mind a refreshed nexus 4 with a newer processor, lte, more storage, and key lime pie.

  • TranquilBeast

    Oh the specs are outdated, no doubt Verizon is 100% getting this with no delays and an exclusive

  • Ian

    Interesting, I shall consider this along with whatever Motorola announces in the near future.

  • Bionic

    X phone

    • Tim242


  • GreeKNastY

    sorry but i dont want LG garbage

    • Bionic

      i honestly used to say the same thing, but this particular LG has really impressed me. It really is a good phone and I could see LG becoming a very important Android OEM

    • dgarra

      It may be fragile but the N4 is the first good phone LG has ever made.

  • Bionic

    The bottom line is that a phone without LTE support isnt worth a damn in todays market.

    • jade

      Everyone has their own preference. I don’t really care for nor really think I need to use lte, although I understand that some people love it.

    • r0lct

      To some. There are many (especially casual smartphone users) who would and have happily choose an HSPA phone today.

      • Tony Allen

        That works great for those in a market with fantastic HSPA coverage, the sad fact of life is that a lot of people are in quite crap GSM coverage with AT&T or worse, T-Mobile.

        • r0lct

          I was more replying to his absolute of: No LTE=DOA.
          It seems people forget they aren’t the demographic, just a tiny piece of it.

          • Tony Allen

            Well I would venture to say the amount of people, at least domestically since that’s what actually matters to me.. that more people in the US are covered by Verizon’s 4G LTE than are covered with AT&T or T-Mobile’s HSPA+. If true which with the rapid LTE coverage Verizon has accomplished in such a short period of time, is likely true. My Galaxy Note II lasts all day on Verizon, modern chipsets are making things better and I feel like devices aren’t DOA, but imagine if AT&T released a device for their network that didn’t support LTE or the faster HSPA speeds, if you were just stuck on regular old 3G.

  • chris125

    Well lets hope it happens so everyone can get some nexus goodness.

  • Larizard

    Could it be that the popularity of the Nexus 4 have finally given Google the leverage over Verizon?? One can only hope..

    • Tim242

      You forgot the /s

  • Jeremy Martin

    I personally would go out and buy a Nexus 4 if it worked on Verizons network in a heartbeat. I love my Galaxy Nexus…would be great to buy the Nexus 4.

  • AxemRed

    I have Verizon and… no thanks. This rumor doesn’t surprise me because Google did the same thing last year with the GNex. If I would have bought that, I would have been pissed when the Nexus 4 came out 6 months later for the same price. If I buy a Nexus, it won’t be until after I see what comes out this November. After the signal and battery problems I’ve had with my Verizon GNex though, I’m leaning towards buying Moto’s next generation “giant battery” phone once it’s released.

  • Anon

    Cool, but if it isn’t multi-band (carrier-independent, like Google would like to be) capable, I’m still not interested.

  • jamie stevens

    maybe w/ key lime?

  • zombiewolf115

    i guess cdma nexus on metro? lol since i ussaly grab droids and take to to metro. id take them to tmobile but verizon locked the gsm in pretty much all droid phones

    • JoshGroff

      DNA is factory unlocked, so is the RAZR HD, and the G Note II requires root and tweaking some APN settings IIRC.

      • zombiewolf115

        id like the dna but am not a fan of sense, i love stock android, and i dont like samsung either, and i rather wait for the xphone if i was another moto phone

        • JoshGroff

          I’m with you there, just saying they are unlocked. Also, IIRC part of the LTE C-block licensing restricts Verizon from carrier locking their phones.

  • Ready to have your Mind Blown? CDMA ready Nexus for MVNO’s like Ting and Virgin Mobile. WHO cares about the big carriers anymore…especially when the contract free carriers offer just as much?

    • Tim242

      Except for coverage…

  • Well anyone who thinks this CDMA/LTE version would be on Verizon is deluding themselves. If this exists, it’s for Sprint. Sprint always gets the latest Nexus devices around this time so this makes perfect sense.

    Furthermore, Verizon doesn’t hit anyone’s sloppy seconds, ever. Every “Nexus” device that has been on Verizon’s network (OG Droid, Xoom, Galaxy Nexus) was there at launch. If the N4 didn’t launch on Verizon, it won’t be seen on Verizon ever. Sorry to break all your hearts.

    • wolfedude88

      Well the galaxy nexus was on Verizon first in the us but it was out a while in other parts of the world first. I was using it on att before Verizon got it.

