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Google to Create Own Wireless Service in Partnership With Dish?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Dish Network is looking to build out its own wireless service thanks to spectrum that it acquired back in 2008. While it has talked to multiple potential partners, one of them should get you excited – Google. A source close to the matter said that the talks between the two were not advanced and that they could lead to nothing, however, it’s certainly an area that makes sense on a number of levels for Google. The idea here, is to create a network that could rival AT&T and Verizon. 

Why does it make sense, you ask? For one, Google is clearly at odds with the current state of the wireless service business here in the U.S. Their Nexus program appears to be aimed at undercutting and subverting all that Verizon and AT&T stand for. They want you to be able to buy a phone at a reasonable price, but not have to sign a contract, hence the pricing of the Nexus 4 at $299. Google also wants you to be able to buy a phone first and choose a carrier second, something that carriers want no part of.

Beyond phones and service though, Google has an interest in its own wireless service because they are big supporters of net neutrality. For those not familiar, I’ll try to briefly explain. Big carriers, namely Verizon, wants to control every aspect of their network, including how, when and what you access on the internet. They want to be able to load this web page faster than that web page, or sign a deal with this search provider over that one to make it your default. Those are tiny examples, but you can see what would happen should Verizon win the net neutrality battle.

Google, on the other hand, is completely for net neutrality, and has shown by spending millions at the government level to try to keep the web open. With their own wireless service, they not only have a way to enforce net neutrality, but they may have a bigger say in the regulation of it.

Last, if Google were to approach a wireless service like they have done with Google Fiber in Kansas City, then it would probably be the greatest wireless service known to man.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Via:  WSJ

Cheers Jeff and everyone else who sent this in!

  • cole hartman

    Well I guess i’m leaving t-mobile YYEEESS!!!

  • master94

    Anyone know if this will be known as Google Wireless or Dish since they are partnering together. Either way, sweet.

  • I would be saying bye bye to Verizon pretty quickly, and Hello Google!

  • Shane Girodat

    Please Google please!

  • Romeo Santos

    I’m really excited about this rumor, if it ever materializes, Google Wireless could be the greatest network known to man if they play it right, with the right price and good service.

    With that said, this could be very risky for Android if Verizon, AT&T, and others begin to phase out they’re offerings of Android devices in favor of other OS’s as retaliation for Google’s intrusion into their territory.

    Anyway, I’m pretty happy with my $30 prepaid plan with T-Mobile right now, and if Google offers a plan anything remotely similar to this one, I would subscribe in a heartbeat. Or Google should just acquire or partner up with T-Mobile along with Dish.

  • why cant google just hurry up and give us this service already!!! D:

  • Amenemhat1

    Love the sound of that! I hate Verizon! Most expensive POS. LTE is nice, but still POS!

  • Jorge Guaman

    Great topic for a poll today. I would drop Verizon at a heart beat.

  • kfath1978

    I’m in Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy!

  • 4n1m4L

    Take my damned money!!!

  • wagner

    build a network and stop calling it LTE and just call it F**ing fast!

  • I’d drop Verizon like a boulder.

  • Richard Tubbs

    Its about time someone broke up the cell phone monopoly and looked out for the consumer who makes it all possible.

  • danofiveo

    If there is decent coverage, this would be the one reason I would consider dropping Verizon.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    This this happens…Google will own the S*** outta me!

  • GuestNex

    I would get Google’s wireless service in a min. Actually I hope it happens so I can leave evil Verizon. Verizon is actually not that bad but I would feel more comfortable joining a carrier who “wants to do no evil”.

  • C-Law

    I would LOVE to leave Verizon for Google!

  • Trevor

    Holy crap this would be awesome. They should just have everyone be month to month and not worry about subsidized pricing. Just sell the phones cheaper like they have been. As long as the plans are reasonably priced (and obviously they have good network coverage/speeds), I’d be in like it was a Tamagotchi in the mid 90s.

  • bitpimpin

    THIS (with a capital THIS)

  • joejoe5709

    I would certainly give Google Wireless a look or two. I think Google has their head on pretty straight – or at least more than Verizon and AT&T do. I would love to see Google take a huge bite out of their tyrannical cellular empires. If they offered some sort of cell phone wireless service, I hope they are willing to also sell (or at least support) Apple iPhones (my wife continues to be an Apple supporter). Also, I’m fearful of any company having this much “control” over my life. Soon they will own virtually all of my personal photos, information and connections to the rest of the world. If they have a hand in every aspect of my life it’s more difficult to revolt against them. If I were in a situation where I needed to dump them, I’d be booted back to the stone ages and I don’t like that. Convenient, probably. Affordable, likely. But it’s just one more step closer to a Terminator Skynet type future… Very scary.

