Mugen Wants to Turn Your Galaxy Note 2 Into a 6,400mAh Monster, Do You Need All That Battery Life? (Updated)

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Sometimes you just got to have long battery life on your device, no matter what the cost. For uber power users of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Mugen has a battery that will keep you going for days on end. Their new battery clocks in at 6,400mAh, which is almost double the RAZR MAXX’s 3,300mAh battery.

It may look ridiculous, but Mugen is promising double the battery life of the stock battery and even that is probably a conservative projection. All this juice doesn’t come cheap though, the regular price of this monster is $105, but is on a deal of sorts for early adopters. Hit the source link below if you’re ready to carry this battery around in your pocket.

Update:  Reader Steve sent over a link to a Hyperion 6200mAh extended battery for the Note 2 that runs only $14.99 or $19.99 through Amazon. It sort of seems too good to be true to me, but others have had great luck with Hyperion batteries for other devices. There are versions that come with either a grey or white back, so you can match the color of your device. It doesn’t necessarily say that it is NFC-ready, but other batteries of theirs are. At that price, why not give it a shot?

Amazon Links:  Grey 6200mAh battery ($14.99) | White 6200mAh battery ($19.99 w/ Prime shipping)

Via:  Mugen | Yahoo

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