      Also look at the gs4 as an example for Verizon being behind on release dates.

      Usually if it is a phone everyone is getting Verizon is last.

      • Yes, but Verizon always falls within the “launch window”. Yes, the GSM Gnex was available a month before Verizon. Yeah, the GS4, Verizon will be last by a few weeks. But, you can’t point to an example in recent memory where Verizon picks up a phone 5-6 months after its launch on other carriers. That’s my point. If it wasn’t on Verizon sometime within the launch window, it’s not going to be.

        • wolfedude88

          The iPhone 4, sorry I couldn’t help myself.;-) But I understand what you are saying though.

          • Yeah I thought about that too, but that happened so close to the iPhone 4S launch, it’s kind-of a gray area.

    • 4n1m4L

      I’m happy being deluded than heartbroken.

  • Detonation

    -Apple releases an incremental update to the iPhone with minimal improvements…Everyone here flames it
    -Google releases an incremental update to the Nexus with minimal improvements…Everyone here wants to buy it

    • Little difference, this isn’t necessarily an update, could just allow the same phone to work on new carriers. Of course we don’t have all the details so you may be right.

    • ceejw

      Apple updates more than just the storage capacity of their phone when they do this.

    • BroRob

      That’s because Apple’s updates are usually adding functionality to iOS and they are things Android has had for quite a while, however Apple touts them as game changers in smart phone technology (see OTA updates and pull down notifications). Nothing wrong with Apple, my mom has an iPad so she can email, facebook and get on the internets. BTW to compare Apples to apples (see what I did there?) This would be more like when VZW announced it finally was able to carry the iPhone. I don’t think it was flamed, but more of everyone saying “meh, I’ll pass.”

      • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

        Im sure screenshots in ICS was something iOS had before android. I don’t see anyone saying “iOS had it first”. Y’all are just sheep to android.

        • BroRob

          Pot calling kettle? I’ve taken the time to try BB, WinMo, iOS and Android, I prefer android, nothing sheep about it bro.

        • Tim242

          Have you been to Apple’s website lately?

          • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

            No. Im just saying. iPhone had screenshots natively before android did. I have a Droid DNA.

          • Tim242

            That is one of few things that iPhone had first. Android had a long list of features before iPhone. The iPhone didn’t even have simple features like MMS, video recording, and hot spot on the first 3 versions.

          • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

            I know it didn’t but you guys keep saying that android is first at evreything.

          • Tim242

            Android has been first at 99.99999% of features. It is a well known fact that Apple lags behind with implementing features.

    • r0lct

      It’s been less than 5 months, hardly a true sequel and clearly a means to expand carrier compatibility. Wait for November before making the comparison.

    • Tim242

      Did Google release one for CDMA/LTE? Android is many phones per year. Apple…just the one.

    • WarGasm

      Atleast when Google does it, they actually cut the price on the existing model and gives gift cards to recent buyers

    • this isn’t really about the storage, it’s more about the phone possibly being available on verizon, which most of us have. not the same as flaming the iPhone

    • Justin Swanson

      Apple doesn’t market their minimal improvements as minimal improvements. They market them as ‘revolutionary’.

      If this is in fact true, then it’ll simply be the N4 LTE. It won’t be the Nexus 4S, it’s so much better than the 4 because… reasons.

    • Simon Belmont

      A lot of the “minimal improvements” in iOS devices are limited by software. Like they say the iPhone 3GS has iOS 6, but it’s really in name only and can’t do a quarter of the cool stuff an iOS 6 equipped iPhone 4S or 5 can do.

      Generally, with Android, at least with the Nexus devices, they get the full Android update experience. Heck, even the old, OLD, Nexus S got up to Android 4.1, which was pretty great considering it started on ANCIENT Gingerbread.

      • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

        I’m sure face unlock works fine on the Nexus S. I know its limited to hardware.

  • Steve Benson

    I don’t think this automatically means this will work on Verizon’s network. This is more likely an LTE phone for GSM networks and possible Sprint. Verizon is too much of a cluster-F for Google to deal with anymore.

    • Tim242

      That is nothing more than a made up lie on blogs.

  • Rodeojones000

    If true, and if it’ll work on Verizon’s network, I’ll buy 2. Won’t even hesitate.

  • im happy with my hspa+ N4. I dont need to spend more $ on the phone and more $ per month. its already the best phone ive ever owned!

