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Apple Running Out of iPhone 5 Features, Sells Noise Canceling Mic in Newest Ad


I thought this was one of those Apple spoof commercials…it’s not.

Cheers D.Dot!

  • nfcfreak

    Next time they gonna introduce NEWLY NFC features!!! Haha lol

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    ROFL!!! That’s why I love using my Bose Bluetooth headset and on occasion my jawbone Bluetooth headset. Now pat yourself on the back Apple… I can see them telling each other that it’s a new innovation and they will be suing everyone in 3 years for using their innovation!!!!

  • fordcom

    I hate Apple

  • MrNewCastrati

    Love my new iPhone 5 I got for Christmas! Finally got rid of my Droid thank goodness.

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      I see you haven’t moved on from the election. So sad.

      • Hanz Y

        he’s probably the same folks that predicted a Romney landslide. lol

  • MigyWPB

    Well they don’t have any innovations anymore so they only have to try to make look the phone like a good one. Poor Apple the noise canceling and the panoramic picture are things that other phones had it already and they are not making a lawsuit of that. (Of course Apple had to patent the turning of pages “ridiculous” they are not the one to create it that effect but the first one to patent it. I think the patent laws have to change).

  • ishan


  • Cosina V

    I’m not a fan of either sides, I have the Note 2 and iPhone 5 (I prefer the Note 2 though). As a consumer the more the choices, the better it is for us. The noise cancelling maybe old tech, but why is it that iPhone 5 is the only latest tech phone using 3 microphones? And I can tell you that it does work! A lot of times when I am in a noisy environment and using my Note 2, the person on the other side of the line tells me they can’t hear me clearly because of the background noise. I call them back with the iPhone 5 and the problem is solved. So, I’m not laughing at this Ad and fact is, there will be many others who will also acknowledge the call quality of the iPhone 5 and the marketing message gets passed on. Apple has excellent marketing strategies, whether or not the content is BS, it still works for Apple, their products focus on the details a lot more and thats one of the reasons why they still have increasing sales. Moreover, they are taking over 70% of the operating profits in the smartphone industry. Samsung is the only manufacturer other than Apple thats making real money in this business. For the hardcore Android fans, sure, Android dominants because of the large alliance of manufacturers using the Android OS. However, in the real world for these tech companies, making profit is what counts and Apple is by far dominating the smartphone industry.

    • Moto phones have had 3 mics since the droid x…hence the lulz

  • Andre Hall


  • Geekout

    this was one of the features of my first smartphone.. the Droid X

  • smirkis

    i laugh at apple commercials. from the noise canceling to CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE -ahhhh- EEEEEEEEEESE. apple is halarious

  • Mike Clark

    so let me get this straight… how many people think Apple gets their ideas from google?

  • CapnShiner

    When I first saw this ad I nearly facepalmed myself. This is a feature that most Android phones have had for years. It’s never really been marketed and I assume that’s because it’s actually pretty old technology that was around long before either the G1 or the original iPhone. If Apple is resorting to using such an antiquated Idea to market the iPhone, they must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I wonder how long Apple can keep this up- releasing “new” iPhones with “new features” after those same features have been available for at least a year on Android devices. I think Apple’s record of innovation died along with Steve Jobs.

  • trololol

    Droid life is running out of things to talk about so they post this and recommend crappy games that might steal your info. Then delete your comment and block your ip

  • Drgn

    So let me get this straight they are showing how good the noise canceling feature which means they never perfected it before or never had it at all in the previous iphone models. Plus what is up with the panoramic feature all android phones had that featuse ever since day one.

  • johnc7995

    Why does this article even exist? What relevance does this story have with Android? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

    Kellex and his obsession with Apple is really getting annoying.

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      It’s just a reminder to Android fans that Apple is still evil and stupid.

  • G Davis

    I have the iPhone 5, only because it is a work phone. The ad is pretty pathetic yes, but the noise cancelling mic does at least work as they say. I hate when you are told something works this way, and of course never does except in the perfect test environment settings

  • sk3litor

    I think apples genius comes from targeting ads towards t the ignorance of people. things that intelligent people take for granite, people like Kim Kardashian say things like ” like omg this is like totally cool. It’s like my phone totally has a brain… like!”

    • SeanBello

      what about the people that say “take for granite”? lol

  • MikeKorby

    is there just a single compilation of all these misleading ads? Perhaps a side-by side where the ad is on the left, and the original product the idea was stolen from on the right?

