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HTC One Launching in Select T-Mobile Stores on April 24


According to an internal T-Mobile document obtained by TmoNews, the UNCarrier is planning to launch the HTC One on April 24 in select stores. This news comes after what seems like weeks of delays on a number of carriers, but with AT&T and Sprint already announcing their own launch dates, this now completes the trio of carriers that will carry the device in the U.S. The device should sell for $99 down, along with a $20 per month charge until the device is paid off.

We have an HTC One in house and are expecting to have a review up this week. The One is a polarizing device, to say the least, so you won’t want to miss what we have to say. For now, be sure to check out our unboxing, tips for new users of the One, initial software tour, and comparison to the Galaxy S3 and other top phones

one launch

Via:  TmoNews

  • Richard Yarrell

    I am happy for Tmobile having this device. This SHITS on the Htc Dna all day long.

    • squiddy20

      A flagship phone from 2013 beating out a phone released in 2012? SAY IT ISN’T SO! -__-

  • Lucas

    How is the battery life on the new snapdragon 600 phones? Kellex, since the new HTC One and the Galaxy S4 are the two HUGE up and coming phones, are you going to do some sort of showdown comparison?

    I’m leaning towards the HTC One, but doesn’t the S4 have a larger battery? How would they compare to the Motorola Razr HD Maxx?

    • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

      I’m guessing that Snapdragon 600 is more efficient on battery. HTC Sense is now lighter and the phone lasts a long time on stand-by. Moto Razr HD Maxx has the longest battery for an LTE phone, so HTC and Sammy are no competition in battery terms.

      • Richard Yarrell

        The Razr Maxx Hd and Galaxy Note 2 are the BEST devices on the market from a battery life standpoint. I am very happy with my Galaxy Note 2 no Htc One will ever touch or compare to the Galaxy Note 2.

      • Lucas Gorski

        I’d be willing to give up some of that battery life

  • Dylan Patel


    • Tim242

      They’re not. Move on.

      • curriedemaionewton

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    • They already have the DNA which is really close to the One, at least spec wise it is.

      • Dylan Patel

        Nope, not at all. One feels better, One has Front Speakers, One has a better screen. One has better Soc. One has better microphone. One is better in like everyway.

        • Austin Warren

          Too bad nobody cares. This won’t sell many.

        • Screen is smaller lol. Yeah the One is better slightly but they’re still really close.

        • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

          No Qi Charging and screen looks downsized to the DNA. Everything else is better. I can care less as the DNA is pretty fast and lag free.

  • “key HTC Sense innovations that reinvent the mobile experience.”

    Whatever makes HTC feel better about Sense. lol.

    • zekedevito91bo

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        That was fun.

        I know your a bot, but sheesh, at least spam your math right.

        • Ibrick

          Bot nazi.. :p

  • PhoenixPath

    Can’t wait to hear some call quality/signal/radio reports from T-Mo users. Sisterly might be the device I leave VZW for.

    • I agree, the One looks really sleek but HTC’s lack of a mSD card slot and sluggish Sense UI is a major turn off!

      • michael arazan

        ATT somehow got exclusivity for the 64gb, no way I would want to go with them. But Samsung must not be too worried about the HTC one or anything from Google/ Motorola since the S4 will release by I/O. Surprised the Delay from the announcement to selling it from Samsung this year. 20 million S3 sold, so I can’t see the S4 selling as big as the S3, since most people would get it on a subsidized 2 yr contract.

        At least the HTC One will have some time in the market before the competition hits.

      • PhoenixPath

        “sluggish Sense UI”

        Yeah…not being psychic, I think I’ll wait a bit and see what actual users of the device think of it.

        (Don’t mean to offend, but getting tired of the knee-jerk “sense/tw/etc suck!” bull.)

        • I’m not trying to be some knee-jerk saying sense sucks, its just a personal experience! I have owned the Thunderbolt and the Rezound and both of which were crippled by sense! Every time you would run a resource intensive application the entire sense would quit and then when you wanted to return to the launcher, you would have to wait a good 30seconds-1min for the entire homescreen to reload! Of course the One will have more resources to distribute amongst the apps (meaning sense won’t have to quit as often) but after years of having a Thunderbolt and Rezound it will take a LOT for me to change my personal opinions of sense.

          • PhoenixPath

            I never claimed you weren’t welcome to your opinion. It is yours to cherish, built upon (apparently) device after device..and it certainly sounds like you have reason.

            (FYI: A “knee-jerk” doesn’t describe a person, but rather a reaction…I wasn’t calling you a jerk. Just wanted to make sure you understood that.)

          • milanyc

            “its just a personal experience!”

            Is it? Have you tried Sense 5? No? Then you have no personal experience with Sense 5 and HTC One.

    • aadiman

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  • Austin Warren

    Not enough time. Nice knowing you HTC.

  • cizzlen

    Verizon will likely take away my unlimited data come August so bye-bye Verizon!

    • They will have to pry that from my cold dead hands!!

  • Neomastermind

    This is what not to do when trying to overtake Samsung.