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ASUS MeMo Pad is Official, Features Android 4.1 and 1024 x 600 Display

MeMo Pad

This morning, ASUS’s budget-friendly MeMo Pad 7″ is finally official. We have seen plenty of render leaks and spec leaks, but we are sort of surprised that they have gone ahead and launched the device right before MWC. Either way, it’s out now, and the specs have not changed since we talked about them previously. 

The tablet features a 7″ “HD” display with a resolution of 1024 x 600, runs Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean, claims to have up to seven hours of battery life, and even has a microSD slot. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think ASUS is misusing the term, “HD.” That resolution might be HD for something such as a calculator or possibly even a toaster. And get this, the MeMo Pad is perfect for helping the youth vandalize our cities one wall at a time. Check out 0:43 in their promo video, as an apparent juvenile defiles a public wall with graffiti art. Thanks, ASUS!

But in all seriousness, what are your thoughts on the MeMo Pad? We know it’s a cheap tablet, said to be priced at $150 and due out in retailers sometime soon, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made. We wish it had a better display, because at such a low resolution, I wouldn’t even think to pick one up. What do you think?



  • bc

    Nice little throw away for the nieces.

  • Wow, those awesome built-in Asus apps really set this tablet apart from the crowd, said no one ever.

    • Raven

      Actually, I do think that Asus App Backup and Polaris Office set the ASUS Transformer tablets apart from other tablets and have used them as examples when recommending them to people over other tablets.

      I also personally really like their Asus Day Scene live wallpaper and default widgets on their home screen. When an average person that doesn’t know a Jelly Bean from a Gingerbread sees them side by side in a store with something like the Nexus 10 with no widgets and a boring wallpaper, which do you think they are going to be more interested in.



      • Well I can’t speak to what an “average person” finds attractive in a store, but I find the practice of advertising proprietary software as a selling point for Android hardware to go against the grain of the OS’s open source philosophy. And that philosophy is why I buy Android products to begin with. I’m sure Asus makes reasonable apps, but there’s no way I’d buy one of these over a Nexus 7, even if their hardware stats were the same.

        I know OEMs want to distinguish themselves, but I sure wish they’d do it with great hardware instead of proprietary wallpapers. Regarding your examples, “App Back & Restore” is a great app that more than fulfills my needs, while Polaris Office is available to anyone on the Play store (though I prefer Kingsoft Office). And that’s as it should be in an open marketplace of interchangeable hardware — I don’t want to have to buy one company’s hardware to get the best software, and in fact, that’s why I don’t buy Apple products.

        Anyway, I don’t begrudge OEMs for trying, but I personally spend more time figuring out how to remove their pre-packaged apps than using them.

  • Scott Martin

    $150? i’m sorry but an extra $50 for the nexus 7 or galaxy tab ii 7″ is so much more bang for your buck

    • TylerChappell

      This is true, but this is aimed at consumers who are very budget-minded. I would say that it is all-around great value. Remember the cost of materials for the Nexus 7 were about $152, so it makes sense for this $150 tablet to have that 1024×600 screen resolution, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who wants to do more than some reading, light-web browsing, email, and Angry Birds, which is exactly the audience this is targeting. At $150, it would be a perfect choice for some parents to buy for their kids that don’t want them playing with their $250-$500 tablet.

      • michael arazan

        If these manufacturers are smart they would start pushing these tablets to schools everywhere in loo of school books when the average text book cost $80a piece, and I’d work with book manufacture’s with deals to get the book’s for tablet use and tablet made, would revolutionize the school system and save schools money along with saving trees, everybody wins, even the little kids lugging 40 lbs of books to home and back from school.

        • Michael Perry

          They already do, but they use the iPad instead. Some of the kids that work at my flatmates restaurant showed my theirs, and told me all about the security locks. These would be an instants where complete control of the OS by a non-user party becomes important, and I’m not familiar with that level of security with googles OS, as all of my devices are rooted, but without jailbreaking my iPod touch, it still remains locked.

    • Chris

      To be perfectly honest, say a really budget friendly person was buying this for his 9 or 10 year old kid? The $50 saved on this one would probably be worth it, as that kid wouldn’t notice the difference in screen resolution. Just a thought.

  • Kevin Rees

    Would be a pretty good in-dash carputer me thinks

    • S2556

      I was thinking about using a nexus 7 as a head unit. It would be dope!

      • Kevin Rees

        yes indeed

  • benjamin forehand

    Eww @that screen resolution

  • ddevito

    looks familiar…where have I seen this before?

  • Capt. Crunch

    What a God awful name for a table imho

  • Nexus_FrEak

    They should have just stuck with Nexus… It’s budget friendly but so is the N7 and with (hopefully) an updated version on the horizon also made by ASUS this was a waste! Still love ASUS though!!

  • What does the 4th button do?

    • Looks like a home button inside of a home button. Homeception…

    • Bryan

      My guess would be for the mutli-window apps that they show in the video. Samsung does something similar with their Note 10.1 multi-window apps.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      One button Fatality

  • Jonathan Bunch

    how is 1024×600 “hd” ???

    • Raven

      I agree, I think “technically” the vertical needs to be at least 720 to count as “HD”. So, the 1280×800 Nexus 7 is HD, but this, is not.