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One Click Bootloader Unlock and Root Available for Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2

galaxy note 2 verizon2

Rooting is becoming less of a necessity for Android phones and more of a luxury for those who want to tinker a little bit more. For those Galaxy Note 2 users out there looking to get their feet wet with unlocking their device, a new one-click method has been published that will get you started with no fuss. 

The method, nicknamed CASUAL, works for Windows and Linux users with partial support for Mac users for now. It’s built by Adam Outler, who has lead the Samsung device rooting charge for some time now, and is actually a continuation of his previous root and bootloader unlocks. This one just makes the entire process a 1-click process, as users struggled through issues in the last partially automated release.

The only prerequisite besides having the drivers for your device is to have Java installed. Once that is up and running one click will get the program running and do all the work for you.  For a run down of instructions and links to download hit the XDA link below. Happy rooting!


Via: XDA

Cheers Shane and Jared!

  • Audiophile

    Will CASUAL delete my data, apps, etc on my phone or will all my software be left untouched?

  • Jerry McAfee

    I mostly want to root my GN2 to get rid of bloatware and to improve battery life. Is rooting worth it just for these reasons? I’m not really wanting custom ROMs. ADW Launcher EX works great for me but it drains the battery. Thanks to anyone who answers.

  • maymay92

    Mine just gets stuck on Waiting for download mode device every time

  • LeeV

    I’m new to this Android world and just got my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from my boyfriend Now question is can I unlock/root this phone using above mention method and use on AT&T network?

  • Adam Outler

    You don’t need drivers installed. CASUAL does it for you.

  • thewandy

    so after i root my note 2 then what can i do

  • [email protected]

    Just bricked my phone trying it. Thanks a fricking lot guys. Did everything it said to do and there was an error copying files. Now my phone won’t even boot up. Love it.

    • CasperTFG


    • [email protected]

      Ok, was able to use Odin to unbrick, whew…..

      • Tim242

        I was about to say…it is now virtually impossible to brick a phone

        • Richard Yarrell

          Oh brother this Timnuts242 sure gets aeound. What a dweeb this guy is.

          • Tony Allen

            It’s tough to schedule half his time here, and the other half at the baths 😉

          • PAPINYC

            Now, what would you about ‘the baths’ 😉 ??

          • PAPINYC

            You get around just as much as him, what does that make you:
            DaddyDweeb?? Or, Dweebarella???

  • Will this work on 4.1.2 because in the video the phone was on 4.1.1?

  • Dat’ Verizon logo!

  • pd240

    Eric, you using the note 2 now? Is a big change from the gnex. You don’t need a charger on you at all times.

  • So will this reset my phone? Or will it make a backup before it unlocks it?

  • AlexKCMO

    Rooting is becoming less of a necessity for Android phones and more of a luxury for those who want to tinker a little bit more.

    Coming from a site that has “Custom ROM Friday”, please speak for yourself Eric.

  • RoadsterHD1

    does this work with S3 by VZN

  • feztheforeigner

    S3 support? Sorry if I’m late to the party…

  • TechTitan

    Any Rom recommendations? Wanna keep S Pen functionality.

    • You could even install a stock Android rom (no touchwiz) and S Pen will still work, although no S Note or anything else. Airview worked for me but you don’t have that blue circle when you’re hovering with your pen over the screen.

    • DroidModderX

      Aokp m1 build 5 now has Spen functionality or BeansTown’s Jelly Bean build 11

    • will bartlett

      CleanROM ACE is nice. just updated today to 4.6.

    • Tim242

      Jelly Beans ROM. By beanstown

  • RoadsterHD1

    does this work with S3 by VZN

  • Havoc70

    This is a Must Try tonight. =)

  • That home button logo, ew. Anyway, who here still feels the need to root? I still root because I need to feel like I’m in absolute control of my phone and able to eliminate all that Verizon bloatware.

    • Austin Warren

      That exact reason. Remove bloatware.

    • yungqb7

      Death to bloatware and Verizon’s nonsense. I would root just to put a Clean Rom on

  • PopeFrancis

    damn that button sticks out like a wart on the tip of a nose.