  • I am waiting for the “it’s dark grey with an apple logo” ad.

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      I’m waiting for the “It’s a tangible object” ad.

  • whytecountry

    Apple is so advanced. My Droid X from 2 years ago only had THREE mics 🙁

  • Bod

    Its a great idea you clowns !

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      Shouldn’t you be grazing in a green field somewhere?

  • Jared Tau

    It looks like a Droid X without the hump…oh and it now has noise canceling mics 2.5 years later

  • Michael Hutwagner

    Apple’s latest patent filing is a pretty exciting one and something we’ve all been waiting for; wireless charging. While there are “wireless” charging devices on the market right now, they’re not truly wireless. Apple looks to improve on the mediocre options by using near-field technology. While this is a rather unorthodox for what this technology is usually used for

  • I saw this commercial for the first time yesterday. I just knew DL would pick up it. I am waiting for someone with an iPhone 5 to tell me how advanced his/her phone is because of second mic. I’ve got my eye roll perfected and ready.

  • noah

    I wish people would open their eyes and realize that apple is basiclly tricking then into believing into thinking their getting something new…

  • There’s a brand new plug! All the excitement that you got to have buying accessories for your iPhone 4, you get to have again!

  • Geo

    I fault google for this, I know people that have used 4.0 devices and got iphones this year and say that panorama is revolutionary feature. Google and others should show the features of the device instead of some guy jumping through concrete

  • The commercial they should do:

    “We fired the guy that made Apple Maps, because we’re already on to the next big thing…”

  • Jason Brown

    can’t knock the iphone and it’s great call quality. i remember testing phones at the vzw store last year before i bought the gnex and i called my friend from 4 phones randomly (droid razr, htc rezound, gnex, iphone 4) and out of those 4 phones, he said the last one i called him with sounded the best (no we’re not crapple fanboys. we both had og droids at the time and upgraded to gnex’s). im not sure how the new phones of this year are like but it would be great if all phones had great call quality. would be nice using a smartphone as a phone once in a while. i dont have any problems but others have complained.

  • snobrdr2324

    At this point I feel like android fanboys and apple fanboys just hate on the other product because the don’t know any different. If you like android great, but why does that mean you have to automatically hate on apple? This ad doesn’t affect you and is clearly not target toward anyone who browses this site. The samsung ad’s generalizing about all iPhone purchasers are just as stupid as apple touting features that people who know anything about phones don’t care about. This is just sad.

    From a current iPhone 5/Galaxy nexus user.

    • JoshGroff

      Umm, not everyone hates Apple, just the extremists.

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        It’s not the extremists anymore. I used to not like the iPhone, but I still liked Apple. Now I hate Apple? Why? The useless patent lawsuit fiasco and ads like this that are ridiculous. Google copying Apple? More like the other way around.
        Actually, I don’t believe that Apple copied Google. By their own logic (the same one that said the Galaxy Tab can be mistaken for and iPad), however, they did.

    • joejoe5709

      I do the same thing when automotive ads say dumb stuff just to push their cheap ass cars. A “sporty” Camry? Riiiight. Toyota consumers drink the same Kool Aid that Apple users do. So I feel vindicated when I flame Apple for shepherding their little sheep into thinking this is a new, special feature. If there weren’t a horde of angry Android users out there to show people how ridiculous Apple is, they could seriously get away with the advertising equivalent of murder. So I support DL and Samsung for making a dent in Apple’s smoke and mirror act.

    • aSensibleGuy

      This man knows, I have the luxury of carrying both a iPhone 5 and a N4. I like android, but iOS is a damn good platform as well and it’s a shame most people don’t get to reap the benefits of both platforms. And if you we’re familiar with the jail break community you’d know that iOS CAN BE JUST AS CUSTOMIZABLE as a rooted android phone. The knowledge is there, it’s up to the consumer to pursue it. Just like how most of us have sought out the joy of rooting. And what’s with this Samsung allegiance, they’re obviously trying their hardest to be apple. Apple may compromise durability for aesthetics, but I never once questioned whether my device LOOKED like it was worthy of the price tag. I can help but feel like Samsung overcharges consumers for something that looks terribly cheap. Maybe not internationally, but in America looks can go a long way, ask the talent-less Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I try not to hate on Apple just to hate, but this was pretty pathetic. I saw it the other night and I started yelling at the TV like.. “WTF you f***** talking about Apple?. This is way f**** old news man and now your selling this sh** like you revolutionized the phone call? A**holes.”

