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YouTube For Android Updated, UI Revamp For 10″ Tablets Has Finally Come

This morning, an update to the official YouTube for Android application was released, bringing a brand new UI for 10″ tablets. If you open up YouTube every once in a while, then you will see that this is the same UI that has been pushed to phones and 7″ devices for the past month or so. Instead of having that revolving wheel type of layout, you now have a more “organized” view of your subscriptions and the content they publish. 

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We have been looking at that old UI ever since I can remember using YouTube for Android, so it will be sort of nice to look at something new for a while. Although, I use the YouTube app like crazy and if I find something I can’t stand, rest assured I will voice my opinion on it. For example, YT’s recommendations showing up in my sub-box? Not cool.

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Cheers Adam!

  • Bree

    I went to my settings and uninstalled the updates for YouTube and my layout reverted to the old style.

  • pet

    can’t find that ‘revolving’ style layout!

    help me plz, I’m dying because of the new UI, it blinds! 🙁

  • Anthony Hopf

    What happened to my ” play all” on the playlist!?

  • feztheforeigner

    I kind of liked the old home screen UI…

  • Matthew Merrick

    I can’t update to this even though i want to

    it says it requires google play services, but when i try to install play services it says the app is incompatible with an existing userID on my device or something.

  • androidfan 4 life

    i agree to me the new youtube blows the old youtube style was alsome and to me it looked great people called youtube old look the wall cause it was a wall of differet videos now they change it to make look like a youtube u see on a smartphone or a laptop or a desktop tablets youtube style should be differet then cell phones and laptops and desktops but not all looks the same it sucks youtub chang it back now a holes

  • jlschulz098

    What are those idiots doing. the old interface was leaps and bounds better than this crap new one. Its oversized and childish looking. What a rediculous interface. Im deleating and just using my web browser. frees up more memory for apps that know wat style is.

  • NexusMan

    i preferred the revolving layout too. I thought it was gorgeous on the Nexus 10.

  • angermeans

    …and only a week after Google updated it’s iOS Youtube lineup. I just don’t understand why Google chooses to cater to iOS first. You should hold out Google understand that Apple needs you more than you need them, or at least update Android first and then iOS after.

  • philnolan3d

    I’m glad I saw this before updating. I like the wheel spinny thing.

  • No full screen for tf700s in dock. Pass on this update – it’s not an improvement. I actually had bad performance on playback. Half the video was downloaded but it kept pausing every second or two

  • RadOD

    Don’t like it. Want the old one back,

  • Alan Paone

    I’m not into the recommendations either. I left my youtube signed in on my mom’s laptop when she did a renovation and now all my recommendations are about how to intall soffits on a garage, and the occasional really old deadmau5 song.

  • Regarding youtube recommendations, I think if you change “Channel Feed Content” under settings to “Uploads Only” you won’t see recommended videos. You also won’t see videos that are liked/commented/favorited by people you subscribe to, but I guess that’s the price you pay.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    So happy 3rd Party Devs are finally making Tablet Optimized apps. . . . . Oh wait…. I mean First Party…. welcome to the future Google.

  • DodgerDroid

    I also prefer the old layout especially since more thumbnail previews were viewable on the screen. They should of kept the revolving layout and just added a pop out sidebar when pressing on the YouTube icon on the top left.

  • Dirge

    I love the new UI! I actually use the YouTube app now!

  • nightscout13

    I’d say one of the downsides of Android, is constant change in UI. Even when they get to a UI that works great, they change it anyway.

    • It isn’t just Android. Come on now. You can blame YT for this because they’ve been changing their website’s UI constantly for the past 3 months+.

      It goes from good to bad to good to even worse! lol

    • Alan Paone

      Beats the hell out of the way no one else ever fixes anything.

  • I liked the revolving layout and was used to it. I don’t like change. GET OFF MY LAWN!

    • Michael Jon Carter

      How do I get that revolving layout on the nexus 7?

      • Alan Paone

        You need a build of youtube from before I/O this year at least

        • Michael Jon Carter

          Thanks for the reply, which version was that?