  • Hopefully this is true. I’m almost due for an upgrade but I don’t want to move to shared data and increase the cost of my plan while giving up unlimited data.

  • sdny8

    Am I the only one not excited for a vzw version of a 6 month old phone. With a newer soc and larger battery it would definitely be a contender for my $ otherwise it will be a flop. Which is really not what Google needs going to vzw. They need a solid devices, good to awesome specs and all day battery life. 3000+ mah

    • i guess it’s difference when you actually enjoy the nexus device, and the amount of support that comes with it. i don’t care how old it is, it’s still newer than my GNex, which i still like more than any phone out.

  • Austin Warren

    Who cares. Its already outdated. Just announce a new device that’s with the times.

    • Ian

      Just reading through the comments, I’d say more than a few people care…

      • Tim242

        They haven’t experienced the horrible display sensitivity. And you better wash your hands thoroughly after touching the charging cable. It is ladden with poisonous lead.

        • A

          I never heard of the charging cable info. Where did you hear that?

          • Tim242

            It is on a warning label with all LG products. We can thank California for forcing them to warn us. It says something like, ” This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects.” “Wash hands thoroughly after each use.”

          • A

            Isn’t this on a majority of products? It even says this on crystal jewelry now. Maybe the metal part is of danger but I can’t imagine the cord has anything I could be wrong though as I am just using my own assumptions with no hard evidence.

          • Tim242

            No, it is in the cord. Lead is used in some electrical cords. It’s usually found only in very cheaply made products. Not sure why LG is using it. No other phone manufacturer does.

          • A

            Thanks for the info. I’m buying the phone but good to know to use an alternate cable.

        • don’t they have wireless charging?

          • Tim242

            Yes, but it takes over twice as long to charge.

  • I remember watching nvidia when the announced shield and that all in one radio chip. Maybe Google made their own all-in-on that is beast?

  • I am not interested unless it has GSM/HSDPA radios too, so that I can go to an MVNO with it when the rest of my family gets out of contract.

  • Corey Foltman

    32GB GSM LTE Nexus 4 = Take.My.Money.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Google will unveil Nexus 7 V2 and maybe N4 32Gb + LTE. BUT they will not unveil N5, there would be a lot of rumours by know, if that were the case, and going by my 2 year experiences with the android rumour side of the interwebs, rumours that are on everyone blog are and will be true (N5 and Moto X will be at the end of the year, early next year no questions asked), and N4 32GB WILL BE UNVEILED at I/O, I just wish THAT GOOGLE COULD RELEASE THEM TO START WITH UGH (same thing happened with my N7), but i really don’t require the extra 16GB’s, I have over 120 apps, and around 100 songs, and I haven’t hit 4GB EVER (including before cleaning out etc).

    • Tyler Cameron

      But most people do require the storage.

    • Detonation

      100 songs? LOL

  • sgtguthrie

    When the N4 dropped I remember “the panda” for those of you who may know of him (an industry insider) hinted toward a vzw version in the spring. This would match up with that 🙂

    • Tony Allen

      The Verizon version of this device will only matter if it’s sold at the same price point on Google Play. Since it’s just drop your SIM card in and go these days, as long as Verizon had allowed all of the MEIDs of the CDMA/LTE version to run on their network, it could be a similar experience as it is with AT&T/T-Mobile, get the phone in the mail, drop your Verizon MicroSIM in the device, and call it a day.

      • sgtguthrie

        I concur. That’s the only way I’d buy it. I’ll be damned if I stay on Verizon without unlimited data, so no more upgrades for me. Full price is a no go as well unless they remove the subsidy like T-Mobile. They would also need to beef up the battery a bit or make it removable or it probably wouldn’t be viable on LTE…

        • Tony Allen

          I’d be fine with it as is, no changes except storage really. It’ll have to be $299-$349 no questions about an increase in price, the hardware will be virtually identical internally and externally. The only additional price add-on will be Verizon tax, and if they sell it at the Play Store, that won’t happen.

    • 4n1m4L

      I miss the panda

  • Bob Allen

    Even without LTE, a 32 GB N4 would get my money!

  • Nexus 4S ………….. LOLOLOLOL

  • If this thing comes true, does it mean that there will also be an unlocked version of this N4 variant? How did it go down with the Gnex? and does a CDMA supporting phone also works on GSM?