    And then I realized my chick was laughing at me.

  • Vandell

    I thought it was a quaint little commercial that shows a feature I knew it had but didn’t now how it worked.

  • droidftw

    iPhone 5s, now with two noise cancelling mics.

  • John Jenness

    First Phone with Noise Canceling Microphone. Since 2006!

  • Preston

    The sad thing is…Apple KNOWS this isn’t a hot feature. But they do know one thing: with their commercial, they have created thousands of Apple bots that will repeat this crap over and over. “But it has a noise-canceling microphone!” or “It has 4G!” or “It’s got a bigger screen!” and these people will act like it’s an iPhone-exclusive feature and that Apple was the first company to have these features in a cell phone. Typical Apple consumer


    • bogy25

      You are so right – it makes me sick but it is true – hate apple

  • Trueblue711

    Funny how Apple doesn’t allow comments on its own videos. I wonder why…

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      And Google does allow comments on their videos. Why? Because people actually like Google. You can see a trend here…

  • BenMock

    My old photon has two noise-cancelling mics in the back.

  • omgitzjose

    my old RAZR 2 had this I’m almost positive Motorola invented it.

  • Panicwhenubered

    Have you seen the latest ad?

    The new iPhone5. Now with “phone calling”. So you can call other people with phones.

  • rodney11ride

    after i saw this one… then the “photo share” one… i just figured apple has given up

  • Ruel Smith

    Seriously, if the Nexus was a high-end phone available to all carriers, I’d jump ship. But it’s not. Instead, I have to get a high-end phone that the carrier has dumped its garbage on, maybe I’ll get the next release of Android…maybe I won’t, inferior cameras, blah blah blah… If the Android phone would straighten this mess out, I’d jump ship in a heartbeat. Give me a Nexus phone on MY CARRIER, that’s a completely high-end phone at a reasonable price and I’m a new customer.

    Apple has gotten to the point they’ve ceased to really innovate, but would rather sue people. It just bothers me… I think they should just innovate more and build a better product to compete.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    Magical! Revolutionary! Never been done before! Apple is amazing!!!!!! iPhone 4 lyfe

  • r0lct

    I was thinking the same thing when I first saw the commercial.

  • AnthonyMoya

    I saw this the other day and couldn’t believe they made a commercial of it. I told my wife I had in on my Droid Incredible back in 2010.

  • Yeah … when I saw this commercial, I was like …. are they seriously kidding? That’s been around for how long now? Way to be innovative Apple!

  • RaptorOO7

    Well this finally proves it, iPhone 5 is nothing special and there is nothing worth talking about.

    • pappy53

      It must be kinda special, as it’s sales have blown everyone else away. Android needs to take marketing tips from Apple.

      • JoshGroff

        That’s because they are marketing geniuses. Also, Apple does have fairly solid multi-platform integration built in.

        I can’t believe I actually have to download an app in order to use cloud storage. 😉

  • DanWazz

    Who still makes phone calls on their cell phone?

    • JoshGroff

      The proper question should be who doesn’t. Most people I know are cutting their house phones and exclusively using cells.

      • Spencer Kingman

        Ok then. Who still makes phone calls?

        • JoshGroff

          I use ~200 minutes a month.

    • After I went to tiered data and got unlimited minutes (which removed mobile-to-mobile etc) I was surprised to see actually how many minutes I was actually using. So yes people still do use their cellphones as actual phones. Sadly probably the minority with all the hipsters out there.

      • Stevedub40

        I just hate talking to people, lol. I definitely would not call my self “hip” by any means. More of a nerd I suppose.

    • BrianLipp
      • joejoe5709

        Good Lord Annie gets cuter and cuter I swear.

    • People who have someone to talk to.

      • DanWazz

        That’s what texting is for.

        • Not while driving.

          • DanWazz

            Speech to text. Anyways, I wasn’t being serious.

          • I can tell you aren’t serious by suggesting speech to text while driving. Easier to text. 😛

  • Nick Donofrio

    not siding with apple (i wouldn never do that) but maybe Verizon should have advertised this on Razr Maxx HD instead of showing it blow up a wall in their commercial

    • JoshGroff

      People love explosions. – Michael Bay

    • I completely agree. I think the Verizon Droid marketing campaign is absolutely awful. You can bash apple all you want, but they market the features that interest people. Maybe Verizon should market the DNA as a next generation microscope which will cure cancer.

