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First Official Nexus 10 Accessory Now Available – Book Cover in Scarlet and Dark Gray in Google Play


Nexus 10 owners, your first official accessory is now available through Google Play. Launched moments ago, we’re getting a look at the Book Cover in both scarlet and dark gray at a retail price of $29.99. 

The Book Cover is similar in a way to Samsung’s Flip Cover in that it attaches to the back of the device and then flips off and on to not only protect your Nexus 10, but to wake or put it to sleep as well. If you were wondering what the point of that removable slab on the back of the tablet around the camera was for, now you know. You can remove that piece of plastic and then snap on the Book Cover.

This cover should help protect your N10 without adding much bulk.

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case scarlet

  • so hot ,

    i’ll purchase it

  • crazysamz
  • So is google planning on releasing a new nexus 10? I heard rumors, and that they plan on announcing a new nexus 7 at I/O


    FFS it’s about time!

  • This just now came out?? I remember seeing it when the N10 was announced – quite a while ago. Seems like Nexus products have an awful time getting their accessories out in a timely manner – docks, cases, etc.

    • PhoenixPath

      What are these docks of which you speak?

      (Nexus 7 Dock


      We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.)

      Heh…even when they finally release them, they can’t manage to actually have any like, on hand…to sell to people…n’ stuff.

  • The MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Case for Google Nexus 10 looks better

    • I have one. It’s VERY nice. I dig the slim back on the Google case that clips into the camera recess, but not being a stand is a dealbreaker for me.

  • DanSan

    readers bitch there aren’t any nexus 10 accessories…

    nexus 10 accessories come out, readers bitch.

    • JoshGroff

      Makes perfect sense.

    • PhoenixPath

      You missed the 6 month gap in between the two…

      ..and the “accessories” should be singular…

      …and look at it. Compared to the stuff that’s been out for the 10 for the last 6 month, does it even compare?

      So yeah. There’s a reason for it. We wait 6 months…for this??

  • PhoenixPath

    …or you can get a bouetooth keyboard *and* a cover for $6 more on Amazon….

    Come on Google, the least you could do is *try* to compete.

  • RaptorOO7

    How about some Nexus 10’s with larger capacity like 64GB or 128GB, lets push Android into the corporate market more. 32GB doesn’t cut it anymore Google.

    • i have the 16GB and it’s more than fine for me

  • Nole Lilley

    I just happened to stumble upon this while browsing the play store. Bought one immediately. Pretty much excited about it, even if it did take them too long to release it. Now let’s see a proper keyboard dock!

  • I’m curious. I have a Xoom tablet and have toyed with the thought of getting a new tablet. Would it be worth it at all to upgrade to the Nexus 10? Or should I wait for something else?

    • JoshGroff

      At this point, wait for I/O.

      • Steve Benson

        This ^^^

        If nothing knocks your socks off at I/O, then jump on the N10 when the price drops. It’s still the best tablet on the market at this point.

    • SecurityNick

      Absolutely love my Nexus 10, and I upgraded from the Xoom.

      • PhoenixPath

        Got my nX about 3 weeks ago. Love it to pieces.

  • Detonation

    1. Tease fancy accessories to help sell devices.
    2. Never actually make them, or release after everyone has bought something else or forgot.
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

  • I know you love my last name but the color grey is spelled with a E sincerely Mr.Gray

    • Artune

      Actually the word “Gray/Grey” can be spelled either way for color and both are correct in the English language. At least in America. Can’t speak for British, look it up.


    UNACCEPTABLE! 6 months after release?!?!?!

    • yep, my thoughts exactly. not sure why they keep doing this…

  • abhele


  • trophynuts

    what a joke

  • Ramiro Fernandez

    Once again, only available in the US. Why does Google suck so badly at making accessories available for their products? It’s an embarrassment. I have a nexus 4 and nexus 10 and I can’t get a case for either or a wireless charger.
    I don’t understand, they are simple to make and distribute, and the profit margins are huge. Google should be all over this!

  • Technician199


  • Trevor

    I love Google and everything, but damn that is ridiculous it took this long to release any sort of accessories for a device. That’s crazy.

  • RaptorOO7

    Great, but nothing like launching accessories long after the device has been on the market. Google needs to pull their heads out of the robot butts and release accessories with the devices. Consumers move quickly and want accessories at launch, not 6 months later.

  • Glad I waited and didn’t purchase a dodo case or anything.

  • Alexa White

    Why does “scarlet” look orange?

    • EC8CH

      spray tan?

  • Wish it folded like a stand. I’ll probably just stick with the Poetic.

  • Too bad everyone who has a Nexus 10 already bought their accessories elsewhere. Google is too late and these are overpriced!