    • Tyler Cameron

      Verizon LTE phones are, by law, not allowed to have a SIM lock. None of their LTE phones have a SIM lock, the only caveat is that some of them don’t have GSM/HSPA radios.

      • Tim242

        That is not quite true. The iPhone 5 was the first LTE phone that was unlocked. The DNA is unlocked. Even though the Note 2 is unlocked, you have to be rooted to take advantage of it.

        • Tyler Cameron

          No, ALL of their LTE phones are unlocked. We just didn’t see it at first because they didn’t have GSM radios. I don’t know why people think the iPhone 5 is their first unlocked phone;
          The HTC Rezound is unlocked. The DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, RAZR M, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX HD are unlocked. The Galaxy S3, Note II, and Steller are unlocked. OH, and so is the DROID Incredible 4G.
          Rooting has nothing to do with if your SIM is unlocked or not, Either it’s locked or it isn’t, and on these phones, it isn’t. Some phones have a region lock (Motorola’s phones) but that can be changed with a program called DFS and you don’t even have to root.
          I have a friend who I sold a DROID RAZR M to and he uses it on AT&T with no issues whatsoever. Never had to put in a PIN to unlock the SIM.

          • Tim242

            None of the LTE phones that came out before the iPhone 5 were unlocked. Most had GSM radios. Verizon issued software updates to some of them to enable international roaming, but US SIM cards could not be used. The iPhone 5 was the first phone that you could pop an at&t or T-Mobile SIM in, and use it. I never said that rooting has to do with SIM unlocking. I said that the Note 2 SIM is technically unlocked, but you have to be rooted to add the APN settings menu to take advantage of it.

          • Tyler Cameron

            Unlocked means the SIM has no lock on it. Rooting and software modding doesn’t even come into this. The SIMs are unlocked on ALL of their LTE phones. It’s about the only FCC rule Verizon actually follows.

        • Guest

          Wrong. Not one of their LTE phones has a SIM lock. Some have a region lock *cough*Motorola* cough (which is easily disabled) but none of them have a SIM lock.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Alright, there is no other way for me so say it but it would be an apple like move. Keep the body the same and upgrade the internals. Keeping the same name isn’t a terrible idea either. It’s a name consumers are getting used to seeing. There is a chance of success with this rumor

    And they are making a cdma nexus 4 because that’s what WE (droid-life is not only android but verizon fansite, right? droid? verizon? pink?) asked for.

    • I’m ok with the same body and upgraded internals as long as they get rid of the glass back, it was a bad idea on the iPhone and a bad one on the N4.

  • Only if it has a MAXX battery. {{-_-}}

  • SuperDave

    All right, so finally a Nexus phone with 32GB of storage and LTE! Oh wait, my Galaxy Nexus from 2011 already have those…

    Seriously though, I was pretty underwhelmed with the Nexus 4 didn’t have that stuff. I felt like if I went from my GNex to it, I’d be getting a downgrade. Not really what you want when you upgrade phones… I don’t know though. At this point, I think it needs a little more than that to compete. Regardless, I’m getting a One very soon. Minus the software, it’s what the Nexus line should be – premium, iPhone-matching build quality, and top of the line specs (except the camera, sure, but I’ll take the low-light performance over megapixels, and it’s sure to be huge upgrade over the Galaxy Nexus camera). Plus, of course, I could potentially load stock Android on it anyway in the future. I loved the Nexus line at first (I convinced my wife to get a Galaxy Nexus also and I love my Nexus 7), but the Nexus 4 just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Russell Tanner

    Am I the only one that feels like “Nexus 5” is not really going to be a thing to begin with? I am going to bet that a new Nexus 4 is in fact what we see. However, the new Nexus 4 may still be a totally new device. When you look at the 4, 7, and 10, they are named for the screen size, not what number generation they are (although the 4 also happens to be the fourth phone). This is the first generation Google has used that naming scheme, but it would just make so much sense to stick to it.

    Therefore, I think no “Nexus 5”, but that’s because when the new phone comes out, it will simply take over the name “Nexus 4”.

    • Aj

      Well actually the Nexus 4 has a 4.7 inch screen so it’s called the Nexus 4 because it is the fourth generation. And saying that it’s still around 4 inches doesn’t make sense because the screen sizes for the Nexus 7 and 10 are exactly that, 7 inches and 10 inches respectively. Also the Galaxy Nexus could have been called Nexus 4 too then since it was around the same size. But I’d prefer the next one not to be called Nexus 5 anyway because that’s lame and Apple-ish. It was probably called Nexus 4 just to remain similar to the 7 and 10 honestly.

