T-Mobile Wants to Eliminate All Overages by All Carriers, Creates Change.org Petition

In day three of its most recent string of UnCarrier moves, T-Mobile has announced today that it is killing off overage charges for its customers and encouraging AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to do the same with a Change.org petition. T-Mobile calls overage penalties “one of the most reviled wireless industry practices,” saying that “in May for the June billing cycle, T-Mobile is abolishing domestic overages.”  (more…)

T-Mobile Announces Simple Starter Plan, $40 for 500MB of Data and Unlimited Talk/Text

This morning, T-Mobile kicked off three days of new Uncarrier announcements by introducing their Simple Starter Plan. The new affordable plan runs just $40 and lands customers with unlimited talk and text, plus 500MB of 4G LTE data. Keep in mind that T-Mobile also doesn’t do data overages, so should you hit the 500MB cap, they’ll only throttle you for the rest of your billing cycle rather than charge you extra. (Edit: This plan appears to be different than other T-Mobile plans. Normally T-Mobile would throttle you, but this seems to be a hard cap. If you want more than 500MB of data, you’ll have to purchase more.) (more…)

T-Mobile Backtracks on Plan to Eliminate Corporate Discounts (Updated)

It looks like T-Mobile’s decision to end corporate discounts didn’t go over as well as the carrier had hoped.

After hundreds of frustrated customers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the T-Mobile’s plan to end all employee discounts April 1, the carrier seems to have backtracked. T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted last night that “Current corp customers can keep their discount.” Details are forthcoming. (more…)

AT&T Kills $450 T-Mobile Switch Program After Only One Month, John Legere Loves it

The mobile carrier industry (AT&T in particular) is still reeling/adjusting from the UnCarrier approach that T-Mobile has brought over the last few months. AT&T attempted to scoop T-Mo just before CES by announcing a promotion that encouraged customers to leave their lines at T-Mobile and switch to their network, something that T-Mobile had been rumored to do for weeks and eventually did. However, after not even a month, AT&T is killing this program. (more…)

T-Mobile Praises AT&T For Dismantling the Death Star and Leaving the Dark Side in Newest Press Release

T-Mobile is at it again this afternoon, releasing a press release just hours after an earnings call from AT&T, celebrating the carrier for leaving “the Dark Side.” What makes the release even funnier is that T-Mo had the cojones to use fake quotes for AT&T’s own Ralph de la Vega, implying that he has somehow seen the light and decided to put the customer first for a change.  (more…)

T-Mobile Paying Subscribers $25 a Line for Referring Friends to Their Network

T-Mobile is on a roll lately, paying subscriber’s ETFs with UnCarrier 4.0, and with a new move to pay for referrals to their network. For folks who refer their friends to T-Mo through a carrier switch, they can snag $25 per referral – up to $250 a year – to spend at T-Mobile.

If you are the type of person who usually recommends things to your friends and family (and they listen), plus you are on T-Mobile, then this is a no brainer.  (more…)

T-Mobile to Broaden Contract “Break Up” Program to US Cellular and Other Smaller US Carriers

T-Mobile is looking to beef up its Break Up program soon, hoping to offer the same $350 per-line contract break credit that it already does for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint customers to US Cellular, and other smaller carriers throughout the US. If customers who switch to T-Mobile also trade in their old device, they could get up $300 in addition to the initial $350 – that’s $650 per line that is switched to T-Mobile.  (more…)