      • Nick Donofrio

        Exactly I feel like droid commercials only appeal to us android enthusiasts, while apple appeals to the majority of population

        • Ian Ward

          They don’t even really appeal to me.

        • They just make me want to post on Droid Life about how much they suck.

      • MikeKorby

        The original lineup of DD commercials used to. The teaser for the Moto Droid (comparatively the best phone I ever had/ever made) listed features that were a part of the device that you would gain over an iPhone. The ad for the original HTC Incredible gave insight into some details, such as processing and higher quality display. The putoff for most people, however, is just in the macho, brutish way that the droid commercials get the job done..

    • Verizon commercials have always sucked. They never talk about features, only about their plans and robots fighting.

      • BigMixxx

        and you NEED LTE

        • JoshGroff

          That brainwashing trick actually works though.

        • 3G speeds are horrible. That said, no one NEEDS LTE, or 3G, or a smartphone……..

      • ufoman07

        Apple is evil!

  • Adam Medina

    Cool story, bro. Any android news?

  • Umm… that’s not Android news. Dude, if it’s a slow day, just tell it’s a slow day.

    • iamjackspost

      So make a post called “It’s a slow day,” and we’ll all post about how slow the day is. And some smarty-pants will talk about how it’s not quite as slow for astronauts, but still much faster than being in a black hole.

  • EC8CH

    So is the i*hone 5 the first i*hone to have a voice cancelling mic??? I’m confused.

  • Next commercial: It has a built in application that enables it’s users to communicate with other people without calling; it’s called email! REVOLUTIONARY!

  • muffnman

    I can’t wait to see the new advertisements on 1. Recharging 2. Auto-Brightness 3. Audio Out and my personal favorite 4. Cell phone service

    • peeyourownpants

      …but you can also hold it anyway you’d like without ruining your signal now!

      • Bob G


      • Michael Hutwagner

        that one needs to come to samsung

    • The amazing thing is I could actually imagine the auto-brightness being something they advertise…

    • Michael Hutwagner

      or the docking

  • This commercial isn’t nearly as bad as the thumbs one. Seriously, they’ve advertising that you can use the screen with your thumb, they’re running out of ideas.

    The iPhone 5 brought nothing new to the table, they have to advertise something I guess.


    • And they only need thumb access everywhere because the back button is on the top of the screen.. Silly.

    • Preston

      The best part about that one is that back in 2009 ish, when the newer Android phones had 4- and 4.3-inch screens, Steve Jobs defended the 3.5-inch iPhone screen as the perfect size because the average person’s thumb could go from the bottom right to top left corner of a 3.5-inch screen. Now Apple has backtracked on that and they’ve decided that people’s thumbs have grown since 2009.

    • Funny part about that commercial is that on my GNex the screen goes “from here to here”. I have bigger hands, so the small screen is just small to someone like me. It’s not a coincidence, or great engineering… it’s that different people like different things.

      • K. Nelson

        THAT (different people like different things) is the key reason the iPhone is doomed. They are trying to make the phone perfect for everybody, which is impossible, instead of allowing everybody to customize the phone to them.

    • I NEED THAT PHONE! Ive been using my nose this whole time!

  • geocab

    My old Droid X had this feature, but I’m sure it wasn’t as good as the innovative version on the iphone.

  • Kevin Bojarski

    Jeff Daniels, don’t you know that even dumb phones do this?

  • Ok, so the iPhone 5 has TWO noise cancellation mics. So that’s actually kinda nice, but it’s not what they seem to be advertising here. FWIW, the Droid X had two noise cancellation mics, as well, and they were damn good. Kinda wish the SGS3 had two, but it does alright with the one (it is a step down from the Droid X, tho, IMO – in that way only).

    • WAldenIV

      Yeah the DX has a great mic setup. Worked well for various video recording options, too.

    • Trueblue711

      The Droid X actually had 3 microphones! Pretty awesome. Not sure if the third one was used for noise cancelling, but it was used for recording video.

  • trophynuts

    I don’t get it. What is wrong with Apple advertising this? Maybe they should start advertising how their apps don’t suck or how the battery life even with LTE, and Wifi and GPS on can easily go 24 hours of use? I like android but this stupid nonsense of bashing each other is retarded.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      Because it is standard. Why not advertise that it can make phone calls and run apps and write emails?

    • krudd

      Which android apps suck? They all work for me, very well even.