    • Tim242

      I scraped mine off on day 1. Now, I just have a silver button. I ordered the button covers, but they stick out too much for my liking.

      • Tony Allen

        So now you’ve rubbed the paint off of your button and it sticks out even more. Way to go guy.

      • hyperbolee

        seriously take a picture of it for us… I’ve seen this done and it looks horrible. I’d really like to see if yours looks better.

    • Ross Parker

      Sharpie it.

  • I was coming in here to say “What’s wrong with using CASUAL?” but I realize that is what he was talking about after all.

    It’s been out for quite awhile now, I used it to unlock my GN2 a month ago…

    • will bartlett

      but now the one click is out…before it wasnt that difficult but it wasnt one click

      • Yeah I see that now, I thought it was the same process. Listening fail on my part.

        I will admit though, I had issues getting the phone recognized in Odin, as I always do… which is why I usually use Heimdall for my odin flashing needs.

  • I unlocked my bootloader and installed a custom ROM on my Note II a few days ago… wasn’t complicated… although I HIGHLY regret doing it! Gonna go get my phone replaced by the insurance now so I’ll have a new phone and 100% stock (even though you can just revert it to stock, but still.)

    • Austin Warren

      Just keep it Rooted. Great for side loading, etc

      • You don’t need to be rooted to side load… although yes when I’ll get my replacement I’ll have the stock ROM and rooted by Exynos Abuse.

        • Alex Farra

          What? Why would you get your phone replaced?

          • Because my Note II already has scratches and dings, and plus I don’t want to mess with reverting back to stock. I just want a new phone. Plus I want a white one (currently have the titanium gray.)

          • Austin Warren

            Insurance won’t give you a new color.

          • Might not, but maybe yes. I’ll leave it in the notes. I’d give it a 25% chance, Best Buy insurance.

          • Austin Warren

            Maybe they do, but i know Asurion doesn’t.

          • Yeah asurion is a b*tch tbh.

          • Tim242

            Sounds like you’ve abused Asurion and got cut off.

          • Nope never abused them and never got cut off. Nothing bad happened. Just their high prices and deductibles is what makes them a b*tch and heard about their horrible service.

          • N8shon

            My replacement took one phone call. I received my brand new Note II the following day. I hardly call that horrible service. Roughly $5 per month and $99 deductible for a $700 phone is fine with me, especially since I keep the extra S-Pen, battery door, spare battery, and charger. That washes some, if not all, of that $99 deductible.

          • I got a new Note II with an extra S-Pen and battery door. $700 phone with $0 deductible. Practically free just $10 a month for the service. That is a 1000x better.

          • N8shon

            You pay $120 annually to my $60, and it sounds like I got a spare battery and spare charger that you did not, hardly 1000x better my friend. Good try.

    • Geoff Johnson

      Uh, just flash the factory ROM back.

      • Read my other post. My phones already has scratches and dings so I just want a new phone anyway.

    • So your gonna go abuse the system and this is why Verizon won’t replace phones easily.

      • I have insurance through Best Buy, not Verizon.

    • Why am I getting downvoted for this post? I just said that I regret it and that’s all.. wtf.

      • Austin Warren

        Who cares about down votes?

        • It shows that people disagree with my statements. What else could it mean?

          • nightscout13

            Guy, you don’t simply exchange a perfectly working phone, because you don’t want to revert back to stock (which is doable in case you’re not aware) It’s kinda disrespectful. You shouldn’t even attempt to root/ROM if you have this type of mentality……

          • I rooted and ROM’d my GNex all the time and finally decided to do it on my Note.

          • nightscout13

            Your initial post is slightly misleading then, if you truly are replacing it for damage to the device. Might wanna fix that original post.

          • Just did.

          • How is it disrespectful? If even I had one tiny scratch on my phone, I could still get it replaced because it’s my choice and I pay for the insurance.

          • nightscout13

            Meh.. To each his own i guess, I know I wouldn’t do something like that. It’s just that insurance premiums, and phone prices go up for the rest of us when people return items for scratches, etc.