      • michael arazan

        Just Nexus is fine with me, or the Nexus HS (Hand Set), or if they really want to get unique call the new nexus every year with the animal names of the chinese calendar 2012 was the year of the dragon and the Nexus Dragon would have been bad ass

        • michael arazan

          speedtest vzw in st.louis and my wifi

          • That was my unfortunate experience with Sprint’s LTE. Well, on the rare occasion I picked it up despite our market having been the first to “Go live” and being live for months. Most of the time I was on Sprint’s regular CDMA “2G” network. Actually, thats a lie. I was LUCKY to get 12Mb/s, I usually only got 4-6.

            Having gone to T-Mobile on the Nexus 4 I am getting on average 17Ms/s on HSPA+ without having to turn on a battery sucking radio. The phone seems to be great at sitting at “3G” most of the time and only switching to H when I start using the data in a manner that would require it. I also seem to get it virtually everywhere unlike LTE.

            Sure, there are times where my co-workers Verizon phone can pull 35Mb/s on LTE but its rare and, to be honest, we cant tell the difference between 17 and 35 outside of a speed test. Its a phone, facebook is only going to load so fast. Now if we were talking about cellular cards for a computer it might matter.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            makes me feel better about my tmobile hspa+

        • I love the idea of the Nexus phones being called after the chinese year. One problem, I don’t think they would be to happy making a Nexus Cock.

          • Larizard

            It’s “Rooster”. lol.

        • akhnaten

          The Nexus Pig could be a problem too.

      • Peter Barnett

        They used Nexus 4 because it crossed in an interesting pattern with their tablets. The Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 both are named for their screen sizes, and seeing the Nexus 4 was the fourth generation, it made sense to call it the Nexus 4 along with it’s 4.7 inch screen. It was a mixture of both, not a clear cut one way.

        On a side note, what if they called the next Nexus the Nexus 6? The tagline could be “Let’s skip the boring stuff”. I think it would be awesome.

        • antwonw

          No, the Nexus 6 isn’t coming out until 2015. Its code name is going to be Replicant and it will receive updates from Google for 4 years then it will reach its EOF (End Of Life). That means it’ll end in 2019. 🙂

          • Joshua Percell

            I think you mean EOL

          • antwonw

            Yes, thank you! 🙂

          • Peter Barnett

            We barely know anything about the Nexus 5, and you already know their plans for the Nexus 6? Yea….no.

          • antwonw

            In case you didn’t gtet the joke Google Blade Runner or watch the movie.

          • wufilesolen

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      • anezarati

        i bet/hope they change the naming schemes of nexus’ (nexi?) in future releases. i think they will because they will always be behind the iPhone in the numbering. similar to what microsoft did with the xbox. they didnt want the “xbox 2” going up directly against the “playstation 3” because they feared people would look at it as inferior just because of the name. obviously they changed the name to xbox 360 – think google should look at doing something similar.

    • mx

      Nexus 4S 😉

      But seriously, the screen size is already closer to 5″ (4.7″) than to 4, so I don’t see any problem with going Nexus 5.

      • Justin Swanson

        As long as the screen size breaks 5″, if it’s not 5.0 or bigger I’d be said.

    • 4n1m4L

      Nexus 4.2. 🙂

      • Elliot Kotis

        Nexus 4S? Most likely (going by N7), it will simply be called Nexus 4, and the LTE variant Nexus 4 LTE.

      • Justin Swanson

        4.3* for KLP 😉


      You mean they will follow Apple’s marketing strategy? Who would have thought…..

    • Nexus 4S Anyone?

    • Tyler

      It’s a stretch but I think it will be the Nexus X 😉

      • Justin Swanson

        Nexus X Phone

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I highly doubt they’ll do one for verizon, but maybe google sees that it needs to have a presence with the lte folks and the biggest carrier. If true I’d sell my GNex for it

  • sc4fpse

    From what I read, battery life on the current Nexus 4 sucked. I can only imagine the toll that LTE would take on it. After the CDMA Galaxy Nexus and its horrendous battery life… never again.

