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Report: Google Smartwatch Being Developed by the Android Team

Google Now Smart Watch

According to a report out of the Financial Times, Google is indeed preparing to enter the smartwatch arena. As unsurprising as that sounds, since every other major tech company has been rumored to be working on some sort of smartwatch product, it’s the particular team given the task of developing it that caught our interest. FT claims that the Android team will indeed be leading the charge on the project “to act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system.” 

Their sources also claim that this project is separate from what Samsung is doing, which would make sense since they are completely separate companies…moving on.

If you haven’t figured it out, the smartwatch is the new frontier for tech companies just as tablets were a couple of years ago. Now that smartphones have found themselves in the pockets and purses of so many, and the iPad still reigns supreme in the tablet space, it’s time to look for what’s next. Wearable computing appears to be the hot topic of the moment, so to hear that Google’s Android team has been given the job is hardly surprising. It is exciting, though.

Finding a seamless connection between smartphone and watch is going to be of the utmost importance. So far, the smartwatch has been mostly a failed experiment because of a lack of apps and vision by early entries. Pebble may be the closest to a winner, but it has a long way to go. While I don’t know if Google can find a way to make magic in a new arena (Nexus Q, anyone?), we’ll be standing by with fingers crossed.

No time frame for a release or announcement of the project was given.

Via:  Financial Times

  • kane

    Who will be first to market and who will sponsor the inevitable new Dick Tracy film?

  • GPDX

    I’m having a hard time seeing these smart watches taking off. I’m probably wrong but whatever. Remember the Smashing Pumpkins song 1979 – ‘Cool kids never have the time’

  • master94

    Sigh, engadget makes it seem as if Google and Samsung are only doing it because they heard Apple is doing it.

  • I’m in.

  • Trevor

    I feel like the only way you’d get a screen big enough to be worth a crap on one of these watches is to make a watch that would be uncomfortably/ridiculously large to wear on your wrist.

  • I’m sure they’re doing this just to compete with Apple’s supposed smartwatch … I’m more excited for Glass than a watch…

  • Laki S.

    Since I already wear a watch everyday, I’d be interested in this, but it’d have to look like something I wouldn’t mind wearing…. Right now all these concepts and the few that have come out (Meta/Pebble) look like cheap toys, not something I could wear to a corporate meeting. Make it look like a decent watch and I’m definitely in.

  • NoBullet

    You really shouldnt use fan mock ups for this kind of news. And not even say its a mock up.

  • Dug

    If you’re not into new ideas, why even visit this website? I see many benefits a properly designed smart watch could offer. I work in a rugged environment where pulling out a phone to check the time isn’t always a prudent move. Besides cell phone use is frowned upon, and very difficult to conceal. A glance at your wrist is not only much quicker (mobile tech is about speed right?), but trumps pulling out a cell in many ways. It also reduces the chances of damaging the phone by unnecessarily firing it up for mundane tasks. I hope the watch movement takes hold. A waterproof design is crucial. Rarely does anything hit the back of my wrist.

  • Zachary Perschau

    Watch could be used in conjunction with glass. Use it as a track pad for glass.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Ofcourse google would do it the best. If the real deal look something like the concept it would be perfect for the card ui they are shifting to.

  • tygerman

    Maybe they are just making improvements to the MOTOACTV!

  • Scott

    I love new gadgets as much as the next guy, but I’m just not digging this. My watch has gone for a solid two years now without needing a charge and hasn’t randomly rebooted either. I’ll pass.

  • noc007

    Three things are needed to make any smartwatch successful. It need to tell the time whenever one looks at it, doesn’t require a charge everyday, and functions well as an extension of one’s phone. This is why I got the Pebble. Time is always displayed clearly, I can go 8 days on a charge, and alerts have worked well with many future improvements already queued up. I know Pebble has had it rough and will say the Alerta team could have done some things better, however it’s full potential hasn’t been reached yet and I look forward to those improvements.

  • droid209

    it’ll start out compact style…eventually, it’ll balloon into a clock and everyone will look like flavor flav

    • ostensibly

      that’ll be the Samsung Watch.