          • Austin Warren

            Yeah, let’s hope it never reaches the iPHone level. $200 for a replacement….wow

          • Best Buy insurance, no deductible. $10 a month.

          • nightscout13

            I’m pretty sure it has something to do with all those hipsters returning their devices every time a new scratch/blemish appears.

          • Definitely not a hipster and never even heard of people returning just because of a scratch. I’m just saying that I COULD do that. Especially not a bad idea since no deductible, but not gonna waste my time.

          • nightscout13

            David, I was referring to the iPhone Hipster crowd. I was pointing out a possible explanation why they pay a higher insurance premium than Android users…..

          • Austin Warren

            Most likely. I made the mistake of putting my keys in the same pocket, and i have a little scratch on the screen, but i’m not going to pay $100 to get a new phone because of it.

          • I wouldn’t do something like that either but my back cover is even cracked. And S Pen (which is replaceable) has damage which shows up white from dropping the phone before.

          • Tim242

            Exactly. He doesn’t seem to understand that.

          • Tim242

            Apparently, you haven’t read your Asurion TOS. Minor scratches are not valid reason for an insurance replacement. You will get a refurbished phone that may have minor scratches. As already pointed out, someone with your mentality has no business rooting. You are part of the reason we have locked bootloaders.

          • I think this is the 5th time I’m mentioning that I don’t have asurion.

          • Tim242

            I saw that further down. Best Buy insurance has the same restrictions. They have a limit on how many times you can get a replacement. Stop being silly about scratches, and stop being lazy about reverting back to stock. You are abusing the system.

          • No, Best Buy insurance doesn’t have any limits on how many times you want to replace it. (I knew that when I was getting the insurance.) I am absolutely not abusing it in anyway. Just shut up already.

          • Tim242

            Your primary reason for replacement is because you are too lazy to undo what you did. Not sure why you even want to, but I digress. Your second reason is because you have a few minor scratches. Your third reason is because you want a different color. That is nothing but abuse. People that abuse insurance is what makes rates and deductibles go up. You are an idiot.

          • Let me get this straight. And I am going to be completely honest. When I got my Note I made an oath to not install any ROMs. ROMs have caused me issues in the past like radios not working temporarily on an important day, right in the morning. So, my back cover is cracked on my Note II (Best Buy replaced my entire phone [Rezound] JUST because of the back cover before) and plus the S Pen is damaged from dropping the phone. Plus a scratch on the glass that makes the display give off a rainbow effect. Plus scuffs throughout the entire outside frame that my finger nail can fit into. When installing a ROM I decided “What the hell, I’m still gonna go get it replaced next week anyways. Let me install stock Android on this thing and try it out.” I had pretty bad lag in it and installed a Touchwiz ROM, and my backup file does not work sadly. I know I can install a stock ROM but I am still gonna have to re-install everything when I’m gonna get my new phone anyway.

          • Austin Warren

            Put it back to stock before sending it back or youll get a $500 bill later on.

          • I had my Rezound on a ROM before and never had a $500 bill FROM BEST BUY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, STUPID.

          • KleenDroid

            Let the dummy.

          • Tim242

            Oh, so now we’ve gone from minor scratches, to a cracked screen. You are such a liar.

          • You idiot I never said I had a cracked screen! How much stupider can you be?!?

          • Austin Warren

            I don’t think “stupider” is a word.

          • Yeah…

          • Tim242

            You said you had a scratch on the screen that causes a rainbow effect. BTW, “stupider” is not a word. The point is, every time you try to defend your abuse, you add something else to it.

          • Stupider is indeed a word. Because people are too stood-up and won’t believe anything else.

          • Tim242

            It’s stupid, more stupid, and most stupid. I’m assuming that you meant stuck-up.

          • KleenDroid

            Stupider…. ? I think you missed your Mensa meeting tonight.

          • KleenDroid

            You are an example of a person who should never install any ROM.

            You are the type that will not take five minutes to figure out what you are doing. Roms cause good experiences not bad.

            I hope you have learned to leave your phone alone in the future.