    • andrew galvin

      i owned a nexus 4 and can confirm the battery life wasnt great…..unless you used a custom kernel. There were so many bugs in the stock 4.2 kernel that prevented the phone from going into a deep sleep. With Faux or franco kernel the phones battery was very good. This is a reason that HTC didnt use 4.2 on the One

      • sc4fpse

        How good, exactly? As I mentioned, I’m currently living overseas and while I have a good grasp of the local language, my phone (namely for maps) is a crucial lifeline for me here. I can always get a full day’s usage out of it (15+ hours) and still have 30-40% left. I was irritated that the Nexus 4 did not have a removable battery, so an extended battery was not an option for it. Even if the battery life had been better though, I probably still would not have selected the Nexus 4. A glass back is all kinds of stupid.

        • normmcgarry

          The Razr Maxx HD is a great phone if you don’t care about ROMing.

          • Steve Benson

            How well is that Razr Maxx HD going to work overseas?

      • You don’t consider 3.5 hours of screen on time and 15 hours of total battery life acceptable on the stock ROM and stock kernel? Clearly you’ve never owned a Galaxy Nexus LTE. I was over the moon with that battery life.

        • andrew galvin

          I actually did own a galaxy nexux and yes the nexus 4 was much better. 3.5os and 15 total sound great but I wasn’t getting those times running stock on the nexus 4. There is a nasty bug in the kernel that causes something called msm_hsic_host wakelock to keep your phone awake while in your pocket with the screen off. You can tell it is happening by seeing Android OS being the largest consumer of battery and a keep awake time higher than screen on time. There are countless threads about this on XDA and all popular kernels have applied patches released by code aurora to remedy this issue. Google has admitted that they are aware of the issue and plan on fixing it “in a future release”. I know certain people experience this and others dont for some reason but this has also been affecting the galaxy nexus once it updated to 4.2.2. Once I started using franco kernel i was very pleased with the battery life. I was frequently getting 3-4 hours os + 15 or so total or sometimes over a day with light os time use.

    • n4

      current nexus 4 owner here and i can tell you the battery life is not bad at all stock with root i was getting between 14-15 hours on moderate to heavy usage stock kernel
      with custom kernels like franco pushing 15-16 hours on a good day.but i can say that this pphone imo has pretty good battery life. i been though every high end android phone on vzw including the htc rezound which gave you 6 hours of battery MAX till i made the switch to att and got the nexus 4 ,i can honestly say this is the phone ive had the best battery life with, im not an app hoarder and i text a few hundred messages and browse the web every single day on my phone. i charge it once a day over night and still getting bewteen 14-15 hours till it drops to 15% for the day

    • I wouldn’t say it’s bad. I don’t know if it’s just me but I had unplugged the phone from the charger at midnight a couple of nights ago and by 9pm the next day the phone was at 68 percent. I know that being on Wi-Fi helps with battery life but I wasn’t getting this kind of crazy life with my Note 2 on Wi-Fi. Overnight, my Note 2 would go from full charge to 90 or even 87 percent while on Wi-Fi. My Nexus 4 went from full charge to 96 percent overnight while on Wi-Fi. Am I crazy?

  • I feel like them releasing a 6 month old phone with slightly improved storage capacity isn’t in their best interests. Even if it is LTE capable, it’s still 6 months old already (or close to, but probably will be by the time it hits shelves). Better off saving your money for the next model.

    Edit: Unless it also has a price to match its age.

    • Elliot Kotis

      Same with Tablets? N7 32GB came out under 6 months after N7 release.

      • The N7 is still one of the best products in its class and at a reasonable price. Well, I honestly don’t know if it is -still- at this moment, but when the revision came out it was.
        The N4, however, is not. Android phones seem to have a faster lifecycle than android tablets.

        • That depends, in my opinion, the fact that it has stock Android alone makes it one of the best Android phones available, not to mention direct updates from Google.

          • EC8CH

            not gonna lie, rushing to get the latest update on the N7 directly from the official source instead of a developer is a strange feeling. good, but strange.

          • That is most certainly true and does add value to the device. Worth taking into consideration with everything else.
            It’s a sad point that it has come to timely updates and lack of bloat being a feature rather than the standard.

  • Guest

    Really doubtful. Maybe a GSM/LTE version with T-Mobile??

    • T3hD0gg

      More realistically, I believe something like this will happen. They’ll have the Nexus 4 recertified with the FCC for LTE Band 4 so that it can be used with T-Mobile. Maybe they skipped certification to save some money until T-Mobile showed some evidence of their LTE rollout?