      • michael arazan

        But will it be better than my Casio calculator watch from 1987 that still works today?

    • hashtagtroll


  • Casio

    As a side note, it appears Casio is also moving forward with a smartwatch, citing that they hold the patents already ….

  • drstrangelove

    just think 30 Dollars a month for your data package so your watch can tell you the time.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Great point.

  • John E

    It’d be interesting to see a circular smartwatch.

    • Anthony Lee

      I’m sure someone will jump on the flex LED bandwagon with this so it’s uniform with the curve of your wrist. Maybe a ePaper/FlexLED hybrid of sorts.

  • Waiting on a windows smart watch with ultra pixel camera

  • Steven Pilipow

    Bought time 😛

  • prestone1

    i gave up my watch a while ago however i have since brought it back and wear it every day. easier to glance at wrist than to pull phone out of pocket. i think these ‘smart watches’ are stupid and wont take off.

  • Always wondered when I can be like Knight Rider and Michael Knight with Kit. My dreams are getting closer

  • pezjono

    I’ll buy 2 for each of my wrists and then another two for my ankles! I’ll be the coolest kid in town for sure!

  • bogy25

    …and I will buy one just because it is Android and Google -> FTW

    • randy


      • picaso86


      • bogy25

        I dream of the day Apple get’s bought out by Google then Google shuts it down.

        • Unfortunately, it’s more likely to be the other way. Apple has tonns of cash and used to shutting down bought companies.

          • Austin Warren


        • Anthony Lee

          Gah! I want to up vote this about sixteen times…

  • Shane Redman

    As long as I can look like Secret Squirrel

  • Jonathan Paul

    Wouldn’t spend more than $100 on that.
    POSSIBLY $150 it it is as awesome as they anticipate.
    However, I want glass more.

  • mustbepbs

    Smartwatches look so ****ing stupid. How could they possibly be useful except only to make us lazier people, completely unable and unwilling to reach into our pockets to whip out our over sized phones we can’t live without to check a ****ing email or text message. So instead, someone creates something else for us to buy, to allow us to do something that we can already do on our first piece of technology, but are too bothered to.

  • bakdroid

    Dick Tracy watch or GTFO!

  • DanWazz

    Cell phones displace watches. Smartwatches then displace cells phones. hmmm

    • JoshGroff

      It’s a vicious cycle.

    • Sid Vicious

      In much the same way that the telephone displaced the telegram, and the email displaced telephones, and the mobile phone displaced emails, and the text message displaced phone calls, and voice typing text messages displaced typing text messages, and…

  • The Motoactv is still a badass device. I wish Motorola hadn’t let it die.

  • David Narada Brown

    im getting 1! was thinking of getting the sony smart watch now i may just hold off. but im definitely getting 1.

  • Call me old fashioned, but i ‘m still a watch guy. Two reasons: aesthetics, and, I don’t want to have to go to my phone to check the time. I’m the type to check what time it is…then 5 seconds later, “damn, what time is it again? I forgot already.”

    • j

      If for aesthetics, than it’s jewelry.. men don’t wear jewelry:)

      • You have a point. I’m gonna check to see if Ron Swanson wears a watch. If not, I’ll never wear a watch again.

        • Tommy Fresh

          Google “Ron Swanson wearing a watch” delivers several images of him wearing a watch.

        • ArrowCool

          You’re ok.

        • DieGrammatikNazi

          Citizen Eco-Drive Calibre 2100

          • Raven

            +1 for Citizen Eco-Drive. I am currently wearing a Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium. I wish they would make a stylish Smart Watch powered by Eco-Drive. (Yes, I know solar could never provide enough power to keep an Android watch running. But, maybe if it could even charge it while in a nonfunctional sleep mode.)

          • Anthony Lee

            They have a car that can run all it’s internal electronics from just the solar panel on the roof don’t they? I don’t see why they couldn’t design a smart watch to run on a solar charge especially with the new bluetooth low energy radio in it. Sadly I don’t remember the car (it was on Top Gear UK season 18 via Netflix).

      • JoshGroff

        Watches offer function and form. Got myself an automatic skeleton watch a while back, the thing’s awesome.