    • hkklife

      Just like the N10 itself. Too little, too late, too much $ and no exposure. Look at the N7 dock debacle. By the time these clowns roll out the first accessories, the device itself is a few months from EOL. You gotta give it to Moto, those guys knew how to hit the market day and date with a new handset launch with a ton of high-quality (but overpriced) accesories! Look how many goodies launched alongside the Droid X, Xoom and Bionic!

      • Austin Warren

        The N10 is too much money? I’d like to see you find a screen like that cheaper somewhere else.

        • FourString

          Exactly. That screen is phenomenal for the money, not to mention phenomenal for laptops costing twice as much and then some.

      • FourString

        Calling the Google crew “clowns” is a bit of a farce. They never anticipated the level of success that they’re now having with these devices, and they’re doing well for their first time learning these ropes (having come from earning most of their revenue from advertising/software rather than hardware).

        • kane

          There is no way a company approaching 300 billion dollars can’t get some accessories out for its products. Learning the ropes? You sir cannot be serious.

          • FourString

            Did you even bother to read my comment? amount of capital is irrelevant to what a company specializes / has experience in. You sir, follow severely skewed logic. The comparison you make is asinine, to say the least.

          • PhoenixPath

            This is Google. Information is their bread and butter.

            Money can buy experience and resources. …not that they are lacking in either of those regardless of your opinions.

            There is no valid excuse.

          • FourString

            You’re making an awful lot of assumptions. Money cannot always buy experience. It entirely depends on the team working on the project.

          • FourString

            Information is not the same as hardware LMFAO. It’s not that hard to wrap one’s head around mate

          • PhoenixPath

            “Information is not the same as hardware”

            Seriously….that’s what you got from that? Pure genius. I’m not even going to bother explaining this to you.

            This is about as useless as administering medicine to the dead. Have fun with those excuses.

          • FourString

            Yes, and condescension while crying foul at name calling is just pure hypocrisy.

          • Chun Min Tay

            Consider them a startup.

        • PhoenixPath

          Nexus has been around a while. This is hardly their first time…

          • FourString

            Yes but not exactly. The *Galaxy Nexus* has been around, but not the Nexus 4/7/10. The latter are being produced on an unprecedented scale to meet unprecedented demand. There’s a huge difference between the prior and current generations’ degrees of success, so your statement is highly misleading.

          • PhoenixPath

            ..and Google has enough Money, people, talent, resources (any they are missing they can just “google” for) to get it right. The first time.

            The fact that they cannot seem to do it is mind boggling.

            The fact that people not only accept such incompetance from them, but even *defend* it is even more infuriating.

            From any other company with the staff and resources of Google, they would be put to the flames over this crap the first time it happened…

            But because we *like* google…we “let” them keep on screwing up and make up all kinds of lame excuses for them.

            No. Sorry. Not me. I like Android. I like Google. …and because I do, when they f*ck it up, I get pissed at ’em. They can do better. I expect them to do better.

          • FourString

            Well you can keep bitching or you can be rational and understand that their experience was not in hardware to begin with. It’s really straightforward. If you’ve ever run a company you’d understand.

            Staff and resources does not guarantee a smooth transition to a wholly (scale) new corporate model/product/approach.

          • PhoenixPath


            Hardware? Really? You think that’s what their issue is?

            Try Sales. Service. Customer relations.

            Samsung, Asus and LG handle the hardware.

            Hell, 3rd party no-names can make accessories faster than Google can partner with other manufacturers for accessories? You think that’s acceptable? It’s ridiculous. Defending it even more so.

          • FourString

            Okay, why the hell do you think Google acquired Motorola?

          • PhoenixPath


          • FourString

            HARDWARE STUPID:-)

          • PhoenixPath

            Sure thing, hoss. Keep calling anyone who disagrees with your *opinions* names. That’s mature and rational.

          • FourString

            Keep condescending anyone who disagrees with your skewed logic, hypocrite.That’s mature and rational.

          • JoshGroff

            Also, blaming Google for a lack of accessories for a product designed by Samsung/LG/ASUS/HTC is just plain stupidity. The fault lies on the company making the hardware, not the company making the software.

          • PhoenixPath

            Google is selling/promising the accessories, are they not?

          • FourString

            Samsung/LG/ASUS/HTC make the devices, do they not? How are the accessories any different? Third party suppliers manufacture the accessories just the same. However when you’re trying to keep up with demand in producing the units themselves accessories are the least of your concerns.

          • PhoenixPath

            Third party suppliers *already* produce accessories. You nailed it. Now take it a step further: In fact, they get them designed, manufactured, and into the retail stream sometimes before the products they are for even hit the market.

            How hard would it be for Google to contact *one* of those 3rd party manufacturers and contract them to manufacture Nexus-branded accessories with the same lead-time/quantities? The 3rd party in question already *has* the expertise and equipment. One step further: Why can’t Google contact *several* of them?

