AT&T Clarifies: 16GB Galaxy S4 is $199, 32GB is $249 on Contract

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GALAXY S4 Product Image (7)

Late last week, AT&T announced that it planned to open up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 16 at a price of $249 on new 2-year contract. As you can imagine, people were a bit concerned and confused, as the announcement did not include storage size, prompting all sorts of questions. Was this the 16GB model or the 32GB model? Would AT&T even carry a 16GB model? What’s the deal? 

AT&T clarified their statement this morning, noting in a blog post that the 32GB version of the phone will run $249, while the 16GB model will drop in at $199. These prices match up to the price points that carriers utilized last year with the Galaxy S3 launch. These are also pretty standard for high-end phones at these storage amounts.

An actual launch date has yet to be provided.

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