    • Fatespinner

      I understand your fear about investing too much in Google, but when you think about it, sites like Facebook have almost as much information about you.

      The great thing about Google (I think Facebook does something similar) is that it offers a service called Takeout. You can get an archive of all your information/data stored from them. Right now it doesn’t liberate all of their services, but they keep adding to it.

  • JonathonDoes

    Asked this in a Q&A a while back. Been waiting for this.

  • Ideally, go for it! Google is my friend.

  • Anthony Vella

    For everyone talking about why they are parterning with Dish, the reason is that Dish purchased a large chunk of the 4G LTE Spectrum and Google would need access to that.

  • MikeSaver

    Can they do it within a year so I can drop Verizon? Maybe I’ll drop Verizon anyway… They are just too evil…

  • Andrew

    This would be great and I bet their would be no contracts. Everything would be VOIP and the only charge would be $20 per gig data used with a cap of $100/month. Then people who don’t stress the network are rewarded and the people who use it constantly, pay the most up to a limit for those who really want unlimited data.

  • Immolate

    Before you get too excited, the Dish CEO was talking about a merger with DTV in their 3Q earnings call last week, because FCC keeps shatting on their plans to leverage the bandwidth. Now the FTC has rejected that deal before, but things change, and today is a new day. Dish made a bet with the spectrum buy, and so far the bet hasn’t produced.

    I’m the first guy that would love to have Google as a mobile provider. But they’ve got to provide service that is adequate and at least 80% as good as what I’m getting at Verizon today in the places I care about. That’s no small feat. I think Google can do it if anyone can, but what we don’t need is another me-too carrier competing with AT&T, Spring and T-Mo for second place. We need a top tier competitor that can influence everyone’s pricing by competing on value and service.

    • Jorge Guaman

      I think they would do it and even better than any of the other wireless carriers around. They will be thinking on their customers first, not like the other wireless networks.

  • enigmaco

    Dear Googe,

    You can take my money lol, I would leave Verizon faster than kim kardashians marriage.

  • Radgatt

    This can’t be that easy..it all sounds good but there has to be something that is missing or something that we are over looking. I suppose that the more info comes out we will get a clearer picture of how this will work.

  • RWW

    Google lobbied hard for net neutrality on land-based internet lines. They did NOT support it for wireless internet.

  • picaso86

    Google is my favorite ecosystem!

  • Damian

    I would so much rather give my money to Google than Verizon. And hopefully Google would have a nice selection of Nexus devices to choose from. Besides being a carrier they could also double their wireless stores as physical play stores. Google fan boys in white shirts anybody?

  • Early termination fee? It makes me sad that verizon would get some free money but i would end my 10 year relationsh*t.

  • El Big CHRIS

    I hate dish. But with el goog on board, hopefully it actually happens and it’s awesome.



  • onDroid

    I don’t see it happening but I do hope that this allows for some compromise with Verizon. Maybe they sit down to talk with Verizon execs and Verizon agrees to relinquish some controls allowing for faster updates and unlocked devices to be used across networks in exchange for Google to not pursue a wireless network. Just a thought

  • ronandersonjr

    Verizon who?

  • Jon Gee

    A wide deployment of Google fiber could make this a reality as well if deployed correctly.

  • DennisHeffernan

    Google should have their own wireless service, even if it is small, for the same reason Bedfird Falls needed the Bailey Building and Loan: so people have someplace to go without having to deal with the fat cats’ crap.

  • t3chi3

    If Google was a chick, I’d f**k her.

  • Verizon would get dumped for sure… Almost wish I hadn’t read this article, because it’s definitely going to be on my mind now.

  • onDroid

    And all their phones would be stock android with instant software upgrades. Think of all the choices you would have when you go to buy a phone

  • Joshua Dudash

    Please do. I would leave VZW without a second though; ETF and all.
    What spectrum did Dish acquire? I have been wanting to get on a GSM provider for a good while now but with AT&T’s costs and T-Mobile’s lack of coverage in my area, it really isn’t a good idea for me right now. Let us vote with our wallets! If they have to (not that they need the money) have them do a kickstarter LOL. I would immediately pledge.

