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ASUS Announces Android 4.2 Update for Transformer Infinity, Rolls Out Today

transformer pad infinity

ASUS has always been a manufacturer you can rely on for timely device updates. To keep that street cred up, ASUS announced through their official Facebook page that they will roll out an Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” update to owners of the Transformer Infinity starting today. With Android 4.2 on your tablet, you can start taking advantage of the multiple user options, enhanced notifications and system toggles, plus a whole lot more.

If you are the owner of an Infinity tablet, I would start checking for that update right now and throughout the day.

Via: ASUS Facebook

  • Jerome Emmanuel Munsami

    I updated to the Jelly Bean on my infinity, update shows up as 4.2.1 however on the site the latest versions out are 4.2.2 but these are only for china or japan. Only the camera has a glitch with the new update, A black line flashes instantly on the screen for a split second then it’s gone. It is a software issue rather than Hardware, so best be Patient to wait for 4.2.2 or the next new android for asus.

  • Still nothing here in LA. 🙁

  • Stephen

    anyone have the link to the files? I can’t update and it’s not on Asus’ site yet.

  • I still have nothing re: upgrade.

  • jeesung

    4.2.1 was a hot mess on the Nexus 7. i think i’ll hold off until 4.2.2, at least. maybe longer since 4.1.1 is working great and i prefer the Tablet UI.

  • Jesus

    it didnt get the new status bar/notifications!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!

  • Samuel Serafim

    Sweet. Got my Android 4.2 in my Asus TF700 here in Brazil 😀

  • Matt

    Happy to have the update, but wow i hate the new multi tasking compared to the old version.

  • starscream

    Been waiting all day to get home to get this, can’t wait!

  • Does this have the multi-user login?

  • Cool… now can I get it on my Note2?

    • Dain Laguna

      asus would have nothing to do with that….so….who is this directed towards?

  • W. Paul Schenck

    I would so love to see this update for the old TF101!

    • sirmeili

      Tell me about it. I’ve owned it less than 18 months 🙁

  • Is this tablet worth 500? Was thinking about getting it. That or waiting to see what the rest of the year has in store for us.

    • Kyle Cordiano

      Asus has not yet announced or leaked any information about the successor to the Infinity. I myself have had it since July 2012 and I love it. The super IPS screen is the best for outside viewing -> something the Nexus 10 should have had. It’s up to you. I would wait till Google I/O and see what they introduce.

    • I like mine and and there’s really nothing better out now.

  • rei_load

    Hell yes! Thank you Asus. Now if you could only make a phone for Verizon, you would have my money!

  • Stephen

    How can I get this if my device is unlocked but with a stock unrooted image? It is not aavailable on asus’ site?

  • My TF700 seems to be pulling it now.

  • I checked for the TF300 and there were no ROMS for it after upgrading to JellyBean. My TF300 has suffered serious lag since the upgrade to V4.2.1. I’d seriously consider waiting a couple days before you do an upgrade (do you have option to not upgrade?), to see if you want to go through with this, or stay where you are at.

  • Finire

    The tablet so far is noticeably smoother, and a little crisper on the display too. The clock font changed also, and the lockscreen widgets are working nicely.

    • Kyle Cordiano

      The Asusweather widget is not updating for me. Are you having problems with that?

      • Finire

        I’m using the HD Widgets, which are updating fine.

        • Kyle Cordiano

          I bought that that App myself, but It seemed to drain my battery. How is it now?

          • Finire

            I haven’t been having any issues with battery drain. It barely shows up on the battery monitor

  • Finire

    It appears now that my update is complete, we’ve updated to version 4.2.1

  • Just updated TF700, but noticed it doesn’t give you the launcher option that the TF300 does

    • Kyle Cordiano

      I am a little bummed about that myself too.

    • Chris

      That really sucks. I updated my TF300 the day it came out, and honestly I prefer the ICS launcher, so I switched back.

    • Sony Bruno

      I have a easy method, and you don’t need root even.

      1. Get a 3rd party launcher. I used adw
      2. Add a new custom shortcut
      3. Select activity.
      4. Scroll down to settings and expand it
      5. Scroll down until you see one that says switch launcher
      6. Click on the new shortcut. And then it will bring you to the switch launcher setting!
      7. It will ask for a restart and thats it.

      I don’t know why Asus hid this feature from us infinity users, but at least there is way around

  • eli

    This is how you can tell the reason behind the nexus 7’s success, Correct me if i’m wrong but is this the first non nexus tablet to get 4.2? It seems like asus and google know how to make things run smoothly. Asus ftw

    • Finire

      The TF300 got it first

      • eli

        there goes my theory….thanks

        haha jk

  • Sirx

    Did they say whether it was just 4.2, or 4.2.2?

    And I thought Puzzle Craft finally being released on Android would be the most exciting news I’d find this week!

    • Finire

      V 4.2.1

  • Finire

    Just checked, updating now. Awesome!

  • max

    no luck i thinkit starts at 3.00 that always happens i got my jellybean update around three

  • Muji Samovar

    Just ran a manual check, and downloading the firmware now.

  • cancerous_it

    the lag comes from poor I/O coding by Asus. any one of the modded stock roms will fix the lag issue.

    • Jason

      How about if rooting is not something you want to do? Is there a better alternative?

      • Kyle Cordiano

        I heard that doing a factory reset works just fine.

  • Guest

    Just ran a manual check, downloading the firmware now.

  • Hope this means the Prime will get an update soon. I was one of the few that stayed up all night refreshing Amazon until I could buy it.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Still loving my Prime (tf201). But looking for the new N7 this summer. Easier to fly with when taking no bags at all.

      • I’m waiting to see what tablets will come out with the Tegra 4 chip. Plus I’ve been spoiled by the keyboard dock so I’m holding out until Asus makes another Transformer with that chipset.

  • I think this is about two months slow for ASUS standards, but I’m excited to start running the update. I’m really hoping it fixes some lag issues, otherwise I’ll be finally decide to root and install CM10.1.

    • will bartlett

      They had to let the tf300 owners be our guinea pigs

    • hldc1

      I did a factory reset on the last update, and then did another one because of couple of the system apps weren’t working. That got rid of all of my lag.

      After this update, I don’t see any of the lag issues I had after the one prior.

  • Jay Reynolds

    No luck as of yet. Just ran a manual update check