Verizon Introduces FreeBee Data, a Sponsored Data Program…

Verizon hates the idea of net neutrality because, well, money. You already knew that, though. But let’s say for some reason, if you didn’t know that, maybe their new program will finally hammer that idea home. It’s called FreeBee Data and it’s a sponsored data service aimed at creating fast paid-for lanes or bundles of content by marketers and businesses for you to consume at no charge.  (more…)

Ugh, John Legere is Back Explaining Binge On Again, Apologizing, Dodging, and Probably Holding Back the F Word

Last week, T-Mobile CEO John Legere acted a fool after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) called out his Binge On service for throttling all video data and potentially threatening net neutrality rules. He basically pulled out the, “Who the f*ck are you?” card, as if the EFF has some hidden agenda, is below him, and because no one is allowed to talk to King Legere that way. It was embarrassing, if I’m being honest. It was embarrassing because the EFF is one of the few good organizations out there that stands up for sites like this one and for consumers against companies who want to do terrible things.

Today, probably after the entire PR department of T-Mobile told Legere to shut the f*ck for a minute before he does massive damage to the company’s reputation and recent success, Magenta released a “Open Letter to Consumers about Binge On” that is penned by Legere. It is mostly a re-hashing of what he said last week, though it lacks the expletives and attacks on organizations aimed at doing good.  (more…)

FCC Passes Net Neutrality Rules, the “Strongest” in History

Sorry that we didn’t have a chance to touch on this yesterday, but yep, the FCC passed chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to keep the internet open and free and awesome. In a 3-2 vote, the FCC passed “strong, sustainable” rules that will “protect the open internet.” The FCC firmly believes (as do we) that these new rules will “preserve the internet as a platform for innovation, free expression, and economic growth.”  (more…)

Placeholder: For All of the Laughable Statements That Will Soon be Released by ISPs in Response to Tom Wheeler’s Proposal

Now that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has made his open internet, net neutrality proposal public, we thought we should create a placeholder or gathering ground for all of the laughable responses that will undoubtedly arrive from our favorite ISPs, both wired and wireless, over the next few hours.

Check back for the latest!  (more…)

FCC Chairman on Net Neutrality: Title II, Ya’ll! (Updated)

“The internet must be fast, fair and open.” Those are the words of FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, penned in a post he wrote this morning that was published through Wired. Wheeler, in his statement, is talking about net neutrality, of course, the subject that will define the way we use the internet going forward, both on computers and on mobile. In his statement, Wheeler said that he will use his authority to submit the “strongest open internet protections ever proposed,” which means he is proposing Title II regulation.  (more…)

Obama Urges FCC to Re-Classify Internet Under Title II to Keep It “Open and Free,” Include Mobile Broadband

Thanks in part to 4 million comments by the American people, President Barack Obama and the White House released a statement this morning in favor of net neutrality and keeping the internet “open and free.” His stance is that the internet is “essential” to our economy, is one of the greatest “gifts” to our society, and that the FCC should reclassify it under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, essentially turning it into a utility.  (more…)

Net Neutrality Dealt Blow by Appeals Court, Verizon Vows Commitment to “Open Internet”

The “open internet” as we know it – also know as Net Neutrality – was dealt a serious blow this morning when an appeals court ruled that the FCC does not have the power to bar internet service providers from favoring one type of traffic over another. In other words, if Verizon (we’ll pick on them since they are leading this charge and won today’s ruling) decides one day that it wants to limit or slow your access to Droid Life in favor of another Android site that paid premiums, it could. Or maybe Big Red struck another deal with Bing, so it decided to limit your access to Google Search. Or maybe they don’t want you on YouTube as much as you currently are – maybe they have a new Verizon video service that streams at a faster rate and with higher quality that they will shove in your face. See where we are going here?

The FCC has argued for some time that we shouldn’t allow companies like Comcast, AT&T or Verizon to treat packets that flow across their network any differently from one to another. These big networks, since they paid billions to build them, think they should have all the power in the world when deciding how their traffic flows. According to today’s judgement, things aren’t looking so hot for the FCC.  (more…)