  • Rickerbilly

    I’d be all in!

  • Sign me up right now!

  • WOW! It all sounds great but this would take an incredible amount of time unless someone like T-Mobile was involved. Also I’m sure Verizon and AT&T would do all than can to stop this from happening.

  • Chahk Noir

    Google will make a wireless hotspot and call it “G-spot”

    • wagner

      Men won’t be able to find it

      • Diablo81588

        Ha! I’ve never had a problem 😛

  • Hazadriel

    So Google, where do I sign up? My contract with Verizon ends soon.

  • RicoDelicioso

    How about this: Google + Dish + T-Mobile. Huh? Huh? Yeah…. They can all be cahoots in regards to wireless spectrum sharing. Getting a stiffy just on the possibility. Would definitely leave Verizon for that cocktail of awesomeness!! Am I right or am I right??

  • I imagine back to back news stories going something like this.
    Day 1: Google Finally Opens Wireless Gates! Sign Up For (Google wireless name) Now!
    Day 2: Verizon Declaring Bankruptcy, Citing (Google wireless name) to Blame.

  • I am in the process of getting away from vzw already. This would be the best case scenario for me.

  • bfederspill

    I hope this goes through and I’ve never had any problems with Dish in the8 years I’ve been with them. A great match up..

  • Aw yiss.

  • There are three things that will make me drop Verizon. If they forcibly remove my unlimited plan, if another network comes out with a better unlimited plan/wireless network, or a Google Network.
    Please let it be the last one. I would throw heaps of money at Google for this.

  • kismet769

    Google should buy T-Mobile and greatly expand their network…

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I’ve been looking for something other than Verizon… and man I would do that instantly if it was available here.

  • JIm

    Shut up and take my money! I would leave VZW in a heartbeat.

  • Famouz Starz

    google network no fruit phones….oh what heaven that would be 🙂

  • David Narada Brown

    go for it Google! we have ur back. I would love to have service from google/dish. Dish Google Nexus with all ur favorite shows on demand, unlimited data, and lte 4g!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    my contract is almost up with verizon. I am NOT signing a new one. There are too many other options coming in the pipeline. I’m happy with my galaxy nexus and I’ll wait it out.

    • Im in the same boat. I love VZW customer service but in March when my contract is up I’m gonna check out T-Mobile’s month to month contract free and see how I like it.

  • neo

    Is there anyone who would NOT switch to Google Wireless is the question

    • In theory I would, as long as the coverage doesn’t stink where I live and frequently travel.

  • I’d jump to their wireless in a heartbeat. PLEASE let this happen and please let it DESTROY current carriers.

  • google is starting to sound like….skynet

  • mustbepbs

    Please oh please oh please oh please.

  • Lambert

    Seriously, how do you guys figure Net Neutrality is a good thing?

    • How do you figure it’s not?

      • Lambert

        Just what we need… more gov regulation right?

        Just ask one of the inventors of the internet protocol Bob Kahn: “If the goal is to encourage people to build new capabilities, then the party that takes the lead is probably only going to have it on their net to start with and it’s not going to be on anyone else’s net. You want to incentivize people to innovate, and they’re going to innovate on their own nets or a few other nets,”

        Also from the same article:

        ‘With the exception of Google’s man in Washington DC, Vint Cerf (with whom Kahn developed TCP/IP), most of the senior engineers responsible for developing the packet switched internetworking of today oppose “Neutrality” legislation. Dave Farber, often called the grandfather of the internet, has been the most prominent critic.

        Engineers fear rash legislation would inhibit the ability of systems engineers to improve latency and jitter issues needed to move data at speed.’

        Notice “Google’s man is Washington”. Don’t you guys find it strange that EVERY OTHER person responsible for the engineering of the internet is opposed to it?

      • Lambert

        Answer is below…

  • BigFonz

    Isn’t Dish part of Verizon?

    • Ben Swann

      no, verizon uses DirecTV

    • No.

    • Dish does own Slingbox though! ;o)

  • Verizon

    Imagine Google selling Motorola phones from their own stores on their own network. That would be amazing.

  • Derek Chong

    It’s about time!

  • duke69111

    I think google wireless sounds like a great plan, however, Dish and Direct TV’s current internet is usable at best.

  • Give me a reasonable price and service better then ATT (not too hard), and I’m in.

  • DanWazz

    Where’s that “Shut up and take my money” meme?