      • DynamikD

        T-Mobile already started their LTE push and it will only pick up momentum.

  • andrew galvin

    i just don’t see it happening. If VZW wont let the HTC one on their network why would they let a cdma nexus 4 on? Sprint may be slightly more plausible but I still wouldn’t hold my breath. I just listed my nexus 4 for sale after grabbing the HTC One. While their reasons are understandable, the nexus 4 not having LTE is a crippling design flaw which I could not live with any longer.

  • imho, the N4 isn’t as impressive as the S4 or the ONE. even if Google increased the storage and upgraded the cameras it might as well be called the N4S.
    if it will be equipped with KLP and droid-life gives it a thumbs up, then this GNex will be an alarm clock.

    • andrew galvin

      obviously the s4 and HTC one are going to outspec the N4, they are coming out 6mos later. Some would trade the superior processor and screen ppi of those phones for stock android and access to timely updates. others would not.

  • Kevin

    As much as I doubt it, what if you can release the phone with both technologies? What does that mean for the future of cell phones? Will all future phones be released with more than one communications?

  • Velhym

    I’d be incredibly tempted to pick one up, replacing my old Motorola Droid X. That’s assuming that whatever device Motorola finally ends up releasing isn’t feasible to obtain for one reason or another. I could at least be safe assuming that a Nexus 4 released straight through Play at this point would put a dent in my wallet, but not as bad as an out of contract device through Verizon.

    • I can assure you that if a CDMA/LTE version of the Nexus 4 releases, it will not release on Verizon. It will be Sprint only. Sprint has a history of having Nexus devices (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, now maybe the Nexus 4) around this April/May timeframe, after the device launch months early.

      Verizon, on the other hand, doesn’t play “second seat” to anyone. Every “Nexus” device that has seen life on Verizon’s network was there at launch. I’m referring to the OG Droid, the Xoom and the Galaxy Nexus.

  • I hope so.

  • Guest

    If it comes to Verizon I might just swap it instead of my S3.

    • I might ditch my Bionic and use it until the XPhone is released, depends on the price I guess. If it is $200 off of contract I would definitely be in.

      • Joshua Percell

        X phone won’t be anything too special… Most likely a high- to mid-range device

  • deadsix

    I want to believe! I feel that if this version of the N4 ever reaches Verizon they will mess it up.

    • Sqube

      That’s because VZW has already proven a willingness — nay, an EAGERNESS — to ruin the Nexus experience in favor of… well, I’m not really sure what their point was. But they screwed the GNex, and they screwed it hard, just to prove that they could.

      Maybe their N4 sales have given them some kind of leverage over VZW to ensure that the experience isn’t gobsmackingly awful, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • EC8CH

        I know what you’re saying, but other than them delaying the initial launch until after the RAZR was ready, VZW’s antics haven’t effected my experience with the G-Nex in the slightest. I bought it not expecting any support from them because I knew that’s what I was going to get.

        I just want the ability to buy open stock android phones on VZW, what they do afterwards doesn’t really concern me.

        • Sqube

          I didn’t buy the GNex because I expected support from Verizon, either. But just because I wasn’t expecting any support from them doesn’t mean that they didn’t drop the ball on a massive scale.

          How long did that phone sit on 4.0.4 again? That was ridiculous.

          • EC8CH

            Your exactly right, like I said I know what you’re saying.

            My point is that I don’t care how bad VZW botches up afterward, I just want the option to buy the phone I want in the first place.

          • Justin Swanson

            Yeah, I am so divided on this point.

            On one side, most of the time people who care about what version of Android their device is on, probably knows how to put a custom ROM on it that runs whatever version they want.

            On the other side, I imagine there are some who bought the phone for the Google experience and had to wait forever for 4.1 or 4.2 because … well VZW…?

    • umataro42

      I am also hoping against hope that Verizon will one day get another Nexus phone. They’re the most reliable carrier where I am, and the places I most often visit and I can’t see myself getting anything other than a Nexus phone anymore.

      • Joshua deVille

        I hope it’s true as well been using galaxy devices and although great once you get touchwiz out of the way and use nova launcher they still lack many of the things I love about Nexus.

        Also I;m on sprint there network has been horrible but just this week they having been putting up new towers Now I have full bars almost all the time I just hope if the N4 oes get a CDMA version that we still get updates when they come out instead of waiting almost a year Like I have with my GS2.