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AT&T HTC One Bootloader Unlockable Via HTCdev Site

One Bootloader

For now, it would appear that the AT&T variant of the HTC One sports a completely unlockable bootloader. By using HTC’s own HTCdev site and generating the proper key, your device can be free to exploitation, as long as AT&T and HTC don’t go fixing the problem. 

Once the device goes live on AT&T’s network, folks will be keeping their eyes peeled on various forums to see if they patch the device and stop people from performing the unlock. Until then, if you somehow already have a One on AT&T and want root, plus all the other goodies that come along with an unlocked bootloader, you better get on this.

Via: XDA

Cheers Christopher!

  • chris125

    Looks like it wont be this way for long…..http://www.engadget.com/2013/04/15/htc-one-att-bootloader/

  • Josh Shaw

    I have the same keyboard Logitech G510 with red backlighting too!!

  • moelsen8

    No way this stays unlockable come release day. This has been the story of the last few HTC phones on both Verizon and AT&T.

    • michael arazan

      If it does stay unlockable, and someone makes a stock android rom to get rid of the over complicated sense, it’ll be very popular.

    • aadiman

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  • Austin Warren

    This changes everything

  • plastikman

    Still wont have S-OFF. S-ON is almost worse than a locked bootloader.

    • cryosx

      at least we can still get custom roms

    • JoshGroff

      Aren’t the only differences having to take an extra step and flash radio/boot via HBOOT (as they can’t be flashed through recovery with S-on,) and not being able to flash back to an earlier firmware.

    • azndan4

      Uh.. No.

  • Thomas
  • Doug

    I hate how bootloader unlocks delete all your data

    • Geoff Johnson

      That’s why you do it when you first get it

      • T4rd

        Exactly. First thing I did when I got my Gnex and Note 2.

    • jmasterj

      It would be a huge security hole if it didn’t work that way.

  • didnt the droid dna have this same luxury, and then verizon locked it down? I mean I hope this doesnt happen to the one, but that’s what i had to deal with.

    • Austin Warren

      This isn’t coming to Verizon.

      • And you know that with certainty how exactly?

        • Austin Warren

          All points leading to it. No marketing, no news, and denied by both parties.

          • btod

            Verizon hasn’t acknowledged the presence of the galaxy s4 either. Historically Verizon typically doesn’t announce phones until a few days before pre-orders or release, even though everyone already knows they were getting it.

      • Jack

        its coming but later in june

      • i was just saying i hope it doesn’t get locked down. I see your point that this is the at&t one, i am just hoping for those on at&t it doesn’t fall victim to being locked like verizon did to the dna.

  • The DNA was unlockable before release as well. Then it wasn’t. So I’ll wait and see.