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Verizon Employee Discount Re-validation Site is Live, Feel Free to Check Your Status

verizon emp discount

Back in early March, sources of ours informed us of a plan by Verizon to re-validate employee corporate discounts on or around April 1. The website for this renewal process is now live, so if you are currently receiving a discount on your Verizon bill from your employer, you may want to give this a look to see if you need to renew (re-validate). This is the first time in years I can recall Verizon checking employee discount eligibility, so there is no telling what your current status is. 

To check on your status, head over to this link.

From there, you will see two sections that you’ll need to visit. The first, provides you with two options for renewing:  either by validating work email address or by paystub. For now, you can skip by this section and into the “Check My Validation Status” area. There is a button that will open a new page with instructions on how to check your status. If your status comes back as “validated,” you may be able to sit back and continue enjoying your discount – or until Verizon tells you to validate again.

In the end, Verizon is going to notify you if you need to renew. So if your status says that you are currently “validated,” there is still a chance that they will ask you to renew within the next couple of months. If you are on Big Red’s list, you’ll hear via email, SMS, and/or direct mail.


Cheers Bob!

  • I get 19% off now, Thanks DroidLife!

  • Mark Mann

    if they take away the discount, whether warranted or not, does that equate a change in the terms of the contract, and thus they have to let us out of our contract?

    • antinorm

      If it’s warranted, almost certainly not, since their lawyers would have had to mess up bigtime to not include this in the terms of service. If it’s not warranted, then maybe or maybe not…but you’d have to argue with them over it, and good luck doing that.

      • Mark Mann

        i’m just thinking, i renewed a contract with them saying that i had the discount, they take away that discount, that’s a change of contract

  • umataro42

    I’ll check when I notice my bill has gone up and not a moment sooner.

  • SD_Scott

    17% woot woot!

  • Pedro

    N4, Tmob $30 after final $350+ (with ETF) VZW bill.
    Don’t need to worry about discounts, cuz I get them every month. Ahead of the game (phones and ETFs) by the end of the year. Faster LTE in Houston. Just as fast HSPA+ in San Antonio, when I travel.

  • I still get 6% off from KB Home. I haven’t worked there in 5 years!

  • El Big CHRIS

    Success! I was validated!

  • mine says validated in 2009. Hopefully I don’t get the email.. coz I don’t work for that company anymore.

  • h8thepain

    I just did it, but I’d say don’t do it. This just gives them more ammo to bump your bill up if your account is some how misconfigured.

  • Buzzy42

    Uh oh, it says my discount is for 15% off plans and features.. but I had been getting 20%.I hope I didn’t just shoot myself in the foot. 🙁

  • J Dub

    Done. Put in my older company email as it has changed. Still the same company, still get the email if they email that address. Didn’t want to chance the new domain not being on there.

    • Urugami

      Since I signed up for the discount, my company has changed names, and the old domain no longer forwards email. I validated, and luckily, it appears we have informed VZW of the new domain; I’m validated.

  • shooter50

    why should a firefighter get more than anyone else? Your paid to do a job, just like the Home Depot worker. What make you better than anyone else?

    • Austin Warren

      Never said I should be paid more. But I’m definitely better than some lazy pos CEO who makes $200k a year

      • TheDrunkenClam

        Then why are you not a CEO who makes $200k a year?

        • Austin Warren

          Because some of us arent spoiled assholes that is given everything. I work for my money.

    • Well, the next time you house or car catches on fire, call Home Depot.

      • jj

        I’m going to call Jimmy Johns!

  • RW-1

    I’m not going to be upset that they finally decided to check those who were getting discounts, I floated on since we left that particular company, but it’s their own fault they hadn’t checked sooner … and ours was 22%, of course we could just send in another email and have an IT friend there fwd it to us …

  • skinja99

    Has anyone checked and had it say ‘not valid’ ?


  • Calls previous co-worker. hey buddy click that link you just got in your email. Buddy: got it…cya man.

  • PopeFrancis

    I’m not even a customer anymore and I’m still valid!

  • Austin Warren

    Some people think we make big bucks..nope. Good pensions, but even those are being taken away.

    • I love how you get rated down because people think it’s “outrageous” that public workers should get decent retirement benefits after affecting/saving people’s lives. Unbelieveable.

      • shooter50

        Dude, you are PAID to save peoples lives. You CHOSE your profession. Stop acting like your entitled to special treatment. No one forced you to be a firefighter, so get over yourself.

        • And we CHOSE to be public workers so that we could get better benefits instead of high pay. So you get over hating on other people’s benefits because YOURS might not be as good. Do you say the same crap to military people? I’ll bet not to their faces.

          • shooter50

            You can’t compare firefighters to the military. I’ve never in my life seen an active duty armed forces member with his hand out like cops and firefighters. They don’t go into restaurants even in uniform and EXPECT a discount. You may think you’re something special because firefighting is your chosen profession, but you’re no different than any other worker and certainly no more deserving of special discounts.

  • Artune

    Says I’m validated as of 2008 so I guess I’m good for a bit longer. I went from Bestbuy to staples anyway so when my time is up I’ll be ok. I do find it bizarre I get 25% off and firefighters get that little

  • So if it says “Congratulations, your account was validated in 2009”, I’m good?