    • Once again AMC is back on Dish, has been for weeks. Geezzeee people know what you’re talking about.

  • Itchy_Robot

    I hope Google is getting into the wireless game more in the idea of stripping away these tiered plans. In my opinion, the future of the internet will only work if the consumer does not have to worry about bandwidth caps and overage charges.

  • Michael Gillenwalters

    I’m ready to pay early termination and change to Google Wireless. Too bad Dish Network Sat service sucks.

  • enob

    This whole article and Sprint and t-mobile never came up. I love it.

  • Keith0606

    Would be awesome, but I don’t think there would be enough spectrum from what dish has (I could be wrong). Also you would wonder how long it would take to put up the infrastructure/service area in place.

  • Greyhame

    It’s high time the U.S. carriers get the box kicked out from under them. Their ability to charge ridiculous prices for a service that will become (if it hasn’t already) essential to modern man needs to be heavily curtailed. Disrupted. Enter Google. I would go so far as to purchase a Google phone and service, even if it didn’t provide the ultimate coverage, just to support the idea.

    When a company like Verizon has the power to tell HTC to only put 16 GB of storage into the spec beast DNA phone, to force users to the cloud and increase data usage, there is obviously a huge problem.

  • Verizon

    I wouldn’t touch anything Dish is involved in even if they were paying me.

    • cdick133

      I wouldn’t touch anything Samsung is involved in, but I’d consider their Nexus products with Google involved.

  • InyRules

    Hell. Yes.

  • mgok

    Time to watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad and Walking Dead on my new Nexus and netwo…oh f%#k you Dish Network.

    • I watch those shows every week and I have Dish. AMC was restored to dish weeks ago. Know what you’re talking about before you come on here and bash a company.

    • Ben Swann

      They have been resolved. I have Dish and I have been watching the whole season of TWD.

  • My buddies and I have been talking about this for a long time. A real, 3rd player that would put the other 2 in check and possibly hurt them by taking their customers.

    I would definitely ponder going to Google Wireless, especially of they had cheaper prices and just as big of a footprint as VZW.

    I cannot wait for Google Fiber to get to metro Detroit!

  • About F’n Time!!! Depending how much spectrum Dish has T-Mobile might be a better bet. Stoked non the less. Hopefully it will be in place by this time next year b/c that is when my contract ends on VZW w/ my G-Nex.

    • JoshGroff

      And we already know T-Mobile is up for sale. 😉 If Google buys them, that would make the switch even better.

  • AlexKCMO

    While I love Google as much as the next guy, I can’t help but wonder if Google as a carrier would be more like a MetroPCS/Cricket/Boost/etc.

    I truly love the idea of “Google Wireless” but the pure manpower required to create a network to rival Verizon (let’s forget AT&T, their network is laughable next to VZWs) would be ridiculous. It would take them years just to match Sprint or T-Mobile, let alone AT&T.

    The problem is, I can’t help but wonder how successful they could be as a wireless carrier starting from scratch with obviously very little nationwide coverage. It would make much more sense for them to purchase T-Mobile and build up a 4G network with their existing network in place.

    T-Mobile, when you think about it, seems like the perfect choice:
    -They wanted to be eaten by AT&T but were denied.
    -My understanding is the sales price was a steal.
    -They have an existing infrastructure.
    -They have existing customers.
    -They just bought MetroPCS which gives them a foot into LTE.
    -They have the Nexus 4 and are a favorite for keeping devices open.
    -No iPhones (officially at least) ;-).

    • brando56894

      I’d say starting fresh would kind of give them the advantage because they wouldn’t have to upgrade everything like AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/ T-Mobile has to, they can put in place what they need without any need to restructure anything. I could see them using VoLTE and just not even attempting GSM and CDMA coverage.

  • breadable

    Competition is good and could further the net neutrality cause. Hopefully if this does happen they do it right, invest their dollars wisely and quickly build the best network like Bell Atlantic Mobile did when they entered in the late 90’s, instead of building something mediocre

  • RampageDeluxe

    All of this sounds great except for Dish Network.

    • Ben Swann

      better then DirecTV. I don’t get gouged anymore.

      • pappy53

        Dish is not even in the same league as DirecTV. At least with Direct, I can get all the channels, and there isn’t hidden fees in their contract. Not to mention changing my contract at will.