  • Ibrick

    The sad thing is, the majority of people seeing these commercials will probably think it’s another amazing innovation developed by Apple..

  • npompei

    hahahaha I literally thought the same thing. I saw this for the first time last night, looked at my wife and went “WTF, they have had this technology out for like 15yrs?!!?!?” They really are getting desperate – Sue, come up with no new innovations for years, sell billions and somehow rinse and repeat. Amazing

  • derek connolly

    That’s way better than the holographic keyboard it was supposed to have!

    • Best fake rumor ever, the holographic keyboard.

      • tu3218

        and what’s even better….people actually were disappointed when they found out the iphone5 didn’t have it. I really had to shake my head at some of my friends.

        • paulmike3

          Well, at least the iPhone 5 is 5G. Whew.

          • krudd

            It’s even more amazing that 5g doesn’t exist

        • Stevedub40

          You might want to re-think who your friends are. JK 😛

      • Christian Chew

        I could not understand how one of my friends honestly believed that the holographic keyboard was going to be a feature in the iphone 5. He told other people it was going to have it too. I mean come on, really?

  • Kyle Miller

    Actually its an effective ad. Apple…King of Phone Marketing. But still a evil corporation!

  • masterpfa



  • EvanTheGamer



    Bad part about it is that there are a lot folks that will believe it’s a new feature and Apple created it.

    • Guest


    • Bionic_Pags

      Agreed… i heard several people talking about “how cool it was”… i just had to put my head down and walk away… i’m getting tired of having to teach the apple sheep of the world. However, it’s advertisements like that, which sells so many of these phones. Android needs to learn a thing or too when it comes to marketing…

      • itznfb

        Again… Android absolutely dominates Apple in smart phones sales. They aren’t even in the same league. Why would Android need new marketing?

        • Dain Laguna

          Because most android commercials like the awful droid ones, dont tell you what or why that particular phone is useful. Android dominates because it is available on a lot of devices, including very low end ones

        • Bionic_Pags

          Apple is only 1 phone… obviously Android dominates, but that is a ridiculous comparison… my point is that the commercials themselves don’t demonstrate the best features of Android, which is why you have people thinking apple created everything when in fact Android has had many of these features for years.

          • itznfb

            See reply to Ben Taylor.

          • MicroNix

            Everyone knows the Galaxy S3 can bump together and share video. And they have the +1 best commercial…”you probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane”…beats out the little violin Apple commercial with any guy on the planet (unless they are, well you know)

          • Does everyone forget when the iPhone came out with the BUMP app? Didn’t fly then and it’s still doesn’t fly with galaxy. No ones really impressed with bumping phones.

          • Dredamanfoo2

            It’s not a “bump” app that the Galaxy S3 is using. It’s Near Field Communication, something the i*hone can’t do due to their lack of an NFC chip. Soooooo…….no. The i*hone can’t even do it so they CERTAINLY didn’t come up with it. Samsung has them beat. However, in about a year, or whenever their next stupid phone comes out, I GUARANTEE that we’ll be seeing stupid white roomed commercials about how the Crapple iDon’t 6 has NFC and how innovative it will be. THEN, we’ll see how impressive a feature “bumping phones” will be…

        • Ben Taylor

          Android as an OS is dominating, but name 3 android phone lines with the same following as the iPhone. I can think of the Samsung Galaxy S line as being the closest (but still not there), and the Nexus line gets an honorable mention. LG’s Optimus line? It has great phones few people use. HTC’s One line… It had advertising behind it months ago, but no more. Android manufacturers need to make smart marketing decisions and compete with Apple.

          Also, they need to work together to kill the choke hold carriers (I’m looking at you, Verizon) have on firmware updates. You don’t see the iPhone getting stuck in update limbo…

          • itznfb

            As I’ve explained many times in various posts here… it’s a difference of market strategy. Apple employs a market strategy that is incapable of competing. Android lines compete with each more than they compete with Apple. One line doesn’t surge way ahead of another because they have exclusive features. Consumers ARE aware of those features whether you think advertising has failed to inform them of such features or not. 3 of the biggest Android sellers are proof of that. The GS3 established itself as the do-it-all top of the line device and sells like crazy because of that. The Note and Note II established itself as a class leading “phablet” and gave consumers a reason to want a “phablet”. The Razr and Razr Maxx are well known for having the best batter life and being great media devices. They sell well because people were appropriately informed.
            Devices that set themselves apart are the devices that sell at such a high demand and create such a gap between Android smartphones and the iPhone.