      • Frank

        I have 2 chains one gold one silver. A g-shock watch for work and an invicta for casual. I also have a gold bracelet.

        Note: I’m Cuban.

        • DainLaguna

          I wish I could up vote this more. Do you have skinny sideburns? You get an automatic pass for that too.


    • My G-shock is my favorite gadget. It’s indestructible, doesn’t need a battery (solar powered) and super precise (atomic time sync). What else one would need from the watch? I wish I had a phone with such capabilities…

  • DJyoSNOW

    Price dependant and work out tracking dependant.

  • Austin Warren

    Then I could look cool like those Secret Service agents and talk into my wrist.

    • Nex__

      LOL though I wonder if this is where Andy Rubin is headed.

      • source

        Andy Rubin is leaving Google. Not announced yet but a little birdie told me he is being let go.

        • r0lct

          I’m sure they would pay him just to hit there do nothing just to not work for another company with the advanced Google knowledge he has.

        • hashtagtroll


        • Timothy McGovern

          “being let go”?.. If anything he’d be the one leaving. Android is basically his kid.

    • wm snyder

      just hope it’s not siri or you will be talking for hours!!!

  • Meh

  • safasdf

    smartwatches are pointless

    • picaso86

      your mom is pointless…


      • DieGrammatikNazi

        Not after I was done with her…

  • Glen E Ston

    Watch, Glasses, Phone, Talking Shoes.

    • Michael33704

      No…you have it wrong….it’s…talk into your shoe…..:)

  • I really don’t see the point in this, but maybe it’s just me. People actually still wear watches to know the time? I just use my phone, besides, who needs to have a watch, phone and Google Glass? 2 out of the 3 is good enough for me, after Glass has been released and tested, obviously.

    • Warwick

      I just put a watch on just because these days lol. But it wont be a smart watch

    • Austin Warren

      I usually just wing it.

    • zmberven

      Smart watches are for a very specific set of people who would benefit from being able to quickly glance at a notification when they can’t/it’s inappropriate to pull out their phone.

      There tend to be a few more very specific use cases where someone would actually use one… but for the majority, yeah… it’s kinda just a novelty

      • Chris

        Unless you are one of the few who follow every letter to a rule then yeah. But most will look at their phone anyway regardless if “rules” say otherwise.

    • j

      I agree.. I don’t really see the point of these. They’re all pretty large and ugly, small screens, etc. Only good for quick data consumption.. weather, read a txt. I will take the 2 extra seconds to look at my phone

    • I check the position of the sun in the sky if I want to know the time.

      • JoshGroff

        I carry around a sundial.

        • Is that a sundial in your pants, or….

          • JoshGroff

            Actually, the sundial is strapped to my back, that’s just my Note 2.

    • 4n1m4L

      Agreed. I’d rather see them skip the watch and get glass out quicker

    • The benefit I see to smartwatches is not *having* to take your phone out of your pocket every time you want to check the time (or notifications, etc). Sometimes, like when sitting, it’s very conspicuous, and difficult, to wrangle your phone out, unless you have super baggy pants on. Not only that, but if you don’t have a good grip on it, it’s fairly easy to drop your phone doing that.

      • Laki S.

        Or for girls like me who might lose their phone in their purses 🙂 I can see using this for quick glances while driving. I keep my phone in my purse on the passenger seat or in the center console and usually don’t touch it when I’m driving. It’ll be easy to glance at my wrist before turning on the bluetooth or something.

        • Anthony Lee

          Breaking out the safety on us. Good thought there Laki.

    • vadster8

      I wear a watch everyday to know the time and date. I feel naked without it on. (note: I’m not an old grandpa or anything)

    • r0lct

      The watch could hold many over until Glass becomes affordable. You got people who can’t tolerate off contract phone pricing or $600 tablets. I doubt they’ll be picking up Glass any time soon.

    • Laki S.

      I can see the point in this. I normally wear a watch anyway; it’d be cool if it served another function as well. The determining factor for me would be aesthetics. So far, no one got the aesthetic right. I want to wear a nice watch, not a toy or mini-tv screen.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    Awesome… Please have maps integration.

  • KleenDroid