            Once and a great while someone comes here that is very irritating and who’s mom’s shouldn’t buy them phones.

          • I had always ROM’d all of my previous phones. Shut up.

          • QuettaBoo77

            It’s your phone and your insurance screw them point blank! You are not first or the last to do this. I have Best Buy insurance and Asurion on my device. Best Buy allows to replace your device for WHATEVER reason and AS MANY times for free. I have Asurion because they don’t cover lost or stolen.

          • N8shon

            Not true. I just had mine replaced after an impact from a fall that showed dings and dents on the top and bottom of the phone. I just made a claim with Asurion, told them exactly what happened, and they sent me a brand new phone. Asurion sends out the phone next-day shipping, and they don’t see the condition of your phone until you ship it back. There is not a point at which they view your phone, then make a judgement as to whether they should ship you a new or reconditioned phone. That is all based on what they have in stock, which is, in turn, based on how many insurance claim devices they have received and reconditioned since the time the device launched. A physically damaged phone is not covered under warranty, and thus falls under the umbrella of your insurance coverage. That’s why I pay for it monthly and have done so for years.

          • Tim242

            I work in a cell phone store and deal with Asurion almost daily. It is against their TOS to replace a phone due to minor scratches. They even state that you may receive a phone with minor cosmetic damage. While you are correct that they send the phone first. However, there are some caveats to your logic. They can and will charge you after receiving the phone back. They usually do not. They can also note your account to refuse such a claim in the future. Most importantly, you are limited to 2-3 replacements per year, and they can drop you at any time. There is a reason that premiums and deductibles keep rising.

          • N8shon

            I have managed 2 cell phone stores, and worked for another cell phone company for 5 years, and dealt with Asurion regularly as well. I have never seen an instance where a customer was charged any additional amount after returning their phone. Also, unless a customer has a history of deliberately abusing the system, which I don’t consider the original poster or myself to have done in this case, I have not seen Asurion go on the defensive in their comments and prevent someone from making their next claim. My phone in particular had scratches, dents, dings, gouges, whatever you’d like to call them, such that the phone was physically damaged and diminished significantly in value.

            As for why insurance premiums have risen over the years, there is an endless myriad of reasons: changes in contracts with wireless providers, cost of shipping, company overhead and expense changes, cost of equipment, cost of refurbishing, etc. The list is endless and it’s all speculation and assumption to say that the original poster’s activity is the reason our insurance premiums rise. With regard to fraud prevention, Asurion has chosen to deal with that issue by limiting the number of claims that can be made during a 12 month period. Compared to other forms of insurance we all deal with regularly (auto, renter’s, health) smartphone insurance doesn’t come close to the issues we deal with elsewhere in the insurance world.

      • Geoff Johnson

        You’re getting down voted because you’re using insurance to replace a phone that you installed a custom ROM on because you don’t want to revert back yourself.

        • That’s not the primary reason. The primary reason is that it has scratches and scuffs everywhere.

          • nightscout13

            You just made it worse by saying that. Just stop while you’re ahead.

          • I’m not making it worse when I have already mentioned it like in my second comment.

          • Austin Warren

            scratches and scuffs are nothing. Definitely nothing like the time i jumped into the pool with my note 2 in my pocket

          • Well obviously it’s nothing major (derp) but I still would want it to get replaced…

          • Trey Mitchell

            oh no scratches and scuffs what ever will you do you are the reason the insurance is expensive

    • trolls gonna troll

    • Austin Warren

      I hope best buy changes their insurance policy soon. Maybe after I notify them. /s

      • Why in the fricking world do you care?

        • Austin Warren

          Because you’re the greedy shi* that is going to ruin insurance policies to the point where we can’t even have them. All because your phone has a boo boo and you want a new color.

          • Bahaha that’s your problem. Fix it.

          • Austin Warren

            Says the one that cares about down votes.

  • Austin Warren

    Will be doing this later

  • T4rd

    I hope they blow Verizon’s S4 open as quickly and easy as they did the Note 2. It feels great to give Verizon the “F*** You” while you unlock the bootloader on their phones.

  • fartbubbler

    adamoutler = boss.