      • RampageDeluxe

        I tried Dish, but it was the worst experience I’ve ever had with a company. They lied to me to gain my service and then stole money from my account without authorization or approval or reason. I had to get a lawyer to get away from them. With legal council and my bank helping me, they gave me my money back and I was able to get out of the contract. I don’t care about Directv in this equation, Dish is disgusting.

  • jerflash

    If google actually does this you will finally see a huge amount of people dump verizon. It would be a happy day because google already owns every other part of my life!

  • user311

    This plus Google Fiber would have me saying good bye to Verizon Wireless and Fios in a heartbeat.

  • Jose

    Anything Google, anything Net Neutrality is great.

  • Buy T-MO get a start and build it out filling in the gaps. (Which are alot) To compete with someone like Verzion that has a very rural footprint, they need that.. Focusing on big cities is fine but to bring down a giant in to attack the white space too… I wouldn’t move my companies 200+ lines to any other network, simply because no one has the footprint (coverage) verizon does.

    • Verizon

      Buying up T-Mobile would be the way to go. I also agree, I can’t walk away from Verizon until someone out there offers the same level of coverage.

      • mustbepbs

        Verizon..walking away from Verizon?

      • Steve Benson

        I can’t wait to walk (run) away when my contract is up. I will gladly take lesser coverage in exchange for freeing me of the shackles Verizon has on me and my phone.

        • I’ll moonwalk away just so I can flip the bird VZW while I go

  • Cliff Wynne

    I for one welcome our new wireless overlords….

  • r0lct

    Sounds awesome, not holding my breath.

  • Travis Myers

    YES, YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I will leave Veri$on the day this comes out!!!!

  • zUFC

    Thank god!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day forever. Imagine a network as good or better than Vz. we would finally have a choice!!!!!! please, please happen. and please be good. Arn’t satelite phones wasy better than what we use now(if thats what their doing). I see in movies they get service everywhere(even in jungles and such), but are a million dollars to have?

  • Geoff Johnson

    This would be awesome! Does anyone know if Dish has enough spectrum nationwide to quickly and reliably roll out a full nationwide network?

    • Immolate

      Spectrum is not infrastructure. Dish has very little when it comes to infrastructure that would be helpful in building a national network. That’s why they need a daddy.

      • Geoff Johnson

        I know what I meant, without spectrum nationwide they will not be able to build up infrastructure since they won’t be licensed in that area.

  • EC8CH
  • i just remembered i have comcast at home too. if i could replace comcast + verizon with google’s wireless + home internet + [non satellite] tv, i would be seriously giddy

  • Knlegend1

    Death to Verizon Politics!

  • Michael Forte

    It would be awesome to see for sure. Although I don’t see it happening because it may not get approved because Google would control both the network and phones that run on the network.

    • EC8CH

      “would control both the network and phones that run on the network.”

      as opposed to Verizon?

    • GotSka81

      Actually, it sounds like it would be quite the opposite…the only phone that Google would “control” (which I think is inaccurate, since they only sell a product…they don’t control it in any way) is the nexus phone. If Google were to start providing wireless access, it appears that they would allow any phone on their network that is compatible with whatever wireless spectrum they would utilize…much like AT&T and T-Mobile. In fact, this is exactly the point of the Nexus 4…”Buy a phone and use it wherever you want”.

  • normmcgarry

    This would be sweet. I wonder if Dish would offer LTE home internet.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    I pray to the great merciless Cthulhu that this happens, and quick.

  • Tom Nichols

    I would drop Verizon like a hot potato if Google offered a quality 4G network in my area with unlimited data.

    • I wouldn’t even care if it was fully 4G even if it was 3G I’d take it, as long as they would bring the service to my area where I’m plagued by only two carriers VZW and US Cellular…

      • As much as I love 4G, I’d dump that for Google, so long as it was at least 3G, unlimited, and around 30-40 bucks a month for data.

        • michael arazan

          I would dump Verizon in a heart beat for a Google carrier that started off with 3g only, then I would use those savings and start buying stock in Google. One share is over $700 which is probably what I’d save not being on Verizon.

  • greenbacks

    Give me google or give me death! Ya I’m all for it.

  • Man I hope the execs at these talks try hard as hell to make this happen… Google is the perfect fit for it. If they can have the same coverage as VZW (out in the sticks where I am), I’d leave VZW in a hearbeat

  • krees

    and then make a nexus phone with a sd slot and removeable battery please. I guess I could bring my current handset with

    • JoshGroff

      They already said Nexus devices won’t have SD slots anymore.