            This is my point: (Broken up by the issues Google has had with Nexus sales and support)

            For sales/service/support issues (how many people experienced ordering issues/never got confirmation?): Tap a 3rd party. Amazon, for example, can handle pre-orders, back orders, confirmation, and service with excellent results. Even without getting “Amazon” (just an example) to do it for them, they can certainly tap them (or any number of their competitors) for the necessary experience.

            For device hardware (N4/N7/N10): Samsung, LG, and Asus can keep up with crazy amounts of demand. I do not buy for one moment that they cannot keep up with demand of *one* Nexus device each… Something else is at play.

            For accessories: See above. Tap a 3rd party (or two) for Nexus-branded accessories. All of the experience and equipment needed in one neat package.

            Are these the only possible solutions? Hell no. I will be the first to admit that if Google seriously put their minds to it, they could come up with solutions far more innovative and creative than I could ever hope to dream of…

            …which is one of the reasons it pisses me off that they have failed at every step in the process…from ordering, to supplying, to accessorizing.

            It being their “First time” simply doesn’t apply. It isn’t Samsung/LG/Asus’s first time. It isn’t “Amazon’s” first time. It isn’t “name your 3rd party’s” first time. If Google had wanted to do any of these devices without a hitch…they could have.

            Google isn’t some start-up company. Lack of experience is no longer a valid excuse. They know how to tap any resources they need. It’s what they do.

            This is my opinion. You are welcome to yours, but calling me a “moron” and “stupid” doesn’t help yours at all. If you wish to discuss these opinions further, please try to do so without the antics.

            Thank you, and have a great day.

          • FourString

            Fair enough, articulated this way, this is a valid enough opinion. I still think that Amazon has had more experience in the area of physical product, but you make a good point about tapping professionals from other industries.

          • FourString

            Just because one disagrees with your ludicrous logic does not mean making excuses. Again, your claims of who is at fault are just plain faulty/incorrect. I have a Nexus 7. What’s your point? Appeals to authority have no business in a rational argument, but that’s not what you’re doing. You’re just out to grill a company because you think it’s looks cool to.

          • yournamehere

            i must have missed the post or video by google where they promised to have accessories…

          • PhoenixPath

            Search youtube for the I/O conferences when the respective products were announced. Hope that helps.

          • FourString

            Exactly. PhoenixPath is just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. And proving to be a moron doing it.

          • PhoenixPath

            Name calling. Awesome.

            Thanks. That about covers it.

          • JoshGroff

            See, that is unnecessary.

          • PhoenixPath


            That reply…was not to you….ok?

          • JoshGroff

            Yeah, I noticed, so I changed my post. 🙂

            I do agree with you there, that was uncalled for and really not a valid argument of any sort.

          • FourString

            Yeah same. Sawry 🙁

          • FourString

            I’m not defending any company. You are simply making causational claims when there are confounding variables in your argument.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m fine with the lack of first party accessories, most pale in comparison to third party products from companies that specialize in accessories anyway.

  • Artune

    Thank you Kellex! Just bought the scarlet one. I would like more choices but I can’t wait for an accident to occur. Glad I waited and didn’t purchase a dodo case or anything.

    Total came to 39.08 so not bad. 5 something for 2-day shipping and 3 bucks for tax.

  • Doug Wing

    I’d kill to see something like this for my Asus TF700. I can’t find a decent cover for that to save my life.

  • zombiewolf115

    i love nexus devices my only problem with them is they dont have that many accessory’s to them. its great to see google add some atleast

    • Brent Cooper

      Yes it is. Unfortunately its never near when the device launches

      • 4n1m4L

        It’s about to get replaced ..

        • hoytaguilera

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        • i think it old

    • Austin Warren

      Needs a keyboard dock.

  • EddyTee

    Does it fold into a stand or does it just cover the screen? It doesn’t look like it folds from the pic.

    • Manthas

      Agreed, this would be why I went with a third party cover that has the same sleep / wake functionality, but also acts as a nice stand for the device.

  • And it only took forever and comes in one color. God I hate the way Google handles Nexus products.

  • Tyler

    Not to sound like a complainer but can we have more colors? Personally I wouldn’t want one unless i could get it in red, my current case is working pretty good at the moment.
    Edit: I guess scarlet could be considered red, looks more orangey in the picture.

    • FourString

      Yeah, I was surprised by that. Scarlet and orange usually don’t mix in my mind lol

  • Rodeojones000

    This is fantastic, and hopefully a sign of more official accessories to come. I just ordered mine.

  • Rbq

    And all 17 people who own one go wild…

    • One.

    • FadyMahfouz

      Troll away captain!

    • Rodeojones000


    • troy studnicka

      ur an idiot!!!!!!!!!

      • JoshGroff

        You’re an idiot!!!!!!!!!