          • well considering the galaxy s3 single handedly out sold the i phone, i would say it’s more then the closest thing….

          • davethedude

            it outsold AN iPhone. The 4S. But when you include the 6Million iP5s and 3 Million iPhone 4 sold that quarter it’s not quite there yet… But it will be.

            *Evil droid laugh*

          • sk3litor

            A also iphone users think ” droid” =android and v vice versa. They just don’t get it

          • Most Android users think “droid” = “android” too. Most consumers are clueless, not just iPhone users.

          • sk3litor

            Very true. I was in a Verizon store once and the vzw employee was actually promoting this idea. I had to correct her and give the customer a decent overview on the android world. While I was at it I may have thrown in a couple pot shots against the iPhone.ooops;)

          • renGek

            But why does android need more than a handful of phones to justify their domination of the phone market. Domination is domination. Did it matter how many countries were at war with germany? A win is a win. The goal is to move iphones to a state of irrelevance and android can really flourish. Don’t we always embrace collaboration. Do more with others than by yourself. There is no i…phone in Team right.

          • Dark Cyberian Knight

            I think you’ve inadvertently identified the problem.

            Following a brand is stupid (with the partial exception for some quality history). Following the ever changing features power speed usecases and compatibilities is hard but makes you aware and smart.

            I have a Samsung. Samsung has had some great phones but if HTC comes out with something awesome why should I stick with Samsung?

            Fully agree we need to be free of carrier lock in.

    • spunker88

      One of my friends saw this ad and thought it was amazing and new. I showed them my Droid 3 which already has it and I’m sure Android phones long before this have had it.

      • TheWhiteLotus

        Nexus S did.

        • N1 first

          • zepfloyd

            Pretty sure even old blackberries and even some feature phones had it years ago, it’s anything but new.

          • Bob G

            I’m pretty sure the original Moto RAZR had it too.

        • MttFrog13

          The Nexus One did.

        • jb

          Noise cancellation was developed by Bose in 1989. It’s been in cell phones for years. My 2009 HTC Touch Pro 2 rocking Windows Mobile 6.5 had it…

          • Nicholassss

            My grandmas car has a noise cancelling system in her car. Got to love using inverted sound waves, us recording engineers have been using this trick for ages. Haha, good try apple. Haha

          • GuidZilla

            “Commercially and militarily useful noise-canceling microphones have been made since the 1940s by Roanwell, Electro-Voice and others.” … microphone.

          • picaso86

            My Motorola Q had it…. This is actually really funny – Oh iSheeps!

          • michael arazan

            My original razr flip phone had it too back in 2005

      • One of my friends said it was new and revolutionary….. I showed them my Droid Razr and explained that it is over a year old and it has it! He shut up and walked away! Someone needs to teach these iSheep that Apple did not invent heaven and Earth!

      • Dan B

        I’ll add to the list – My Droid X did.

    • subiedude85

      Of course they created it, they have a Patton on it…

      • Dr_Buttballs

        You mean like this Patton?

        • radiohead14
        • Mr Furious

          When you put your hand in some goo that used to be your best friends smartphone, you will know what to do.

          • Throw it at somebody (I’m ready to do this with my Galaxy S this second) and go buy something that works. An iPhone.

          • krudd

            Galaxy S doesn’t work, or the operator doesn’t work? Or maybe you shoukd try the S3? People love it way more than the iphone 5 and 4S, since more people bought it, more reviews love it, and not only only does it just work, it outperforms and innovates way beyond what Apple is capable of.

          • dangolds

            S3 is great but it has not been outselling the iPhone 5 since the device launched in September. For the record, I have both phones and think that each is outstanding. I know you guys like to clown on Apple because this an Android Site, but the reality is they make really good devices that sell like crazy, and Samsung does as well. Not sure why there needs to be such passionate hate for one side or the other. A friend asked me the other day if I could choose only one of the 2 devices to keep, which would I pick. I laughed and told him I was glad I didn’t have to make that choice because I had no idea. Advertising and publicity notwithstanding, both phones are top notch for different reasons.

        • subiedude85

          why yes, that one or the theatrical version played by George C Scott

      • Patton is all over it.

