Bootloader Unlock Released for Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 bootloader has been unlocked. Thanks to Adam Outler and the folks at XDA, Verizon’s version of this oversized phone has “gone from the most secure device on the market, to the least secure device publically available.” 

The process itself, to unlock the bootloader, doesn’t look all that intense after you watch the video tutorial, but there are enough warnings in there that you should definitely proceed with caution. Know what you are doing, folks. You’ll need Odin to flash most of it, the Revision ROM (a base platform to work from), a PIT file, CASUAL (an adb script loader), and my favorite file name of all time, the “Suck It Verizon Odin Package.”

Once you’ve completed this, you really do have one of the most open devices on the planet. The team that worked on this did some brilliant work here.

Full instructions at the source link and in the video above. ROMs await you.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Dan, @G8orDroid, and @nunyazz!



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