  • WTFvzwFTW

    Dear VZW,

    I don’t recall you EVER doing me a favor? My Account is not broken so there is nothing to fix! Now you are just wasting my time, and under impression I’m wasting yours.



    • Tim242

      You’re customer? WoW.

      • aigele

        World of Warcraft?

    • lolenglish


  • Butters619

    Let’s hope AT&T doesn’t follow suit.

  • Silver Veloz

    Thanks – got renewed. Great!

    • Tim242

      If you got screwed, you screwed yourself.

  • Are you really assuming that this site will “stay” voluntary?

  • Austin Warren

    I only get 12% off for being a firefighter. Time to find more discounts.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Yes “Only” 12%

      • Austin Warren

        Considering its a $180 bill. Yes.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          21$ off isn’t really something to scoff at.

          • Joey

            #entitlement 🙂

          • TD

            Its probably more like $12 considering their discounts are before taxes and only on the primary line.

    • nightscout13

      I get 20% through a hospital

    • schoat333

      25% through a bank for me

      • Austin Warren

        We always get snubbed. Even at Firehouse Subs, police officers get a better discount than us.

        • Futbolrunner

          Wow, thats some sh**. When I was a firefighter I learned that cops got 50% at Chipotle and we got zilch. But, we did get 50% off at Panera.

    • flosserelli

      If I didn’t get a 25% discount, I would have left verizon long ago.

      • jose leo

        same here

      • Go Hawkeyes

        I’m still getting 25% from my last employer. My current employer is only 18%. I hope I don’t have to re-validate soon.

      • Justin Winker

        I get 20%, so I was down to about $80 per month. My mom and I share an account (not a family plan, just to separate lines), though, so we save(d) about $40. I then left for StraightTalk to pay $45 a month, while my mom still gets the 20%.

    • firemanprice

      What, I get 19% for my FF discount. You may want to call Verizon and get that changed. Our maybe it’s the state where you live. I’m in Florida.

      • Austin Warren

        I’m in Florida too . definitely gonna shoot them a call

    • Tim242

      I have a fire you need to come put out : )

      • Austin Warren

        Be there soon

      • Justin Winker

        … I feel like there’s some type of innuendo involved in this statement..

        • Tim242

          Haha very much so.

  • thenew3

    I got my discount in 2003, they revalidated me in 2007. currently shows still valid. Several co-workers checked theirs and they were validated in 2005, never revalidated and still shows valid. a few former co-workers also still show valid.

  • ragnarok180

    I used to get 13% off. I re validated my work email and now get 23%

    *Borat voice* “Very nice”

    • flosserelli

      You are lucky that revalidating did not *reduce* your discount.

      • DJyoSNOW

        Right, my corporate office bought out stores being 17% now I fear I’ll be back to 8% #$%&##%&?

  • Done.

  • why would one want to check and give vzw a clue…

    • EC8CH

      my guess would be that at some point they will stop discounting lines that have not been revalidated.

  • skinja99

    Wouldn’t checking your status just tip VZW off that you may not be valid anymore?

    And therefore they should give your account extra scrutiny?

    • Joel

      are they that smart…no
      are they that dirty…yes

    • PSU_DI

      This was exactly my first reaction. There is no way I’m going to that site. I wouldn’t be supprised that vzw is lazy enough to only go after people that check there status lol.

    • James

      If you’re not valid don’t you deserve “extra scrutiny”?

      • PSU_DI

        I haven’t worked for the employer that gave me my discount in 3 years, but my wife’s employer offers the same discount, So either way I’m still going to get the discount, I’ve just never felt like going through the hassle of getting it converted.

        • Tim242

          If the account is in your name, you can’t get her discount.

          • Art Holguin

            I had this issue but we switched the name to hers with no problem. worth the 20% in my opinion.

          • Tim242

            Yeah, you can do an assumption of liability. Not sure if they’ll let you keep unlimited though if you are trying to hang on to that

          • Mark Mann

            i don’t see where changing the liability would make them give up their unlimited, when i just upgraded my line and managed to keep my unlimited

          • PSU_DI

            Sure I can, I just need to do a change of liability on the account. I used to work for VZW and did this multiple times for customers. Like I said, I just haven’t felt like going through the hassle of having it converted.

            Also my wife works for the university that gives her the discount and as a family member I have an email there, So I’m pretty sure I can just use that to get verified again. In any case if I couldn’t get my 23% off, I’d be ending my contract with VZW and taking my money else where.

      • skinja99

        I meant if you check and it says you are valid. It seems like that would just invite extra scrutiny.

        Has anyone checked and had it say ‘not valid’?

    • hmm, you’re posting this today, of all days, vzw?


    • King of Nynex

      This is exactly what I was thinking!

  • Joel

    Mine was updated in 2010 and is showing current….there is hope.

  • arthur2142

    I’m validated, as of 2005. That’s quite a while ago, so I’m going to assume they’ll be adding me to their list soon.

  • Joey

    Nice, still valid!