  • YankInDaSouth

    This woud be better than slice bread!!!!!!!

  • Hakira

    This would awesome and a kick to ATT and VZW… but I see both of them pushing against letting another player as big as Google in.

  • Scott

    I would dump Verizon in a heartbeat

    • I would love to see this company die. Better yet, Google buys Verizon and gets rid of all sr management.

    • bitpimpin

      I would dump my family for this

    • I like your comment-to-like ratio…1:94 at the moment…nice 🙂

      I’m doing my best to keep mine above 1:5 🙂

      • Scott


      • JustTrollin69

        Allow me to give you a hand, here’s a “like.”

  • NYAvsFan

    If this happens I will drop Verizon like a bad habit.

  • Greg

    I am all for google building a wireless service but want no part of a Dish Network service. I could see Google building a pure LTE advance network.

    • Nick S

      Dish Network has proven to be a devious bunch. Changing contracts on the fly without informing their customers, imposing fees that are buried so deep in the fine print that most customers do not know about them until it’s too late, and the absolute worst customer service in the industry (and they’re in direct competition with Comcast, so that’s saying something).

      • onDroid

        I agree, I’m not excited about the partnership being with Dish. I would hope that Google would have enough control over the network to not let Dish ruin their good will

    • duke69111

      I’m not so sure about “Google building a pure LTE advance network.” They dumbed down the Nexus 4 because of LTE.

      • Greg

        If they are starting from scratch their is no way they would used old tech. US is heading towards 100% LTE in 5-10 years.

      • dmchase87

        But that is more because of what the networks require to put a phone on their LTE networks than the technology itself.

      • Mike


        • duke69111

          That may be so, but my take was, 4g was left out because LTE was not efficient enough in phones yet and created terrible battery life, which is true.

          However, sprint seams to be getting along just fine with 4g on their Nexus phone.

    • Diablo81588

      Dish network is awesome, what you talkin’ bout Willis? 😛

      In all seriousness, they’re the best TV provider I’ve ever had. Cheaper than any other and better in every way. No complaints here.

      • Ibrick

        No Breaking Bad, no Walking Dead, no Dish.

        • Diablo81588

          Wrong. The AMC deal was settled months ago.

          • Ibrick

            Actually it was the end of October if that’s ‘months ago’.. But, Whatever..
            Hopefully Google turns it around..

          • Diablo81588

            I was driving and not going to look up the exact date lol

          • Ibrick

            Only reason I knew it was pretty recent is I remember the AMC server crashing due to too much traffic from Dish subscribers trying to watch the season premiere of Walking Dead.

            Glad it worked out though, I’d hate to have to choose between Google and Walking Dead. I’d imagine Goog would survive a herd but after T-Dog all bets are off.. Lol

          • Diablo81588

            I’m glad too, it’s a great show.

        • Shane Girodat

          That whole scandal with AMC, was Dish trying to protect their customers from rate increases. AMC gets an awesome show and is now trying to strongarm all the MSOs with huge increases in fees, 300 percent in most cases. That make cable and satellite pricing go up. Most networks do this every time their contacts end and they won’t stop while their advertising revenues are dropping. So expect cable and satellite service prices to go up dramatically over the next decade.

  • Greg Morgan

    Yes, Please kill Verizon!! lol

    • rslh

      You avatar gave me a good chuckle. Thanks.

  • Mike Kilar

    I would take my 3 lines from Verizon and move on over to Google Wireless!

    • I would love to see what Verizon would do to prices if this came true. Finally some real competition would enter the market.

      • Verizon would do what most telecom companies do when competition threatens them, lobby on Capitol Hill to stop it.

        • onDroid

          Yes, except for this time you are lobbying against a company much larger and with deeper pockets than yours. If Google wants to do this Verizon wont have much power to stop them

  • andrew egger

    o man, this is all Ive been waiting for.

  • Murphy

    Yes, please!

  • theentropic

    If they built out an LTE or LTE Advanced network, I would pay whatever ETF fee I owed, and hop on them day 1. It would be a no brainer for me.

    • Droidzilla

      I’d do it even were they to use HSPA+. But knowing Google, they’d do some sort of LTE Advanced for the ub3r speed.

  • moelsen8

    puuuulease bring it on

  • yes, please!

  • Christopher Hsu

    Another reason to love Google. Even if this doesn’t pan out this is a correct path.

  • This makes me smile