    • whytecountry

      HAHA my cousin was talking at thanksgiving about how Apple just came out with this new MULTIPLE MIC idea for noise cancelling.. i was appalled. SERIOUSLY!? EVERY ANDROID PHONE I’VE OWNED IN THE LAST 2+ YEARS HAS 2-3 MICS!! YOU FOOL!!

    • That’s on marketing. WE know Android has great features but because Motorola and such focus on micro blockbuster movie-style commercials featuring people morphing into autobots, nobody else really knows. We want more people to use Android but the commercials are vague and somewhat complicated to the layman. Samsung’s marketing is the only one that comes even remotely close to introducing features. Hell, that’s paying off! I can’t move 10 steps in any direction without seeing a GS3 in my area.

    • pappy53

      Apple never said that they created it, just that it was a feature on the iPhone that people might not be aware of and would be interested in. Android needs to show features, instead of the BS commercials that they put out. If you will notice, Apple commercials show people features that matter in everyday use. Take a lesson from the marketing king— Apple.

      • MigyWPB

        Marketing king for ISheep long time ago I stop shopping iPhones because I new they are not worth it and I want something better

    • I personally can’t wait until they start advertising the new photosphere next year when iOS 7 gets it.

      • gdrgfgdsgdfsg

        that would be copying and google could sue them

    • Walkes

      I have agree w/ Ben Taylor. BTW the ad focuses luddites. Apple is about making technology simple to the tech challenged. The ad didn’t state the feature was ground breaking or Apple created noise canceling technology. I love many of Android’s phones but I am not providing tech support for the bottom half of the smart phone curve. If they want the iPhone or Nexus, I don’t really care.

      All I want is decent pricing and service from my carrier.


    Droid-Life is running out of things to talk about so they give us recommendations for crap games and make fun of apple for not having anything to talk about.

  • Ex GN

    Happily shipped my GNex to some poor soul today. It would take several minutes to give me a GPS signal, and I was barely getting half a day out of the battery. My new iPhone 5 is awesome.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      What good is GPS with Apple Maps?

      • EC8CH

        Helps you get lost quicker?

      • trophynuts

        you’re pretty ignorant if you think Apple Maps is the only map service you can use with the Iphone. There are several other free apps that work just as good as Google Maps.

        • JoshGroff

          Can’t you also use Google Maps through the browser?

          • From my understanding you can use the maps, but no navigation in the browser. Which seems to be the bigger deal (I don’t know I only use Apple products when a family member needs help doing some basic task)

          • JoshGroff

            That would make sense. I’ll mess around with an iPhone at the Verizon store and find out.

        • Ej McCarty

          I have been using the apple maps for about 2 months now. Don’t bash it until you’ve used it. It’s gotten me all around Pittsburgh and Youngstown without 1 problem. It’s a good service and something they needed to pull away from having to rely on google for anything. And if you don’t like it. That’s okay Chet waze or one of the other apps that works just as good if not better than google maps. I for one like the ui of apple maps better. And this is coming from someone who had the og droid and the gnex

        • Stevedub40

          You’re pretty ignorant for defending apple on an Android enthusiast site. It would be the same as some clown showing up to the Big House in an Ohio State jersey and not expecting to catch some flak for it.

          • Verizon

            Being fair and open minded is not a sign of ignorance, regardless of the site you are on. Loving Android doesn’t mean any of us should be blind to other brands or walking around saying, “Apple Bad!” like a bunch of zombies. Don’t be that guys that bashes and hates everything that isn’t Android. That guy is ignorant and nobody likes that guy.

    • npompei

      Can’t wait until your new Iphone with “tom tom” get’s you where you are going! haha. Let us know how that works out…

    • Diablo81588

      That’s because you bought a gnex. Hardly the best android phone.

      • JoshGroff

        Agreed, my Bionic had better reception, and that’s saying something. It is the best Nexus on Verizon though. Take that!

        • Diablo81588

          Got me there lol

    • MttFrog13

      I have to admit, the jelly bean update did break the gnex gps for me and none of the fixes online really helped. Sometimes it’d take 5 seconds to lock on, othertimes it’d take 5 minutes to lock on, or I would have to reboot to lock on.

    • Stevedub40

      How is your new noise cancelling mic feature working? Is it almost magical?

  • Blaine Magee

    Idk why but I see the noise canceling mic as Pinocchio, “I’m a real feature” probably haven’t had enough sleep…

  • Thagoof25

    Maybe soon they’ll start selling the fact that it came make phone calls.haha

    • thagoof25

      Can*….Swype fail

  • HAH. Best title ever.